A Gift of Sanctuary

A Gift of Sanctuary Mayhem And Miracles In Wales Beckon Owen Archer Back To His Rootsand To A Ruthless KillerIn The Wet Spring Of , A Time Of Political Unrest, A Murdered Man Is Left Outside The Gates Of St David S, Wales Not Far Away, A Wounded Stranger, Drenched In Blood Not All Of It His Own Is Carried To Sanctuary By A Wandering Bard And A Mystery Linked To Warring Passions For A Woman And A Nation Begins For Owen ArcherOwen, Leaving His Family Behind, Has Undertaken A Holy Pilgrimage To Wales With His Ailing Father In Law And His Friend Geoffrey Chaucer And Has Agreed To Carry Out A Mission For The English King But He Is Unexpectedly Moved By His Return To His Native Land And When Asked To Investigate The Killing At St David S, Owen Sharp At Discerning Truth From Falsehood Begins To See The Momentous Import Of A Fugitive Shrouded In Secrecy, A Lady Betrayed By Love, And The Ties Binding A Man S Soulthat Tighten To Torment His Heart

Storyteller, mythweaver, author of the Owen Archer, Kate Clifford, Margaret Kerr mysteries Primary residence, medieval York I blog about writing, medieval history, writing women s stories, and feature new scholarship in my field at candacerobbbooks.com, and share loads of medieval news, folklore, and whimsy on my facebook page, Candace Robb

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • A Gift of Sanctuary
  • Candace Robb
  • English
  • 27 June 2017
  • 9780312974770

10 thoughts on “A Gift of Sanctuary

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    Fascinating historical fiction set York, England in the late 1300 s The Black Death has mostly passed, though it makes a recurrence in this installment and the confusing politics of church and state take center stage, as well as medicine as was practiced by apothecaries.The plots are a fascinating mix, the character absorbing A great series On to the next

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    This was my sixth Owen Archer book and the first where I found myself totally disappointed The characters you have come to know in the first five books are missing and yhere are so many new characters introduced that it was hard to keep track Hopefully 7 will return with some of the usual characters and a enjoyable mystery.

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    DisappointedI typically am intrigued by the Owen Archer books but without Lucie, the children and the apothecary shop, I found this book exhausting Trying to keep all of the names straight was impossible.

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    Hard to followHad this come with some background prior to the story, it would have been enjoyable I had trouble with all the new characters and often wondered what the point was I did enjoy the references to the Canterbury tales.

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    This sixth entry in the Owen Archer series moves our hero out of his usual milieu and has him returning to the land of his birth Wales England is at war with France and Owen is dispatched to find 40 archers to help protect a vulnerable area He takes off with Geoffrey Chaucer so again we have that wonderful mix of fictional and historical characters blending beautifully together to tell a tale.Of course nothing can go easily or as planned when it comes to our intrepid hero Where would he be without a mystery to solve In this case though the deaths aren t as focal as is Owen s feelings about being back in Wales It brings up a range of emotions for a man who is not used to being overly introspective He is also away from his Lucie for a long period of time and he and the reader if truth be told misses her terribly She really does add to the stories.I found this book to be back on track from the last one which was good, but it was one that I didn t enjoy as much as the others A Gift of Sanctuary is full of great characters both old and familiar and some new ones that bring a depth to the story It s never easy to go home again whether you are a fictional hero or an everyday person It leaves Owen with much to consider and that only benefits the reader.4.5

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    This is the sixth Owen Archer mystery, the first I have read and possibly the last This is a Medieval mystery set in the late Middle Ages Owen Archer is working for the Duke of Lancaster, looking to recruit archers in South Wales for his master and also to check if the defences are sufficient should a French fleet invade Owen Archer is of Welsh origin but hasn t been back to his homeland for fifteen years He is accompanied on his mission by a certain Geoffrey Chaucer The pair intended to meet with John de Reine one of Lancaster s men from Cydweli, but they arrive too late as Reine has been murdered Owen Archer maybe Welsh but he lacks the wit and wisdom of Cadfael The mystery isn t especially gripping, I wasn t anxiously turning the pages, and I found a lot of the Welsh names like Dafydd, Dyfrig and Gruffydd confusing, despite having lived 5 years in Wales myself The setting seems authentic and there is a lot of description of Medieval apothecary I note the first book in the series is The Apothecary Rose In addition to Geoffrey Chaucer, a famous Welsh bard of the time Dafydd ap Gwilym has a cameo role.

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    Owen and Geoffrey Chaucer are sent on a mission for the Duke of Lancaster ostensibly to check on fortifications in Wales, but really a retainers son has called his father to account for marrying a suspected traitor s daughter Brother Michaelo and Sir Robert come along on a pilgrimage The man they are to meet does not appear so they continue on to deliver the men to their pilgrimage The bishop has just found a dead body and it is the man they were to meet Owen gets dragged into resolving this mystery Meanwhile another mysterious man is found injured and is sought greatly by some soldiers of the accused father On top of this Sir Robert is quite ill and Owen is seeking out his family after having no contact since he left home The lack of our regular players was sad no Lucie and no York Tavern was no fun, but Sir Robert s story was quite moving The mystery itself was quite convoluted with personal and political combining and diverging to throw Owen down different paths.

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    It seems that Robb is copying Ellis Peters Brother Cadfael mystery series A medieval mystery although in 14th century rather than 12th century , in England with the main protagonist being Welsh The main character of this novel, Owen, doesn t have the charisma that I love so much in Brother Cadfael This novel jumps around between a lot of characters who are all wandering around southern Wales, crossing paths and each finding out little bits of information, some of it conflicting I found myself interested in the puzzle of the political intrigue, who is on which side, who is spying on whom, who is telling the truth Although it is sometimes hard to keep track of who is where and who knows what An interesting theme is of a conquered people living with or marrying a person from the conquering nation, there feelings of mixed loyalty and affection.

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    I read the first five books in this series years ago, so I was expecting to reacquaint myself with Lucie, an apocethary in York, but this was all about her husband, Owen Archer, who has to go on an errand to Wales for the Duke of Lancaster It s an interesting mystery, but I was a bit confused by the Welsh names and political situation, also by the switching among three different POVs by three main characters Owen left Wales many years ago and he reconnects with the remaining member of his family His relationship with his father in law, who came with him on a pilgrimage, is very interesting I ll be glad to get back to York in the next book, however.

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    While it definitely doesn t rank as the worst book I ve ever read or tried to read A Gift of Sanctuary violates one of my personal rules for what makes a mystery good great It s a blatant case of too many cooks spoiling the broth There are a multitude of characters connected to the mystery of a man s death, all of whom have their own agendas One in particular seems to have no motive for his involvement other than causing discomfort for the local nobility.Because of all of the people agendas motives the waters are so completely muddied that the solution hardly seems like one at all It seems like a cop out.

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