Unquenched CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE ENDING Jorie Dakelle Has Found Her Way Into The Hearts Of Her Readers By Soliciting Their Feedback And Giving Them A Choice On How The Book Should End Everyone Has Their Own Ideas, Says Jorie, So I Gave Them The Chance To Finish The Book With The Ending Of Their Choice Everyone Is Happy Jorie, A Debut Writer, Cleverly Creates Three Versions Third Version To Be Released Soon , All Exactly The Same, Until The Last Chapter Where Each Journey Ends Dramatically Differently In Order To Cater To Various Tastes You Would Think That We All Read Different Books, Said One Of Her Readers We Couldn T Stop Comparing Notes And Wound Up Switching Books So We Could All Read The Other Endings And That S When Jorie Decides To Create A Fourth Version Not Yet Released Where She Packages All Of The Endings Into One Book She Gives You A Choice Of Which One To Read, With The Goal Of Experiencing The Same Book In Many WaysWithout Giving Away The Ending, A Slight Variation On The Book Cover Subtitle And The Brief Description Below, Helps The Reader Decide Which Version To Buy Unless The Reader Buys The Fourth Book With All The Endings, It S Kind Of A Gamble As To Which Ending They Will Receive But That S The Fun Of It And That S What All The Buzz Is About Note It Is Suggested That Only One Version Of The UNQUENCHED Series Is Purchased By Each Customer As The Only Change, From Book To Book, Occurs In The Last Chapter It Is Then That The Characters Take On Completely Different Roles From The Other Versions And The Story Changes Along With It As A Prisoner Of Her Own Experience, A Young Woman Finds No Other Way To Free Herself Of Obsessive Thoughts Between Two Men Except By Telling Her Story A Passion Has Erupted Inside Of Me Leaving Me No Choice But To Share My Story Of Dreams, Emotions And Experiences By Sharing It, I Hope To Set Myself Free Unquenched Is About A Tormented Triangle Filled With Love And Deception It Is About Passions And Dreams And Discovering Unquenched Thirsts That Lie Deep Within Us It Is About The Need To Satiate Our Lust For Life And Not Settling For Anything Less It Is About The Thrill Of Adventure And Taking Risks To Understand The Complexity Of Simply Feeling Alive This Story Is Expressed Through An Unexpected Romantic Interlude That Takes Place In Indonesia And Finds Its Way To New York

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unquenched book, this is one of the most wanted Jorie Dakelle author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 119 pages
  • Unquenched
  • Jorie Dakelle
  • English
  • 04 February 2019

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    FREE on US today 4 13 2013.

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    I really enjoyed this book I discovered Jorie DaKelle on It was recommended to me, by , based in earlier purchases The description and cover intrigued me I decided to check it out.Jordan, the boyfriend, is a kind,responsible decent man The type of man who looks perfect on paper There is just one problem with him our protagonist doesn t love him She knows he s a good man who loves her She tries to force herself to love him back But she can t help feeling that something is missing While on vacation with Jordan, she meets Tristan during a scuba diving lesson Her attraction to Tristan intensifies her dissatisfaction with her relationship with Jordan She is soon forced to pay attention to her feelings and decide who she really wants to be with Yet, she will learn, that things don t always go as we plan.

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    I just finished this book It was a cute story I didn t blame her for not being satisfied with Jordan, he seemed like a real bore While I enjoyed this book, I wasn t impressed with Tristan at all I couldn t understand why she was so infatuated with him I guess when a relationship is unsatisfying we settle for anything I liked the ending I was afraid the ending was going to be cliche and predictable I was pleasantly surprised.

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    Whenever I find myself skimming through a book instead of reading it trying to get on to the next point I know that I am in trouble I tried really hard to actually like this book It started out great and was holding my attention for a while, but then when all the obsessiveness about a man shed didn t really know started, that is when I started to wonder, Do real people act like this All this did was make me not like her and feel sorry for her maybe unsuspecting or in denial boyfriend.I skimmed through as I already stated until I got to the end, which surprised me, and I felt that she got what she deserved because of the way the she handled the situation with the original guy.The book was described as a tormented triangle filled with love and deception I disagree I think it is the story of a selfish individual who used the physical attraction she felt for one man a total stranger to cover up for being a coward She was coward for not being able to own up to her lack of feelings for the boyfriend There was not love in this story at all in my opinion.Lastly, it read like a bio of someone I really didn t want to know I never connected to any of the characters and maybe that s why I have such a hard time understanding how any of this was supposed to be realistic.All that being said, I will give the author another chance in the future because the story had me intrigued in the beginning.

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    I have only 2 books on my list that I was unable to finish and I have read many, many books in the last 3 years This book will sadly join that list It felt as if I were reading her diary or journal There was very little dialogue and the story just didn t develop for me I wish the author the very best with her future efforts Perhaps I will give her another chance Perhaps I will even give this book another chance, but right now I must file it away in my unable to finish list.

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    Anticipation That s what this book was like for me I anticipated things that I was sure would happen and was a little disappointed at what actually did happen The twist at the end caught me completely off guard and left me feeling a little empty, a little confused and has me wondering, what s next What s going to happen now Yes, my thirst for this book is exactly unquenched.

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    Was not expecting the ending

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    ugh.too descriptive dnf at 35% it was all the inner dialog that did me in blah blah blah

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    I absolutely love it, did not expect what happened at all I thought a few things but never that this book is definitely 5stars

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