Five Go Adventuring Again

Five Go Adventuring AgainThere S A Thief At Kirrin Cottage The Famous Five Think They Know Who It Is, But They Need To Prove It Where Can They Find Evidence The Discovery Of An Old Map And Very Unusual Hiding Place Is All They Need To Get To The Bottom Of This Mystery And Uncover The True Culprit

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  • Paperback
  • 246 pages
  • Five Go Adventuring Again
  • Enid Blyton
  • English
  • 11 November 2017
  • 9780340796153

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    I read about a dozen of the Famous Five books when I was a kid but I never really looked at the list of titles in the back to appreciate that in fact there were about two dozen of them and I had a random scattering of the titles.This is book number 2 and I d not read it before this week when I read it to my daughter, Celyn Being only the 2nd volume it s one where some of the basic mythology of the series is established.Uncle Quentin s important scientific work is highlighted in this one The book was written during the second world war and although the men who are trying to steal Uncle Quentin s SECRET FORMULA aren t identified as German spies that s who they are Similarly, when they re hauled off at the end there s no hint that they were probably shot a week later Enid Blyton wrote a vast number of books 800 and she must have written most of them in the space of a few weeks She also appears to know rather little about history, science, mechanics etc and it shows but only to adults who find themselves reading the books.SOME SPOILERS here The book revolves around the theft of Uncle Quentin s papers and unmasking the thief There s really only one possible suspect and it s a bit disappointing that it turns out to be him In the house are Uncle Quentin, Aunt Fanny, the children and the tutor The farmhouse is isolated and snowbound Important pages are stolen from Uncle Quentin s book and IMPORTANT TEST TUBES are BROKEN Suspicious falls on naughty George, but when her father looks in her eyes as she denies it we are told that he believes her and yet no adult suspects the tutor But, hey, it was him after all I guess the matter was sealed at the very start when we re directed to the fact he has thin lips like most cruel people not an exact quote.The other central issue is that of the Secret Way which is a secret tunnel that for no apparent reason joins Kirrin Cottage to Kirrin Farm It seems to be a vast and pointless feat of engineering It doesn t even have smuggling potential.The secret of the Secret Path which becomes secretly crucial in the secret theft of the secret papers is, for some reason, written in Latin although the tunnel seems to only be a couple of hundred years old Against reason as in Lara Croft films all the old mechanisms still work and not only unlock secret doors but helpfully move and replace slabs of stone etc.The Secret Way is described as being dug through sandy soil which boggles the mind and the children encounter cave ins along the length of it, meaning that their exploration of it is actually mind bendingly fool hardy.Timmy is deployed in his usual Swiss Army knife dog mode, capable of almost any feat and able to down his enemies without actually ripping large chunks out of them.Anyway, the baddies are defeated hoorah and the children save the day.I did like the bit where the Christmas tree was decorated with candles that were then lit I suppose if you re going to live like that then digging your way through collapsing sand tunnels is par for the course Note, another series in which Blyton includes a Dick and Fanny did she know Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes..

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    I m not feeling well today so this will be brief.The second Famous Five book picks up one school term after the first one finishes The kids are all excited to see each other again and excited because it s almost Christmas Then George takes a dislike to their new tutor a private tutor during the Christmas holidays That sucks and things start getting adventurey Adventureish Adventuresome Adventurelike This book does exactly what it says on the tin and the real star is Timothy the dog he really gets a chance to shine this time Buddy read with Sunshine Seaspray

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    The five come together again at the Christmas holidays Julian, Dick, Anne and George don t call her Georgina and of course Timothy the dog all gather at Kirran Cottage But not everything is going to be fun and games Three of the kids need tutoring to improve their grades, so a tutor is hired Even with lessons taking up some of their time each day, they still manage to find adventure and a mystery to solve There is a thief sneaking about.and the 5 need to find the culprit I can see why this series is such a classic I kept reading references to the Famous Five stories in books by British authors so decided it was time for me to read the series I m glad I did These are children s stories and a bit dated, but very enjoyable tales There are 21 books in the series, published from 1942 through 1963 Then there are eight short stories added in 1995 Five Go Adventuring Again is the second book in the series I still have a lot of reading to do I think George is my favorite character She hates to be called Georgina and has a bit of a temper She absolutely loves her dog, Timothy And woe to the person that dislikes her dog I can see why kids have loved these books for decades I wish I had had such fun adventures in my own childhood Moving on to the next book Five Run Away Together

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    I have read the whole series over and over again I never tire of it This book is the second in the series and the George, Anne, Julian and Dick along with Timmy the dog return to Kirrin Cottage for the Christmas break Sadly the boys and George have not done too well at school so George s father arranges for a tutor, and so Mr Roland arrives George takes an instant dislike to him when he insists on calling George by her rightful name, Georgina, and announces he hates dogs Despite having to spend their mornings studying the five manage to have a marvellous adventure as they track down a thief and race along secret passages I love the innocence of these stories and the fact that children don t need TV and computer games to exist The children are aged from 10 to 12 and they act their age They aren t little adults kicking backside as many kids in fiction are portrayed today, they are children having a jolly good adventure

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    Einer meiner liebsten Folge der Kindheit und hat sich auch heute nicht ge ndert Finde diese Folge ist perfekt mit dem Felsenhof und den geheimen G nge und George, welche den Lehrer zurecht nicht leiden kann 11.10.2018

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    I was informed this weekend that I was shockingly remiss for not having already read Enid Blyton s Famous Five series, so I set out at once to remedy this mistake easy enough, as I was standing in the middle of New York City s Books of Wonder whilst being thusly informed Having now read _Five Go Adventuring Again_, I have the strong suspicion that George is the best thing ever, as she is a girl with a boy s name who prefers to be called Master George, she actually gets away doing poorly at school on the excuse that she hasn t ever been there before, and not only does she solve the mystery of who has been stealing her father s scientific work, but she also solves the ages old secret passage mystery as well while everyone else including the adults are just kind of standing around being like, hmm, everything is so confusing, probably because we are only eleven George doesn t let only being eleven stop her.

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    I first read this as a child in 1954 I think it was Like most of my contemporaries I loved The Famous Five series Re reading 60 years on was a piece of pure nostalgia Of course it s a book for children but then I m a big kid at heart

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    I read quite a few Enid Blyton books when I was a kid.It was good fun.

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    This book is the second in Enid Boston s Famous Five series and to truly understand it, one should know that it was first published in 1943 in the middle of wartime The four children and Timothy are spending school Christmas break at George s house George s dad Quentin is working on some mysterious formula that may be useful to the government A tutor is hired as George and the boys have fallen behind with their schoolwork Can the tutor be trusted George and Timothy don t think so Read on for an adventurous trip back in time.

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