The Palms

The Palms The Palms is a short story about two people given a second chance at true love Usually, when I ve given a short story to read, I find that it lacks necessary detail or doesn t cover all of the many things I want it to cover This was one of those rare exceptions There were plenty of details to suck me into the story, and I could perfectly visualize every scene Everything was covered too I was left wishing there was , only because it was such a fantastic story, but I wasn t left feeling as though anything were missing, if that makes sense S Celi is an impeccable writer The way she spins a story is both eloquent and descriptive, without being overdone I would recommend this story to anyone look for a light read to kill a few hours with Trust me, once you start reading it, you won t be able to put it down until it s done This is the first Novella that I ve read so I wasn t sure what to expect I usually prefer long books so this was a little out of the norm for me That said, it s nice to be able to read a story in one sitting I liked the premise of the book a romance about second chances I think that there was just enough detail to set the scene and reveal the personalities of the characters, without being too wordy The problem is that it leaves me wanting I think that a series of Palms novellas would be great I enjoyed this book, especially the relationship between the two main characters I was definitely rooting for them to make things work The ending bothered me a bit simply because there was so much build up for the reader to find out what had gone wrong and the outcome was a bit disappointing The reaction from Lauren seemed so unnatural, for her to go from such anger to almost instant acceptance, after allowing her anger to build up for ten years There were several minor editing errors throughout but other than that, this was well written.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. The premise of this book is what pulled me in and it started off well Somewhere close to the end well after half way through the book it lost me There was a plot twist that was mentioned that was a surprise, but it was tolerable until what happened next Nothing really, which made it seem like this development was big but didn t need to be handled properly A simple mention and then brush off wasn t enough I feel if that aspect had been better developed I wouldn t have felt as if Lauren was thinking of her past self as opposed to the woman she is now. This was a very enjoyable book Even under bad circumstances, you can get a second chance at love I look forward to reading of your books ,Sara. I LOVED this novella The characters were easy to love and the storyline kept me wanting I could not put this down I also loved the writing style and the way everything was described I felt like I was actually there Do yourself a favor and read this actual rating 4 5review to come Blurb Three days on Palm Beach will change everything.We all have one the one who got away For 31 year old Trent Matthews, that woman is Lauren Crawford For 28 year old Lauren Crawford, that man is Trent Matthews.Ten years after they last saw each other on Palm Beach, an unexpected night at The Breakers sends Lauren and Trent roaring back into each others lives She s still sassy, sexy, and sophisticated He s still rich, handsome, and an expert with women The years have passed, but old feelings haven t died.Not even close.Now, these two have a second chance at love.The problem is Trent left Lauren without any explanation in 2002 She s still mad and confused Back then, Trent had his reasons about a dozen for his abrupt exit from her life But even a decade later, he doesn t want to admit all of them or make them public And that hesitation may cost him Lauren Forever.Will Trent admit the mistakes of his youth Will Lauren grant Trent her forgiveness Or will they lose love again underneath THE PALMS This story is novella length, at 23,000 words. Have you ever wondered about the one who got away Have you ever wanted the elusive chance to find out what happened I think we can all say YES S Celi takes that idea and turns it into a wonderful story about what happens when Trent and Lauren run into each other in an iconic bar in Palm Beach, 10 years later Trent s character is so well crafted that I can completely imagine him his voice is perfectly captured As is Palm Beach itself a definite character in this story Loved it all Three Days On Palm Beach Will Change Everything We All Have One The One Who Got Away For Year Old Trent Matthews, That Woman Is Lauren Crawford For Year Old Lauren Crawford, That Man Is Trent Matthews Ten Years After They Last Saw Each Other On Palm Beach, An Unexpected Night At The Breakers Sends Lauren And Trent Roaring Back Into Each Others Lives She S Still Sassy, Sexy, And Sophisticated He S Still Rich, Handsome, And An Expert With Women The Years Have Passed, But Old Feelings Haven T Died Not Even Close Now, These Two Have A Second Chance At LoveThe Problem Is Trent Left Lauren Without Any Explanation In She S Still Mad And Confused Back Then, Trent Had His Reasons About A Dozen For His Abrupt Exit From Her Life But Even A Decade Later, He Doesn T Want To Admit All Of Them Or Make Them Public And That Hesitation May Cost Him Lauren Forever Will Trent Admit The Mistakes Of His Youth Will Lauren Grant Trent Her Forgiveness Or Will They Lose Love Again Underneath THE PALMS This Story Is Novella Length, At , Words First thoughts after The story ended a bit too soon for me How distracted did I get Prejudice Meets Pride is an extremely addictive sweet romance Emma is fun, giving and loving I loved her sense of humor and how she related to her nieces Kevin, well, he grows on you I m extremely glad I got to read his pov though Had it not been in the book I would have gone nuts LOL I enjoyed Emma s nieces and their HUGE personalities Though the book ended a bit suddenly for me I absolutely loved it.

New Orleans born Sara Celi has lived all over the United States She calls the Greater Cincinnati area and the Queen City home She has spent than a decade working in journalism and broadcasting, with jobs both on air and off air at TV stations in Louisiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma Her work has appeared in numerous online publications, magazines and newspapers, and she is a contributing author to

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