Half a Rupee Stories

Half a Rupee Stories Twenty Five Fascinating Stories From The Inimitable GulzarA Suicide Bomber In A Small Town Plans Out Her Last Day, Getting Herself Photographed Before She Goes And Blows Up The Prime Minister A Drunkard In A Mumbai Slum Tries To Compete With The Torrential Rain, Even As It Washes His Dwelling Away An Army Man At The Border Has Become So Accustomed To Speaking Over The Wireless That He Ends Every Sentence With Over And In The Title Story, A Cop Drags A Dead Cow From Vinayak Rao Patwardhan Road To The Adjoining Bapu Road, Since The Latter Is So Much Easier To SpellFrom Real Life Stories About Javed Akhtar, Sahir Ludhianvi And Kuldip Nayyar To Tales Set In Kashmir, In The Hinterland, In The Modern Megapolis And On The LoC, From Anecdotes Of Love And Betrayal To Fables Of Courage And Conviction, This Is An Enthralling Collection Available In English For The Very First Time Atthani would be too much to pay for this sentimental drivel When he isn t namedropping, Gulzar presents us with excruciatingly crude caricatures of the picturesque poor He s trying so hard to be like Manto, esp the story Hilsa where a murdered gangrape victim s eyes are compared to that of a fish on the chopping board of a coy Bengali housewife Manto had compared the necrophiliac energies of Partition violence to thanda ghosht cold mutton with such provocative and lyrical force Gulzar is the pale imitation of that greatness Now accustomed to a life among the glitterati, the poor are merely stock characters and stick figures to him Skip this and re read Manto s Bombay Stories, Black Milk, or Meena Bazaar instead. That Gulzar is a magician with words is a given Notwithstanding his contribution to Bollywood, Gulzar has written soul stirring poetry in Hindi and Urdu that can give you goosebumps I came across this book while I was reading one of his fabulous poems online Without giving it a second thought, I ordered for the book And let me tell you, I was not disappointed.Half a Rupee Stories is just that simple, inconsequential stories about everyday struggles of ordinary people No major plot, no twists in the tale, no larger than life characters It s a collection of stories of ordinary folk living through their mundane problems.Why would one read a book about ordinary people Well, the magic lies in the hands of Gulzarji His narrative evokes the dormant emotions within you He touches a chord you never knew existed He teases the tears out of your eyes He coaxes you to have a heart He pulls at your heartstrings with the passion of an artist.You will be swept away by the lyrical beauty of his prose Some stories will continue to haunt you, not because they were great stories, but deep down it has opened a festering wound in your heart Stories of India Pakistan partition are well known and documented But what is not documented is how the division of land broke the soul of India and Pakistan.If you are looking for poignant stories that reverberate deep inside you, pick up this book. My rating is not for the book as such It is for two heartwarming stories Ghugu and Jamuni Oh What a lovely lovely tale A bird in love with a kite A story that will be in my heart forever.Even if you skip the whole book it is ok, but don t miss this love storyThe Charioteer At first you might feel sorry for Maruti who works asa sweeper in a ferry and has a hard life But when he gets back home he is in the warmth of his family s love Then you realize you have no right to feel sorry for him.You might be insignificant to most But for some, you mean the world The book as a whole gave me mixed feelings Some stories were really good But the theme of death in most of them is what put me off a little. The translation killed the stories for me

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  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Half a Rupee Stories
  • गुलज़ार [Gulzar]
  • English
  • 18 January 2017
  • 9780143068792

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