Goodbye, Ms. Chips

Goodbye, Ms. ChipsI have read other books in this series, and found them somewhat enjoyable But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get into this one By the time I got to 2 3rds of the way through, I could care less what happens any, as nothing has happened so far I cannot finish this book, either I don t know if I will read anyof this series, unless the author actually does something with these wacky characters I hope you liked the book better than me. I started reading the Ellie Haskell Mysteries with the first of the series, The Thin Woman, originally published in 1984 and named in in The Favorite Mystery Novels of the Twentieth Century list It has remained one of my favorites as well, a perfect light read I read the entire series, I had thought, but did not remember this one Ellie is now happily married to Ben Haskell, a successful chef and author, mother of three and an interior decorator She doesn t remember her days at boarding school fondly but when her dear friend, Dorcas Critchley, asks for her help in recovering a stolen trophy cup, she can t refuse Even though it means going back to St Roberta s and confronting some of her own regrets.The school has established a cottage for old girls who want to retreat for awhile and recharge after life reversals Ellie hasn t had any reversals but it s a perfect cover for her investigation, with the help of her redoubtable and flamboyant housekeeper and partner in sleuthing, Mrs Malloy By the time the thief is uncovered, a murder has occurred and it is clear that muchthan just a prank is going on at St Roberta s Ellie has lost none of her humor in the years since The Thin Woman, and also none of her imaginative way of looking at things I did, however, miss Ben, so I think a series re reading may be in order.Thanks to Netgalley and Random House Alibi for this visit with old friends Hopefully, others will discover the charming Ellie Haskell Mysteries. Ellie Haskell Is Invited Back To Her Old Boarding School, St Roberta S By Her Friend Dorcas, Who Became Games Mistress When Ms Chips Retired Headmistress Mrs Battle Asks Who Has Stolen The Loverly Sports Trophy An Apparent Schoolgirl Prank Soon Gives Way To Murder, And Ellie Can Now Be The Star Pupil Don t waste your timevery slow moving mystery who cares who dunnit This was my first book written by Dorothy Cannell I enjoyed it It was a light easy read full of just enough twists and turns to throw you off the scent of the real killer and thief Goodbye, Ms Chips has Ellie going back to her old boarding school to try and solve the case of the missing trophy She really had a hard time at boarding school and was not looking forward to going back especially seeing Headmistress Mrs Battle I don t know about you but I know I wouldn t want to go back to school especially if I had to meet up with the girl who bullied me YIKES poor Ellie At least she is able to feel like she can find some retribution and find the thief and killer This book is definitely at an easy pace so it s not hard to keep up I would have liked to have read the earlier books to find outhistory on the character Ellie I recieved this book from NetGalley for an honest review. this is nancy drew for adults who never outgrew the originals. Ellie Haskell returns to her prior boarding school at the request of her friend, Dorcas who is now head of games there Ellie is an interior designer plus amateur detective.The Loverly Cup given for the top team in lacrosse each year has gone missingDorcas wants Ellie to return to find the cup without anyone knowing what she is doing.The descriptions were solid scenes enabling the reader to see the school and know the teachers as the storyprogresses It even went so far as to what Ellie packedin her suitcaseThief, deceit, bullying, false friends, murder, zany characters, the Gray Nun, humor and a touch of romancemake this an intriguing read.This is book 12 in the Ellie Haskell Mystery series.It can be read as a stand aloneThank you to Net Gallery and Alibi for this eBook My opinion is my own. Ellie Haskell has come a long way since she left St Roberta s boarding school many years ago Her friend now teaches there and asks Ellie to come find out who stole the Loverly Cup trophy It would be bad publicity to involve the police This is the 12th installment in the Ellie Haskell series, set in England Leaving behind her husband and 3 children, Ellie goes to St Robertas , only now she has a murder to solve along with the missing trophy A good cozy for those who enjoy British sleuths. Murder at a Boarding SchoolEllie Haskell s alma mater, Sr Roberta s, has a problem A silver lacrosse trophy, the Loverly Cup, has been stolen The timing is particularly bad because Ms Chips, the beloved games mistress, has retired and Dorcas Critchley, Ellie s friend, has taken the position Unfortunately, her lacrosse season was not as successful and Ms Chips, and so the cup is scheduled to go to another school Being missing, is a blot on St Roberta s reputation Ellie can think of almost any place she d rather be than St Roberta s It s not just that she broke Ms Chips nose playing lacrosse, she has a secret that makes her dread seeing the school again However, she agrees to take the case and soon finds herself sharing the guest house with several other old girls one of whom was her nemesis when they were students This is an amusing book reminiscent of girl s boarding school novels The characters themselves bring up the similarity which leads to humorous anecdotes The book is fun to read because of the unusual characters and Ellie s description of her reaction to events However, aside from the question of who took the Loverly Cup, these isn t much of a mystery until very late in the book when Ms Chips is found dead at the bottom of some slippery steps At first it seems to be an accident, but as Ellie investigates, she realizes it was murder I recommend the book for the odd characters and the amusing anecdotes However, if you re looking for a mystery where you can follow the clues, this will disappoint I received this book from Alibi for this review. I really wanted to like this book It had a good premise and it had great characters But it was so slooooow moving I skipped a lot of pages I even fell asleep twice However, the ending, was pretty good I liked the women making fun of Roseanne or Roxanne or whatever her name was Boy, was she grouchy I liked Mrs Malloy as well She had a few zingers as well This appears to be a series and I think it could be a good one if a lot of unneeded descriptions and a lot of fluff were taken out Once I got to the last half, it picked up and I enjoyed it Thanks Minotaur and Net Galley for providing me with a free e galley in exchange for an honest review.

from Fantastic Fiction online Dorothy Cannell was born in London, England, and now lives in Belfast, Maine Dorothy Cannell writes mysteries featuring Ellie Haskell, interior decorator and Ben Haskell, writer and chef, and Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell, a pair of dotty sisters and owners of the Flowers Detection Agency from Internet Book List Dorothy Cannell, a mother of four, grandmother of te

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