The Clockwork Cathedral

The Clockwork CathedralMedical Student Felicia Sanchez Is Only Trying To Help An Injured Man When She Slips Through A Time Rip And Into Th Century New Orleans, One Very Different Than The One She Knows From History BooksThe Only Person Who Can Get Her Home Is Professor Seamus Connor, A Former Convict Seeking A Quiet Life Of Obscurity But Even The Mad Irishman Knows That Recreating A Freak Accident Is Next To ImpossibleWith The Help Of A Local Street Urchin, They Discover That Their Problems Run Deeper Than Solely Getting Felicia Back To Her Own Time The Three Of Them Must Unravel The Secrets Of A Steam Engine That Operates Upon A Scientific Impossibility And The Mysteries Of A Grand Cathedral At The Center Of Town, Where Clockwork Automatons Perform For Rapt AudiencesBut Can A Convict, A Guttersnipe And An Accidental Time Traveler Prevent The Destruction Of A City And The Death Of Thousands Others Are Watching, And Felicia May Not Be The Only Time Traveler In New Orleans

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  • The Clockwork Cathedral
  • Heather Blackwood
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  • 19 November 2019

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    Before I begin, I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review She would never see anyone she loved again Trapped in a strange past with no money, no family and no way to make a living, she would be like a piece of debris, cast up by the tide Aside from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, I haven t really read much time traveling romances or, actually, just time traveling books in general so this is all pretty unfamiliar ground for me Imagine my delight when I read this book and found myself sinking fast and deep into a story packed with action, mystery, betrayal, murder, political intrigue and romance Yep, this one s got it all Definitely familiar ground now and my type of book rubs hands gleefully Our heroine, Felicia Sanchez, is a medical student and on her way home, rams straight into a ripping time hole and lands in New Orleans, 1857 She, of course, is confused and bewildered about her surroundings, especially since many landmarks don t match up to what she usually sees What I love so much about this part is Heather s detailed writing style about the differences Felicia sees in the clothing, architecture, and speaking manner It was extremely gratifying to see the differences being compared and the reactions of both Felicia and Seamus to one another s remarks The world was different Every street and every shop looked different The burrito restaurant where she often bought lunch, Mel s Coffee Shop, Pyewocket s Books, all were gone In their places were strange shops with old fashioned people moving in and out I love Felicia s character She has the perfect mix of wit, intelligence, beauty, and charm She isn t vain or a workaholic, and she has strong morals and values I love how she uses the term recreationists when referring to the people she sees in 1857 New Orleans I was constantly chuckling at the light banter between Felicia and Seamus, and just waiting for the bomb to drop and for her to realize she went back in time For Seamus to put it bluntly I think you came through from another time Or another place Or both Seamus is not the usual hero I read about First, he s a nerdy professor, but he can also kick some serious butt, and treats Felicia and his housekeeper with respect Slavery still exists, which is a sore point to Felicia, and I love how Heather constantly drops little snippets of history within the story It gives the book a rich background and provides the reader with context relevant to plot Seamus has a complex past, mostly unpleasant, but it never shakes his core values and s and he always is a gentleman Well, most of the time I am threatening I ll stuff the cookies down your ugly gullet, shatter the plate on your head and slit your throat with the shards Now get out Laugh I absolutely adore Seamus, and Felicia The one character that really stood out to me, though, was Hazel My heart broke for her, over and over, when I read about her tragic childhood First, the death of her parents Then, her awful, terrible, disgusting excuse for an uncle who completely shatters the rest of her childhood and innocence and forces her to live out on the streets She is so strong, so indomitable, and though she s been through hell and back, she NEVER gives up and works towards her dreams of playing the violin I ve always though music was the way towards a person s soul, and for Hazel, that is definitely the case It sang for her It sang her fear, her hurt, her loss of Mandy and of something else she could not name It sang her last moments of freedom, here in the sunlight, facing the muddy river As for the romance part, there was never a completely defined moment where Seamus and Felicia both acknowledged their attraction to one another It was definitely implied, though, and through both of their actions and thoughts, you can see just how deep the two of them like one another She must want to return to her home very badly, he thought with a pang She would endure this, draw McCullen s attention and place herself in danger, all to go back where he could never see her again The catch about time traveling stories is, when will it end When will the characters leave each other and go back to their own time Honestly, I dreaded that part I did NOT want Felicia to go back, no matter how much I knew she had to for the sake of her family and friends I think Heather handles this aspect very well, and though I wasn t 100% satisfied with the ending, she finishes the plot with a bang, leaving room for optimism and hope for the couple to become, well, a couple The only issue I had with this book was that it ended I seriously hope Heather makes this a series because I need to know about Felicia and Seamus and all their crazy, wild adventures 4.5 5 FASCINATING STARS

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    I really like time travel stories This one was a real surprise because I found an unexpected gem.It is really different compared to time travel books I read Nothing like go back in time to save the world It starts with a simple accident and the desperate tries to return to the time where the story started But there is much .There is a real end and a cliffhanger at the same time.This is the first book in a series and I can t wait to read the other two available books.

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    3.5 stars actually Combines time traveler s with alternative histor ies Well written Got my attention, but didn t quite satisfy it Despite the dramatic conclusion, the whole thing is just a set up for the books to follow When all was said and done, too much unsaid and undone.Still, I liked it A good read.

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    7 17 19 FREE for Kindle.

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    I received an e copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.I don t read many historical books I don t know why that is, but maybe it has to do with the fact that sometimes they can get quite boring Usually I ll read them if they have at least some other aspect to them other than the history and romance The Clockwork Cathedral was a fascinating book, intertwining a little bit of history with the elements of time traveling The Characters Felicia She s a medical student, so she knows and understands science fairly well But it took a lot of convincing from Seamus that she really did fall through a rip in time And when she knows in her heart that he s right, her world starts to fall apart Her family is back there Her friends Her nephew, who is dying She needs to get home, but she also takes the time to appreciate this piece of the past that she s only read about in history books I thought Felicia was a strong character, and she is especially, because she s an independent woman in a time where women were the inferior race She s a feminist with a sharp tongue and even sharper wit Even though she s in a different time, she doesn t stop being herself Her courage in a frightening situation was very refreshing Seamus The crazy, mad Irish scientist who accidentally creates the time rip that brings Felicia there He s a very quiet and endearing man, who just wants to help And he loves puzzles, so trying to figure out why this is all happening is extremely interesting to him He s called a mad man by fellow neighbors and society But there s to him than meets the eye, a past that haunts him He s caring and kind, and he treats everyone equally in a time where women and Black people were cast aside As he and Felicia grow closer, Seamus starts to care for this woman and her wild ways For how can he let her go when he wants her stay Hazel I loved Hazel s character A young girl, a runaway, who lives on the streets and does odd errands for the Professor She s a genius violin player Her past is as dark as the streets she walks down alone With her parents gone, she has her wits and courage, but all that is tested when a figure from her past comes back into her life Felicia helps Hazel, and Seamus lets her into his home With people who care for her, Hazel finally feels happy Mr Grey He is as mysterious as his name is He s got secrets, and he knows things Only Hazel is the one who knows he has these secrets, and as much as she tries to get him to talk, he won t budge And he is one of those characters who I just want to learn about There s definitely to him than we all know.Plot We meet Felicia in modern time which, in this case, is 2015 When an accident happens, Felicia goes to help, being as she s a medical student trying to become a doctor But something happens When her vision clears, everything s changed As it stands, she s sent back in Pre Civil war time At first, she won t believe it They must just be recreationists playing out their parts thoroughly well, right Wrong In a race against time, these four individuals must figure out why the time rips are happening, and how to send Felicia home before something terrible happens The Writing I really liked the author s writing style and how she drew me in from the very first page It was fairly easy to read all three main characters thoughts They each had their own personality My Thoughts I truly enjoyed this book I knocked a star off only because of my confusion on how things worked Even when all the scientific and mechanical questions were answered, it was still hard to understand what was going on and why it was happening But other than that, I thought it was wonderful, the historical aspects dead on, and the lively characters a joy to read about Full review at

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    Mad science, poker on a Riverboat and explosions What could you ask for Ok, so there s no poker on a riverboat scene, per se, but they talk about it It s there I promise.First off Seamus should have been Scottish Because I am and other than that, the Irish mad scientist is totally me Cutting the novel some slack for that obvious oversight _ it turns out to be a great book.I am typically leery of books which involve time travel It s just such an easy plot to screw up Often either the language is either completely modern which throws you from the period or everyone is a cardboard cutout of the period Clockwork Cathedral contains none of that The author addresses the differing customs of the times but instead of wild gasps of outrage it s mostly head shaking and sending the local street urchin to pick up something suitable.One of the most difficult things to deal with in differing times are strong social issues like woman s rights and slavery Kudos to the author for managing to cover the topic without trying to be The Color Purple Which is a difficult thing to do Once again I m impressed with the author s ability to have the period characters react to it in a way that sounds plausible She doesn t have them instantly become equal rights pioneers at the first mention that slavery should be stopped like they had never considered that it s inhuman Instead she somehow manages to make the reaction seem period plausible without making you want to punch the guy repeatedly in the teeth.I ll definitely be following this series I m dying to see how the relationship between Felicia and the Professor ends up nudge , Hazel looks like she s going to turn out to be pretty involved in whatever kind of shenanigans come next I m leaving why out of the review due to it being a blatant spoilers and there s definitely _something_ going on with the Others mentioned in the description Others are watching who all seem to know about what s going on than any of the main characters while frustratingly managing to not bring any of the rest of us, characters or readers, into the loop.And as much as that is a VERY strong lead into wherever this series is going the author manages to actually end the story on a cliffhanger without completely pissing me off I ve stopped reading other authors who seem incapable of finishing a book A novel should end The story told in that novel should be connected to the larger story of the entire series but most of the events of the novel should leave you with a sense of completion Even epic series like The Wheel of Time and The Lord of the Rings manage to let you close that book with a feeling of accomplishment Without this how can you greet the next novel with wide eyed exuberance Blackwood is no exception There s no doubt _something_ is coming next, but I have no idea what it is and that means I can t want to find out Hopefully she follows this one up as closely as she did her last book.

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    I found this book to be pretty entertaining I have a love for steampunk so it was no question on if I would read this book when I came across it It was nice to see a steampunk book that actually had a lot of steampunk creations in it I find that a lot of books in this genre don t actually have all the fun clockwork, steam run machines in them.It is defiantly an interesting concept of time travel I liked how Felicia was able to come to grips with her situation pretty quickly Also that she still spoke her mind even though she was trapped in a time when women weren t suppose to do that.The Professor was like icing on the cake Just what I would expect someone that is passionate about the things he does to act It was pretty fun listening to him talk about everything, even if it was on the hard side to follow at times.Henry was a great character as well I wasn t to sure what I expected from him in the beginning, but his back story is so sad that I couldn t help but root from him But he was also pretty vital to the success of everything that Felicia and the Professor were working for.The plot of the book was good as well Just enough mystery to keep you wondering what was going to happen next, but getting enough answers at the same time that it wasn t frustrating waiting for everything to unravel itself I really liked the ending, even though I could guess what Felicia was going to do, it still made me smile I want to think that this is the first in a series Everything wrapped up nicely, but there was a few minor loose end that are left hanging that make me think there will be a second book sometime in the future.Would I recommend this book Yes, if you like steampunk and a little mystery you will like this book.On a side note I really want to know what the big mystery about every ones feet is.http

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    Clockwork Cathedral is a very engaging tale of intrigue, time travel and alternate worlds I found it fast paced with lots of mystery surrounding it The characters were well written each with their own story Ms Blackwood wrote her characters in a way that intertwined very naturally It wasn t hard to switch perspectives It flowed really well.I ve never been a huge fan of steampunk, but this book didn t really overwhelm you with the mechanical and other worldly stuff To me, the differences between worlds were very subtle which I really appreciated The names of certain historical figures confused me a bit however it was just another example of the alternate world.Felicia, Seamus and Henry Hazel are really great characters There have many times that I would like to visit a different time but Felicia reminds me that a modern woman has a very difficult time living in an earlier time Felicia is resilient and tries to face her present Seamus is great I love the mad scientist aspect to him At the same time, he is emotional and a good man Hazel was once lost and now has been found with the encouragement and care from Felicia and Seamus.Clockwork Cathedral is fun and well worth reading I hope Ms Blackwood writes about these characters I want to know what other adventures they will face.

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    Historical fiction with a little steampunk mixed in Having read Ms Blackwood s first novel, The Hounds of Autumn, I think it leaned a little toward steampunk than this book There are elements of futuristic machines and time travel, as well as steam carriages, but I think rather than a steampunk story, it s a historical fiction story that contains some steampunk like characters The world of the story itself is not steampunk Felicia Sanchez, modern day medical student, finds herself transported through time in the midst of a bus accident She is catapulted back over a century in time to pre civil war New Orleans The man responsible is Seamus Connor, who brings Felicia through a rip in time while trying to find the secret of a machine developed by his nemesis, Oren McCullen, based on an engine plan stolen from Seamus.Felicia and Seamus work together to try and solve the puzzle of McCullen s machine to try and send Felicia while learning about New Orleans past and present from each other, and befriending a street orphan named Henry.The story line is well written, characters are believable, but not extremely well developed The plot is rather linear, but for quick, enjoyable read, I would recommend this book to fans of historical fiction and steampunk alike.

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    My first thought as I started this book was that I noticed a couple of similarities between the Outlander series by Diana Gabladon but once I got further into the book, the similarities ended I found this book to be a very nice surprise from what I was expecting as the concept of time travel has been done This author has found a way to bring a fresh and interesting twist to traveling through time and I really enjoyed this book, in fact, it was difficult to put down Felicia Sanchez has her life was in order when a freak accident caused her to fall into a past world full of the unexpected With the help of a nutty but easy to love professor and an orphan girl, Felicia not only causes a splash in this new world but manages to vastly help the friends that she makes in than one way.I particularly enjoyed how Felicia was not afraid to voice her opinion and show her intelligence even during a time when this behavior in women was frowned upon.With an unexpected ending, this book will not disappoint

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