Awakening Because Some Celtic Stories Won T Be Contained In MythA Little Magic Has Always Run In Sixteen Year Old McKayla McCleery S Family At Least That S What She S Been Told McKayla S Eccentric Aunt Avril Travels The World As A Psychic For The FBI, And Her Mother Can Make Amazing Delicacies Out Of The Most Basic Of Ingredients But McKayla Doesn T Think For A Second That The Magic Is Real It S Just Good Storytelling Besides, McKayla Doesn T Need Magic She Recently Moved To Beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming, And Already She Has A Best Friend, A Solo In Her Upcoming Ballet Recital And The Gorgeous Guy In Her Physics Class Keeps Looking Her WayWhen An Unexpected Fascination With Irish Dance Leads McKayla To Seek Instruction From The Mute, Crippled Janitor At Her High School, She Learns That Her Family Is Not The Only One With Unexplained Abilities After Aunt Avril Comes To Star Valley In Pursuit Of A Supernatural Killer, People Begin Disappearing, And The Lives Of Those McKayla Holds Most Dear Are Threatened When The Janitor Reveals That An Ancient Curse, Known As A Geis, Has Awakened Deadly Powers That Defy Explanation, McKayla Is Forced To Come To Terms With What Is Real And What Is FantasyA Thrilling Debut Novel Based In Celtic Mythology, Awakening Is A Gripping Young Adult Fantasy Rife With Magic, Romance, And Mystery

Christy Dorrity lives in the mountains with her husband, five children, and a cocker spaniel She grew up on a trout ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming, and is the author of The Geis series for young adults, and The Book Blogger s Cookbooks Christy is a world champion Irish dancer and when she s not reading or writing, she s probably trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.

❃ [EPUB] ✻ Awakening By Christy Dorrity ➜ –
  • Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • Awakening
  • Christy Dorrity
  • English
  • 13 September 2019
  • 9781940427027

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    Dorrity s Awakening is at least the third book series that I have read that involves the Tuatha de Danaan However, this book is completely different from all of the others This book, the debut story from Christy Dorrity, is a great story I don t usually feature a lot of YA on my blog, because I do review quite a few books that are targeted to 18 , however I must say, I cannot wait for book two Displaced.McKayla is an average 16 year old girl, with a baby brother Benji and an eleven year old sister, Zoey However things are not as they appear Once Aunt Avril appears on the scene, average is the last word you would use to describe Kayla as Zoey calls her.There is so much that I want to tell you, but as my favorite character in Doctor Who says, Spoilers

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    I have to be honest as eager as I am to read books written by friends of friends, it always makes me a little nervous Will it be any good Will I have to force myself to finish Will I have to find something nice to say about it so my friend doesn t feel bad for asking me to read it I was so thrilled and relieved to have that concern thrown right out the window, just a couple of chapters into Awakening by Christy Dorrity Read of this review at

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    This book has a little something of everything romance, fantasy, suspense, and a fresh plot that kept me turning pages I love reading books in the season they are set in, so this was the perfect kickoff Fall read The characters are loveable and unique I would have enjoyed a bit romance, but the romance that was included was very well written and satisfying This book is appropriate for middle grade through adult I really enjoyed living in this magical world for a while and can t wait for the sequel

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    I hope you love it

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    Take one dancer who dances with emotion literally , a mute janitor from a world of music, a lizard who is invisible unless he lets you see him , a kooky aunt who hears voices and sees things that aren t there except they are , a mother with magical cooking who doesn t approve of magic, a really, really angry blonde with a voice to die for, and a centuries old curse and you re still not close to having all the interesting elements that make up this book One thing is for certain you can definitely feel the author s love and passion for Irish dance.I was drawn into the storytelling as I tried to figure out what was going on in this book And there s a lot We have several story lines vying for center stage that at times I felt like instead of going on side trips off the main path, I was jumping on highway to highway With that said, each story line was entertaining in its own, but put together, it seemed a bit too much, and I had a hard time figuring out which was the main story.The first person narrator for the majority of the story is McKayla, a normal high school dancer with the usual teenage problems of unrequited love and jealousies However, when she gets an obsession about competing in Irish dance, enter story line one If you love dance, you will love the author s description of the dance It s not all about dance moves the emphasis is on the emotion She also has a romance story line, which I wasn t too big of a fan at the start and thought the first half of that line could have been cut out There s also a thriller murder mystery involving her aunt that I really liked You could definitely feel the tension and mystery in this line.The book also takes the perspective of Rourke as a third person narrator for his story line It was weird having two different POV styles, as if the author couldn t decide which she preferred and included both Personally, I enjoyed the third person storytelling better and felt like I could get drawn into the story if she went third person for McKayla, too Plus, I enjoyed his story and wish his story could have occupied of the book or been a separate novelette on its own rather than paring with the already many story lines going on with McKayla This story line is really for those that love fantasy and other worlds Aside from the big lines, there are many smaller plot lines and eventually all of these lines converge later in the book where then some earlier characters that I thought would play a larger role played a lesser role.So, there s definitely a little something for everyone who will read this story If you like dance, romance, thriller, supernatural, or mystery, then you ll most likely enjoy some if not all of this story I really enjoyed the mythology and wish there could have been on that and less about dance, but since this is the first book in a series, I m sure we will get to enjoy of the author s world building in later books.As I said, this is the first book in a series, and I should note that there is a cliffhanger ending for one of the secondary characters However, I felt satisfied with the resolution of book one and could happily consider it as standalone with a strong enticement to continue the story with book two Overall, this was a 4 out of 5 for me Originally posted on my blog I received an ARC in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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    McKayla s aunt Avril has always been a little odd She travels the world as a psychic for the FBI, to the chagrin of McKayla s mother, who doesn t like it when she talks magic with her daughters Now, Avril is visiting Sun Valley in small town Idaho where McKayla and her family live in order to investigate a serial killer who it appears posses her victims McKayla goes with her aunt during a case to interview the widow of a murder victim There she discovers that maybe Aunt Avril s psychic abilities are magic and run in the family because McKayla can feel the window s emotions she s empathic.But that s not even the strangest thing, because despite outward tears the widow s inside emotions are not what McKayla expects a widow to be experiencing she s not sad, she s angry.AWAKENING is author Christy Dorriy s debut novel, and it s a cute read a lot of teenage girls will enjoy parents will like that it s clean with no profanity or sex McKayla is your typical teenage girl who s crushing on the cute boy at school, loves to dance ballet, and mostly gets along with her family when they re not being weird She goes to school, has a best friend, and helps her mom out with her baking business But at her most recent ballet recital, she discovers a concurrent recital in another auditorium for Irish dance and suddenly McKayla is hooked.The problem is finding a teacher that doesn t mean having to drive clear to Jackson Hole By accident, McKayla discovers that the janitor at her school, Rourke, dances Irish and she convinces him to teach her The only problem Rourke is mute and a little grouchy about being bothered But his passion for dance is clear, and McKayla is determined.The story is easy to read, the prose clear and precise Forward movements is also clear, even if plot threads drop suddenly only to be picked up later when it s convenient The story is less about the mystery behind Avril s investigation and about McKayla s magic and the relationships with the people around her I was a little frustrated with contrivances in the romantic relationships in an attempt to create tension these behaviors problems were and felt forced We learn about Rourke, and while he s an important character who directly influences the storyline, he wasn t the main PoV narrator, so his story felt shallow and incomplete Another important element of the book was the magic, how it s inherited, how it manifests differently between people, and how it works It s nothing groundbreaking, but still was an integral part of the story, and despite a few minor inconsistencies, was a nice addition to the story.The potential events at the end of the book were broadcast early on, making the climax too predictable, even though Dorrity attempted to shake things up a little with unexpected changes The story wraps up cleanly, but hints at sequels Worth checking out for your teenage girls, especially since it s free on Kindle.Recommended Age 12 Language NoneViolence Minor, and nothing bloodySex Teenage hormones and kissing Find this and other reviews at Elitist Book Reviews.

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    3.5 starsTo see my full review story had a very interesting premise, mixing magic, Irish dance, an alternate universe, and a curse unlike any other in order to set the stage for the events that unfold within Awakening McKayla is a great female lead, with a kick butt mentality and faithful heart, she wraps readers around her finger from the get go, making them fall in love with her almost immediately I really enjoyed her and, though experiencing many hardships, I loved that she kept her head up and stayed positive, which is extremely difficult in the face of adversity Her slow acceptance of magic also gave her a realistic feel as she didn t jump on board with her Aunt Avril right away, and she questioned information put before her without blind acceptance While I tend to really like blind acceptance in my fictional worlds, I also understand that it isn t realistic, and so I believe Dorrity did a fantastic job bring McKayla to life.The portion of the novel dedicated to dance, as it were, was a bit above me as I m not a dancer and I have no ambition or care for anything dance related But in truth, it is a very unique and interesting way to bring about the truth behind the mute janitor s world, and I applaud Dorrity for presenting dance in this way, as I d never have thought of it myself.I think of all the characters, Aunt Avril and her eccentric ways, as well as the magical lizard, were my favorite They were just so different and added a different feel to the entire novel, which fantasy lovers will no doubt highly enjoy as they re completely different from any characters I ve read about in my books.Celtic mythology is also something I know little about, and this is the first book I ve read that actually touches on the topic, as far as I can remember It has actually really stirred my curiosity and now I d love to do a little research, and read novels on the subject, as I feel it s one not very many authors attempt Overall, this was a completely unique novel with an AMAZING cover and I highly suggest magical lovers scoop it up I am looking forward to from Dorrity, though perhaps a little less dance on my end.

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    I really enjoyed this one The author used Irish dancing as a doorway into the broader world of Celtic mythology, which I loved She also obviously knew her setting very well.The quirky Aunt Avril made me happy I love characters that are quirky without being over the top I also love the scene where McKayla first sees the janitor dance Actually, all the descriptions of dancing were fantastic, and I could really relate to McKayla, who was pulled to Irish dance even though her background was in ballet My training is almost all in Ballroom, but I ve always been drawn to the energy of Irish dance, and I m just waiting for the day when I have the chance to finally try it.I thought McKayla was a very believable teenager The things she noticed, the way she acted, and the way she sometimes just didn t quite catch on to the subtleties of relationships with people around her, even when her magic abilities started giving her clues about that I m glad she didn t start suddenly knowing everything, because that, for me, would have taken away some of the very real struggles of being a teenager I did appreciate, however, that it was all handled without excess drama I can t handle books that get too teen angsty on me.I would have liked a little from the villain I didn t feel like I got much insight into her personality, so it was kind of hard for me to understand sympathize with why she did things the way she did From the way it ended, though, I think the next book will probably get into that, and since the heroes were developed in this book, maybe the focus will be on developing the villains in the next installment.Speaking of next installments, I liked the way this one wrapped up the current conflict, but still made me excited for the next book I have a real problem with books that drop off with too much unresolved, but it s a fine line to walk, because you want readers to want the next book And in this case, I did Do How long do I have to wait I ll be keeping an eye out for it.

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    First off, I just loved the cover the first time I looked at it It truly grabs your attention Christy s husband designed it and he did a fabulous job.Awakening has a fantastic lead character in McKayla She is a very bright and bold character Her love of dance in this novel is almost contagious Her feelings were written so clearly that you experienced everything with her I wanted so much for things to work out for her as she was going through so many hard things The most outstanding character would have to be crazy Aunt Avril I loved her She was everything that McKayla needed in her life right now She is one of the most colorful characters I have read in a long time I also thought the mysterious and sometimes strange janitor, was a wonderful addition to this book.One thing I loved about this book is how it starts out as just a normal book about a teen girl Then it becomes a murder mystery, and then the paranormal comes into play It truly has something for readers in all genres Awakening has great action scenes and very heart warming scenes too I love the addition of the Celtic Mythology to the story and the Irish Dancing I wish I could dance The author also is an Irish Dancer This was evident from the great descriptive writing about McKayla s very emotional dancing scenes The most amazing thing that will blow readers away after reading Awakening, is knowing that this is Christy s debut novel It does not feel like a first novel Her writing is smooth, characters are rich,and the storyline and plot are full and engaging I m very excited to see what comes next for all of these characters You will be hooked and wanting to read If you like to read YA paranormal fiction, with a lot of mystery and some romance thrown in, Awakening will keep you in your seat reading until the very end.

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    I enjoyed this book, but for me, it seems appealing to a teen or middle school reader I read a lot of YA, and felt this did not reach me as an adult That is not a criticism, as this is the intended audience I would have adored this book when I was younger.I really liked that MacKayla is a strong young woman, but felt like a real teenager The interactions between the characters felt genuine.My favorite was the description of the dance scenes I do not think I have ever read about dance in a way that was as good as watching it or doing it They are really that good, and I will go back to those passages.As true as the real life elements read, the elements of fantasy felt a little contrived and strained People did not interact with the fantastical as you would expect wait, Leah was not surprised at seeing a lizard in her studio The story also was a little muddledI am not sure that I have come away with a clear understanding of how this world works Weakest was Cliona I did not follow at all the sea witch story I think the back story did not always come through when we were with the characters in the present, the author s voice was much stronger I think I would have preferred the story to NOT have had the fantasy elements.The Aunt was a great, well developed character Parents were a backdrop, not developed at all and seemed a little neglectful Rourke was also great.MacKayla s power is very unique, and it will be interesting to see how it can be something powerful It was interesting to see a teenager gain insight into herself and others when without her gift, that may have taken years And I liked that the bully of the tale was not just that, but had other sides.All in all, this was different, creative, and an author to keep an eye on I think her stuff is just going to get better and better

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