Cell The New York Times Bestselling Author And Master Of The Medical Thriller Returns With A Top Notch Fusion Of Groundbreaking Medical Science And Edge Of Your Seat Suspense George Wilson, MD A Radiology Resident In Los Angeles, Is About To Enter A Profession On The Brink Of An Enormous Paradigm Shift, Foreshadowing A Vastly Different Role For Doctors Everywhere The Smartphone Is Poised To Take On A New Role In Medicine, No Longer As A Mere Medical App But Rather As A Fully Customizable Personal Physician Capable Of Diagnosing And Treating Even Better Than The Real Thing It Is Called IDoc George S Initial Collision With This Incredible Innovation Is Devastating He Awakens One Morning To Find His Fianc E Dead In Bed Alongside Him, Not Long After She Participated In An IDoc Beta Test Then Several Of His Patients Die After Undergoing Imaging Procedures All Of Them Had Been Part Of The Same Beta Test Is It Possible That IDoc Is Being Subverted By Hackers And That The US Government Is Involved In A Cover Up Despite Threats To Both His Career And His Freedom, George Relentlessly Seeks The Truth, Knowing That If He S Right, The Consequences Could Be Lethal

Robin Cook a pseudonym of Robert William Arthur Cook.Dr Robin Cook born May 4, 1940 in New York City, New York is an American doctor novelist who writes about medicine, biotechnology, and topics affecting public health.He is best known for being the author who created the medical thriller genre by combining medical writing with the thriller genre of writing His books have been bestsellers on the New York Times Bestseller List with several at 1 A number of his books have also been featured in Reader s Digest Many were also featured in the Literary Guild Many have been made into motion pictures.Cook is a graduate of Wesleyan University and Columbia University School of Medicine He finished his postgraduate medical training at Harvard that included general surgery and ophthalmology He divides his time between homes in Florida, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts where he lives with his wife Jean He is currently on leave from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary He has successfully combined medical fact with fiction to produce a succession of bestselling books Cook s medical thrillers are designed, in part, to make the public aware of both the technological possibilities of modern medicine and the ensuing ethical conundrums.Cook got a taste of the larger world when the Cousteau Society recruited him to run its blood gas lab in the South of France while he was in medical school Intrigued by diving, he later called on a connection he made through Jacques Cousteau to become an aquanaut with the US Navy Sealab when he was drafted in the 60 s During his navy career he served on a nuclear submarine for a seventy five day stay underwater where he wrote his first book 1 Cook was a private member of the Woodrow Wilson Center s Board of Trustees, appointed to a six year term by the President George W Bush 2 edit Doctor NovelistDr Cook s profession as a doctor has provided him with ideas and background for many of his novels In each of his novels, he strives to write about the issues at the forefront of current medical practice.To date, he has explored issues such as organ donation, genetic engineering,fertility treatment, medical research funding, managed care, medical malpractice, drug research, drug pricing, specialty hospitals, stem cells, and organ transplantation 3 Dr Cook has been remarked to have an uncanny ability to anticipate national controversy In an interview with Dr.Cook, Stephen McDonald talked to him about his novel Shock Cook admits the timing of Shock was fortuitous I suppose that you could say that it s the most like Coma in that it deals with an issue that everybody seems to be concerned about, he says, I wrote this book to address the stem cell issue, which the public really doesn t know much about Besides entertaining readers, my main goal is to get people interested in some of these issues, because it s the public that ultimately really should decide which way we ought to go in something as that has enormous potential for treating disease and disability but touches up against the ethically problematic abortion issue 4 Keeping his lab coat handy helps him turn our fear of doctors into bestsellers I joke that if my books stop selling, I can always fall back on brain surgery, he says But I am still very interested in being a doctor If I had to do it over again, I would still study medicine I think of myself as a doctor who writes, rather than a writer who happens to be a doctor After 35 books,he has come up with a diagnosis to explain why his medical thrillers remain so popular The main reason is, we all realize we are at risk We re all going to be patients sometime, he says You can write about great white sharks or haunted houses, and you can say I m not going into the ocean or I m not going in haunted houses, but you can t say you re n

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  • Hardcover
  • 402 pages
  • Cell
  • Robin Cook
  • English
  • 03 April 2018
  • 9780399166303

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    While the concept of iDoc is very intriguing, this novel belongs in the literary ICU The main character is hopelessly naive throughout the whole story, does predictably foolish things, doesn t realize he s being played by the charge nurse who is pumping him for information, yet we are supposed to believe he had the whole thing figured out in the end Why would he even return to Paula s if he knew what might happen Ridiculous And where is his outrage at the murder of his fianc It s like he doesn t even care until the last few pages Implausible, flat and unsympathetic characters and an abrupt ending leaves the reader hanging and wondering if the author simply got tired of telling the story results in a big fat flatline for Cell What a shame I can t believe it s had so many positive reviews.

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    I really like medical thrillers, but this one was not the best I did keep reading to the end, but there are issues First, the author is too preachy and obviously has an agenda I have noticed this in some of his previous novels as well, and it is annoying Second, George, the radiology resident main character, is naive and not very believable Third, the ending is not satisfying That said, I am not sorry I read it, but I have read much better.

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    This book sort of sneaked snuck oh well up on me I had started The Ark but had laid it aside for a day I picked this one up they re both library books and out for the same amount of time I found myself interested in Cell and finished it before I went back to the other book.Sowhat ve we got here Why the future And I mean that I suspect we may not be far from the scenario we see in this novel In some ways the way the book effects you may depend at least a little on your age That said I don t see how this won t be one of the most frightening books you ve picked up While it s not here yet this one is far from unlikely.With medicine and medical care skyrocketing in price an ultra modern and very progressive company comes up with a way to give everyone their own personal physician All that s required is that a sensor and possibly something be embedded in your body and an app be applied to your cell.And it works great, until of course people begin to die.You may have read other books by the author Robin Cook is sort of the premier medical thriller writer around I ve found some of his books good, others not so good.This is a good one Recommended, enjoy.

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    What an embarrassment When I think of the early works of Robin Cook like Coma and Outbreak, it is difficult to believe this novel was written by the same person The concept was intriguing, but the writing was sophomoric at best, the characters cartoonish, the conversations stilted, and the book in need of an editor the character scoffed his food rather than scarfed although, if the food was REALLY bad, I guess he could have scoffed at it There were SO many exclamation points and even cartoon sounds BOOM.Sorry, this has to go on my don t bother list.

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    ay, ay no s ni qu decir pero como pueden ver en el rating, el libro me gust much simo una novela sublime, con una innovaci n en el g nero y que s lo alguien como cook es capaz de llevar muy Bien ejecutado, con much simas sorpresas, final inesperado y tambi n bastante abierto para que el lector saque sus conclusiones , pero es un libro que realmente no se pueden perder Engancha tanto que no puedes soltarlo cada cap tulo toma m s ritmo y s lo deseas llegar al final Qui n dir a que esa aplicaci n causar a tantos desastres Lo peor es que gente inocente se ve involucrada y que los que est n detr s manejan a su antojo como un t tere primera novela que leo de l, y pienso ir por los dem s de hecho, me gusta esta tem tica, la medicina es uno de los temas que me atraen bastante, y sorprendentemente entend a los conceptos ah, que por cierto, no te sientas intimidado por eso si no sabes de estas cosas, que el libro te las va explicando, y no se mete tampoco en cosas demasiado dif ciles Ampl simamente recomendable.

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    I can t quite give this the 5th star, because of the ending Cook writes a compelling story centered around the use of Smartphones as a futuristic replacement for Primary Care Physicians The concept, with all it s benefits and potential drawbacks are clearly defined It s one of the drawbacks that becomes the central theme to this story and what our main character George Wilson is willing to do to find out what s behind it and what the big bad Amalgamated Healthcare is willing to do to keep any negative publicity of the product, during Beta Testing phase, quiet.Overall a fast paced exciting read with, for me, an unsatisfying ending.

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    Spannend voor wie van medische thrillers houdt

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    This book had so much potential Loved the storyline About iDoc an app that takes over primary care developed by an insurance company and bought by Obamacare administration for Medicaid and Medicare.Butbad things begin to happen.Why did I give it two starts the main character was all over the place.I could not figure out why type of man he was he was a doctor butreally had no common sense, could not connect with his love interests, just plain silly, yet at other times he appeared intelligent and fearless Could not get a handle on him at all.End of the book was interesting Good twist.If you can t find anything else to read, it s entertaining at times,but don t put it at the top of your list.

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    The first part was really good I would give it 5 starts.Moving to the last bit the ending was abrupt and the story has too many holes spoiler alert My main questions 1 Why is George not just knocked off Zee was.Why does everybody go overboard to keep him alive and happy where as Zee just gets killed within a few hours of discovering their secret 2 They did a whole drama with break in, police sirens and others In the meeting why did Thorn not just say that the Glitch has been fixed and it would have resolved the issue rather than pushing the conspiracy theory towards the government Hmmm

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    The promising plot got washed out by inelegant writing The concept of an app on your phone that could monitor your health and make proactive suggestions is fascinating, as is the thought of the potential abuses and glitches that could occur Unfortunately, I put things together a lot quickly than the protagonist The story plodded along with obvious pauses to define unfamiliar concepts by way of conversations between the characters Obamacare and HIPPA were jammed in with alarming frequency as well I liked the idea of the story, but not necessarily the execution.

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