Eyes Closed Tight

Eyes Closed Tight Did not know this was part 2 This picked up right where we left off at Trust Me ended and this is a few months 4months into the sister Virginia and O Clair s side of the story, So they are together in Florida managing that they own a motel in Florida dealing with out of town spring breakers They seem really happy Virginia STOPED coloring her hair, took out the piercings, started dressing nice O Clair thinks she s a KNOCKOUT but there s trouble in paradise A maniac is killing people trying to bait O Clair back to Detroit it seems So we start off in Florida O Clair finds a body at his beach motel, he goes back to Detroit to check out an old case that is very familiar While there he uncovers a lot of leads, reconnects with old friends and view spoiler comes back to save Virginia JUST IN TIME hide spoiler El Leonard lite. O Clair Is A Former Detroit Homicide Investigator Who Now Owns A Motel In Pompano Beach, Florida In His Retirement He Runs The Place With His Much Younger Girlfriend, Virginia, Who S A Knockout And Can Fix Anything One Morning, He S Cleaning Up After The Previous Night S Partiers When He Sees A Lovely Young Woman Stretched Out Asleep On A Lounge Chair He Shakes Her Gently Then He Touches Her Neck And Feels For A Pulse There Isn T One Her Skin Is Cold, Body Starting To Stiffen, Definitely In The Early Stages Of RigorWhen A Second Girl Is Murdered, O Clair Knows Someone Is Trying To Send Him A Message The Way The Girls Are Killed Reminds O Clair Of A Case He Investigated Years Earlier Now Convinced The Pompano Murders Are Related, O Clair Returns To Detroit Police Homicide To Review The Murder File And Try To Figure Out What He Might Have MissedAnd When Virginia Is Kidnapped By The Killer, The Stakes Grow Exponentially HigherThe Most Powerful Work To Date By One Of The Most Thrilling Suspense Novelists Of Our Time, EYES CLOSED TIGHT Is Relentless, Surprising, And Deeply Satisfying Eyes Closed TightYour eyes are the window to your world as your view the sights, wonder and see the amazing things around you When someone dies they say they can see the world from heaven But, what happens when a serial killer decides to take the lives of several young women, cut out their eyes, places them in jars and uses them as souvenirs Former Detroit homicide investigator O Clair retired to Pompano Beach, Florida and owns a motel Along with his girlfriend Virginia, they run the place Virginia an all around fix it person can repair anything while he does the rest But, one morning when cleaning up after a party the night before, O Clair sees a woman stretched out on my of his lounge chairs But, upon closer reflection and feeling for a pulse he realizes she is dead But, who would kill her and leave her Was the killer making sure that he would find her But why Her skin cold, her body starting to stiffen he calls the police and learns her identity This killer was just beginning his reign of terror as another girl is killed and the similarities in these two murders remind him of another case that took place in 2006 As the pieces begin to fall into place and O Clair meets with Lieutenant Roger Holland, they form a bond and work together to find the killer But, first O Clair decides to return to Detroit and meet with his old partner in the police department for view the murder file and figure out what they missed Alvin Monroe is serving than one life sentence for the murders of two young prostitutes but first who killed Gloria McMillen the girl in the lounge chair and why did the killer go after his maid Jady The investigation gets started and the leads come in as O Clair learns that Gloria worked for an escort service, did not call in Using the name Ashley, not Gloria she met our killer who goes by the name Frank Taking both women to a secluded place he tortured them and then removed their eyes as if the last thing they would see would be his sick face making sure that even in death he would haunt them The investigation moved slowly and Frank killer Jady next making sure that the message to O Clair would be clear Thinking back to the case from 2006, allowing readers to listen to his reasoning, meeting Lieutenant DeAndre and then going over the facts of the case they both handled they realize that the wrong man might be serving time and that they needed to try to make things right Peggy Miller King was killed and the body was found face up, arms bent slightly at the elbows and the body resting in a pool of blood She dies August 7, 2006 but the remarkable resemblance to the present case was the missing eyes Questioning her ex husband led nowhere as he really did not care about her and her whereabouts Becoming addicted to drugs and enjoying the life of a hooker, he divorced her Cyntree Johnson was the next victim and the MO was the same Take the trip back to 2006 as O Clair and DeAndre question Alvin Monroe, stack up the evidence, claim they have witnesses that would testify against him and seal his fate Within the pages of Chapter 12 we visit the interrogation room, hear Alvin s words, listen to what was found and realize that even though he claims to be innocent he would not go free All too often the police find a suspect, stick with that one suspect, pile up the evidence and do not look further Such is the case with Alvin A Visit to the prison and seeing Alvin enlightens O Clair and brings evidence to light that he did not release at the time of his arrest Henry Cooper was the man who hired Alvin to bring him girls to take care of his needs at the apartment building that he took care of Henry the landlord, Alvin fixed the plumbing and took care of providing Henry with girls to care for his personal plumbing All roads led to Amanda Cooper to learn about Henry Rich, cold, austere and definitely had her own hidden agenda she goes on to explain her relationship with him, claiming he is out of town on business but O Clair was relentless and was going to find Henry Going back to the house when Amanda is gone he enters, searches the premises, learns about their finances, finds evidence of his infidelities and then something on his work bench alerts him that this man is not who he seems to be as there are two plastic skulls on the work bench, tools that are used by a taxidermist or were they for something else Bird eyes with glossy pupils and red lids as well as those of other animals Leaving his motel causes other areas of concern as he is leaving Virginia vulnerable Learning that someone might be following her, taunting him and leaving him clues gives him an uneasy feeling but in order to solve the case he needed to go back where it all began Roger Holland was than happy to watch over Virginia until the killer decided to leave his calling card A home invasion meant to scare both him and his wife Julia would cause Roger to leave Virginia in the hands of someone else and unprotected As the case unfolds and the identities of many are learned O Clair finds out that Henry Cooper was adopted and needed to find out about his birth mother Added in he learns that Donna Meldrum was his real mother and was killed Another child named Gary was born in 1971 and adopted Donna was murdered in 1988 as you learn the gruesome details on page 138 and resemblance to this woman of the two girls that Alvin Monroe supposedly killed Donna was raped by her brother Her best friend Mary Cataldo stated that to the police and Donna dealt with the abuse by keeping her eyes closed shut pretending that nothing was happening Eyes closed Shut shuts out the world, feelings and her life But, when you hear the voice of Larry her brother, the voice of the detective in charge you wonder if anyone cared about the murder of these two young girls, bothered to look further than Alvin and just how clever this killer was to make sure he was framed for what he did Henry Cooper was declared dead and his body identified by his wife Amanda All of the victims had two different colored eyes but was the man she identified really Henry Cold, unfeeling and not really heartbroken over the death of her husband, Amanda Cooper puts on a good show as the grieving wife Henry was found with a prostitute lying dead next to him in his bed This hooker looked just like his mother In each case the killer uses the same weapon to remove the eyes, tortured them in various ways and left them where they would be found Virginia was becoming afraid and realized that she was being followed as she spotted different make cars that seemed to be following her at different times This killer was so brazen that he pretended to want to rent one of the facilities at the motel hoping to throw her off guard Author Peter Leonard takes the reader inside the mind of a psychopathic killer as he maps out his strategy, explains his every move and kills his victims Imagine killing your own mother over and over again in the form of each of his victims hoping to leave some clues that would entice O Clair to get involved in the case Killing his first victim by asphyxiating her and violating her with a metal rod and removing her eyes we learn that the killer goes by the name Frank but who is he really Leaving Virginia vulnerable, letting Holland know she was being followed he leaves her in the charge of someone else but she is the next victim Using an X Acto Knife as his weapon of choice he duct tapes her, ties her hands and feet and hopes to make her his next victim but not before leaving some clues for O Clair A time limit set for her death to take place leaving him a short period of time to find out just where he is hiding, where he might have rented another house hope he gets there in time But, coming face to face with Amanda Cooper might prove fatal for someone as O Clair is now on his own With the help of Holland he hopes to find Virginia but will he before it s too late A heart stopping ending that will leave readers wondering whether the killer is caught, whose body did Amanda identify and what will Virginia s fate be Author Peter Leonard provides a surprise ending that readers will not see coming with a special twist that will leave you wondering Did he get the guy Did he get away What is next for our retired investigator Will he remain at the motel Will he want back on the force Eyes Closed Tight Only when you wishing on a star or making a wish for your birthday Fran Lewis reviewer Eyes Closed Tight by Peter LeonardPublished by The Story PlantPublication Date March 4, 2014ISBN 10 1611881145ISBN 13 978 1611881141Pages 276Review Copy from The Story PlantEdition TPBMy Rating 5Synopsis via O Clair is a former Detroit homicide investigator who now owns a motel in Pompano Beach, Florida in his retirement He runs the place with his much younger girlfriend, Virginia, who s a knockout and can fix anything One morning, he s cleaning up after the previous night s partiers when he sees a lovely young woman stretched out asleep on a lounge chair He shakes her gently Then he touches her neck and feels for a pulse There isn t one Her skin is cold, body starting to stiffen, definitely in the early stages of rigor.When a second girl is murdered, O Clair knows someone is trying to send him a message The way the girls are killed reminds O Clair of a case he investigated years earlier Now convinced the Pompano murders are related, O Clair returns to Detroit Police Homicide to review the murder file and try to figure out what he might have missed.And when Virginia is kidnapped by the killer, the stakes grow exponentially higher.The most powerful work to date by one of the most thrilling suspense novelists of our time, EYES CLOSED TIGHT is relentless, surprising, and deeply satisfying.My Thoughts and Opinion Peter Leonard was added to my authors to read list in January of 2012 when I read Voices Of The Dead and his subsequent books, All He Saw Was The Girl and Back From The Dead.An author once told me that a reader had to be hooked by page 5 but Peter Leonard has the brilliant ability to grab the reader within the first few paragraphs and never lets go The suspense was constant and the action nonstop the entire book The author takes the reader on an incredible heart pounding roller coaster ride The number of twists and turns were extraordinary I highly, highly recommend this book, and author, if you are a fan of suspense An incredible whodunit Loved it This book was a reminder why Peter Leonard is on my authors to read list and should be on your s I m sure you won t be disappointed I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me, in exchange for my honest review. 3.5 starsThree months ago, retired Detroit homicide detective O Clair Oak moved to Pompano Beach, Florida bought a motel With him, he brought a few possessions Virginia He met her during his last case although he doesn t understand why, she seems to have chosen him Virginia is 26, handy with tools a knockout Oak is 46, divorced can t believe his luck All he knows is she s the best thing that ever happened to him he s going to enjoy it while it lasts.He doesn t have a background in hospitality but his previous life has given him some experience dealing with drunken frat boys people s complaints Luckily, he has Virginia to fix broken appliances Jady, the maid, to keep the place clean It s a small motel but backs up to the water off Pirate s Beach where every day is perfect.On one such perfect morning, Oak goes out to clean the pool, pick up the beer cans straighten the deck chairs One is missing Looking over the wall, he sees it down by the water He goes to retrieve it but it s occupied.by a beautiful, young very dead woman.When the police arrive, he meets Det Roger Holland He s a nice guy, a little green but keen to learn once he realizes Oak has a wealth of experience It s not so much what they find at the scene as what s missing The woman s eyes have been removed Oak is reminded of a case from 2006 in Detroit where several prostitutes were found strangled without eyes But he DeAndre Jones, his partner, put the killer away.Holland finally ID s the woman She was an escort with a high class agency that seems to have no physical address Reluctantly, Holland agrees to let Virginia pose as an online job applicant she leads them to the boss But what they don t know is the killer has been watching the whole time.In alternating chapters, we travel with Frank , the psycho responsible for the horrific murders I won t go into how he kills them Each day he sits on the beach, just close enough to observe Oak Virginia at the motel Obviously he has some connection to Oak but we don t know who he is or why he s trying to get Oak s attention.But after the next murder, he has it This one hits close to home for Oak and ruins another of his deck chairs He decides to go back to Detroit check the old case files, meeting up with Lt DeAndre Jones And soon the bodies are piling up in both places.I don t want to risk any spoilers but the author takes us on a convoluted path to the killer s identity The story is told on two fronts We follow Oak around Detroit as he Jones reinvestigate, coming up with new information suspects Meanwhile, back in Pompano, Holland works the clues tries to keep loved ones safe as they are threatened by an elusive killer who dogs his every step.I really enjoyed this book It s a combination police procedural thriller has than enough twists turns to hold your attention Although we meet Frank early on, we don t know who he actually is til the final pages.But the main reason I liked it is Oak He s not a cyber genius or former covert spy black ops agent He s just a regular guy who worked hard as a cop then walked away He s a smart decent guy with a slightly cynical take on life, a good dependable man you d want in your corner That s certainly how Virginia sees him Their relationship is touching seems to work despite their age difference because she is older than her years due to surviving some tough times before meeting Oak.The setting is beautiful there are strong peripheral characters that flesh out the plot I know the author has written other books but I d really like to see a sequel so I can follow these people around a bit longer. Eyes Closed Tight by Peter Leonard is an intriguing and fast faced mystery This well plotted novel s lead protagonist is a retired homicide detective from Detroit who now owns a motel in FL O Clair s discovery of a corpse on the beach is eerily similar to a case he worked on back in Detroit, but the killer was caught and convicted However the current death is too similar to the previous killings to ignore, so O Clair joins forces with Holland, the detective assigned to the case, and when another body turns up, O Clair returns to Detroit to take closer look at the previous murders Just as he begins closing in on the killer, someone he loves is threatened and O Clair is soon in a race against time to capture the murderer before he she kills again Eyes Closed Tight is an intricately plotted story that is told from multiple points of views Some of the perspective switches are a little confusing at first but become easier to follow as the novel progresses The closed case is revealed through flashbacks that provide an in depth look into the previous investigation and subsequent arrest Newly discovered information offers vital clues about the killer s possible identity but additional evidence clouds the investigation Eyes Closed Tight is full of suspense from beginning to end and Peter Leonard s clever storyline keeps the action moving at a brisk pace The cast of characters is well drawn and the good guys are extremely likable The killer s identity is well disguised and a brilliant plot twist late in the novel completely caught me off guard An alarming deadline drives the novel to a thrilling and dramatic conclusion. O Clair he goes by only one name put in his time as a Detroit detective, bought a motel in Florida and runs it with his beautiful girlfriend, Virginia But instead of peace and quiet, crime never leaves him One morning, while straightening up the pool area, he notices a chaise missing Looking around, he sees it nearby on the beach, and on it lies a strangled woman whose eyes are missing A while later, another chaise is on the beach, this time with the body of his cleaning woman Same MO.Many years before in the Motor City, O Clair had arrested a man who was convicted of committing two similar murders Convinced the Florida and Michigan crimes were related, O Clair goes to Detroit to read the file and interview the convicted man, who is serving two consecutive life sentences While he s up north, a lot is happening down south, including the abduction of his girlfriend.Up to this point, the plot and characterizations are just fine As the plot draws to a conclusion, however, is where the reader bumps into sort of a roadblock and the going just gets a bit less smooth Instead of a tightly honed finish, the author chose to bring the novel to a jerky ending, jumping back and forth, trying to tie all the loose ends together by telling one incident, and then jumping back a few minutes before to relate another event, consequently jumping to yet another occurrence some minutes ahead This approach is somewhat disconcerting and detracts from what otherwise would be an excellent thriller Nevertheless, exceptions can be made for a top notch author, and the novel is recommended. Pompano Beach, Florida Beautiful nice, hot weather, blue ocean vistas, shorts and tops, endless sandy beaches, long cool drinks, good company, delicious sea food You get it, right No, actually, you don t Forty five year old Oak O Claire was happy in his retirement from the Detroit Police Force, managing Pirate s Cove, the motel he bought on the beach front His personal life couldn t get better with the beautiful twenty six year old Virginia at his side who knew about maintenance than he could ever learn Their life was perfect, until a young blond woman is discovered in one of his deck chairs on the beach Then another body is found This time he knows the victim and the modus operandi reminds him of a murder case he handled fifteen years before Once a detectiveThe plot gets messy, the drama escalates, the reader gets edgy and nervous, especially being part of the psyhco killer s plans, embedded in his brain, knowing exactly what he is going to do and nobody can stop himA highly entertaining murder mystery Yes, it will keep you fidgeting in your chair, never leaving the story for one second, trying to find excuses to read I almost got myself into trouble today, thanks to this book And of course, as with a good suspense crime drama, nothing is what it seems to be There is an interesting twist The murderer is known to the reader, or so I thought It is a cat and mouse game with the reader being the willing mouse in this ingenious plot Oh, you have no idea how willing All the good characters are believable and lovable No over indulgence in heroics, unrealistic perfect human beings, or potty mouth verbal diarrhea to pollute a perfect story No clich s Fast moving, never a dull moment The title is so applicable Just thinking about it sends my arteries on a shivering cruise down my spine I hyperventilate Eyes Closed Tight is destined for release in March 2014 I rate it five stars for being a tasteful, exciting, light, easy read However, do not make a mistake, this is a THRILLER I don t think I want to close my eyes ever again If you need a quick, exciting holiday, read this book Believe me, it works Ahh, the joy of retirement, move to Florida, buy a motel on the beach, bring along your much younger, beautiful girlfriend, who just happens to know a LOT about repairing things, because you sure don t Sounds like a dream for a former Detroit cop, doesn t it Still young enough to start a second career, living on the beach, sand, sun, fun, too bad a dead body had to show up lounging on a motel beach chair Really too bad she won t be the only dead body Is it coincidence that a former detective s life is once again caught up in these crimes Oak O Clair remembers another case he worked and realizes the similarities are too great to ignore and once a cop, always a cop, he is determined to discover if perhaps he caught and helped convict the wrong man and someone is out to let him know, in a very big way Will he finally bring the correct closure to this case before those around him come to harm Eyes Closed Tight by Peter Leonard is filled with suspense, a collage of often colorful characters that may or may not be part of these murders, and the layers of this mystery begin to pile up like paint on the walls of an old motel Some are toxic, some benign, but all add to the question Who is sending O Clair a message and taking him on a merry chase that spans from Michigan to Florida Mr Leonard has woven an intricate plot that begs to be unwound, slowly, revealing each layer, while adding another, just to keep the plot completely riveting and the reader trying to play detective through this tangled web of suspense If you love to devour a crime mystery that has grit, without being too dark, grab your beach umbrella and your magnifying glass and join the hunt for justice before time runs out for victims.I received an ARC edition from The Story Plant in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date March 4, 2014Publisher The Story PlantISBN 9781611881141Genre Adult Mystery ThrillerNumber of Pages 300Available from Barnes Noble

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