Immortal: the Definitve BIography of George Best

Immortal: the Definitve BIography of George Best The Two Time Winner Of The William Hill Sports Book Of The Year Award On George Best, Considered The Greatest Footballer Of Our TimeNo Other Imposed Himself So Completely On To The Romantic Imagination No Other Was So Emblematic Of The Era During Which He Flourished And No Other Will Ever Be As Memorable As George BestOn The Field Best S Skills Were Sublime And Almost Other Worldly Off It, He Had A Magnetic Appeal He Was Treated Like A Pop Icon And A Pin Up A Fashion Model And A Sex Symbol Every Man Envied Him And Every Woman Adored HimTo Mark The Th Anniversary Of His Debut For Manchester United, Duncan Hamilton Examines Best S Crowded Life And Premature Death But Most Importantly, Hamilton Presents Best At His Glorious Peak The Precocious Goals, The Labyrinthine Runs, The Poise And Balletic Balance And The Body SwervesThis Is George Best Footballing Immortal

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Immortal: the Definitve BIography of George Best book, this is one of the most wanted Duncan Hamilton author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➾ Immortal: the Definitve BIography of George Best Author Duncan Hamilton –
  • Paperback
  • 528 pages
  • Immortal: the Definitve BIography of George Best
  • Duncan Hamilton
  • English
  • 07 February 2019
  • 9780099558583

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    Allora, cinque stelle, e se fosse solo per George Best potrebbe essere benissimo diciannove Alcune cose a caso.1 Non ho mai visto giocare George Best, per ovvie ragioni anagrafiche Purtroppo.2 Mi sono riguardato settemilaseicento volte i video di George Best su YouTube Quelli di quando gioca a pallone Gli altri, quando ubriaco e fa il buffone, lasciamoli ai gossippari.3 Domanda standard ma se non avesse bevuto, cosa avrebbe potuto fare 4 Non mi capacito che George Best e Rino Gattuso abbiano svolto la stessa professione.5 Complimenti alla casa editrice dal nome che richiama un codice fiscale Dopo quella di Michael Jordan, un altra biografia stupenda Dopo li chiamo e chiedo se sono interessati a quella di Gigi Riva Se dicono di s , inizio a scrivere.6 A pagina 98, parlando di schemi, citato il 4 4 3 Mi ha fatto pensare a Oronzo Can.7 Circola una battuta, da quando Best morto Fa pressapoco cos Pele good, Maradona better, George Best Molto bella Se foste degli impallinati di politica trash, come me, potreste dire Togliatti bene, Berlinguer meglio, Gennaro Migliore E gi a ridere come dei forsennati.Buonanotte.

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    My review of this wonderful book is on that ever so good football blog, the blog for the discerning football supporter who really doesn t like Sky Sports News, The Two Unfortnates

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    This is the best book I have come across about George Best.I am ten years younger that George but feel I grew up in a different time from him in so many ways There is no doubting he was a player of genius He was in late teens early twenties a supreme exponent of the beautiful game Reading his story you could argue that Best was almost too good for his own good Nobody seemed to know how to handle him or the situation though some tried George Best had his flaws, as a person, but I don t believe they were any worse than those of many of the rest of us What was different for him was his circumstances There were a lot of contributing factors to his downfall Reading this book from the relative wisdom of our times it is difficult not to feel sorry for him Duncan Hamilton has written a book which tells a story that is about much than a sporting one It is a story about the human condition It should be read by everyone even those who don t know or care much about football On finishing it I had mixed feelings George had a wonderful career gave a lot of pleasure to many millions I just wish he had, in return, a better a contented life in return for the joy he gave out so freely Genius, unfortunately, can be a two edged sword.

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    Excellente biographie de George Best qui d crit aussi bien sa face brillante que ses d boires L auteur d crit parfaitement l ambiance et prend souvent le temps de d crire en d tails les objets de la sc ne tels que les meubles pour y transporter le lecteur C est la biographie compl te du premier joueur de football et peut tre simplement le premier homme tre aussi c l bre et cr er autant d engouement autour de son personnage engouement qui aura certainement en grand partie entra n sa chute.

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    Georgie, Georgie, they call you the Belfast Boy Anyone who didn t see George Best play football, or at least hasn t seen archive footage, may wonder what all the fuss was about As far as they know Best played for Man Utd, was a womaniser and an alcoholic.Was Best really a petulant footballer who had too much, too young, too fast, or is Best a victim of mental illness and addiction, not recognised in an era of the British stiff upper lip and a lack of pastoral care for youngsters living far from home That s up to you to decide.Duncan Hamilton takes a sympathetic look at the rise and fall of one of the world s most talented players.

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    un altro punto di vista nella vita di un campione inghiottito dai propri demoni scritto bene soprattutto nell analisi delle azioni migliori di George e nella vita fuori dal campo Risulta il ritratto di un ragazzo fragile che purtroppo non ce l ha fatta.

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    Having recently read Duncan Hamilton s The Footballer Who Could Fly , which received a four star rating from me, I had to read his biography of George Best.What else was there to learn I had previously read Cole and Hilton s Memories of George Best as well as Bestie the autobiography I was privileged to have witnessed this genius in action through the 1960 s I lived close by his digs at Aycliffe Avenue My mod Lambretta caught him one day in 1968, crossing the road in front of me Of course I was speeding, but George just switched on the after burners and made it to the pavement with ease So I witnessed the man s pace in real life.In a star studded United team, Denis Law and George Best were my supernovas.Hamilton s Immortal is undoubtedly one of the finest football biographies I ve read Published in 2013, the florid writing is high with the scent of sanctity and low on the smell of liniment In fact the great bard could have aptly described Best s fleeting vintage with the same lines used in summary of this author s study.How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty In form and moving how express and admirable In action how like an angel in apprehension how like a god The beauty of the world Enough to bring tears to an old man s eyes.Just one factual error on p55 Mr Hamilton In the 1963 FA Cup Final against Leicester City a 3 1 win giving Busby his first trophy post Munich Law claimed two of the goals Incorrect, Law scored one goal and David Herd scored the other two.

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    Duncan Hamilton s excellent biography of George Best points to some pivotal moments in his life and career His greatest playing moment and the height of his sporting life was Manchester United s winning of the European Cup on May 29th 1968 Best was only truly happy when he was playing, scoring and receiving the adulation of his adoring fans Nothing else mattered, the aftermath celebrations, the rewards, the copious amounts of alcohol, and the constant flow of beautiful women who entered his life briefly and ultimately departed soon after It is said that Best was recognized as the first celebrity footballer, his life becoming public property and began quickly spiraling out of control If only Best had been offered psychiatric counseling, if only Matt Busby had understood fully his prodigal son, and rather than gently lecture him punished him in a fitting and effective manner George Best was a flawed genius, an outstanding sportsman, and it is a great pity that his footballing skills were always overshadowed by this darker side However ultimately we all control our own destiny and must stand responsible for decisions made and actions taken throughout our life.

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    It inevitably takes the candid brilliance of a rare author to chronicle the life of a coruscating genius Duncan Hamilton proceeds to do exactly that in Immortals Without sympathy or sycophancy, Hamilton proceeds to lay bare the turbulent life of one of the greatest and gifted footballers of all time A life characterized by triumph and tragedy in equal measure Every superhuman feat that George Best produced on the footballing field was neutralised in equal measure by his antiques with the bottle or in bed Every mystical feint was overshadowed by an indiscriminate fling every magical flick subsumed by a flagrant flow of booze However as the marvelous book aptly demonstrates, George Best would be most remembered for what he did on the field rather than what he became off it He was the Best that football could ever offer A banner poignantly unfurled by his fans at his funeral gave clinical testimony to this fact It read MARADONA GOOD PELE BETTER GEORGE BEST Read this book and re read it

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    Very realistic for an authorised biography Fascinating to hear about all the goals from George Best s mouth Doesn t shy away from the worst details of his alcoholism, but still you like him for all the positive aspects to his character generosity, loyalty and even his cheek He boasted he d nutmeg Johann Cruyff and when he first got the ball in the match between Northern Ireland and the Netherlands he went over to Cruyff on the other wing and duly nutmegged him You d wonder whether to be sad at his potential unrealised or to take it as George did that he had a life most people would kill for despite the alcoholism.

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