Bedlam Love Hurts Obsession KillsJoe Loves Kit Everyone Thinks She S Dead Joe Knows She S NotIf You Lost The Love Of Your Life, How Far Would You Go To Get Them Back Detective Joe McNeil Would Do Absolutely AnythingWhen Joe Breathes Life Into A Killer S Victim, He Discovers What Anything Really MeansNell Will Use Whatever Is Necessary To Ensure She Survives, Including Joe Is She Really A Victim Or Merely The Weapon Being Wielded By A Much Cunning Foe As Joe Struggles Between His Love For Missing Kit And His Growing Obsession With The Enigmatic Nell, He Plunges Headlong Into A Spiralling Nightmare Of Kidnap, Murder And Betrayal His Relentless Search For The Truth Jeopardises His Career, His Sanity And His LifeBut For Nell, The Risk Is Even GreaterA Haunting Tale Of Obsessive Love, Ultimate Sacrifice And Deadly Consequences Bold Different Scary I had to go to bed last night after reading this book I had to recover I kept waking up throughout the night though thinking about it Sometimes I hate books that leave you with questions..they make you think I m a lazy reader though At times.This book Joey is a down and out cop His girlfriend Kit went missing last year Everyone believes she is dead Except for Joe He drinks too much, misses work..just doesn t really give a crap any.Then he gets a call from his boss There has been some murders A couple of people hung from hooks and a girl The girl is dead Until Joe sees her eyes blink She has a Ying yang tattoo..that will lead Joe to answers.This book is hard to review without giving anything away If you want a book that makes you think which way could life go This is your book Thank you Jahy for the copy of this book I hate that it s not being published any..because thisit s how it s done. That about sums it up This book drove me batshit crazy It made my brain hurt, but I couldn t wait to see how it all played out, so I carried on It was a complex story, well written, entertaining and slightly infuriating Detective Joe McNeil has not been himself, not since his girlfriend, Kit s disappearance He has spent the past year simply going through the motions and turning to alcohol to get through the day Everyone believes her to be dead, everyone but Joe he becomes obsessed with finding her.I m not sure why, but throughout this read I kept picturing Sin City the way Bedlam is described, with it s dark undertone Random I know AnywayJoe arrives at a crime scene and he revives a young woman, thought to have been deadand things just start spiraling.As this story progressed my mind was spinning I felt like my sanity was in question Then things start to fall into place, kind of Be prepared for all kinds of riddles.I think the best way to go into this one is blind It was a crazy rideHis breath within her.Her breath within him.Once dead and now alive.Again Book BedlamAuthor B A MortonPublication Date August 31, 2013Type Stand Alone Maybe a series Genre Dark Romance, Thriller, HorrorRating 5 out of 5 StarsReviewWARNING DO NOT ATTEMPT TO READ WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF NARCOTICS OR LSDPlease follow my advice and let this book seep into your mind and imagination before trying to get the overall feeling of the story There are so many puzzles to this book that your brain is going to need time to digest it all and make sense of it.I don t think I have EVER read a book that fucked with your mind as much as this one did I wanted so many times to give up LITERALLY my brain hurt and I couldn t make heads or tails of what the fuck was going on I persisted though and HOLY FUCK I am so ever happy that I did.WARNING DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS BOOK UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL THE CORRECT ANSWERS I hated this book yes, people.I HATED IT I HATED IT so much that I ended up LOVING IT Why you ask I had to take a Xanax to get my anxiety levels down before going to bed.WARNING IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.I have to tell you that Jahy my buddy on GR recommended this book to me and during the first 50% of the book, I kept wondering why the hell she rated it a 5 Star book..even up to about 75% I was enjoying the story line but I still so confused it wasn t until I got to the last 5% of the book that things started to snap into place and the anxiety level increased a hundred fold.WARNING DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RATE THIS BOOK UNTIL AT LEAST 24 HOURS AFTER READING.It wasn t until I shut my e reader down, signed on GR, messaged Jahy, conversed over the scenarios with her and got the answers that I was searching for that I was able to take a deep breath and put everything into perspective.WARNING BEST READ WITH FRIENDS OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS ALREADY READ THE BOOK AND REFUSES TO GIVE OUT SPOILERS.I compare this book to a fine silken spider s web This book is full of deceit, lies, mystery, and so much that pull the story in so many different ways that when it reaches its climax, the story finally interconnects to produce a masterpiece.I can t think of any pictures I can use without giving the story spoilers away I can t think of any summary I can type without giving any spoilers away so I m going to leave you with thisWARNING READ AT YOUR OWN RISKWrap UpTotal MIND FUCK of a book..keep guessing and guessing but you will NEVER figure it out When you get the answers you will shake your head, smack your palm against your forehead and say to yourself, Now why didn t I think of that Thanks so much Jahy for the rec and thanks my dear Barbara for reading it with me 33 Now for the reviewB.A Morton baited the trap, loaded the dart and sweetened the pill, into the darkest reaches of the mind, which burned a hole in my gut and brain I felt like I was in a fast merry go round, a very very disturbing, confusing, puzzling and dark one I felt like I was always on the edge of the abyss what a brilliant fuck up book.I will not write about any of the MC s or the story you have to experience it with any spoilers But I do advice to take a leap with a clear head because at the end you will think WHAT Suspense until the end, this one will blow your mind 5 Wowing Stars Confession I am so nervous to write this review because I could never do this book justice I am going to try because this book deserves a review, even if it is a shitty one from me Bedlam is about Joe, a drunken, down on his luck police officer and his hunt to find his missing girlfriend Kit See that is isn t right, this book is about so much but when this book was recommended to me and I read the synopsis that is exactly what I thought Then I read the first chapter or so and the questions started, and they didn t end I am still thinking about Joe, Kit, Nell, and Jacob.This story had me questioning my intelligence Shocker Then I was questioning the characters Are they dreaming Do they see dead people Is this guy strung out on drugs Is this paranormal Believe it or not these are just some of the questions I sent to Jahy who btw refused to give me any clues or answers for which I am so thankful In the end I felt so many emotions I had my WTF moment Did I miss something moment Relief thank the lawrd this mind fuck is over the disappointment wait this mind fuck is over and I need then I thought about the characters and my biggest emotion was heart break I loved these characters, my heart broke for them Unfortunately, I cannot explain why without giving away so much of the story and I refuse to spoil because this is the type of story you need to go into blind You need to think what I thought Joe is searching for Kit My hope is that this shitty review will give you just enough interest to read this for yourself Once you start DON T GIVE UP Trust me you will want to, and you will think everyone who loved this book is effing crazy, and I am not crazy enough for this but trust me you are It s a marathon not a sprint when you are done you can put one of those obnoxious 26.2 stickers on your car Okay, my lazy ass might be a little jealous of those peopleLastly Gif and recommended by funniest person on GR Jahythanks again BW 3.75 Riddle StarsHe does not understand Ultimately he will He seeks his lost love as I seek him Eventually he must chooseThis story is a page turning frustrating mystery about Detective Joe McNeil s quest to find his missing girlfriend, Kit The book will have readers second guessing everyone s sanity at one point or anothershe was crazy, or he was crazy, or bothimage error 4 Haunting Stars Bedlam is one of those stories that you don t really know what s really happening, but slowly by slowly it then sucks you in until you are totally consumed by the storyIt has a very atmospheric almost Gothic feel haunting but brilliantly written Where is Kit is she alive, Joe thinks she is Who is Nell what is her interest in Joe..Who is real.Kit has been missing now for a year Everybody tells Joe her Policeman boyfriend that s shes dead gone but Joe feels he can t give up, shes alive hes sure of it..He is called to a murder scene and there starts his quest to discover the truthfinallyMy Thoughts This story intrigue me confused me but in the end.. I heard of this book a long time ago, but for some reason I thought that it won t be for me Big mistake Only recently I decided to give it a try and I m glad I did, becauseBedlamis that kind of story you are drawn to immediately It was a very interesting read But than that it was captivating, suspenseful, with a unique premiseBedlamis labeled as a dark read For me it wasn t dark at all Also for me it wasn t a romance A story about love, yes It s a mystery with many psychological aspects and maybe, I m not sure, some horror elements Even if is not a dark read,Bedlamis a good mind fuck And like a good mind fuck it was mind blowing and unputdownable You will certainly question everything you read and I m sure you ll hate it and love it at the same timeBedlamis a story about love and obsession, good and evil, yin and yang It the story about a man who is willing to do anything to get his lover back Joe is not living He only exists Since his girlfriend, Kit, disappeared a year ago, he s just a shadow of a man He drinks a lot to forget about Kit s disappearance, to forget he lost the love of his life Even if he knows he s not to blame, he blames himself for not doing anything to prevent it He doesn t accept Kit is gone, dead He feels it, he knows it, even if he can t explain it He s the only one who thinks Kit is still alive somewhere The police, his friends and not even Kit s family believe him All of them lost their hope Except him Even if he wasn t the best detective since Kit s disappearance he is grateful for his job He s investigate a crime when he practically brings back to life a woman The woman is enigmatic and seems to know his name, even if Joe doesn t know her She has a Yin and Yang tattoo that fascinates Joe The woman s name is Nell She s mysterious, speaks in riddles and she pretends she knows Kit is alive She fucks up with Joe s head, confusing him and at the same time giving him hope She pretends someone is after her and after him as wellI m being evasive, for a very good reason to protect us both On this occasion, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth would certainly bring about our downfallJoe is than intrigued by Nell, he s attracted to her, he s drawn to her As the story progresses, Joe knows he needs to get as far away from Nell as he could, but he has no real idea why He just fells ittogether whether he likes it or not, we are an us in a chaotic world of themJoe will find everything he wants to know and details about his past and details about the two women who became his obsessionBedlamis that story that confuses the crap out of you and you must, you have to read to know what s going on, how everything will end There are many interesting twist and turns Some of them left me speechless, some of them not so much, since I figured them However, I really enjoyed it Almost from the beginning you will have some questions First about Joe is he sane about Kit is she really alive about Nell is she real or just a hallucination Was she dead or not at the crime scene Is she really sane And of course about the plot Most of them were captivating and I really enjoyed them, but the twist in the end, the big revelations left meI don t knowI was expecting something else I guess.I must admit the story was a little frustrating because until some point I had a lot of questions and none of them were answered All of them or most all of them are answered in the end I liked how Joe s character is developed I felt his struggles, his inner turmoil, his love, his confusion He felt real to me and even relatable Nell was a very engaging character Her thoughts are meant to confuse the reader, to make the reader question everything she does and says and I think the author did a really great job The writing was very good, flawless and at times poetic Nell s thoughts and it s actually one of the reason I enjoyed this book so much All in all,Bedlamwas a very good, solid story and I really recommend it to anyone who wants to read a captivating mystery. I ve been sitting for ages stumped on how to review this book Not because I don t have the words, on the contrary I have too many but unfortunately they may spoil the book for any that have not read it yet This novel captivated me, completely consumed my thoughts during and hours after I finished it In the beginning I was reading and trying to guess what s going on which left me confused and frustrated At the 40% mark, I decided to stop trying to outsmart the book and just let it reveal all to me.This was such an enthralling, well written read You just have to relax and let the book guide you, I had many outlandish theories flying around in my head But let me tell you the ending was genius, though I was able to connect a few pieces of the puzzle correctly and get a gist of what s going on, most of the revelations were astounding and pure brilliance.At the end I have to add to hell with Gentle and sweet, I want devious, cunning, broken and selflessI hear youI love youAlwaysThis pic is for Jahy whom I have to thank for keeping me sane while reading as well as Bev, you rock D

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bedlam book, this is one of the most wanted B.A. Morton author readers around the world.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Bedlam  By B.A. Morton –
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  • Bedlam
  • B.A. Morton
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  • 10 January 2019
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