Impulse Lieutenant Peter Cochrane Of The Quantar Royal Navy Believes He Has His Future Clearly Mapped Out It Begins With His New Assignment As An Officer On Her Majesty S Spaceship Starbound, A Lightship Bound For Deep Space Voyages Of Exploration But Everything Changes When Peter Is Summoned To The Office Of His Father, Grand Admiral Nathan Cochrane, And Given Devastating News The Death Of A Loved One In A Distant Solar System, A Mysterious And Unprovoked Attack Upon Lightship Impulse Resulted In The Deaths Of Peter S Former Girlfriend And Many Of Her Shipmates Now Peter S Plans Are Torn Asunder As He Is Transferred To A Unified Space Navy Ship Under Foreign Command, En Route To An Unexpected Destination, And Surrounded Almost Entirely By Strangers To Top It Off, His Superiors Have Given Him Secret Orders That Might Force Him To Become A Mutineer The Crisis At Hand Becomes A Gateway To Something Much When The Ship S Historian Leads Peter And His Shipmates Into A Galaxy Of The Unknown Of Ancient Technologies, Age Old Rivalries, New Cultures, And Unexpected Romance It S An Overwhelming Responsibility For Peter, And One False Step Could Plunge Humanity Into An Apocalyptic Interstellar War

Dave Bara was born at the dawn of the space age and grew up watching the Gemini and Apollo space programs on television He dreamed of becoming an astronaut one day This soon led him to an interest in science fiction, especially on television His early years were filled with dozens of episodes of the original Star Trek, Lost in Space, The Outer Limits, and The Twilight Zone He began to read sci

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Impulse
  • Dave Bara
  • English
  • 12 April 2019
  • 9780091956417

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    This looked interesting, but it s old school space opera without the fizz that just doesn t cut it for me any Space opera can be fun, but only if it doesn t take itself too seriously or I m reading some old paperback with a lurid cover Trying to pull it off now requires a finesse that just wasn t there.This edition is incorrect, but I don t see an audio version listed The narrator did a good job.

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    I picked up Impulse because I have a weakness for space opera probably because I was raised on a steady diet of Star Trek and Star Wars, Blake s 7 and Babylon 5 Impulse is fun enough, with chases and traitors and first contact with sort of aliens, and dealing with romance on board ship, and conflicts between differing kinds of orders.It s fun, but kind of bland others have done it better, and there wasn t much contact with aliens Both romances were straight out of Kirk s playbook, really, and the main character is a mixture of mature and immature inexperienced and cocksure getting rank through privilege but also coincidentally being good enough for it, somehow His fuck ups don t have major consequences for him only for other people , and generally life goes along pretty easily for him other people get hurt and die, but he makes it through and will be fine.I found the ending extremely annoying the nominal goal of the book isn t reached, and it s just very unsatisfying There s in the background that interested me that wasn t brought out.Still, fun enough to occupy a train journey Not sure if I ll read the rest of the series, though I think the second book is now out.Originally posted here.

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    30 11 I didn t enjoy the first chapter I was highly irritated by the way so many off Earth locations are named after a current Earth city or state New Queensland, New Brisbane AKA New Briz, New Wurzburg I find it hard to believe that future people would be quite so unimaginative that they can t come up with names for interstellar locations that aren t copies of places that already exist But then I got confused by this sentence from page 14 I was just thinking that before the Earthmen came with their technology and their science we led a much simpler life Things changed so suddenly when I saw the Earth ships approaching Quantar Our universe was smaller then, less complicated The term Earthmen seems to indicate that Peter and the other people of Quantar are not originally from Earth despite apparently being human , so then why are there places named after Earth locations Also, on page 34 Peter reminds a colleague from New Wurzburg that in earlier times she would have been thought of as a spy, the colleague responds by telling him that a war fought over 150 years ago which makes it circa 2200 doesn t have any impact on current events.Then there s Evangeline Goolagong, a character mentioned on page 12 as an intel officer Peter Cochrane main character requested for his crew Evonne Goolagong is a famous Australian Aboriginal tennis champion during the 70s and early 80s she won 14 Grand Slam titles at the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and French Open Is Evangeline Goolagong s name just a really Goolagong is hardly a common last name weird coincidence, Bara s attempts to honour a great tennis player but then you ve got to wonder why , or something else I can hardly fathom After all that in just two chapters I came to have a look at the reviews, to see if any of my concerns confusions were mirrored by other readers Not exactly but I did find reviews talking about accusations of sexism all female characters were either sexually aggressive, which Peter had never experienced, or sluts and the female characters all get called by their first names while the males get to be Mr , weak old fashioned plotting, awkward romance and sex scene writing, and a hero with a hero complex he s the only one who can save the world situation, none of the other superior officers can manage it I only read 35 pages, but I think a DNF was definitely warranted with all that evidence.

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    Military space opera, flawed not only by a disregard for physical laws Full stop, Mr Marker Turn us around, Mr Marker , but by deep seated sexism ranging from the fact that women are usually referred to by first name and men by their last, to truly hamfisted efforts to seem balanced by making the female characters all either whores or aggressive types Her grip on my hand was as firm as any man s Also, nearly every order from a superior officer is questioned or disputed by its recipient, and or explained by the giver, and ship captains are constantly bullying their subordinates or issuing stupid demands for certainty or perfection The ONE decent line The marines themselves were impressive, in a size is everything and I can kill you with my dog tags kind of way gives me hope that if the author does a little homework future efforts might be readable.

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    Impulse is Dave Bara s debut novel, published earlier this month by DAW The cover copy starts off like this Following in the tradition of such top science fiction writers as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Gordon Dickson, Frank Herbert and Joe Haldeman, Impulse, the first novel of The Lightship Chronicles, launches readers on a star spanning journey of discovery, diplomacy and danger.Based on the names mentioned in that paragraph, you can probably make some pretty decent assumptions about this novel and you d be 100% right Impulse is aimed squarely at readers hankering for the Good Old Days of Science Fiction, when Old White Dudes wrote stories set in galaxies torn asunder by rival space empires, featuring proper dashing heroes and splashy space battles This is as traditional a military science fiction novel as you ll find If that s your cup of tea, Impulse may be something worth checking out for you.Read the entire review on my site Far Beyond Reality

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    Impulse by Dave Bara is very much an old school space opera The novel s hero Lieutenant Cochrane is also a member of a landed gentry class and in line for the throne competent and capable Cochrane is thrust into the unexpected when an attack on a lightship kills his girlfriend along with many of his friends Taken from his expected duty and assigned to the titular Impulse, the very same ship that was attacked, Cochrane sets off to investigate who that mysterious attacker might have been Bara tosses a bit of romance into the mix as Cochrane meets the Impulse s stern and attractive Executive Officer and complicates things further when he later meets an insanely competent and attractive alien isolated human Princess There are shades of Asimov s Foundation as the technology employed by the Unified Space Navy is doled out on an as needed basis by enigmatic Historians from Earth The world building is light and the novel manages to engender both the feel of old school nautical adventure and old school science fiction adventure at the same time This isn t by any means a perfect read, I often found some of the history hinted at in the novel interesting than the main thrust of the narrative and the novel leans heavy on the opera in space opera but it is at the least a highly entertaining read If you re looking for a novel of high adventure and high emotion than Impulse by Dave Bara might be worth a shot.

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    The story starts out strong, but gets muddled in the middle with too much going on, awkward romances, and frankly stupid decisions on the part of numerous characters The world building falls apart as well, a true shame given its initial promise The main character, Peter Cochrane becomes kind of annoying after the thirteenth crisis or so In every situation, it seems like he s the solution, either because everyone else is suddenly incapable, or because he is, for some reason, the only option Once or twice, fine, but it just gets to be too over the top Peter apparently never got the memo detailing the benefits of teamwork Tack on the fact that every woman he runs across seems to fall immediately in love with him seriously, a woman, a damn PRINCESS, completely falls for him in less than 24 hours , and the story ends up feeling like a male power fantasy with some spaceships tacked on I simply cannot recommend it For a good space hero, smart and bad ass, try the Paradox trilogy by Rachel Bach.

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    prose did not work out for me from what I browsed including the last several pages, the novel is a generic mil sf space opera book so if you like the subgenre it s worth taking a look tried again the novel as I was in the mood for some space opera stuff and this time I read it end to end as it moved fast still not quite at the top of the subgenre but better than on my first try and with enough goodies to keep me interested and even possibly pick up the sequel I would say that a little better world building and choice of narrator the cliche of son of grand admiral saving the universe, or at least the situation here, grated a lot and the naming conventions verged on unfortunate on occasion would have made the difference for me as the prose turned out to be alert and energetic enough, once I got over those things that annoyed me on first read

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    originally posted at came as a total suprise to me, I hadn t heard of Dave Bara before and his writing and didn t saw any annoncements of this book whatsoever When Del Rey asked me if I would like to review this book I counldn t say no, I am a big fan of space opera science fiction and from the blurb I could make out that it would be choke full of action and spaceships What can you wish for Well this is far from everything that you get in Impulse as Dave Bara does not only make the book drive on action there is a very nice undercurrent of something big that is about to happen And only one man can save it The story of Impulse focuses on the main protagonist young Lieutenant Peter Cochrane In his military career he was groomed with one goal in mind, serving on the Lightship the HMS Starbound One day he is called into his father office, Peter s father is a general in the Quantar Navy, his father mentions that one of their Lightships, the HMS Impulse has been attacked and has to be retrieved, however there is worse new as Peter s girlfriend was on board HMS Impulse and is presumed dead The Quantar Navy cannot loose the HMS Impulse and therefore assemble a rescue mission to retrieve the ship, now Peter s original plans of serving on HMS Starbound are thrown around as he is part of the lead to retrieve HMS Impulse But as you might imagine, this rescue mission will be far from straightforward Something is going on board of the HMS Impulse that is hard to put a finger on Luckily Peter isn t alone in this mission On a night drinking he already get acquainted with a female officer, one that he hadn t thought to see that soon after Commander Dobrina Kierkopf and Peter s first introduction is quite an eventful one as after a few drinks they decide to has a fencing sparring match After this everything mostly take place in outer space and where some might think that it is only empty space, well also here Dave Bara has some nice surprises for you All this combined makes the story of Impulse very cool to read, as I already mentioned there are a lot of cool things happening but they all follow up on each other so explaining would only spoil many surprises What leaped out of the book was the way that the narration of the story was done The narration is told from the first person perspective of Peter In many ways this narration really worked to show the inner thoughts of Peter, how he reacted and perceived the different elements of the world Such a first person narration always help to bring a much stronger conviction of the protagonist to the front However I do have a small remark concerning this and perhaps it is due to being a first book in the series and that Dave Bara wants show a lot and I do welcome this enthusiasm but it felt in some cases that the narration faltered and felt of less forced, this could also be due to the Peter himself being torn in so many different ways This is just a small remark as when the action takes in Impulse, this first person narration offers a front row seat As I already said Peter is the main protagonist of Impulse In building his character Dave Bara doesn t give him an easy role Peter is a descendant from a noble line and has to live up to this role, you can feel that he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders due to this This also becomes notable later on in the story when he acts as a emissary delegation to construct an alliance He is also haunted by the loss of his girlfriend on HMS Impulse and his obligation to help and save as many people as he can This makes him a complex character but enjoyable to read, but as I said with he narration sometimes there is a conflict of interests Next to Peter there are numerous secondary characters that you meet during the story but on stood out for me Commander Dobrina Kierkopf, she is a smart you women, somewhat German descent She knows what she wants and doesn t like to say no, one trait that if Peter hadn t intervened might have given disastrous results What I said with she knows what she wants, comes to show in the end of the book There is an interesting twist in the end that I found written very well and you could clearly see the emotion being Dobrina s actions, I am convinced that she wants from Peter Eager to see how this will be followed up What I like to see in space opera is technology I read a few of these same genre books and they brought forth very cool technology ideas And this is precisely what you get in Impulse Just to name a few, you have Hoagland Field, Gate travel, displacement waves, lightspeed ofcourse, EVA suits, spaceship fights and much much In setting up the world and what makes it tick Dave Bara has hit all the right snares with showing just the right amount of accessories to build it, not going over the top with it but keeping a very serious tone, showing that even with a lot of technology you can still be beaten Because if you think you are good, keep in mind that there might always be someone better than you Because I didn t mention the Founders and a mythical race known as the Sri And I also didn t mention nanotechnology Ok now I do have to stop but just this premise alone is worked out very well The same count for the core world building, the idea behind Dave Bara s interstellar world is promising A war was won or solved with an alliance and now a group of Historians from Earth are in search for answers of the First Empire I haven t really spotted the typical alien like horrific creatures, but there are than just humans present It feels to me thatwe have just seen the tip of the iceberg or should I say one quarter of a moon of the world that Dave Bara wants to show, the history of the Founders and the other players of this universe must be much intricate than shown so far I really like this idea of a high entity taking charge, this will leave for a action packed sequel without a doubt With Impulse Dave Bara is of to a good start with The Lightship Chronicles He has build a very cool universe that is readily available for further exploration Further, the story is far from a straightforward kind of one as might be implied by the synopsis Dave Bara creates quite the intricate story combining engaging surroundings and likable and human characters As I have already said the whole promise with higher and better entities always inspires something grande I can already see it happening for Starbound

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    Copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Impulse is the debut sci fi novel from Dave Bara It s protagonist is Peter Cochrane, a ships Lieutenant in a space navy composed of two uneasily allied powers, and a third balancing force, the Librarians of Earth In a nutshell, it s got a lot of high adventure, the odd firefight, some tense space battles, and some really clever ideas The background to all the conflict is rather interesting after a disastrous interstellar civil war, two of the surviving factions have come together in a rather strained compact of alliance, and with the assistance of The Librarians , a mysterious group from Earth, have set about rediscovering the remains of the Empire that birthed them, with a combination of peace, enlightenment, and superior firepower.The surviving factions are politically interesting in one case, seemingly drifting from a democratic set of institutions toward a monarchy The whole system has a vibe of The Mote in Gods Eye about it, and that isn t a bad thing The third faction, the Historians, is another wrinkle for the reader s attention serving their own purposes, they advise the crews of the Lightships , ships which they provided to the growing Alliance, and whose full capabilities only they control The ideals and agendas of the Librarians are gradually made clearer over the course of the text, and they re interestingly presented if not given the space and explanations I would have liked Hopefully that will change in future books The descriptions of the ships, and the space battles themselves are well done the crew feel a bit like submariners, their actions remotely detached from the gross impacts of their actions again, not a bad thing We don t get quite the intricacies of something like Honor Harrington, but it makes for a suspenseful read, and kept my attention admirably The plot is certainly fast paced, leaping from crisis to crisis, not really giving the reader a chance to pause for breath This is a shame, in a way, because whilst the text presents a lot of difficult situations, it doesn t really seem to give each the depth and attention it desires, so focused is the plot on showing the reader their next cool thing and attendant crisis I d have been happier to have taken half the situations in the text, explored those deeply, and presented the remaining plot threads in another book entirely Still, I certainly can t complain that nothing happens The characters are a bit problematic On the one hand, the protagonist is carrying around guilt, pressure to live up to a sibling, and a few other flaws on the other, these don t really present themselves in the narrative as well as they might the reader is given a view into these motivations, but they don t seem to help drive actions On the other, the supporting cast suffer from being driven by the plot in some instances, the emotions they feel seem to be forced, in service to the narrative rather than growing organically within it the romance threads in particular are interesting in the plethora of character paths they leave open, but the rapidity of their growth is startling There s also the occasional problem of characters being forced to be idiots for purposes of the plot, and the emotions and logic of the supporting characters, in particular, seem to turn on their head at the convenience of the plot It s a shame, because the actual characters are quite interesting they just need time to develop, space given to them, and some structure given to their actions, to make the characters and the plot act in symbiosis.Overall then, this is a solid debut, and a good start to a series The seams creak a bit, especially around the characters, and in the multiplicity of plotlines, but there are some interesting ideas, and a broad and fascinating universe available to counterbalance this right now, this is a decent read I m hopeful that as further books become available, they ll pare down the amount of plot, and give the characters room to breathe That said, right now, it makes for a perfectly good popcorn read it just has potential to develop into a lot , and it would be good to see that potential realised.

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