Womb of the New World

Womb of the New World A heavily erotic and darkly themed romance, Womb of the New World was nothing like I expected it to be.The main characters are misfits in their own primitively established communities that have been separated by time, tradition, and a poor understanding of technology that has long since been lost.Imogenne can t help her reaction the attraction she feels, for her Wrok captor, but their barbaric practices have been torturing and destroying women for years Confused by the biochemical pull he feels towards Imogenne in return, and unable to suppress any longer the long denied memories of a past that no longer exists, the two must decide to continue with tradition or dare to start a chain reaction that could potentially change everything their New World believes is true.I enjoyed this well written and fast paced short story I ll admit, the beginning was a bit unusual, and I wondered where she was going with this story, but by the middle I was hooked The themes were unique, Mira Noire s world building is vivid, and the main characters have a surprising amount of complexity in addition to sexual chemistry If you are a fan of dark erotica and sexy alien life forms with a twist, then this is the book for you My OFFICIAL REVIEW written for Carly s Book Reviews I m sorry, I just could not bring myself to finish this book Initially, I was really curious about it, so I had asked my friend to kindly kindle loan it to me.Butthe whole time, I kept thinking to myself In A Post Nuclear Future, The Lush Pleasure Cyborgs Of Earth Have Become Powerful, Fearsome Mutants Known As Wroks Who Rule The Wild, Desolate Fallout Landscape The Wroks And Their Leader, Yoevin, Desperately Hunt For A Female Capable Of Mothering A Cyborg S Child As The Years Pass, They Struggle While Fighting To Hold On To The Intelligence And Humanity Granted By Their Makers Centuries AgoHidden Deep In Caverns Below, Imogenne And Her People Survive By Cultivating The Earth, Making Rare Forays Above Ground For Supplies And Fresh Resources But Imogenne Is Not Like The Rest Of Her People She Is Wild, Sensual, And Strangely Independent Like Her Mother, Who Disappeared Years Ago In A Wrok Attack On The Verge Of Being Betrothed To A Man She Does Not Love And Facing The Rest Of Her Life Underground Without Adventure Or Freedom, She Is Haunted By Darkly Erotic Visions That Promise Something Beyond The World And Biology She Knows When She Is Captured In A Night Wrok Raid, Imogenne Hopes To Escape Her New Masters And Survive By Her Wits But She Then Discovers A Horrifying Truth Her Body Has A Will Of Its Own, One That May Very Well Leave Her No Choice But To Become A Mother Of The New WorldWords , This Title Contains Graphic Sexual Scenes M F, Captive Sexual Submission, Voyeurism, Mutant Cyborg And Human Intercourse Do Not Read This Work If You Find Such Themes Offensive I enjoyed this futuristic story It features Imogenne, a woman who has spent her life underground to avoid capture by the Wroks Wroks are cyborgs who are desperately searching for human women to breed with to produce the future race of cyborg human Imogenne is a very strong and determined woman who has had erotic dreams of that leave her wanting to explore the world Yoevin is the leader of the Wroks and he is a cyborg who longs for something, though he is not sure what it is The chemistry between Imogenne and Yoevin is instant and electric I felt the story was well written and provided good background information for me not to feel lost while reading This is a very enjoyable book about two different species struggling to survive A warning the two surviving races are biologically different and if interspecies sexual situations offend you, do not read this book.received a copy in exchange for an honest review Review forthcoming on received a copy of Womb of the New World in exchange for my review.Yoevin is a cyborg, one of the beings that changed because of the radiation left in the world after the war between humans The cyborg kind are dying and so Yoevin is constantly on the hunt for a human woman that is able to produce a cyborg child Imogenne has spent her life underground, living away from the cyborgs that they call Wroks, but there s something missing for her, and when she demands to go above on a hunting trip she gets caught At first Yoevin is prepared to treat her like any other captive womanbut it soon becomes clear that he can t do that, and that Imogenne is special for himI m going to start by saying that this is definitely not everybody s cup of tea I chose to read this book because of how widely outside of everything I ve read it is and every now and again I like to do that.The main thing you need to be warned about is the sex content though I don t think its actually any different from alien sex scenes that you get in some sci fi books, except that there is of it Because the characters are a cyborg and an evolved human, there are some parts which don t work the same and some descriptions that just make you go What How s that work Namely looking at a womb feeling like lots of tiny mouths therestill not sure about that one.If you read the sex scenes as part of the story, like I did, and don t just read it for the them, then there is a story there and it does all kind of slot into place In a strange way it is almost like a soul mate kind of thing, and finding the right person for the characters, even if that is primarily a physical thing There was also the quest for the race to carry on and to evolve, making it all fit together.The book shifted point of view between Yoevin and Imogenne, which could have been done in a clearer way, but I thought that it worked none the less Seeing both of their points of view made it less like slave sex for a start because Imogenne wanted it too , but also meant that a softer side to Yoevin was seen.This was an interesting book, definitely different from anything I ve read before, but it was well written and the plot line was intriguing. Womb of the World sounded like just the kind of book I enjoy reading a story with cyborgs, set in a dystopian and post apocalyptic future, with dark themes and erotic romance But I didn t really enjoy this story as much as I thought I would It held so much promise For me, I didn t feel the world was explored deeply enough, and I also found that I couldn t connect well with the main two characters I didn t warm to them, especially the Wrok Leader, Yoevin The story was a really good idea, but it was just missing depth for me I did however like Yoevin s highly sensitive forehead , and how Immogene s character went for what she instinctively felt she wanted The character I liked the most was Lord Avgar, and I enjoyed his side story.That being said, I would actually give this author another try in the future, especially books written in this genre And in a novella format too, because I do like a good novella and it s format was another reason I was drawn to reading this one I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Womb of the New World was an enjoyable sci fi romance that was one of the original storylines that I have read in a while The humans have been forced underground due to nuclear and chemical warfare They remain there to protect themselves from the Wrok, cyborgs that have mutated as a result of the bioengineered weapons The novella focuses on Imogenne, a 17 year old human girl who has become restless living underground She is plagued by nightmares and a drive to leave the safety of the caves When she finally convinces her father to allow her to participate in a night raid, she finds herself face to face with a real life nightmare Yoevin, the leader of the Wrok Yoevin is one of the few remaining original cyborgs, one who retains vague memories of his pre apocalyptic life and experiments instituted by their creator to enable cyborgs to mate with humans that possess specialized genes that allow them to reproduce with cyborgs, thereby insuring the continuation of both species Because Yoevin remembers the experiments, but not the specifics, he was caught off guard when he encounters Imogenne and reacts to her bodily than any female before His drive to claim her makes for a seriously steamy scene and Imogenne learns about herself at his hand than before They quickly find themselves facing decisions neither ever anticipated before I found Womb of the New World to be a quick read with an original storyline Ms Noire has done a great job of creating human and cyborg characters that have distinctly different voices While this is a novella, it is full developed story that could easily be expanded to a series as the couple move forward in their relationship and their new world I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to from this author. So just by looking at the cover you can tell this is not going to be your ordinary book And, well, it suits different tastes I, myself, have been known to enjoy all kinds of sick perverted weird unusual genres characters plots body parts Which is why I decided to give Womb of the New World love the title a try At first I thought they were demons or something, but they re actually cyborgs.I won t get very deep into the story of the Wroks, and the post nuclear world setting much, because it s well enpugh hinted at in the synopsis What I can say is this is the kind of crazy science fiction I find most interesting when machines and humans get too close How can something inorganic want to be, and feel, human I really, really enjoyed this quick, hot read Imogenne was a different kind of heroine not just physiologically LOL She was strong, clever and confident in her sexuality.That alone is a refreshing view, when compared to the thousands of virgins in romance these days rolls eyes The scenes of her with Rolley, the guy she had some fun with first, were pretty hot But the things that happened after, with Yoevin oh, boy.My only problem with it was that it was too short, and the explanations were kind of vague, but I liked how it ended, even if it was a bit predictable.The book was short, but well written I would definitely read from this author Hopefully it ll become a series Warning if you re not very open minded, you should know there are some seriously hot scenes involving forked tongues and extra appendages fun LOL 4.5 Book source A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.It s been centuries since the war between cyborgs and humans, a war that forced humans underground Imogenne and her people survive fairly well, coming out for occasional night raids looking for supplemental food and avoiding the Wroks On the verge of being married off to a man she doesn t love, Imogenne is restless She s not like the other women She has strange erotic dreams and her sexual appetite is large She doesn t understand what is so different about her until the night she is captured in a Wrok raid Wroks, a mixture of biological and mechanical, have been stealing women in the hopes of finding some to mate with and have children So far all of the women who mate with a Wrok go insane from the mating Yoevin, leader of the Wroks, is growing desperate to save his people from extinction He knows there are certain women out there who can mate with a Wrok and not go insane, but he s losing hope of finding them Until he captures Imogenne She is different, but is she different enough to make his own A dark and yummy dystopian erotica What a combination, but it works Imogenne is the result of a few centuries of evolution She is just what the Wroks need to have children But Yoevin is torn He needs her to mate with all the available Wroks for the best chance to produce a child, but he wants her, needs her only for himself Disregarding protocol he treats Imogenne differently from all the other women they have captured Imogenne isn t a bad character, but I felt that Yoevin was fully developed I could really feel his struggle to do what was best for his people as a leader and what he selfishly wanted to do for himself His appearance is frightening, but the pheromones and Imogenne s own sexual appetite work to bring these two together And the steamy scenes Wowzers This story isn t going to be for everyone even if you like erotica It s dark, there s captive sex, the guy is far from human looking and the sex is brutal at times But there s something else, too The beginnings of love and hope for a new world. What if man created cybernetic beings What if these beings became sentient, self determining, and decided to take over the world What if years and years pass and the cybernetic beings begin to decay and die What if the only answer to their dilemma of livelihood is to capture and breed with the humans, who are now in hiding Imogenne has spent her life underground to avoid capture by the Wroks, the cyborgs who are desperately to survive and are searching for human women They will breed with the human women to produce the future race of cyborg human Intelligent and lonely Imogenne is a very strong and determined woman who has had erotic dreams that leave her wanting to explore the world Yoevin is the leader of the Wroks He used to be a scientist before the war He is intelligent, lonely, and for something, though he is not sure what it is When Imogenne is captured, the attraction between Imogenne and Yoevin is instant and electric But will Imogenne be able to accept Yoevin and breed with him without going insane like so many of the other human women This is a very enjoyable book about two different species struggling to survive.Although very short, the story was well written and provided good background information so that the reader is not lost while reading Recommended for romance lovers of sci fi, cyborgs, distopias, and abduction.

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