Uncharted When A Peculiar Young Woman Shows Up At The Wesley House Bed And Breakfast With A Battered Suitcase And Stories To Tell, Shipwright Sam Wesley Isn T Sure If She S Incredibly Imaginative Or Just Plain Delusional He Soon Realizes That Marlena Is Like No Other Woman He Has Ever Met Her Strange Behavior And Far Fetched Tales Of Shipwrecks And Survival Are A Fresh Breeze In Sam S Stagnant LifeSam Isn T The Only One Enchanted By Marlena With His Best Friend Putting The Moves On Her And A Man From Her Past Coming Back Into Her Life, The Competition For Marlena S Heart Is Fierce In The Midst Of It All, A Misunderstanding Sends Marlena Running, And By The Time Sam Learns What His Heart Really Wants, It May Be Too Late To Win Her Back

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Uncharted
  • J.B. Chicoine
  • English
  • 19 August 2017
  • 9780615892405

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    I picked this book up for research I didn t read the blurb, and I thought it was historical I was wrong about the genre, but I m so glad I made that mistake I LOVED it Honestly, I ve been thinking about the tight story and the complex characters for a week now I absolutely recommend it The romance is lovely, but that wasn t my favorite thing about the book It s told completely from the man s POV, and at first glance, he s super boring but, you quickly realize he s got baggage, and a lack of confidence, and he s interesting and caring and wonderful I loved him I loved his grandpa, I loved his annoying friend, and his love interest which I won t go into because it will spoil the story Seriously, this was so well crafted, the language is beautiful, and I found myself slowing down and enjoying every bit of it Love Love Love I can t say enough about it.

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    I am a little conflicted about this story I liked it but didn t love it It tells the story of a woman named Marlene who is a bit of an enigma to Sam Wesley and others at the the Wesley House Bed and Breakfast when she just suddenly shows up She seems a bit odd and just off or something, but the one thing she has that really piques Sam s interest is stories to tell Sam realizes that he is interested in her and so is Derek, and soon another man from one of her stories shows up and he wants to marry the woman.I thought the story had promise to engage me than I found it to actually be engaging I liked Marlene s stories to a degree, but at times I wasn t sure if she was into a story or it was their current situation That s probably my fault because I went back and forth between the audio and hard copy When I listened to the audio I think I got lost a couple times just from being distracted Sam writes and so his interest in Marlene s stories she tells are of a personal interest as well as a literary one He is always ready for her to continue telling her story It s almost like one long story that is continued whenever possible When Marlene decides to leave without telling Sam, she leaves him stories so that he can know the end He reads them right away, but to his surprise Marlene comes back and so does Dave, one of them men who had rescued her when she was somewhere between 17 19 years old and he wants to marry Marlene Sam s very protective of what he believes is his and Marlene s very serious relationship, so that story line is interesting to see what Marlene does.

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    Uncharted Story for a Shipwright is formatted as a tale within a tale and the story within is captivating I enjoyed this format because it shows life after the real adventure of The Captain and how his story is not the only one affected by his actions This book directly addresses the way life is affected and perceived according to past events The main character has lived his life as expected because of his relationship to a famous sea captain who had been lost at sea many years ago He is also struggling within a family that was affected by the alcohol abuse and death of his father Amidst this setting a strange girl shows up with abilities to spear fish, eat raw clams, and come up with random highly intelligent comments and conversation, which contradicts her quiet personality and the fact that Kansas, where she is from, is not even near an ocean The fascination with this girl leads the main character to learn about her as he shares with her his writings and she shares oral stories with him I felt this was a well developed story and held me captive throughout the telling.I received a free Advanced Review Copy of this book from the publisher.

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    What would you do if everything you ve ever known in your life is taken away and the only thing that remains is a fantastical heart wrenching story to show for it UNCHARTED Story for a Shipwright is one of those books that you will think about for a long time afterward J.B Chicoine s exciting debut novel about a boat builder in Maine who meets an exceptional woman will leave you breathless as you turn the pages.Chicoine s writing is superb, with lyrical prose that envelops you like morning fog, silently creeping into your soul and as it lifts, you find yourself engulfed in a love story so simple yet so profound you can t put it down The places Chicoine transports the reader spear fishing on a tropical island, ocean breezes wafting through the warmth of the dazzling summer sun or that same summer sun in a dusty dry Kansas cornfield across not only continents, but also time as well to an incredible extraordinary story of survivors of a shipwreck Chicoine certainly outdid herself creating this novel.The characters are all three dimensional, each having their own intriguing back story, which blends seamlessly with Marlena and Sam s interactions The dysfunctional family dynamic is written brilliantly the tension and anxiety carefully balanced with dry humor and underlying respect There are no cardboard caricatures in this novel.Part haunting love story, part historical high seas adventure, this story about an ordinary man who meets a most uncommon woman will stay with you for a long time If you don t read anything else this year read this book.

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    3.5I first came across this book on a Goodreads list of books set in Maine The setting and beautiful cover intrigued me, so I added it to my summer reading list.The first 100 pages or so were rough I obviously misinterpreted the description, because I was expecting a supernatural twist time travel or something along those lines I was a little befuddled about what direction the book was going It didn t help that I was not immediately drawn to either main character Sam was a little on the bland side to start with until you start finding out about his family and his past Marlena was extremely awkward not the eccentric, endearing kind of awkward, but the uncomfortable, peculiar kind I also felt that although the book was set in Maine, there really was not anything that substantiated the setting or local culture It was a relatively generic description of coastal living I also wish some of the other characters had been developed particularly his relationship with his brother.Initially I was much interested in the story within the story that Marlena tells But things definitely picked up as the plot and character developed and everything began to tie together The second half of the book flew by I bumped my rating up to 3.5 stars because I liked the twist and the ending It isn t a bad book overall, but it certainly isn t a classic.

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    Very well done This book is secular and out of my normal genre of reading, especially with the sexual references but I did not feel like this book was in any way steamy or erotic They were just experiences that I felt were used appropriately for shaping the characters.I really appreciated the POV being from a male though the story revolved around the girl The big reveal of Marlena history wasn t surprising but I wanted to know very much how Sam would respond So while some things felt predictable, others were not I felt I knew the plot but I was getting to know Sam and Marlena as people I feel I could recommend this to mature, adult audiences since there are some traumatic scenes in Marlena s life I felt I could be reading someone s actual biography as told from the perspective of their friend I also really like the cover art.Again, very well done.

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    I just love a story within a story, especially when it weaves the what if question throughout the storyline In Uncharted, imagination takes a wild ride from the ordinary, everyday pace to the unbelievable, from a believable setting to a place where intense struggle just to survive is the ordinary I loved leaping from the Maine boatyard setting to a tropical island When the life journeys of two very different people cross paths when ordinary collides with extraordinary what if becomes very believable In Uncharted, Chicoine sets an emotional roller coaster in motion, challenging your reality as you travel through time to unravel the mysterious character Marlena through the eyes of the very average, mainstream Samuel This is a story with depth that will leave you wanting you will either love or hate the ending, but you won t be disappointed.

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    As a fan of many genres, I truly appreciated this story at heart, literary fiction with elements of romance, adventure, history, and, yes, even feminism The setting is vividly depicted, the characters particularly Sam and Marlena are carefully developed, and the plot is deliberately paced, unfolding in a natural, believable way The central romance completely enthralled me and yes, I m always a sucker for both seafaring adventures and the story within a story style of writing So, I would highly recommend this novel to anyone eager to read intelligent, well crafted fiction about love, destiny, and, yes, the sea, which, as you might imagine from the title and cover, figures prominently in this enchanting tale.

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    What do I think This book, Uncharted Story for a Shipwright , by J.B Chicoine, was excellent It held my interest, and I hungered for anticipating where the story was going to take me next Typically, I like to spread my reading over as long a period of time as I can reading a section or a chapter each night However, I could NOT put this book down, particularly after Chapter 31, of 41 I m still digesting the story particularly the ending I ll add further notes at a later date.

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    I was lucky to read an advance copy of this wonderful book and can highly recommend it to adventurers, armchair sailors, and romantics alike Read my full review here

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