Two Girls, One on Each Knee (7): The Puzzling, Playful World of the Crossword

Two Girls, One on Each Knee (7): The Puzzling, Playful World of the Crossword A Journalist And Word Aficionado Salutes The Year History And Pleasures Of Crossword Puzzles Since Its Debut In The New York World On December The Crossword Puzzle Has Enjoyed A Rich And Surprisingly Lively Existence Alan Connor, A Comic Writer Known For His Exploration Of All Things Crossword In The Guardian, Covers Every Twist And Turn From The S, When Crosswords Were Considered A Menace To Productive Society To World War II, When They Were Used To Recruit Code Breakers To Their Starring Role In A Episode Of The Simpsons He Also Profiles The Colorful Characters Who Make Up The Interesting And Bizarre Subculture Of Crossword Constructors And Competitive Solvers, Including Will Shortz, The Iconic New York Times Puzzle Editor Who Created A Crafty Crossword That Appeared To Predict The Outcome Of A Presidential Election, And The Legions Of Competitive Puzzle Solvers Who Descend On A Connecticut Hotel Each Year In An Attempt To Be Crowned The American Puzzle Solving Champion At A Time When The Printed Word Is In Decline, Connor Marvels At The Crossword S Seamless Transition Onto Kindles And IPads, Keeping The Puzzle One Of America S Favorite Pastimes He Also Explores The Way The Human Brain Processes Crosswords Versus Computers That Are Largely Stumped By Clues That Require Wordplay Or A Simple Grasp Of Humor A Fascinating Examination Of Our Most Beloved Linguistic Amusement And Filled With Tantalizing Crosswords And Clues Embedded In The Text The Crossword Century Is Sure To Attract The Attention Of The Readers Who Made Word Freak And Just My Type Bestsellers

Alan Connor is a British writer, journalist and television presenter First seen on Channel 4 s youth entertainment programme The Word in 1995 he later appeared on The Big Breakfast and BBC Radio Five Live and was a BBC News correspondent, appearing on BBC News 24 and The Daily Politics.His scriptwriting credits include the comedy drama A Young Doctor s Notebook, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon

[Read] ➵ Two Girls, One on Each Knee (7): The Puzzling, Playful World of the Crossword By Alan Connor –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Two Girls, One on Each Knee (7): The Puzzling, Playful World of the Crossword
  • Alan Connor
  • English
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9781846148415

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    This book certainly would make a good present for a crossword loving friend or family member With its tasteful cover and erudite subject this is perfect for a coffee table However, I also recommend reading it It s good well written, fun and informative It is also challenging but it s up to you how challenging you want to make it Some chapters I read quickly, others in detail poring over sentences and not moving on until I understood them fully and had solved their clues And there are lots of clues in this book The table of contents is a crossword Even the index contains clues I was going to describe this as a concept book, but that has a specific meaning in publishing, and this most certainly isn t a children s book.The Preamble says that the book is like solving a cryptic puzzle, and that you can read it in any order This put me off at first as I am something of a traditionalist when it comes to reading a book I like to start at the beginning and read each word in turn until I reach the end In fact that s what I did, and I don t think I missed out by doing that However I can see how some readers might want to pick and choose from the chapters in particular, if you already know how to tackle cryptic clues then you might find some of the earlier chapters a bit suck eggs ish.Which brings me on to a question I pondered while reading this book is it aimed at a dabbler like me think P.G Wodehouse rather than M.R James or a crossword aficionado I think it is trying for both, and in my dabbler s opinion it succeeds It is packed full of facts and anecdotes, told in a chatty, entertaining style It seems meticulously researched I doubt there s a crossword fact, or reference in history, politics or popular culture that Connor has missed.Some sections are undoubtedly challenging for a dabbler, but then so are cryptic crosswords and if you don t like those you wouldn t be here.

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    3.5 A nice little collection of mostly cryptic crossword trivia Whilst the book s name looks even dodgier if you ve got a browser tab open with only the first three words showing, the US title is the considerably sober The Crossword Century Which, the author would point out, reflects differences between setters on respective sides of the pond The language of wordplay can be suggestive, even though the setter may with a straightish face insist that any lewdness is all in the solver s mind The British setters, that is American puzzles maintain an air of respectability and so eschew clues that fail the Sunday morning breakfast test Definitions can themselves evoke imagery loucher than the answer. I wonder if they left out the paragraphs about the Viz crossword for the Yanks.Given the repetition of the info about these national differences in early and final chapters, and a few other recurrences, I suspect the book is compiled from columns or blog posts The author writes the Guardian s crossword blog I don t read it regularly It s less repetitive than some column based books, so they ve at least made some effort with the editing.It s maybe ten years since I d read other books on the history of crosswords, so I didn t mind hearing some points again, but there was sufficient new material to make Two Girls an interesting light non fiction read Connor has a modern gossipy tone than older aficionados, so even when it comes to the old stuff, we learn things that previously went unsaid Sadly Ximenes, the former Observer setter who helped establish many of the rules of British crosswords, rather lived up to his pseudonym in his role as a schoolmaster, being known for his keenness on corporal chastisement.British newspaper crosswords tend to be, well, rather British, with something Wodehousian, sun setting on the Empire, a dash of Carry On about them Whilst various changes have been made over the years to make them a touch contemporary, chuck out some obsolete references that were only familiar to the 80 age group, Connor is one of the people who, like me, likes the vintage feel and doesn t want to revamp everything It would still have been interesting and a slightly weightier book if he had given space to debates about potentially alienating slightly un PC language Another Guardian setter, Arachne, has written about these matters online, although you couldn t call her a prude one of her clues, which swears at George W Bush, is included in this book There is a sort of cryptic crossword how to near the beginning, but unless you are an absolute natural or someone who used to be consistently good and is just in need of a brief refresher it isn t enough to learn from, and there are very few easy examples If you read this, for goodness sake get a paper copy, not an ebook With the possible exception of crossword geniuses like my friend Matthew perhaps there are others in my friends list I m unaware of you will want to flip back and forth all the time and be able to see than one page at once Extra clues to a puzzle at the beginning appear at points throughout the text, and sets of older or tricky clues are given at various junctures as examples, with answers in the back after the endnotes.

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    I won this book through the GoodReads First Reads program You don t need to be an avid crossword solver to enjoy this book All you need is a healthy interest in wordplay and history I have solved crossword puzzles off and on over the years but never caught the fever I wanted to read this book because of my father s interest in this pastime I thoroughly enjoyed learning the intricate quirks beyond the face value of filling in the squares as well as the history of the constructors and puzzle itself Very well written with a lighthearted humor throughout Very enjoyable

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    I received this book from Goodreads FirstReads.Very clever This book showed the humour, skills, and tact for creating crosswords as well as their history without being boring or sounding borrowed I was able to pick it back up easily and it made a good few minutes of down time read with the short chapters and condensed background of the craft and it s creators contributors Most enjoyable and I shall appreciate the newspaper printings of crosswords that I see from now on, rest assured

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    When I first learned that I would be receiving a copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways, I was concerned that it was going to be intellectual and boring However, this book was smart, fun, and down to earth In addition to learning all about crosswords in short, succinct chapters, I picked up some tips and tricks to solving along the way A quick read that is perfect for the crossword enthusiast who doesn t quite finish the Sunday Times puzzle.

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    Utterly delightful, like a box of chocolates but with anagrams Cloaca booth foxes cunningly show what life is like 1,3,2,10 Every chapter is full of marvels and miracles This is sold in the UK as Two Girls, One on Each Knee which is a much better title than the one that shows on Goodreads Phone App Or at least I hope it is because if it isn t then I ve just reviewed the wrong book.

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    Lovely, funny and informative look at crosswords Of interest to anyone who is interested in how games or wordplay work.

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    A fascinating insight into the world of crosswords.

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    What a great and interesting read Thanks for the giveaway

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    Fun stuff Lots of good tips and history.

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