The Baby Truth

The Baby Truth Sassy s life is in quite a bit of turmoil Her boyfriend recently died in a rodeo accident and she s just discovered she s pregnant with his baby She s also just found out that she was adopted and is in search of information on who she really is Her boyfriend had noticed her resemblance to a friend of his and now she s been invited to meet his family and see if they can find out if there s a connection Fainting into the arms of lawyer Jett Sundell is not exactly the start she had in mind Jett expects that Sassy s arrival is going to cause some turmoil of its own, as she is a dead ringer for one of the Calhoun brothers He has also developed a fierce protectiveness for the beautiful redhead This is as unwelcome as it is unexpected Years ago Jett had been married to a woman whose love had turned to obsession and by the end of the marriage he was convinced that love is an illusion Now he has shut himself off from any emotional entanglements Sassy doesn t want to cause any trouble for the Calhouns, she just wants to see if they know anything about her parents The Calhoun grandfather s violent reaction to her appearance creates suspicion in Jett and the other Calhouns that he knows something important As Jett and the others investigate, he convinces Sassy to stick around This puts the two of them in far close contact than either is comfortable with.Both Sassy and Jett are fighting their feelings really hard Sassy feels that she has far too much going on in her life now to add a relationship to it Jett is flat out afraid to risk his heart again and keeps reminding Sassy and himself that he no longer believes in love I really enjoyed seeing Sassy get involved in life on Jett s ranch Everything she does brings her closer to Jett He likes having her there on his ranch and is happier than he s ever been When the attraction between them overcomes their reservations, each believes that they can keep their emotions out of it and walk away unscathed when the time comes When Sassy realizes she s in love with Jett, she has to decide if she s willing to settle for less or stand up for her own needs.I also enjoyed the mystery of Sassy s connection to the Calhouns I liked seeing Jett convince Sassy that it was worth pursuing, not because of any gain, but because he knew she would always wonder if she didn t Sassy really worried about whether her presence would cause trouble among the family members I liked the encouragement she received from Jett and the younger Calhouns There was an interesting twist to the solving of the mystery, but it made the ending very satisfying I loved the epilogue as an update on how things turned out for Sassy and Jett I m looking forward to seeing of the Calhouns. hm it was mostly okay idk 2.5 to 3 stars read somewhere from mid november to early december. I really enjoyed this book I will add this book to my list of favorites, for when I am in the mood for a sweet romance, with a good plot Sassy flew to Carson City for clues to who her parents are She found out she looked a lot like the Calhoun family They are a wealthy family She is not interested in money, she just wants to know where she came from Shortly after she arrived off her plane she fainted in the arms of Jett He was the Calhoun lawyer While she was in the hospital she got news that changed her life forever She was pregnant The father of the baby died in a accident two months before Jett insisted that she stay with him, and his sister at his ranch He didn t want her to faint again, and no there to help her The friendship that built between Jett, and Sassy was sweet Jett built up walls around his heart 5 years ago after his bitter divorce Will Sassy be able to lower his defenses, and get through his walls Is there a chance for love Once she met the Calhoun family, the family was shocked at how much she looked like them No one had answers The oldest Calhoun may have answers After seeing her for the first time, he demanded she leave and never come back The rest of the family supported Sassy, and wanted to get to know her They all wanted answers You will have to read to see how this story unfolds I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This is the 1st book I read by Stella Bagwell I enjoyed this book s storyline I really liked the hot steamy scenes I really liked Sassy s character I felt sorry for Sassy I really Jett s character I really liked the ending I can t wait to read the rest of this series. Eh, I hoped it would have had a little spice to it, but oh well I wish the epilogue would go a little farther in the future when they have built up of a family It woulda been cute. Part romance, part mystery, Bagwell s tale has a willful, anxious hero and unsettled heroine who are a splendid match It s fun watching their emotional puzzle piece together The heroine s parentage conundrum is excellent, and the lovemaking is a heady experience RT Book Reviews 4 stars Miniseries Men of the West Loved the cast of characters in this book A decent book Good HEA. She Couldn T Be Pregnant Except Apparently She Was Still, Sassy Matthews Was A Woman On A Mission She D Come To Carson City To Find Her Biological Parents Not To Faint In The Arms Of The Lawyer Who D Met Her Plane Of Course, Finding Out She Was Going To Be A Mommy Didn T Exactly Fit Into Her Plans Either Now What Was A Girl To Do Jett Sundell Wanted To Keep An Eye On Sassy And Not Just Because Her New Family Suspected Her Of Being A Gold Digger Sassy Captured His Interest From The Second She Fainted Into His Arms, But She Was Pregnant With Another Man S Child Jett Knew He Might Be Able To Provide Sassy With The Link To Her Past, But She Might Just Be The Key To His Future

At seventeen, Stella married her high school sweetheart Harrell, and they had a son Jason She began her writing career almost by accident She was a hairdresser and worked in her sister s beauty shop Ironically, Stella developed a severe allergy to hairspray and was forced to resign With time on her hands, Stella wanted to do something creative She remembered a high school English teacher tel

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