Once a Family (Where Secrets Are Safe #2)

Once a Family (Where Secrets Are Safe #2) Should the family tie be broken Tatum Malone is a fifteen year old girl who has made some troubling choices, including accusing her older brother, Tanner, of physical abuse Tanner dropped out of high school to become legal guardian to his three younger siblings, becoming a vintner and acquiring an aging house and a winery to support them He did his best and stumbled along parenting them, but each pulled away for different reasons, until Tatum ran away from home Tatum turned up at The Lemonade Stand, a women s shelter in California, where she meets Sedona doing occasional pro bono legal counseling for women there Sedona needs to determine if Tatum is telling the truth, which could tear her family farther apart This story tells how Tanner, Tatum and even Sedona each learn to communicate in order to repair and strengthen family ties before they are irreparable.Some times as I read, I just wanted to shake Tatum and tell her to appreciate her brother and open up to him And if Tanner and his siblings could have asked each other questions, then there would have been discussions to understand what happened in their common experiences I felt Tanner s anguish and angst Instead, the discussions waited years until Tanner reaches out to each sibling to give support to Tatum The dialogue begins and so does healing But this was Tara s story and she writes with the emotion each character feels, tells their thoughts at the time, and takes them through the learning process With the help of The Lemonade Stand Did I mention this is also a romance There is a love developing, but there are trust issues that need to be addressed.I liked this book and, even two weeks after reading, it sticks with me I ll read it again because I like watching the characters develop and I constantly wonder how the author comes up with this idea or that thought or where she might be leading me Then she brings it back together Sometimes I just can t put a book down This was one of those. This book was free to me as an ebook Have you ever considered how it would affect your life if you had to take on the responsibility of your younger siblings because your parents had other priorities in life The character in this book struggled with being a loving older brother, having to be a parent to his siblings, and finding a healthy balance of both The family dynamics in this book were very intense The main characters had some very difficult situations to work through I enjoyed watching them work on their relationship while building relationships with others Once A Family was very intriguing I read it straight through without putting it down I strongly encourage you to read this book by Tara Taylor Quinn. I enjoyed Quinn s first Lemonade Stand book Wife by Design and the characters who lived there This story of Tatum Malone, a teenage girl, her brother and siblings brings out the very real and believable family that only Tara Taylor Quinn can describe.Tatum loses her parents and her older brother, Tanner, drops out of high school to become the head of the household and care for his three siblings As siblings are want to do, they didn t make it easy for Tanner and Tanner, being only a teen himself, wasn t real adept with parenting skills He knew what he wanted for them, especially his 15 year old sister, but true communication and understanding weren t there Eventually Tatum runs away and finds herself at the Lemonade Stand, a California shelter for women She doesn t want to play by the rules there either and refuses to be examined to verify her brother had abused her as she claimed Sedona, a friend and counselor at the center, tries to find a way to help bring the family back together, but it isn t easy The road to putting this family back together illustrates time and time again the dynamics between distraught family members It shows the responsibility Tanner feels as the head of the family, the defiance and jealousies among the younger siblings, and Tatum s need to be independent and make her own choices It is an intriguing story that keeps you turning the pages.Once a Family is a book you can lose yourself in and possibly recognize some issues that may have occurred in your own family Tara Taylor Quinn takes you to a place where you feel you are a part of the story, even if only by observation or association I really enjoy the Lemonade Stand books and I highly recommend Once a Family to gain insights into the dynamics of the Malone family and what it takes to mend all the fence Inventive author, Tara Taylor Quinn, gives readers a nuanced journey on this visit to the Lemonade Stand We meet an underage teenager whose makeup, poise, and wardrobe indicate some affluence She could pass for older but she admits to being fifteen Her claim for admittance is physical abuse by this legal guardian She s adamant She won t be examined for physical signs of violence and refused to press charges.As a minor, she can t be assured sanctuary Her presence must be reported to her guardian and alleged abuser This great plot device introduces readers to a lawyer volunteering at the shelter Sedonna is smokin as she drives what I imagined to be a classic T bird.Sedonna must negotiate an agreement with Tanner Malone to buy the counselors some time to learn who what has hurt Tatum The answer will make perfect sense if you put yourself in teenager Tatum s place.Without giving away, enjoy a nice visit with friends readers met in the first book, Husband By Design An easy way to learn about domestic violence while reading of the things we do for love of family and friends.If you have a pre teen or teenage daughter it may be a good story to start a discussion all moms should have with their daughters. I received this book as a free e book Once a Family is a must read, once you start reading you don t want to stop until the end It keeps the reading wondering what is going to happen next. Quinn relies on sparkling dialogue and excellent description to paint a picture of both the shelter and Tanner s home The author s talent for skillfully weaving in both description and dialogue makes reading her novels effortless RT Book Reviews 4 stars Miniseries Where Secrets are Safe Pondering if this is going to drop to one of my few and far between 1 stars Review to come. There S Truth And Then There S Love Sedona Campbell Is An Attorney Who Works With The Lemonade Stand, A Unique Women S Shelter In California She S Called In To Advise Fifteen Year Old Tatum Malone, Who Claims She S Been Abused By Her Brother, Not Her Boyfriend It S Sedona S Job To Sort Out Truth From Lie She Soon Discovers That S Not An Easy Task, Especially Once She Meets Tanner Malone Because Despite Herself, She S Attracted To Him Tanner Has Always Protected His Younger Sister But She S Lying About Him And He S Falling For Sedona Between Them, Maybe They Can Figure Out Why Tatum S Doing This Maybe Then He And Sedona Will Be Free To Love Each Other

Tara Taylor Quinn began her love affair with Harlequin when she was fourteen years old and picked up a free promotional copy of a Harlequin Romance in a hometown grocery store The relationship was solidified the year she was suspended from her high school typing class for hiding a Harlequin Romance behind the keys of her electric typewriter Unaware that her instructor loomed close by, Ms Quinn

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