That One Time

That One Time CuteNic found Ayah in a business class flight on the way to Amsterdam and fell in love Since he did not believe in love, it took him 1 year to finally go face her to see if what he felt was real. Year Old Ayah Chandler Believes In Love At First Sight, And She Should Since It Only Took That One Time For Her To Fall Head Over Heels For A Man Who Looks Like An Angel But Seduces Like The DevilBillionaire Nic De Koningh Grew Up Trusting No One But Himself, But All It Took Was That One Time With The Free Spirited Instagram Loving Ayah To Question Everything He Believes And Doesn T Believe InAs They Meet Once In The Exotic Urban Paradise Of Hong Kong, Nic And Ayah Finally Have A Chance To Discover The Answer To The Burning Question In Their HeartsCan Love Spring From A Moment Of Connection Or Is It An Illusion That Will Only Scar Them For Eternity Nic and Ayah met on a business flight to Amsterdam Nic doesn t really believe in love yet Ayah believes in love at first sight I m not typically a fan of love at first sight but this book made me a fan Nic pretends to be someone else for an entire year I love the witty banter between the two characters It was a short but good read.I only wished the story was longer I don t like novellas since its too short, I d pay money for a longer book Overall the book was good. What happens when you fall face first into a male strangers lap on a plane Want to find out then read this I am a fan of the old Harlequin romances featuring Dutch males, to find one here in one of my favourite authors novels, well, for me anyway, was great Nic is genuinely amused by the antics of Ayah who he finds himself sitting next to in business class due to his private jet breaking down, a problem that we have all faced Feeling like this is a feeling he has not felt in.he can t remember when, so what can you do when you feel like this but to kiss a complete stranger and then do.other stuff This is what happens on the plane but then the issue Nic has is that he is a cynic when it comes to the opposite sex and to love in general He lies to Ayah about his name and his financial status and then leaves her on the plane He cannot get her out of his head so ends up contacting her and they have a relationship online and over the phone But what happens when she discovers the truth.This is another great book by this author although I have to be honest and say it is not the best This is the first book involving characters of the De Koningh family Nic being one of them and I look forward to Some of the scenes are HOT especially the one in the cable car Please note that I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. THAT ONE TIME, WHAT AN AMAZING READING.MY BEAUTIFUL BLOND BOY.I LOVED SINCE I READ ABOUT YOU.YOU ARE MINE AND I WILL NOT SHARE YOU.I REALLY, REALLY ENJOYED THIS BOOK.IT WAS SHORT BUT I FEEELLLL SO DEEP IN LOVE I WANTED TO WEEP.5 STARS IS NOT ENOUGH.AND WE GOTTA LOVE JAPAN COME ON 3 I was given an ARC for an honest review That One Time by author Marian Tee is an amazing read I cannot say how much I love this book other then as soon as I was done with this book I gifted a copy to my sister I love how Marian Tee makes me feel when I am reading Like many of her other books I went on a roller coaster road of highs and lows with the characters This book was amazing from the beginning to the end Nic and Ayah had intense sexual heat and chemistry with one another leaving me to make eyes at the hubby I do not want to give too much away, however I will say that this story reminds me of those day dreams of younger years before hubby and kids If you want an emotional but heartwarming loving story then this is right for you, not to mention an Alpha male.So from this reader I would totally recommend this book by Marian Tee I can honestly say that That One Time has made the top 5 of my favorite books to read I will continue to recommend this book and others by Marian Tee to others, especially with the amazing prices of all her books. Ok I blame myself for this story to get 4 stars instead of a solid 5 I just don t care for novella length books ESPECIALLY from my favorite authors which Marian Tee definitely is Knowing this, why did I read it because it IS by Marian Tee My only complaint is I wished it was longer I really love her writing style, and can get wrapped up in the stories I did that here I thought it was really good, and just had so much potential to be a longer book I LOVED the main characters, the way they met, the heroine s idea of love at first sight, the super alpha billionaire persona of the hero I even thought the heroine s friends were interesting I just felt that as soon as they started to get into an emotional conflict of some sort, it was rectified I also thought the other woman s character was confusing Ms Tee really packs a lot in a little space, so if you are looking for a short story, this one is for you Yes, I will still read short stories by this author, and still love wish they were longer Some authors are just like that for me I read this as part of The Seduction in the Sun Box Set, but I decided to review the books individually.This novella made little sense to me, it was all over the place.Ayah is a shy virgin too naive to be believed who wins a trip to Paris On the plane, she meets Nic who tells her his name is Luuk , a billionaire After barely speaking two words to him, they are kissing and she nearly loses her virginity On a plane With people staring at them Then he walks away, but she s in love with him already A year passes and she s living in Hong Kong her job is something that was never fully explained and why she is living in HK isn t really either , she and Nic Luuk talk on the phone She thinks he s in the middle of a divorce and too poor to visit, yet she s waiting for him What There s also a barely explained side plot about this woman who Nic is thinking of marrying, but again, it s not fully explained It s implied that he s been dating having sex with this woman while Ayah is pining away for him.I lost interest after awhile, which is sad because it s not a very long story Ayah is the sweetest and purest heroine I ever read about , she is so pure.

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