Blood Lust Rising

Blood Lust RisingI wrote it and I love it Blood Lust Rising is one of the best novels that I have read in a while Fayth Devlin has created an amazing story of vampires, demons, lust, jealousy, sex, nail biting suspense, humor, and did I mention sex I could not put this book down and I loved every minute of it I want of this story It was excellent Ella and Micah are demon vampire hunters They have to work train together Ella is convinced that Micah is out to get her kicked out of the agency they work for Micah thinks Ella is dangerous Both are all ways picking at each other and fighting The tension between them is intense Ella is a half vampire, Micah thinks he is all human Their world changes when they run across a demon and a little lust spell They both wake up in a motel they don t remember getting to Covered in blood and other fluids, after 4 days of continuous sex and not remembering any of it, they both are a little freaked out They also notice that they have tattoo s.matching tattoo s When Eli, Micah s brother shows up and opens the door, Ella knows that something drastic has changed She is a full vampire and Micah may not be totally human So the book is all about Micah finding out who he truly is, Ella finding out how and why she is a full vampire and why they now can t stop having sex or just being near one another.This was a great roller coaster of a book They start with the 2 main characters fighting and arguing continuously You can feel the sexual attraction while they are fighting The demon they encounter just wakes them up to the attraction that was already there The sex scenes were great and if they weren t having mind blowing sex they were kicking ass and taking names against other vamps, were s , and demons As their love starts to grow and they figure out some of the things going on in their world, they know what ever is out there, they can beat it together This a wonderful action paranormal love story.stress on the action both on and off the bed. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads UPDATE 3 31 14 I wrote my original review first thing after reading the book I feel like I should update this review because I could NOT stop thinking about this book all day and all night after I wrote my review I could still smell the blood, I could still feel Micah s touch I just couldn t stop feeling thinking about this book This very rarely happens to me Yes, I have read lots of books and loved them and even had book hangovers but for some reason this book just DID something to me It was my first book by Madeline Pryce and it will not be my last I can t wait to read the rest of this series and any and all other books by Madeline Half vampire half human, demons, and hot steamy sex, how could you not love this book From the first chapter you could tell that Ella and Micah had the chemistry and man did it only get intense after that I love the love hate relationship that they have and it just works for them Characters Ella and Micah s chemistry was apparent from the start and I felt like I was right there in the book with them Sex Holy hotness the sex was so good in this book Religious NOWould I recommend to others HELL YES More than one book in the series yesGenre Paranormal Erotic RomanceWould I read by this author No doubt about ityes As A Half Breed Vampire, Ella Grey S Life Sucks She Does Her Best To Pass The Time Killing Demons And Secretly Admiring Her Shadow Hunter Partner, Micah He S Hot, Dangerous And Knows It He D Be Just Ella S Type If He Weren T Likely To Kill Her The Moment She Put A Toe Out Of LineA Chance Encounter With A Succubus Changes Everything From The Second The Succubus S Spell Washes Over Them, Ella And Micah Are Helpless To Keep Their Hands Off One Another The Sex, When It S Not Leaving Them On The Verge Of Death, Is Earth Shattering And For The First Time In Ages Ella Is Connected With Someone On A Level She D Feared Lost Forever But A Dangerous Prophecy Has Been Set Into Motion, And If Ella S Not Careful It Ll Pull Her Straight From Micah S Arms And Into The Deepest Bowels Of The Underworld A Romantica Paranormal Erotic Romance From Ellora S CavePublisher S Note This Book Was Previously Published Under The Title Blood Lust Rising It Has Been Revised And Expanded For EC My ThoughtsFirst off, I have to say this novel just flat out did it for me From the very start, the chemistry between Ella and Micah jumps off the page There is an intensity and completely impassioned feel to this novel A great love story and a solid engaging plot, this is a novel that a Paranormal Romance fan will not want to miss out on About the story For 500 years, the Shadow Agency has been protecting humanity from vampires and demons Ella and Micah are both Shadow Hunters sworn to uphold and protect One problem Ella is now a half vampire Her ex lover is a vampire and he tried to turn her when she was gravely injured However, the attempt wasn t successful and Ella ended up somewhere in between She has a vampire s fangs and lust for blood, however she refuses to give into the temptation She promised the Shadow Agency she never would otherwise they would kill her outright Micah is Ella s hunting partner sent to watch and report back to the head of the Agency his father on whether Ella is a threat There is a demon prophecy that foretells of a Vampire Queen and Demon Son who will cause mayhem and destruction on the world that will lead to total destruction During one of Ella and Micah s hunts, the intensity of their lust attracted the attention of a succubus demon The succubus believed Ella and Micah to be the prophesied Vampire Queen and Demon Son and enchanted them to fulfill a demon mating ritual To avoid any spoilers, I must stop there This first novel in the trilogy introduces the story world and unfolds a sequence of events that lead to a resolution However, there s still a lot of story left to tell I am really looking forward to where the author is going to take us in this trilogy About the Characters Fayth Devlin is a genius when it comes to character development I became invested in the heroine and hero of this story within the first few pages and found myself really caring for Ella and Micah and fretting through their moments of conflict.Ella is a compelling and realistic character While fearless as a hunter, she also showed very feminine qualities This short sentence from the novel completely endeared me to Ella and had me laughing out loud because I can totally relateLeft alone in a man s apartment, when he didn t want me here in the first place, what was a girl to do I snooped Ever under the watchful and suspicious eye of the Agency s leader, Ella consistently showed her dedication Our heroine goes through a lot in this novel and it s obvious that the author has taken the time to consider how a person would react in certain situations Ella s reactions are realistic She shows bravery when needed yet cried when things became too much One of my pet peeves in novels is when the heroine never cries It s ok to cry, as it s a true to life reaction Micah s character is developed with the same finesse showing many sides to his personality Initially, the author portrays him as a player and rather arrogant This quote is Ella describing his reaction to her lapse when smelling fresh bloodA gentleman would have overlooked my bloodlust, would have looked away and let me compose myself without snide remarks about fangs and cages Not Micah He loved two things himself and throwing my flaws in my face I m not sure which was number one on his list Micah is totally alpha male but then we see his caring side Devastated at the thought he had hurt Ella during their 4 day tryst , he was in agony He tried to stay away from her thinking to protect her, even though their being apart made him ill and there was a possibility he would die On their relationship From page 1, the chemistry between Ella and Micah jumps off the page It s intense, uncontrollable and completely impassioned The sex scenes are explicit in this novel very titillating and very well writtenMicah was too close for me to sense anything other than him The way my body reacted to his was unsettling The man didn t occupy space he claimed it The heat from his too hot body lined my back and set my nerves on an edge in a way that was both unnatural and wholly unwanted I needed to step forward and put some distance between us Thinking became impossible when Micah s hot breath fanned across the back of my neck My bloodlust was shoved aside with ruthless abandon All that remained was an overwhelming surge of sexual lust My galloping heart chased away my self control When my hands began to tremble, I shoved them into the front pockets of my tight leather jacket and hugged the lapels around me as if it would protect me Micah took one step My body hummed with the restraint it took not to turn around and nuzzle his throat The closer he got, the erratic his thunderous heartbeat became The rushing sound of blood was gasoline on a fire that was rapidly surging out of control That blurb is from Chapter 1 Just saying The rest of the novel is just as amazing Other Characters Most authors focus on developing the main characters so thoroughly, the supporting characters are sometimes neglected Not Fayth Devlin The other characters are expertly introduced and developed Ella s uncle Roy and sister Hannah, Micah s father Richard and brother Eli, Julian Ella s sire , Lizbeth villain to name a few are very memorable and compelling.Bottom LineThis is a novel that a lover of steamy Paranormal Romance will not want to miss out on The author shows her expertise at creating multi faceted characters both main and supporting , and integrating them into an exciting storyworld and plot This is a great introduction to the trilogy and I highly recommend you add this one to the top of your To Be Read list Happy Reading 5 Bad Boys Absolutely Loved It 4.5 starsElla GrayMicah MacGregorThis is a revised review of Dark Cravings, formerly published as Blood Lust Rising 1.13.14 Having had the opportunity to revisit this story for this review, two things struck me 1 This is an exciting ride It s like being dropped into the middle of a class 5 white water rafting trip It is fast with lots of twists and turns Yet, unlike other books, I did not feel lost, but rather connected to the characters 2 The new additions address my original critiques Madeline Price expands the early chapters of the book to include a flashback that connects two important points in the story It helps us visualize the extent of the connection between Ella and Micah following the encounter with the succubus She also flushes out the ending and it is satisfying There are deeper connections between characters making the conflicts and concerns agonizing IN A NUTSHELL I again heartily recommend this book It is a fun, fast and furious read This book hit me like a Mac Truck and then I just hitched onto the back bumper and went along for the thrilling ride From the moment it starts with a lust curse cast by a demon, Ella Gray and Micah MacGregor are never be the same They are inextricably linked together as lifemates and literally need each other to survive They are confronted by their overwhelming sexual need, a vengeful Queen vampire, werewolves, and a jealous alpha sire This story hits all the right buttons 1 The sexually encounters are passionate I m pretty sure my Kindle had steam rising off of it view spoiler The hospital scene will surely raise the reader s temperature a few degrees Wow wee, hot hide spoiler The first book of Fayth Devlin s new Vampire Queen Trilogy Blood Lust Rising kicks of with a blast This new Paranormal Romance book with a kick has everything you are looking for in your new read for on your TBR List Blood Lust Rising is hot, fast paced, enticing, intense but also fun and full of vampire and demon action From the very beginning Fayth pulls you in this fantastic world from the first chapter and doesn t let you down until the last Blood Lust Rising has a solid plot and good world building, a good romance story line and realistic characters I really fell in love the the characters of this book I specially liked Ella the Kick ass pain in the ass heroine and I totally believed in the relationship between Elle and Micah The story is constant on the move there s a lot going on, from people trying to kill Ella, a lot of HOT romantic love scenes with Micah, to the return of her sire Julian The only thing I didn t get is what made Elle a living vampire, instead of regular one I understood why the Queen was that way, but unlike her, Elle wasn t born a vamp, so why is she special At first I thought it was because she didn t drink blood, but even once she does, her heart still beats So, that bothered me a little The only disappointment was the fight between Ella and the main bad villain of this book, I would have liked to read a little about how they kick each other s ass Overall I really enjoyed Blood Lust Rising.There is a big tease for the second part of the trilogy, but that s not written as a cliff hanger The main story line is solved and ended with a satisfying end I m looking forward where Fayth will bring us in the second book of this fantastic Trilogy This is really a new addiction I know i will be craving for ARC provided by author for review This book was suggested by I downloaded the sample without noticing the price Needless to say I enjoyed the Kindle sample used the buy now option I was 70% in prior to noticing the 8 I spent on an ebook from a new to me author UGH I was not happy sigh Whatever, I blame my buy now trigger finger Luckily, the story was a sufficiently complex one that managed to surprise me with unexpected twist The pace was a quick one full of subterfuge, sex, violence, angst The characters are sufficiently developed well thought out I rate this 5 stars. Overall, not bad The plot was a bit stupid, but the characters were interesting to read about The romance was super hot, but the idea of soul mates was pretty cheesy The action and the plot twists were captivating, but I had problems with that ending involving Julian There were ups and downs, but in the end, it s a book I would recommend to those wanting a steamy, relatively angst free NA A PNR.

Madeline Pryce wrote her first novel when she was ten, penned with neon pink ink in a loose leaf binder Captivated by romantic literature, yet intrigued by the paranormal, she continues to develop her own voice, writing the kinds of stories that inspired her as a teen.

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