The Experiment (Saving Caeorleia #1)

The Experiment (Saving Caeorleia #1) In The Distant Future, Humans Wage War Against The Alien Planet Caeorleia, With No Tactic Off Limits If It Will Help The Humans Get Their Hands On Caeorleia S Resources Ask Ryker He Thought He Volunteered For A Simple Experiment That Would Help His Government In The War He Didn T Realize Sadistic Doctors Would Turn Him Into The Experiment By Injecting Him With Blood From A Captured Caeorleian, Seral IorflasNor Did Ryker Realize He D Be Sent To Sabotage A Planet Full Of The Very Beings His World Is Battling, Beings Who Kill Humans On Sight But Then, Thanks To The Experiment That Irrevocably Changed Him, He Isn T Exactly Human Any Longer And With Each Passing Day, As His Blood Bond With Seral Strengthens, He S Less And Less Sure As To Whose Side He S On


❰Ebook❯ ➢ The Experiment (Saving Caeorleia #1)  Author Alicia Nordwell –
  • ebook
  • 270 pages
  • The Experiment (Saving Caeorleia #1)
  • Alicia Nordwell
  • English
  • 27 March 2017
  • 9781627983549

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    This book will have wildly different ratings depending on the reader Some people will love this one, unfortunately, I didn t From the blurb, I anticipated a gritty alien torture sci fi with a slow burn romance That isn t what this book is like at all, so be forewarned It is much similar to yaoi style books Insta love or close to it , forced mating, a top and bottom with defined roles you get the idea However, I actually like some yaoi books, so I could have adjusted to the change from my expectations to the reality of the book My main issue is that this book is very similar in concept and feel to The Last Pure Human by Twisted Hilarity , which is unfortunately no longer listed on Goodreads because the librarians have been removing unfinished works However, The Last Pure Human was much better in every way, I m afraid I ll try not to compare the stories too much and just analyze this on its own, but it will be a struggle because I compared the two stories often while reading.I ll go into some of my biggest problems with this story For one, I didn t feel the chemistry between the two MCs Ryker was way too accepting of Seral, especially considering his history of abuse while in captivity Ryker seemed to just glide into a healthy relationship and welcome his new role as alien husband with ease I wanted much emotion, tension there I felt like it read really false I think that even though they had binding marks on their bodies, the romance should have been slow burn I also had some issues with the world building It felt underdone and half hearted Except from a few strange fruit and animals, Ryker didn t seem too surprised at the alien world He fell into step too easily and I think it was a missed opportunity to add some excitement into the story What I really struggled with, though, was the style It felt a soap opera ish and I didn t love the shifting first person POVs I sometimes love first person POV, but here, it felt like the easy way out I felt like I was being told, rather than shown, how the characters were feeling I also often found myself growing bored and it took some real effort to force myself to finish Like I said earlier, I think many will really like this book It isn t bad, just not my tastes and not what I was expecting I think fans of books like Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn will enjoy this story Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    The plotIn a future, Earth is in war against Ceaorleia humans want that planet, their resources what humans will sacrifice to win this war Oh so simple what a greedy human would do to win, what would be done Where would be the limit in the human need to conquer another world No limitnothing would be too much neither use humans as weaponMeet Ryker, an unlucky human, volunteer in what he thought was just a scientific experiment.It was but he could never guess HE would be the guinea pig the animal used in the experiments.The story begin with Ryker no longer a human now. an alien as Ceaorleia habitants.Original I said it s original how much Because let s face it, it s hard to find good and original stories Well, I will not spoil but I must say everything, from Ceaprleian s humming vibrations language, from the alien planet itself, I love everything Each detail, everything was perfect and VERY original It s an abuse non consensual sex story There is kidnapping no No.There is no rape scene, and yes, Ryker is traumatized but it s just some facts, he will remember but never tell you, even when he is the narrator.What Even WHEN he is the narrator There will be than one point of view YESoh GOD yes And guess what there will be an alien POV Seral.Seral is a native from the alien planet and will know Ryker in a very unpleasant situation it s a romantic story, you must read to know I WILL NOT spoil saying .There is something that made me squeeeeee in delight oh damn YEAH It was Seral wildness He is view from Ryker as something close to a vampire Long claws, drinking blood, long fangs, black eyes, pale skin BUT don t think it s one of those vampires you read somewhere No, complete original story, also this vampire aspect of the race is very interesting and I LOVE IT Romantic, but not sappy sci fi, but the perfect balance between action and description of alien world and behaves Once a online freebie, now published, it was a delight surprise then and again now rereding the published version, and made me want to read much All about this couple and their unusual loveA broken man, a wild alien vampire can it be possible Can they love each other, in times of war A tziu and his isit soul mates, despite all their efforts war is war, and the seek for power can be a danger for both of them.I wish I could give than 5 stars This story is amazing, and I certainly recommend it to all readers searching a sci fi, but also a very sweet love story.

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    Overall I thought The Experiment was a pretty fun sci fi romance The story follows human Ryker, whose body is altered by human scientists as part of their war against another alien race The experiments are very much against his will, and to his horror, he and one of the aliens they re fighting against are ejected into a shuttle and sent to the alien s planet.There, Ryker expects a quick death by the aliens hands, but instead, is faced with a much gentler treatment than what he experienced by his own kind He is forced to confront who are his real enemies, and also who he is now in this new altered body.I am a fan of the forced marriage trope when it s not rape y, and thankfully, that s where this story falls as Ryker and his fellow alien captive Seral have to join to survive because of what the scientists had injected into them before they were released Seral, who feels a deep connection to his new mate Ryker, understands that Ryker is not at the same place as him, nor does he understand any of Seral s culture, including what it means to join, so he patiently and carefully enfolds Ryker into his world without pressuring him Ryker is suffering from severe PTSD from his trauma during his years of being experimented on Even with his trauma, the story isn t too dark because those painful experiences are not detailed and graphic, which I appreciated If you dislike non con and torture like me, know that The Experiment is not too graphic, and much of the focus is on his recovery and adjustment to his new world and to his new alien husband.In this way, the book reminded me of the movie Avatar since it shared some similar traits of entering into and falling in love with an alien world, and how the world you are from may actually be the enemy to watch out for.As a heads up the dynamic between smaller Ryker and larger Seral has kind of a yaoi esque seme uke tone and reading this reminded me of Rob Colton and Rowan McBride and other m m writers that often focus on the protective larger mate and the protected smaller mate tropes, although the characters here are not as burly hairy as in Colton s seminal novel Timber Pack Chronicles nor did it have muscles bursting out of clothes like in McBride s works Although there were clothes being torn off with claws literally before some sexy times If you are adverse to that school of characters, you may have a harder time with this story Even as Ryker grows stronger, and faces his fears after his trauma, the dynamic follows that yaoi esque path I ve read and enjoyed a lot of yaoi, so it worked fine with me, but I know some don t like those tropes, so heads up.Even with the seme uke dynamics, I did really like Seral and Ryker s chemistry, and I m a fan of a good healing relationship story It didn t fall too hurt comfort where it was overwhelming on comfort, and I did feel like it was a good level of understanding and space for a character who was very traumatized It was easy to sympathize with Ryker s fears of intimacy and trust, which made his slow bloom back to life even nicer to read.Near the end of the book, some characters were introduced that, to a learned romance reader s eye, reveals the seeds for future couples, so it looks like this is the first book of a series For readers who hate cliffhangers like me , please know that the ending here is satisfying, so even if books come out, you will not be left hanging here.This novel was born as a free serial on, and there, you can read the second book in the series Adverse Effects for free and it just was completed Nordwell, under penname Cia, has a bunch of free stories, novellas, and novels on, so if you like her style, there s a lot to check out there along with her published works Do I recommend this book I do if you re a big sci fi romance fan, and if you re fine with the big small traditional yaoi dynamic Nordwell did introduce some cool word building, including the culture of joining, and how it s different on Seral s world, and I thought that was pretty neat.Will I read the next book Yes, I would read the next book I m intrigued enough about Seral s world and with following the future of the other characters who were introduced in the book.Overall, a fun, intriguing imaginative sci fi read with a good mix of romance and action and sexy times Review first posted to Boys in our Books.

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    I found this a fun read, and I ll probably read the next part if there is one since Nordwell successfully raised my curiosity about late arriving characters like Dade and Nicklaus It s safe to say I m a fan of any and all variations of the alien abduction story, and a downright sucker for the big tough alpha alien meets meek earth boy plotline This was of an engaging play on the familiar elements of that story rather than an exploration of new territory Sadly but predictably, our toppy vampiric alien turns out to be a big marshmallow, whose dominance consists of overprotectiveness and a willingness to devote his life to making his mate happy Still, the book was much better written than the average alien abduction story, the plot had enough twists and adventure to keep me interested, and I liked both MCs enough to feel happy when they were happy The good chemistry and hot manlove scenes were also quite appreciated I was most dissatisfied with the experiment itself, namely the account of Ryker s extreme abuse at the hands of doctors It s a pretty common set up, and is evolving into a major pet peeve of mine The sequence reminded me of Laurann Dohner s New Species series or recently Seven, where you have these evil scientists who are so monstrous they lose any resemblance to actual human beings and because of that are fundamentally uninteresting as either characters or even social phenomena As a contrast I would posit the people involved in judicial torture in Manna Francis Mind Fuck, who are riveting both in themselves and for the system they represent I get especially frustrated and impatient because a good villain, one with some genuine charisma and motivation, is often enough to make me obsess over an otherwise ho hum book I am hoping the evil but sorta sexy council member, Buphet, who was casting lustful looks at Ryker from the margins will reappear in the sequel maybe he could kidnap him and take him to his lair Enough of the rant Bottom line I d already DNF d three books this weekend, but this I finished with enthusiasm If there is a sequel I will read it.

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    Gritty beginning with rainbows and unicorns ending.So I expected this to be darker, or rather, darker for longer than it was After the start it turned very lovey dovey and played into the possessive, caring, bigger male and delicate, smaller, feisty male theme which is fine Not my favorite, but I ll roll with it I guess I wanted of this Seral lifted his wrist to his mouth and licked at the bite marks It didn t hurt You may not have fangs, but I liked it when you bit me But it quickly became sweet Very sweet There s evil guys to thwart, a traitor to reveal and a few cultural misunderstandings to overcome Nice set of new characters introduced at the end which would actually encourage me to read their stories Dade and Nicklaus So, I ended up reading something much fluffier than I expected, but enjoyed it.

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    The Experiment wasn t what I expected and I was having a hard time getting into the story I was expecting something a little bit gritty and dark, since there is mention of experimental abuse with one of the characters Plus, I m having a hard time getting the concept of naked vampire based alien species from another planet similar in the sense of claws, fangs, and moments of neck biting There s a soul bonding mate feel reminiscent of werewolf shifter stories between the main alien character and the human and I kept getting turned off with the whole I keep getting horny when the alien is close to me, especially in a culture where most everyone is naked Felt a bit too porny for me.The story feels very yaoi ish, if that makes any sense And so far, there s a lot telling than showing, so it s hard for me to sympathize with an abused character since the history of abuse is told and his reaction to things don t always feel appropriate i.e the human MC was raped during his experimentation, but he gets pretty horny around his newly met alien mate.So in all, it just didn t meet my expectation and mood It doesn t mean the story was bad, just not by cuppa.

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    They d lied to us.We weren t working on an experiment We were the experiment Five years ago Ryker was at the end of his rope Broke, alone, and increasingly surrounded by the drumbeats of humanities war mongering, he took a chance at a new beginning It seemed the government needed some people to help study the environmental safety of a planet they intended to colonize As an ex lab tech, Ryker figures he s got as good a shot as any other candidate And he does He s perfect Except it was all a lie And now, after five years of torture, rape, and being subjected to every test and experiment the scientists could think up, there isn t very much left of the Ryker that left Earth in search of one last chance After everything that has happened to him, he is not even human any.When he is bonded genetically to the Caeorleian prisoner, Seral, and dumped on the prisoner s home world in order to act as a spy, Ryker is nothing than a scarred and terrified Caeorleian human hybrid He doesn t know what to make of Seral, who claims to be Ryker s isit basically husband bondmate or the strange family that is now claiming him as their own Life, over the last five years, has taught him everything about pain and degradation, so he very much doubts that it has suddenly decided to listen to his broken please now But when Seral looks at him I loved the aliens in this book Seriously, they and the world they lived on were great It felt like someone actually took the time to think up an alien that was different enough to make me curious, but real enough that I didn t spend most of the book totally confused as to what exactly it was that I am supposed to be imagining I found it cool that the author made these aliens feel unique And loved seeing them react to the various noises that Ryker makes, especially his laughing.The connection love between Ryker and Seral was very well written It didn t feel like insta love, though it certainly had enough of the traits The bonding between them connected them, but it felt like the romance had to grow at its own pace After everything that Ryker had been through, it was nice to see that he didn t automatically take one look at Seral and want to jump his bones Trust became want, became desire, became love And while I would have liked for the love part to have held off a bit longer, it never felt out of place when it did crop up There were also some hot biting scenes which pleased me greatly Oh the joys of sex with vampiric aliens feel like I should mention they are not in fact vampires, they just have a lovely set of fangs and a penchant for nibbling on their bed partners.There are several aspects of this book that didn t quite work with me Ryker turns into a bit of an annoying, whining, ass, and Seral into an overprotective he man clich It was only for a bit, but it was not pleasant to read all the same I get that Ryker feels the need to do something, to help the man he loves but for the love of all that is shiny and sweet can we please stop having characters, after taking a hit to their ego, sneak off convinced that they clearly know better than anyone else that ever existed It makes me want to start shooting people I swear this clich pops up in of all action orientated stories And I want it to stop I don t like that I can pick up a story and know exactly how the climax is going to come about It kills the fun I read for the fun Please stop trying to kill my fun.Also, the reveal of the traitor Really Like there was no build up whatsoever to that reveal The character basically turned from fun loving to crazed and power hungry in like the length of a few pages It made no sense None I get that it was supposed to be a surprise, but you don t live with someone that long, know them their whole lives and care for them that deeply without seeing at least some aspects of raging psycho killer pop up at some point It just felt incredibly forced.I was impressed by this novel While there were some points where it fell into clich , it never seemed to stay there for long, and it always strived to work everything into a clear plot The writing was entertaining enough that I didn t want to stop reading, and I was drawn to these characters from almost their first words And can I say it was refreshing to read a SciFi novel that doesn t feel the need to explain every single detail to me Books that basically have their first chapter read as This is the History of the Universe and Every Organism Found in it bore me to tears I really felt like the author trusted us to simply stick with the story, to learn as we go along, and I have to say that was wonderful And not just because it actually made the story flow right from the beginning We knew what we needed to know, when we needed to know it, and the rest of the minutia was left to our imaginations And since most of the characters were naked for good portion of the book it was rather pleasant imaginings I had a lot of fun in this world three cheers for cultural based nudity , and I hope that there is another book in the series so we get a chance to go back and learn some This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways Click below.

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    3.0 StarsHoly hell this was a lot of effort to slog through At times I loved it the scifi elements, the alien societyeven some of the OTT drama BUT if it weren t for the audio I don t think I d have finished it because it was just sotoo much Like, a good editor would have tightened up the story to eliminate unnecessary or confusing scenes Plus, the drama while OTT was also a bit juvenile IDK how to explain itlike, things were made into a big deal and overly emotional when it would have played out better in a mature manner Ack, wording today I m not good at.As for the audio, yes it helped me get through the story It was also over acted in a lot of places Don t get me wrong, at first I loved that when a bit of dialogue is yelled the narrator actually YELLED IT Rarely do I ever hear that But after a while that got on my nerves Because there was a lot of dramatic yelling.I m not reading listening to the second one it s MF and unless I need it for a challenge I m not likely to read the third one either even though it s MM God, I m so depressed about this one because I wanted to love it that blurb is written like it was meant for me and I was so looking forward to itEdited to add Oh, my biggest question about this whole plot was why a civilian was picked for the experiment Well, Tamara asks the same question and elucidates why it was a terrible idea not to use a soldier or other genetic construct.

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    I read this story some time ago when Cia aka Alicia Nordwell had this story published on line Having enjoyed the on line version, as well the author s contribution to the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries event, I was interested to see if there was much difference between the two versions Admittedly my memory may not be all that clear, but it seems there is no fundamental change.Earth that has long plunged into desolation trees and grass are only found in vids, and winter rule much of the year with few employment opportunities for the population Down to his last few days in a tiny box like apartment he could no longer afford, Ryker volunteered to a science experiment the reality of which turned out to be far different from the one he thought he had signed up for.The experiment he found himself in was one that aimed at finding a way to win a war against an alien species Having successfully capturing one of the aliens, Seral, the scientists decide upon a barbaric plan With the help of the volunteers and using Seral s blood, they aimed at genetically changing humans to match the aliens creating spies that would blend in seamlessly on Seral s home world Of course, they didn t quite plan on how using Seral s blood to create the now modified humans might affect one in particular Ryker.Against his will, Riker finds himself responding to Seral but having undergone five years of torture, he only expects pain and perhaps death when the scientists dump him, along with Seral, on Seral s home world Ryker, though, would never have imagined that Seral would also respond in return.This story almost has an insta love feel, yet avoids it though the explanation of scientific experimentation It is told from alternating points of view Seral and Ryker s and I liked seeing the how different interpretations of events quite disparate at first slowly grow aligned as the two men grow closer physically and emotionally There is a little of the helpless female role about Ryker requiring rescue from the strong male character, but fortunately this diminishes as the story as the story moves forward All in all, I enjoyed re visiting the story, and look forward to the next in the series.

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    Holy crap, this book was amazing Right off the bat, it pulled me into Ryker s painful story He s been tricked by Earth s government and taken on a ship to an alien world During the 5 year journey, the Doctor s experimented on him, hurt him, abused him and turned him into something not quite human He s not sure how he survived but knows he can t take much .When they finally arrive to Caeorleia, the doctors plan to release him along with Seral an alien who s also been held captive They hope to plant Ryker as a spy and find a way to take over the planet What the doctors didn t anticipate, was the immediate bond that formed between Ryker and Seral.This story is super steamy and full of adventure It s really well written with good plot and character development Can t wait to read .

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