Music Notes (Heartbeat, #3)

Music Notes (Heartbeat, #3) The series was ok, at times a little slow and predictable Wow, just wow Almost speechless, well almost, lol.Music notes picks up where Loves Notes ends, but from Rand s POV You still get snippets here and there from Madison, but it is mostly told from Rand s perspective and what a perspective it is I thought I wanted and loved him before, ha Shows what I know No wonder he s fictional because he truly is too good to be true and yes Madison is his soul mate You just feel it They are phenomenal together I couldn t put this book down and look forward to of the series How Will Madison And Rand Keep Their Love And Music Playing Music Notes Book Three Of The Heartbeat Series Just When Life Seems To Be Going Smooth, Madison Receives News That Leaves Her Speechless She S A Writer That For The Moment Cannot Form Her Words Rand Now Is The One To Continue Their Story His Story Music Notes Will Take You On The Tour With Max Rand As His First Solo Album Simply Mad Is Launched Will His Travel For Several Months Put Distance In Their Relationship Can Their Love Survive Rand Will Travel Through His Own Journey Of Self Discovery Along The Way Just When Rand Is At A High Point In His Life, A Collapse Will Bring One Of Them DownRand Madison One Person Will Offer The Ultimate Sacrifice See The Songs That Rand Has Written, And Where His Inspiration Comes From Follow This Novel And See How It Plays Out OMG WOW What a really Fantastic read, another hard to put down book by Renee Lee Fisher.Emotion overload again this one from Rand s POV it wasn t a repeat of the previous book like so many other Authors do, and it was good getting Rand s perspective rather than Madison s like we ve had previously.This being the Final book in the Series although I now find out there s coming Yipee but I suspect it will be based on the other fabulous characters and that s a good thing because I loved getting to know all the others and there s going to be some good stories about them so I really look forward to , but I hope we get of Rand and Madison s future too Renee writes addicting stuff, there were lots of problems that Rand and Madison had to overcome, insecurity being the main obstacle but they do truly Love each other and get through it, their relationship is very emotional and intense this book was engaging and truly Amazing I smiled, shed a few tears and a few times my heart was in my mouth at some of the things going on, great ending to Rand and Madison s Love Story. I love this book It s told in a different perspective and it s incredible I read this in one sitting I could put not it down This is an AMAZING series that will hook you right from the beginning and keep you reading to the very end I look forward to from this author I highly recommend this entire series Blown Away Are the two words that come to mind after reading Music Notes This book has kept me captivated from the first chapter Just when I thought The Heartbeat Series couldn t get any better It did Renee Lee Fisher has outdone herself and I m looking forward to reading First Beat the fourth book of the Heartbeat Series. Must readWell I was an emotional mess during this book It was worth it though to have that ending I have truly enjoyed this series and look forward to Raeford and Jillian s story Awesome job Renee This book was even better than the first two There were some things that I expected and was happy about There were also some surprises I can t wait to continue with this series I usually read young adult books but this series has pulled me into adult books Wow, I am blown away In this next installment of the heartbeat series Rand and Madison face the new facets of their relationship, friendships are evolving, new friends and things from the past all combine to test their love.Massive suprises in this story, after the ending of love notes I could have screamed lol but definitely made up for it in music notes hint secret musical note love it, love it, love it Thought I should mention The Wall in each book the wall is mentioned but until this story I really had no particular reason to focus on it What began as a tribute to rolling isaac s journey is now a reflection of how much each band member has changed grown up Anyone who cared to look closely would see what is now most important to each and everyone of them madison included.Rand faces something he never imagined possible I was angry at first but as it became clearer I had to fist pump for him and the band members.This has heartache, tragedy, friendship, success, new directions but most of all love You can see how much Rand truly loves Madison..and you will see how much she loves him.All I can say is brave brave maddy I ve deliberately skipped over jillian and cecille in this story bc I know they have their own story to tellBless mr rand you will understand later I promiseIm sad to say goodbye to Rand and Madison when their journey isnt over but I look forward to the bands stories I have my fingers crossed 3Again a beautiful, heart wrenching installment of the heartbeat series xxx I received an ARC in exchanged for an honest review This is a review of all three books combined Madison was trying to find herself after her failed marriage I liked that she decided to persue her dreams of writing When Madison introduces herself to Max Rand there was an instant connection between the two We see the struggle that Madison went through with her insecurities and her confidence when it came to being around Rand and all the beautiful girls that follow rock stars.I liked Rand He was sexy, kind and mysterious A man with a lot of loses in his life however, he chose to enjoy the one thing he loved Music and eventually make Madison HIS.Overall, I felt that all three books were OK Each book flowed into the other nicely and the stories eventually developed into a HEA It was good to see each character grow and learn to trust, love and overcome obstacles.My fault with this series was that I felt that the story was predictable At times I was bored Even when the writer tried to throw in a few curve balls I could still see what was coming I wanted to be on the edge of my seat, I wanted to feel that emotional connection to the main characters but all I could come up with was the word OK.I could not end off my review without mentioning the supporting characters You will like their sense of humours, root for them and also want to find out about them.I rated this each book in this series with a 3 star I just didn t feel the love in this one Sorry

out to her at author reneeleefisher.comRenee resides in Eagleville, PA with her husband Michael, of many years and her two cats Nyah and Cody She has a great support system of Love from her family and friends.Renee BELIEVES you should follow your DREAMS and that The HAPPIEST of people don t have the best of everything,they simply make the best of everything.Renee loves to travel, especially to St Martin Netherland Antilles She enjoys meeting new people to inspire her and she will always write down a person s name that is unique to use as a potential character in her future writings.

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