Sweet Requiem (Sweet #3)

Sweet Requiem (Sweet #3) This Is Categorized As A New Adult Novel, With Some Mild Adult Content Returning To Kennebunkport, Maine, Isn T All That It S Cracked Up To Be For Nari And Rydan Barely Escaping One Evil By The Skin Of Their Teeth, Running Head First Into The Next Was The Last Thing They Were Expecting With Nari S Best Friend Zaylie Held Hostage By The Leader Of The Black Eagles, Nari S Number One Priority Is Getting Zaylie, Along With Everyone Else She Cares About, Out Of Nikolai S Clutches Safe And Sound Only, The Worst Thing That Could Possibly Happen Has Happened Death Before Nari Can Even Comprehend Her Worst Nightmare Coming True, She Is Pulled Back Into The Very Place She Had Thought She Escaped But The Nightmare Doesn T End There Just As She Sees A Silver Lining To Her Otherwise Gloomy Cloud, She Discovers Heart Wrenching News And Has To Yet Again Escape An Untimely Death With The Hope Of Undoing What Would Normally Be Permanent, Nari, With The Help Of The Two Brothers She Loves Most In The World, Sets Her Mind On A Mission That Will Ultimately Mean Her Downfall Is The End Result Worth The Sacrifice Namin Is Left In The Earthly Realm To Tend To An Injured Ender And F A She Must Learn To Cope With The New Human Elements Thrown Her Way, But In The Process, Discovers Something May Be Terribly Wrong With Her Family Back Home The One Place She Can No Longer Get To Continue The Journey That Started It All Mycah, Rydan, Nari, And Namin Are Determined To Take Back The Throne Except, That Which Starts Sweet, Ends Bitter

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Sweet Requiem (Sweet #3)
  • Bailey Ardisone
  • English
  • 12 October 2017

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    Life for Namine has always been a battle But her battles are only beginning Where she once battled family, she now battles for a world that is bigger than she is For a cause that is bigger than she is But this battle is than just a battle of strength It is a battle of wills and a battle of the heart So much is on the line for Namine, Rydan, Mycah and Nari, will their combined strength be enough to deliver them safely through this next struggle Throughout the Sweet Series we have followed the story of Nari, Mycah, Rydan and Namine, watching as they all come to terms with what has been set before them There has been a ton of struggle, heartbreak, scars, and none of their lives will be the same Throughout the series there is one thing you can count on Mycah s desire to take back his kingdom You know that s where this story is going, that s part of what this story is about With every book we get closer to the ending, which I am sure will be explosive But along the way we get to see these characters falter and grow We get to see them become truly remarkable people We see them make sacrifices for each other, their kingdom and the greater good We see them grow stronger as they take a stand and fight for the future they all so strongly desire Nari becomes stronger and confidant as she accepts the truth of where she truly belongs The same with Rydan As he finally accepts the truth about his life we see him morph into an incredible warrior who is definitely a force to be reckoned with Of course Mycah is his own special creature We have always known that he was fierce and loyal, but now we get to discover just how deep his loyalty goes We get a glimpse at than just the warrior elf, we get a glimpse into what it s really like to have the weight of the kingdom on your shoulders To finally learn some of what Mycah has gone through absolutely killed what little resolve I had before I began Sweet Requiem He has always been the strong, rock that everyone could depend on But in Sweet Requiem we are given a brief glimpse at a very broken Mycah As his hurt and pain unfolded on the page so did my tears His pain, deep and real made what was left of my heart crumble at my feet If I didn t love Mycah before this book, I would certainly love him now Since I already love him, this book just made me love him that much Mycah s love knows no bounds, he loves deep, hard and with his entire being, he loves so much it hurts And it is just WOW Sweet Requiem was a beautifully orchestrated piece, that played my emotions like a fiddle Every time hope swelled in my heart something was there to smash it down into utter darkness I cried so many times throughout this book I thought all my tears had surely dried up, but nope Bailey Ardisone proved that even with all those shed tears I could still cry Especially when my heart is torn out of my chest and dropped off a cliff Bailey Ardisone did that, she ripped my heart out and dropped it off a ciff with the ending of this book This book was one giant emotional roller coaster I was ready for heartbreak, but I think I cried a river with this one.But despite the tears and the wet kindle, Sweet Requiem was a magical story that was full of moments that were sheer poetry With words so eloquent and beautiful they just flowed off the page and sang to my soul I felt every emotion deep as if it were my own I lived this story Felt this story as I curled up on my couch and sat there transfixed until I had devoured every single word I was left an emotional wreck, but Sweet Requiem was worth every Single Tear Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    New adult my foot there is some booty grabbing and lusty kisses that is it and a crap ton of b.s and stupidity hey run over here, now run over there now let s play with swords in the woods and fight bad guys or just get our asses handed to us because we are idiots yep let s do that one do not read this looking for new adult maturity levels this is a young teen level maturity book with some lusty moments that is it I love elves and unicorns and shizzle, really, who doesn t but this goes too far Ender is a t.o.o.l why are we listening to this idiot again and namile, woman, I would have clubbed her unconscious and moved on she is grating on the nerves submissive my inner feminist kept trying to reach through the book a d biotch slap these women and I use the term women lightly really little girls in adult bodies and why the expletive are they in a hurry to go back and save the a hole elves sure go back and find a nice quiet spot away from everybody else I could see that, but no and oh we can t be together, it is wrong because it is the tradition of people who kill women out right for infidelity and murder babies of mixed heritage say it is wrong wtf since when do we bow before that kind of b.s really my inner feminist is about ready hurt somebody Will I read book 4, yes, yes I will because now it has become like mystery science theatre 3000, so bad you have to watch and laugh or weep.

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    WOW What a rollercoaster ride I have eagerly been awaiting this book and my sorry butt has just now gotten to it I really missed MY Mycahand sighs I was soooo glad to get back to him.Many things happen in Sweet Requiem that brings our heros heroines together to overcome the obstacles placed before them Each one is growing and learning discovering and about themselves as they battle the forces against them.Yet, they still have a ways to go Sweet Requiem kept me on the edge of my seat with the tumultuous events endured by Nari, Mycah, Rydan, and Namine I was tore up by the difficult decisions that seemed to plague them every time you turned around, and I knew that all I could do was to keep reading to see if I could see that light at the end of the tunnel.And then.BAMthe book endeddriving me off that proverbial cliffforcing me to wait patiently for book 4 cries Ahhhhhhhh..I need it NOW I must know what happens sighs I am not complainingBailey Ardisone is a genius and Sweet Requiem is beautifully written A magical world created uniquely by her that has come to life spinning a mystical tale of epic proportionsLOVE LOVE LOVE

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    This was soooo not new adult pls dont say darn again Narijust don t

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    So Nari thought things had been tough so far, well guess what That s right they are about to get a whole lot tougher Nari and Rydan, along with Namine, Ender and two F a have come back to Maine, this was in an attempt to flee from the evils of one realm only to find another evil from this realm awaiting them Nikolai After fighting their way free of Nikolai upon their return and suffering injury and loss as a result Nari is suddenly pulled back into the willow tree, and Rydan takes off to find her leaving Namine with an injured Ender and two F a with instructions on how to get help from Rydan s parents.They all face a huge battle, a battle bigger than all of them put together The questions remain will their combined strengths be enough Can they survive what fate has in store for them This book was an emotional rollercoaster and once I was on there was no escaping, until the very end So needless to say I was hooked from the very start Sweet Requiem is laced with action, suspense, lies, secrets, truths, heartbreak and emotion I think by the time I finished the last page my nerves were shot, and my heart in pieces by my feet Sweet Requiem shows of Mycah s life Mycah has always seemed like an absolute rock, he always there when Nari has needed him to pick up the pieces or talk sense to her, but his back story kind of shatters that and shows that Mycah too is a little broken His hurt and pain are very real and I could feel it This is the main reason for my heart being left in pieces All of the characters continue to go from strength to strength, as well as showing some of their weaknesses Rydan and Nari become stronger once they accept the truth of where they really belong and embrace it Mycah has always been Loyal and fierce, but Sweet Reqiuem shows just how loyal, and that he truly is a force to be reckoned with.The story is an intricately woven web of details, some truths and some lies Its action packed from the start and will take a firm hold of your heart, slowly squeezing it and with each page My questions from Sweet Escape have been answered and again I have from Sweet Requiem I m now im patiently awaiting the release of book 4 and Mycah so that I can have those questions answered too.This series so far has been absolutely fantastic, I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every page of each book I honestly don t know why I didn t read it sooner So now for the painstaking wait for book 4 and the return of Mycah If you haven t read this series and love romance, suspense, action packed books complete with some seriously hot Elves then I suggest giving this series a shot.Now for a little about this extremely talented web weaving author

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    You know, I didn t think that I could love this series than I already did but apparently I was wrong Every book I continue to read just makes me fall and in love with this story and all it s amazing characters Sweet Requiem was one heck of a roller coaster ride and I loved every single second of it It jumped into action right from the beginning, and never ceased in keeping me hooked until the absolute last word This book had a lot of twists and turns, and it was very hard for me to put it down for even one minute I loved the fact that from the moment I started reading to the very end, I felt like I was right there in Nari and Namine s world It was also really nice seeing all my favorite characters as they continued to grow throughout this book as well.I am not going to go into details and talk about the characters, because if I started, I d never be able finish gushing over just how amazing they are Just know that if you didn t already love Mych than you thought was possible, you will fall head over heels in love with him in this book I already thought he was perfect in the last two books, but this bookhe blew me away with his loyalty and love for Nari He is so sweet and caring, it s no wonder that Nariella can t resist him It s not just him though, all the characters were absolutely fabulous and you are sure to fall in love with them from the minute you start reading.As with the previous books in the series, I really enjoyed the continued storyline It was filled with so many twists and turns, and left me anxious to find out what would happen next This book was almost non stop action, with a nice dose of romance and a hint of humor mixed into it, which made it a super over the top freaking amazing book Everything was so beautifully written, and this story was just perfect Of course, the cliffhanger at the end was a torture to deal with until I was finally able to read the next book, but nevertheless, I loved it If your into paranormal fantasy, I really recommend reading this series Seriously, this is an amazing series and it will blow you away And also, the first book, Sweet Oblivion, is free wherever ebooks are sold, so you can get started on it right away Related Book Reviews Sweet Oblivion Sweet Series 1 Sweet Escape Sweet Series 2

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    My heart ps still beating wildly with anxiety for these beloved characters Sweet Requiem grabbed my heart from the very beginning and held on to it til the very end There was never a dull moment with the non stop action.The story was woven beautifully leaving me even in love with The Sweet Series than I already was Mrs.Ardisone has taken her love for all things Lord of the Rings and created her very own world that is as captivating as J.R.R Tolkien s Step in to a magical world of Elves hidden in a realm away from Earthly eyes.But just because it s hidden some humans believe stories of old that tell of such a place.And these ruthless humans will go to any lengths to find a way into this secret realm,including lie,steal,kidnap,and even murder.Though the Black Eagles are a scary force that Mycah,Rydan,Namine,Nari,Ender,and Zaylie must fight,they aren t the only ones who want them dead.Nari finds herself stuck between two groups of Elda who want nothing than to eliminate her from because her very existence is considered an abomination to both races of Elda blood that run through her veins.Now she must decide if she s going take her chances in the Earthly realm praying what ever is plaguing her body will eventually right itself or follow her friends who she loves dearly back into their world to help restore Remycah as the rightful king and defeat King Ohtar before all hope is gone and his kingdom is lost to the evil ravaging it s land at an alarming rate.Lives will be lost,hearts broken,and decisions made that will determine the future for all kingdoms.Join our friends on an adventure of a lifetime that will capture you heart and mind.I am anxiously awaiting book 4 Sweet Redemption

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    My previous two reviews of the first two books in this series said that I could never think of something professional to say than This book is amazing and that very much applies once again to this one The third installment of this continuing series was better than the first two, though I can t put into detail of why The thing is, this series is full of romance, tension, action, magic, intrigue, and hello Hot elvesso much awesomeness it can t be quantified Once again, the world building swept me away and put me right in the scenes with the characters Ms Ardisone s attention to detail made everything so real The ability to be right in the character s heads, knowing what they know, feeling what they feel, and all the other senses possible, was another great point to this book The characters become real and I felt saddened when I reached the end of the book, because they were suddenly gone Thankfully, there is a fourth book coming soon I can t wait and I ll get to visit the world again and see the lovely people in it Until the fourth book comes out though, I ll have to re read the first three books and deal with the heartbreak from it, as the story is far from over This is a must read for anyone who loves romance, heroes, action, suspense, and elves smoking hot elves.

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    So good The author really knows how to write a scene and pull you write in, which is both awesome and not so awesome, if you try not to let your emotions get too sucked in Nari is dealing with a lot in this book Someone else said in a review that she was too self loathing, and I didn t think it was a drawback at all In fact, I am glad Bailey took some time with this Nari killed TONS of her own people, and at some point she was going to have to deal with it Especially since she is a healer Once again, I love the way the author isn t afraid to deal with the hard stuff She faces it head on in the story in multiple ways I loved that it was realistic Too often we see the characters in the story not bothered by the death and destruction, and that is just not real life, unless you have a world full of sociopaths Alright, so we get to see Zailey and the earthly gang today, which is a nice surprise Nari finds her Fea and has cool powers add to her She also finds out that her people, both the Dark Elves and the Wood Elves see her as an abomination that must be killed Poor girl can t catch a break I just know she ll win them over in the end though Anyway, this is such a fantastic series, and I cannot wait to read Sweet Redemption whenever it comes out

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    Sweet Requiem, book 3 in the Sweet series, had to be the best one yet It was action packed and shock filled from the very start It kept me on edge throughout the whole story It was a shocking ending to my reading, as it was to be continued I have never read anything like this, ever Again, the characters were just as interesting as they were in the first 2 books I loved journeying with them, and feeling like I was right there with them, listening to Nari s thoughts We really delve into the thoughts and feelings of the characters in this book It was nice to learn stuff, an having questions from previous books answered The ending of this book was a huge slap in the face The other 2 books were left with cliffhangers, but this was beyond anything I have ever experienced I almost cried when I tried to keep reading but it was just a prologue for another book The intensity of this book will have me awaiting the next one I would recommend this series to anyone having a week to spare or 3 days in my case to sit and read through this wonderful series It was unbelievably imaginative and creative of Bailey s part There is absolutely no doubt when I give not only this book but the whole series 5 out of 5 stars

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