Back Down to Earth

Back Down to Earth Back Down To Earth Picks Up The Story Of Louis Lawrence, A Year On From The Events Of Head In The Clouds Much Now Thirty One, Louis Lawrence Sets About Changing His Life To Reflect His New Found Maturity OK, So The New Louis Hasn T Fully Conquered His Untimely Urges, And He Still Believes He Has Two Brains One Masculine, One Feminine But He Is Determined To Show Everyone That Past Events Have Turned Him Into A Proper Grown Up He Believes The Best Way To Do This Is To Move Out, Find A Boyfriend And Settle Down The Three Step Plan To Happiness As He Realises That Living At Home With Retired Parents Is A Total Turn Off For Potential Partners, Louis Moves In With A Friend Of A Friend, Hairdresser Nisha Step One Complete Due To A Shortage Of Decent Men, Louis Reluctantly Takes His Mate Dean S Advice And Decides To Give Online Dating A Whirl It Is On The Dating Website FishAMate That Louis Meets Irish Charmer Aiden, Who Soon Becomes Part Of Louis S New Life Step Two Complete With Everything Running Smoothly For Louis, His Quest To Reach Step Three Is Halted By A Bizarre Sequence Of Events This, Coupled With The Unwanted Return Of A Familiar Face, Threatens To Destroy Louis S Future Happiness Will Louis Finally Get The Ending He Dreams Of, Or Will He Be Forced To Run Away Once


[BOOKS] ⚡ Back Down to Earth  ✯ Andy Sexton –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 289 pages
  • Back Down to Earth
  • Andy Sexton
  • English
  • 04 January 2019

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    Quiet, quirky, and quant, but very true to life.Quick read sequel of quality of life sequences in a curious blend of family, friends, and not so friendly aquantances as the life and times of the hero are tested with daily challenges Some interpersonal relationships get blurred with work colleges and bar buddies, but the continuing saga of survival and responsibilities with a positive attitude makes this one a keeper.

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    Once again, Andy Sexton invites us upon a voyeuristic journey into Louis Lawrence s life along with his dreams, fears and obsessions in this follow up novel, which resumes the story several months after his return trip to South Africa Of course, Louis is joined by several characters from the first novel, where we find that his experiences in South Africa have matured him and thus, re evaluating various aspects of his life The burning question ishas this new found maturity cleansed him of his unhealthy obsessions Enter Aidenwho takes a main role in part of Louis transformation.How does the few months away effect Louis relationship with Dean What happens when a previous obsession returns to the scene And how do Dean s stolen boxer shorts from the first novel play a pivotal role within the storyline All these questions are cleverly answered, with a few new surprises along the way.I have to say that Louis is far likeable in this second novel because you feel that he has learnt from his mistakes and, unlike some of the other characters, he does have morals I found myself far forgiving and emotionally drawn into his character I m not sure if this is because the author designed the story as such, or the author s writing had matured between each of the novels.Not wishing to give anything away of the storyline, I do hope Andy brings Louis back for a third instalment, as I feel that Louis story hasn t reached it s ultimate climax.

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    A really enjoyable book.I feel as though I really know Louis He thinks, worries, gets thing wrong, imagines outcomes, as well as any girl does All my questions have been answered It s a book that when you turn the last page you can close it, satisfied The characters are well described, not all of them nice, some of them very unpleasant, as in any workplace, or social situation The only thing I wasn t keen on were the occasional final sentences of some chapters almost warning of impending unexpected doom This is a very good read.

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