Jillian Megan, Recently Out Of College And Working A Meaningless Job As A Gastroenterologist S Secretary, Openly Hates All Of Her Friends For Being Happy And Successful She Makes Herself Feel Better By Obsessively Critiquing The Behavior Of Her Coworker, Jillian, A Rapid Cycling, Grotesque Optimist, Whose Downfall Is Precipitated By The Purchase Of A Dog

here you can find a pretty lazy selection of a few books i ve read still haven t gotten around to the pillowman.

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  • Paperback
  • 227 pages
  • Jillian
  • Halle Butler
  • 12 August 2018
  • 9781940430294

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    Ok So here s what reading Jillian is like It s like waking up one morning with a stinging hangover and discovering a strange woman wielding a knife in your kitchen She s cutting freezer bagels and has possibly too large of a smile on her face and she tells you a rather funny story about someone she works with at the office, you know The entire time she s holding onto this knife and cutting an endless supply of freezer bagels You think to yourself, Who is she How did she get in here That isn t my knife Did she bring her own What s up with the freezer bagels Why is she smiling like that Is she going to kill me I should probably leave and call the police But you don t because you want to hear the rest of her story because it s funny But then again, you don t want to die That s what reading this book is like Did I just hear a dog barking

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    This is some potent writing I got into the skewed twinning between the focuses on Jillian and Megan, but I think the real skill here is how Bulter keeps you alternating between rooting for and not liking either of these characters It s masterfully done and very moving, even in a normal daily life kind of scenario It definitely beats you around a bit too if for no other reason for what and how much it gets under your skin, but you don t want to stop reading It s stressful, but very good I m impressed.

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    Been there, not proud of it.

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    too close for comfort, painfully sharp dialogue, deliciously loveable unlikeable women characters, and in the last two chapters a beautiful zoom out look at their surroundings that took me by surprise perfect poison can t wait to read from Halle Butler curbside splendor is publishing the best kind of american nightmare fiction.

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    I sent on my copy of Ottessa Moshfegh s excellent debut novel, Eileen , to a friend and she returned the favour with this novel and the caveat, I m not sure that I liked this, but there s definitely some similarities Indeed, I can see how one would read Moshfegh and Butler s work and draw parallels between the focus on unpleasant physical phenomenon and not always likeable characters However, Jillian lacks the compelling voice of Eileen and suffers in comparison to her Booker shortlisted relative.A book shouldn t only be judged by comparison, and Jillian does manage to stand apart Gastroenterologist secretaries, Jillian and Megan, are both stuck in some highly miserable ruts in their lives Megan, a depressed and substance dependant younger woman, hates the slightly older Jillian, fears becoming her, and relishes in her slow downfall over the course of the novel.Unfortunately, not much of this makes itself interesting There were occasional turns of dialogue or funny interactions that helped brighten the affair, but I found myself dragging my heels through the relatively short read I d recommend passing on this one gang

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    I m relieved that Halle Butler s The New Me is the recent of her two books, because for as much as I loved that book I could not wait to be finished with Jillian This was a viscerally unpleasant reading experience Jillian is about Megan, a young woman who seems at first to have a grudge for her coworker, Jillian, but whom we gradually learn judges all of her friends just as harshly By the end of the book, she realizes as the reader has all along that she has pretty serious depression Meanwhile, Jillian herself is an optimist who tries to make positive strides starting a new career getting a dog forwarding emails to try to form an impossible relationship with Megan but can t ever get her life together and tells white lies to cover up what a mess she really is.Everyone who s followed my reviews on Goodreads knows I don t shy away from realistic bitterness, depression, or anger, because that s life But the steady, dull drumbeat of this book worsened by the cadence of Butler s spare prose became like the start of a nagging headache Characters judge each other Pretty bad, but not awful, things happen to them Plot is non existent Randomly in the second to last chapter there is a brief experimentation with switching character perspectives to the thoughts of birds and raccoons , which amounts to no furtherance of anything And then it s over with zero resolution, really, to any of the small character arcs that have cropped up.For as much as I recommend The New Me, I do not recommend Jillian Not unless you like feeling annoyed, unresolved, and like you d rather be doing anything other than reading about any of these characters.

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    This book is sour and bitter and weird and that s why I love it.

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    4.5 I just really enjoyed this wild ride of a novel.

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    Every now and then you pick up a book at random and are completely pleasantly surprised Hovering between 3 and 4 stars, but probably holding back at three for how rotten and sad it made me feel.

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    This book I read it because my book buddy Hannah thought I might like it And I did But jeeez, did it break my heart I really felt for Jillian Maybe because she reminded me of so many of my clients I represent low income tenants who are facing eviction Maybe because since becoming a mom I am so so much sensitive Maybe because she is truly a tragic character As I write this I kind of think maybe it is mostly the last one The character made me think how in our protestant work ethic American society we expect people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps without giving them any real resources to do that And then judge them, or worse despise them, when they can t And so that is what we as readers of this novel expect and so desperately want Jillian to do so, but she can t How can she She has nothing and no one to help her do it Megan, on the other hand, I did not have as much sympathy for Maybe it is because she s in her 20s and has her whole life ahead of her and will likely get her shit together Anyway this is a good book for making you think about humans, and human nature and how we judge each other and whether that judgment is fair or warranted.

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