Bodacious BODACIOUSGifted And Talented In Many Ways, Sara Loomis Accepts Her One Glaring Inadequacy Her Sexual Repression Sara Is Frigid Kidnapped During The Robbery Of A Convenience Store In The Ozark Mountains On Halloween, Sara Is Terrified That The Hillbillies Will Carry Out Their Threat To Rape And Murder Her Instead, They Deliver Her To Bo, A Hairy, Reclusive, Mute, Old Mountain Man Whom, One Captor Assures, Will Murder Her Quickly But, While Bo, The Silent Caretaker, Does Not Murder Sara, Neither Does He Heed Her Pleas To Return Her To Civilization Sara Is Further Frustrated When Her Escape Attempts Are Thwarted By Her Own Stupidity And Cowardice Over Twelve Days, Sara Grudgingly Begins To Understand And Even Respect Bo S Primitive Lifestyle Gradually, This Unlikely Maestro Arouses Passion Which Stimulates And Frightens Her, Intensifying Her Desperate Need To Escape In Those Attempts, Sara Inadvertently Puts Herself In One Life Threatening Situation After Another

MEMORY is my twelfth published romantic suspense novel This one was released from The Wild Rose Press on March 8, 2017 in both print and ebook formats.JACK SPRAT COULD, my thirteenth, is coming August 25, also from The Wild Rose Press.If you would like review copies of either one, let me know.Sharon Ervinervins

[Ebook] ➩ Bodacious Author Sharon Ervin –
  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Bodacious
  • Sharon Ervin
  • English
  • 22 January 2019
  • 9781588514943

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    So I really didn t expect that this was going to be a five star for me, but I loved this book I loved the story and the characters There were a few things about it that irked me, and under normal circumstances I probably would have given this book four stars, but because I loved the story so much I had to give it five There were some typos and formatting errors, but overall not nearly enough to affect my enjoyment.Things that irked me view spoiler That she left Bo s to go with Franklin at all after Franklin had basically told her that he d like to rape and kill her Really had a hard time buying that one I understand that it was necessary for Bo to come to her rescue which was the impetus for them getting together, but still It also irked me that the FBI agent said that he had offered Franklin an immunity deal First of all, law enforcement cannot offer deals, the states U.S attorney s office does Also I felt the author took Bo a bit too far in the end I was completely cool with the explanation for his silence and for his living in the wilderness, but she could have just left it at that No need to make him some rich guy, as well hide spoiler

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    3.75 stars contemporary romance Bodacious by Sharon Ervin is a title that I come across a lot during my various book trolling sessions on romance discussion forum All reviewers have commented upon the fact that this story is unlike most romances and has the ability to draw the reader in from the first page itself And I do have to agree with other reviewers on these aspects, yes, the story has a unique way about it and it does draw the reader in from the first chapter itself.31 year old Alex Bo Cadence or Bo as he is known through most of the story is a man who suddenly one day turned up in a remote mountainous area and made a home for himself preferring to live in the most primitive fashion possible by foregoing all luxuries of the modern world 3 years on, Bo doesn t speak to anyone except for communication via grunts and his disreputable looks as in the huge beard that covers his whole face and his long and messy hair keeps others at bay and some even label Bo to be part human and part something else Bo s character remains a mystery throughout the story until towards the very end which makes this story a unique one based on that fact alone.26 year old Sara Loomis, an only child is a successful news reporter who has resigned herself to being one of those women who are not at all successful in having an enjoyable sex life Labeled as a frigid, Sara doesn t even want any man to notice her since the only two sexual relationships that she had been involved in had turned into unmitigated disasters in the end.On her way to a new job and a new life, Sara is kidnapped when she is stumbles into a convenience store robbery by a group of half wit hillbillies from the surrounding mountainous area Sara barely manages to escape the clutches of the lecherous man who kidnaps her only to be left with a man who her captors fear than anything else in the forest But as she gets to know the silent man with whom she shares 12 days of her life amidst her attempts to escape her growing feelings towards Bo which almost always ends her up in trouble, Sara finds herself inexplicably drawn to Bo as a slow awakening of her dormant senses begin with gusto.And when life as she knows it comes calling, Sara is torn between choosing life with all the luxuries she has been accustomed to and choosing to live with the love of her life as a recluse for the rest of her life However Bo doesn t give her any chance to make a decision as he is the one to leave her behind only to turn up again to claim the woman he loves than life itself.I liked 1 As I said during the start of this review, this certainly has been a unique romance such that there are no verbal interactions between the hero and heroine until the very end of the story But rather it is Sara who babbles along, talking a mile a minute while a silent Bo grunts every now and then in response to her conversations It is through other means facial expressions and body language that these two really talk, taking the reader on a journey of discovery along with them which is one of the best parts of the book.2 Sara Loomis She is a heroine who knows what she wants and sticks with obtaining what it is she wants regardless of the obstacles standing in front of her Though she makes one stupid decision after the other in her attempts to flee Bo and his brand of magic which works like a charm on her, Sara is a plucky heroine who I loved from the beginning.3 Bo It is his gentle and giving nature that made him so very appealing And of course his so very appealing hot bod coupled with his dark gaze is enough to make any red blooded woman swoon I loved me some Bo so very much and wouldn t mind a mountain man of my own to take home _ 4 The dough kneading scene Oh my fans self 5 I liked how the author brought about the subtle changes in Sara and the journey of sensual awakening that takes place which doesn t suddenly come up and punch the reader in the face but rather based on her past experiences and her aversion to having any sort of relationship with a man the road she takes is a subtle but nevertheless an enjoyable one for the reader.I disliked I loved 3 4 of this story so very much But suddenly from the moment that Bo leaves Sara to let her head back to life as she knows it, the story suddenly took a turn which I couldn t seem to like much Yes, there is a happily ever after for the two but I didn t feel that there was much need for the endless retelling of what took place between Bo and Sara on the mountains, nor the need for what took place during the time they spent apart Though that wouldn t put me off from reading any other book by Ms Ervin, I just felt that a lot of unnecessary scenes which never really contributed towards making the story were included towards the ending which plummeted my levels of enjoyment with the whole book.Memorable scenes quotes from the story Adding the buttermilk, she stirred the thick dough slowly with the spoon, trying to collect the bits and pieces that clung to the edges of the bowl Bo s hands came from both sides of her The front of his body pressed close against her back and his breath pulsed warm on her neck He took the dough into his hands, kneading it, picking up the errant pieces and working them into a cohesive ball Sara stood very still Her face became hot She found his closeness intimidating, and at the same time, exhilarating Bo put the dough down, placed his hands over hers, guided them into the mixture, then massaged both hands and dough There was something sensual about his large warm hands over hers, kneading the cool, malleable mixture She didn t know why his nearness had such a stimulating effect Her hands trembled beneath his Her face burned Her breath came in gulps and her heart pounded. Recommended for 1 Those who are tired of reading the same old story over and over again This one s certainly different.2 Contemporary romance lovers.For quotes visit

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    I absolutely ADORED this story It could have been set in any time period in any country, and while the heroine was a little TSTL, the non speaking hero added such a sense of beauty and magic to the story that I didn t mind.But when the FBI showed up about 2 3 of the way through, things went quickly downhill The dialogue was severely repetitive, and the magic of the woods got replaced by the ugliness of the real world I was pulled out of the story with the speed of a whip I didn t need Bo to be rich or well educated, and I m not sure Sara did, either I don t think they had to stay in the Ozarks and end up with ten children, but there were ways around that which didn t involve a slicked up caricature of who the hero had been up to that point It felt like by the end there were two totally different versions of Bo and not in a good way I wasn t surprised when Sara didn t immediately run into his arms after his return.The style of writing and plot from the beginning to the middle of the book showed a unique quality I was pleasantly surprised to see in a romance But the latter third of the book felt like all the originality just kind of fled and was replaced by the usual scenarios Also, the final conversation between the FBI agents felt too cutesy for what had been a very gritty, not always sunshine and roses book.I would read by this author in a heartbeat, but I hope, hope, hope she sticks to her true voice in the next one Forget convention her real strength lies in the unconventionality of her ideas That s what s so convincing, and that s what got me.Side note the title might seem a little WTF , but it does have a point, which is explained in the book.

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    Decent story but a bit fractured Liked the hero The heroine had the most TSTL moment of any I ve ever read in 40 years of reading The ending was just plain goofy The author just sort of headed off in a 180 degree direction that sort of negated the entire first 2 3rds of the story Some well done sex scenes Not erotica.

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    I loved this story I really wanted it to be a 5 star read, especially considering it s almost 20 years old and still relevant today.But seriously, the reason given for why he was mute for than 65% of the book was ridiculous, just completely stupid considering their situation What a dick he was for staying mute for so long Glad it all turned out great and he was awesome other than his mute shit But ughthat was annoying.

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    started this and nope think it s because the book I read before this had a writing style that was like artwork Reading this after that was like eating a street hot dog after months of eating the best steaks DNF

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    Sara Loomis is kidnapped by hillbillies during a botched gas station robbery When the matriarch of the inbred family finds out what they ve done, she commands that Sara be taken care of But stuttering Cappy can t bring himself to do the deed, so he leaves Sara at the mercy of Bo, a mute, grizzled mountain man living in a one room cabin on the fringes of society Though Bo refuses to return Sara to civilization, he shelters, clothes, and feeds her all without ever uttering a word What follows is an expedition of discovery, of shedding old notions and prejudices, and finding something you never knew was lost.This excellent novel was really mis marketed The title is absurd, and seems forcibly drawn from the text The cover art does the premise of the story absolutely no justice though the paperback at least shows mountains on it It s a complex tale, not a bodice ripper okay, well, it has enough bodice ripping to be enjoyable for a book like this , which is what I appreciated about it If it hadn t been for a recommendation, there is no way on this green Earth I would have picked up this book based on the cover.Regardless, Ervin weaves an inventive, engaging yarn With our romance culture dominated by post Edwards see perfect, beautiful, always say the right thing at the right time , I am personally pleased to see a love interest emerge on the scene who is none of those things who is a man all his own, silent, complicated, and genuinely mysterious The first half of this novel is remarkable we learn along with Sara little by little about our captor Bo, who is both frightening and intriguing Eventually, from underneath all that hair and beard and bearskin, a gentle, kind hearted man is revealed Soon, Sara s captivity becomes almost voluntary an escape from her life as a high powered reporter, from the pressures of civilization, for a simpler existence living off the land.Ervin s prose is captivating simple, fast paced, though still sophisticated Occasionally I found the dialogue strangely clipped and unrealistic, but I was able to get past it The characters are whole and three dimensional Sara resists being a Mary Sue type character, which I always appreciate in a novel like this She is terrified when one would be terrified not irrationally brave, as I find some heroines are , makes the occasional stupid decision, and certainly isn t perfect Unfortunately, this shifts near the end of the novel, though perhaps that was intentional Ervin s great feat is that she manages to write Bo into a living, breathing character without his ever uttering a word Brilliant, to say the least, and skillful on her part.As I mentioned, the novel falters dramatically after the halfway point Sara has conquered some of her demons, and becomes apparently perfect Unrealistically perfect The coincidences that follow are many and strange The ending is disappointingly storybook, when I d almost come to believe that Ervin was breaking out of the mold.Despite all that, I m giving this novel 4 hearts for being brave, daring, interesting, and well written, while still independently published Bravo.

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    Didn t know whether to give this a 3 or 4 Bumped it up because it kept my interest I loved Bo but never really like Sara much She thinks she is way smarter than she is and keeps on proving it It is not the smartness that bothered me but the way she proved it by action and thoughts Her stupid actions, I just had to get over to enjoy the book, but her thoughts they show her misjudgement loud and clear Bo is obviously highly intelligent, his books alone should have hit her in the head with that knowledge and the way he used it Yet she still thinks of him as just above the intelligence of the other hillbillies This is shown in statements she makes throughout even to the end of her captivity So once I just decided to judge her as judgmental, especially of intelligence, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and she grew on me but never as an incredible person, at least not one I would be dying to know Bo on the other had, the before picture, was pretty damn interesting Even in the end he was someone you would want to talk to I never understood him connecting with Sara on this level Maybe it was deprivation, but would he wake up Still overall a pretty good story that does keep your interest and make you want to know, what is going to happen I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Bo was mesmerized by Sara s.Spoilers as to why Sara is not the sharpest tool in the shed view spoiler 1 She goes off with the guy that wanted to rape her and had kidnapped her the day before, thinking he was going to rescue her Wow, can t get much stupider than that.2 Runs to the idiot he is truly an idiot who left her tied up to be killed thinking he is going to help her.3 She doesn t see that her first experience with sex was rape Even year later, looking back on it Then her second experience wasn t her choice but she accepts it If she picked up a book, she could have found out that she had no foreplay in any of her experiences She may have learned that she tensed up too But no, she just labels herself frigid, like she labels others throughout the book.4 When it is time to leave, she still has the assumption of Bo being less than intelligent Yet he has shown that, he reads about the best ways to self subsist and animal husbandry and puts it to use He has a desk with obvious use, though hidden He is said to have shown up 3 year prior as a military man so he definitely came from society and possibly was very well educated, yet she assumes not.5 She makes a stupid agreement as a hands off the new guy as I saw him first, yet when the neighbor gets mad when Sara is with the new guy , she doesn t just tell her, I knew him first and to take a hike No, Alex has to do this because she invited Libby to tea Really Right when you are getting into it hide spoiler

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    Some hillbilly thieves rob a convenient store and kidnap Sara Instead of murdering her themselves, they decide to hand her over to the mountain man, Bo, certain he will do the deed for them.Almost a 5 star I really enjoyed it It kept my attention wanting to know what happens next I had a minor issue with the quick ending but would still recommend to anyone who wants a slightly different type love story.

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    Konusu ilgimi ekti Farkl eyler denenmi Adam n dilsiz olmas hele, nas l ileti im kuracaklar acaba yle bir kurdular ki ileti im D Yorum ayn zamanda Romancekolikte yay nlanm t r.Buyrun yorumum Uzun zaman nce kar la t m bir kitapt Bodacious Kar la ma sebebimse o zamanlar okudu um bir kitaptan etkilenip arad m da adam erkek tipine sahip kitaplar okumak istememdi Aradan baya zaman ge ti ve bu kitaba tekrar d n m bu sefer farkl bir eyi Stockholm Sendromu vakalar n okumak istememle oldu ncelikle uyarmam laz m Bu bildi iniz a k kitaplar na benzemez Asl nda a k denilebilir mi veya ne kadar derece denilebilir oras da biraz tart l r Ayn ey erotikli i i inde ge erli.Kitaba gelirsek direkt giri iyle beni i ine ekmi ti ilk ba ta K z m z yanl anda yanl yerde oldu u i in soyguncular taraf ndan ka r lm , allah n da na getirilmi , 19luk bir kekemenin eline tecav z edilip ld rmesi i in verilmi tir Gazetecilik mesle ini yapmas nda ona yard mc olan sivri zekas yla eleman bir ekilde manip le eder ve ocu un canavar gibi g rd bi adam n kollar na b rak l r Buralar h zl giri e g re baya a r ilerlemekte S k l p b rakmaman z tavsiye ediyorum Onu bulan adam baya iri yar , sa , sakal birbirine kar m , hi konu mayan biridir K z vah i hayvanlardan kurtar p bir ah ra kapat r K z kimin elinden ka p, kimin eline d t m ben diye vahlana dursun k sa s rede adam n onu orada zorla tutmad n bilsede inad na bunu g rmek istememektedir Ka maya al r ama vah i hayvan sald r r diye ok korkuyordur Bu sebeple kul beye onu buraya b rakan 19luk elaman erzak b rak rken onu buradan ka rmas n s yler.Halbuki hayat burada ne g zel bir d zende gidiyordur Adam yan g zle bile bakmam t r de il dokunmak Sana tarak bile bilemi ti a a tan be adi kad n Ne vard ger ek hayata d n p, o i ren liklerle y zle mekte ha Velhas l kelam bu s z k 19lu, k z ka ran ve tecav z etmeye can atan abisine onun hala ya ad ile nerede oldu u haberini yumurtlar m K z m zda isteyerek, kanarak onla gider mi Ne demi ler haaaan m, k msemeyeceksin kimseyi Ben buna bi yumruk atsam u ar dedi ama ne oldu Kendini a aca ba lanm , neredeyse tecav ze u ramadan nce y z n da lanacakken buldun Neyse ki Bo bay dilsiz geldi de kurtard g n Birde sa ma d nceleri var ki allah m u k z hak edecek ne yapt bu adam demeden duram yorum Delirmeye de ba lam t Sorular soruyor, birde kendi cevapl yordu Gel gelelim k z m z ba ta ya l sand , sonra mucizevi bir ekilde kaslar n ve gen v cudunu farketti i bu adam m nc klamadan duramad Birde a k n ti rts z gez kul bede dedi mi adama pat diye Kesinlikle do ru okudunuz Adamda d nden raz belli ki bir s re sonra k za dokundurttu kaslar n hatta kar l k bekliyor Bunlar takip eden neredeyse bir haftay kul beden mecburi durumlar d nda kmayarak ge iriyorlar Adam homurdan yor, kafa sall yor bu ekilde anla yorlar a r rs n z Hava k t le meden k z eve gitmek istedi ini s ylemi ti, havalar iyi olunca adam s z n tutmak zorunda kal yor K z zaten sa ma, sapan bir kavga kar yor Yak nlarda ki kul bede ki kad n evlenecek misiniz diye sorunca hem pani e kap lan hem de d nceden ho lanan dengesiz k z m z o lana bunu yumurtlad m O landa kendi oydu u bir tahta y z k kard m ortaya K z bunu g r nce ld r p demedi ini b rakmad m Kar ndaki cevap vermeyip, tepki g stermeyince kavgada abes ka yormu onu farkettim Ha duvara diyorsun ha adama Adam o sinirle at yor y z ate e, ekip gidiyor bir s re K zda sala n nde gideni ko up kurtarmaya bak yor y z Ba r na bas yor filan Bo gelincede k z g t r yor bu sefer Otob s dura nda b rak yor K z yuh art k diyebilece iniz bir ekilde adama Koala cinsi yap yor B rakma beni, kul benin kad n , hayvanlar n n bak c s , ocuklar n n anas olurum diye s zlan yor Kafadan kontak diyorum size.O lan bunu b rak p gidiyor Otob se atlay p geri d n yor, federaller pe indeymi me ersem sorguya ekiyorlar Pe i s ra ge en ayl k bir s re te k z m z a lay p, z rlasa da toparl yor Hikayesini gazetede yay nl yor Sonra bir g n apartman na yeni ta nan arkada n n bahsetti i yak kl adam n asl nda Bo oldu unu reniyor Adam askerden sonra kul beye kendini kapatm Hayata kar y z g lmeyen bu adam kendine getiren Sara yani k z m z olmu Onunla konu mamas da etti i alt ay konu mama yeminindenmi K z ben senle buralarda ya ayamam, i im, hayallerim var dedi inden kalkm doktoras n n tezini kul bede ya ad iki y l yazarak vermi niversitede ders verirken bir yandan da k za kur yapmak i in buraya ta nm K z n n ne resmen evlilik formunu koydu, evlenmeden asla dedi mi birde E k z m za da bundan sonra halt etmek d erdi neyse ki etmedi mutlu sonumuza kavu tuk.De i ik bir kitapt beni en ok etkileyen k sm bu oldu San r m i ten i e farkl eylere hasret duyuyormu um Ne yle a k iliklerime kadar hissettim ne ok erotik de ildi, de i ikti sadece Sevdi im bir de i iklik oldu.

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