Crushed (101 Nights, #3)

Crushed (101 Nights, #3) Serial In The Nights Series Reading Order Claimed Tainted Crushed As Delicate As The First Frost, As Intense As The Desert Sun Over My Kingdom, Our Relationship Is Like A Complicated Tango Every Time We Try To Dance Closer To One Another, We Find Ourselves Flung To Opposite Sides Of The Room, Torn A Part By Distrust And Secrets That S Better, Though, Isn T It The Last Thing I Need Is Someone Like Her Cramping A Life I M Comfortable With Why, Then, Does My World Stop When Natalie Threatens To Walk Out On Me Why Do I Want Her To Stay More Importantly, Why Can T We Trust Each Other Long Enough To Figure Out What The Hell We Re Really Doing Here It S Never Been This Hard Before With Anyone Else We Re On A Collision Course With Something Neither Of Us Can Control, And I Know When We Hit The Reality Of What S Between Us, Someone S Going To Get Hurt Because I Can T Lose My Kingdom, Even For Her

SE Reign is the dark side of internationally best selling author, Lizzy Ford, and the author behind the erotic 101 Nights series She loves to travel, the ocean, animals and of course, coffee Find her online author s page

[EPUB] ✻ Crushed (101 Nights, #3)  By S.E. Reign –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 129 pages
  • Crushed (101 Nights, #3)
  • S.E. Reign
  • English
  • 24 September 2019

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    4.5 StarsAhhh, we are finally getting somewhere In the last book, just when Natalie and EJ start to have a emotionally intimate moment, secrets come between them again So in this book, things are a little distant between Natalie and EJ He is aware her best friend has found one of his best kept and most expensive secrets and is making plans to address this while Natalie learns EJ tried to pay off her parents by paying for her father s medical expenses Emotionally, they are both becoming invested, even though neither wants this Natalie wants EJ to understand that he has to accept that there are boundaries and that no relationship could survive without mutual respect EJ just doesn t understand and sees things in terms of business deals and what makes the most sense And just when it seems they are finally coming to some kind of middle ground, ultimatums will again lead to decisions that could mean an end to their arrangement What I loved about this one is that we learn about two of EJs secrets, one that will explain a lot about his relationship with his father and the other, about his ability to actually care for someone else Of course no story would be complete without the major cliff hanger, and this one is a doozy Now I just need to pick up the next book to continue learning what will happen to Natalie, and when EJ will learn about the real secrets she s been hiding.

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    I just finished reading this book and all I can say is WOW SE really knows what she is doing when writing bedroom scenes I loved the book It is a great continuation to the first two I can t wait to learn about these two and to find out what happens next This book will grab your from page one and have you thinking WTH There is no way that was the end If you have not picked up this series then you are seriously missing out.

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    SE Reign has got to be one of the best authors The only problem I have is that she ended this book where she did and now I have to wait for the next book to be written and published I guess that is the downfall of finding a good author who has just recently started a new series.I refuse to write a spoiler but let me say this you must read Claimed and Tainted before reading this book This book starts right where Tainted left off The evolving love between Natalie and Elijah makes my heart ache for these two I found that when I am reading this book, that the house could fall down around me and I wouldn t care that is just how good this book is There is a lot going on and I just don t want to miss a word of it.I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

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    Crushed by S.E Reign5 stars OH MY GOSH, I my jaw dropped open and I wanted to yell at my kindle at the end of this one, there was absolutely NO way I wanted it to stop right there, having to wait for the next book I loved this one even than the first two The evolving love between Natalie and Elijah is a blend of sweet that makes your heart melt a little for these two, and DANG these two are so hot together they are practically combustible I was surprised at Elijah s reveal, and am still extremely anxious to find out what Natalie s secret is I want Elijah to be her knight in shining armor so badly in the next book I really hope the wait for the next book is not very long, I am on the edge of my seat already, waiting for this Good job S.E Reign, I m so hooked my mouth is still wide open in shock at the way this one left off.

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    Crushed is just as great a read as the first two books in the series Elijah and Natalie s back and forth banter still makes me laugh and we get to see a softer side of Elijah but not for too long before his asshole persona is once again front and center He realizes just how much Natalie means to him, yet he s still willing to do anything to get the throne, even if it cost him her but in the end it may not be his choice what happens The secrets are coming out, and with those secrets come danger even Elijah never imagined I am completely hooked and cannot wait to read the next book in the series If you haven t started this series, it is an absolute must read.

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    I loved the first two parts in this series so this wasn t a book I would miss.I loved the development of the story and it was definitely great seeing a soft side of EJ There were still the steamy scenes but Natalie and EJ also really started to care for each other It was also interesting to take a peak into EJ s tortured past which explains a lot of his attitude and character.The end was definitely unexpected and I cannot wait to see how the story will continue in the next part I hope it comes out soon If you are a fan of FSoG and the Crossfire Series than, you would definitely like this one

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    From the start of this series I was debating if I like E J or not Now I know my answer I love him He make so much progress in this book Natalie and E J have both had an internal battle over I they could trust the other person Just when they start to admit that they want there is a great big wrench thrown into the mix that shakes things up.Some secrets are revealed You get answers to some questions you have I don t want to spoil anything but I cannot wait to see how everything shakes out.

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    This book will absolutely pull at your heart With Natalie and Elijah there are feeling involved and they have both finally accepted and admitted as much With feelings comes pain though and it won t be one sided Elijah is being backed into commitments he wants nothing to do with These same commitments will push him away from Natalie Poor Natalie has scenarios running through her head when it comes to Elijah and none make sense, but the heart makes the brain forget reasoning The end to this book killed me I need I have fallen in love with this series and all of it s characters.

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    As Natalie and EJ spend time together, he begins to care for her than he s comfortable with And Natalie is liking EJ than she wants to as well she knows things can only go badly for her in the end But she senses there is to EJ than he lets on she catches glimpses of someone human beneath his hard exterior And, of course, there sex life continues as hot as ever She knows EJ still has many secrets and when Alisha gives her information to check out, bad things are in store

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    Wow if you want a steamy read this this book is a must read Ej is finally starting to come around a little in this book but he still has a long ways to go to really win over Natalie Natalie does not know if the wants to stay in the agreement longer or be gone after the 3 months but she also knows ej is not going to let her go anywhere SE Reign is a mastermind this book rocks and it does have a cliffhanger and it is big I can not wait for the next in the series

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