The Journal of Curious Letters (The 13th Reality, #1)

The Journal of Curious Letters (The 13th Reality, #1) What If Every Time You Made A Choice That Had A Significant Consequence, A New, Alternate Reality Was Created The Life That Would Ve Been Had You Made The Other Choice What If Those New Realities Were In Danger What If It Fell To You To Save All The Realities Atticus Higginbottom, Aka Tick, Is An Average Thirteen Year Old Boy Until The Day A Strange Letter Arrives In His Mailbox Postmarked From Alaska And Cryptically Signed With The Initials MG The Letter Informs Tick That Dangerous Perhaps Even Deadly Events Have Been Set In Motion That Could Result In The Destruction Of Reality Itself MG Promises To Send Tick Twelve Riddles That Will Reveal On A Certain Day, At A Certain Time, At A Certain Place, Something Extraordinary Will Happen Will Tick Have The Courage To Follow The Twelve Clues MG Sends To Him Will He Be Able To Solve The Riddles In Time Will Tick Discover The Life He Was Meant To Live The First Volume Of An Outstanding New Children S Fantasy Series, The Journal Of Curious Letters Is Filled With Adventure, Humor, Riddles, And, Oh, Yes Danger As MG Warns Tick, Very Frightening Things Are Coming Your Way Will You Join Tick And His Friends On An Amazing Journey Through The Realities What Will Your Choice Be

James is the author of THE MAZE RUNNER trilogy and THE 13TH REALITY series He also published a series beginning with A DOOR IN THE WOODS with a small publisher several years ago He lives and writes in the Rocky Mountains.

➱ The Journal of Curious Letters (The 13th Reality, #1) Read ➹ Author James Dashner –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • The Journal of Curious Letters (The 13th Reality, #1)
  • James Dashner
  • English
  • 09 May 2019
  • 9781590388310

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    Something I really liked about this book, beside the fact that it was very fun and adventurous, was that the main character who was really smart, not perfect, and completely likable told his dad about things that were going on when he started getting letters from Master George His dad was not handsome, overweight, in fact, and nothing remarkable except he really loved and trusted his young son And his son really loved him too And I just loved that In the Harry Potter and other children s books, there s always times you re screaming for the main characters to trust the adults that could help them And they never do Kids aren t trustworthy in those books, and neither are adults This was completely refreshing that way And the story was unique and fun It has a lot of riddles and science, which I enjoyed.

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    My initial reaction to this book that some of the ideas were original but that the writing was decidedly sub par was unfortunately accurate Tick and the other characters never quite ring true as people Tick is a stereotype of a geeky kid, and the other characters come off as flat The dialog often struck me as stilted This is particularly the case with Paul, whose chill manner of speaking and awkward slang seems to be Dashner s effort to remind the reader that Paul is from California Throughout the book, the author either tries distractingly hard to make his metaphors original, or falls back on cliches Frankly, the whole thing read embarrassingly like something I would have come up with during my teens To top it off, I found the climax disappointing, and the whole 400 page novel seems to mostly be the set up for a series.It really seems that Dashner would have been better off paring the novel way down and publishing it as the first book in a middle grade series, alongside Animorphs and the like.

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    Everything is boring to my 11 year old daughter Why don t you read a book I say to her Reading is boring So when I picked up The 13th Reality, I was hoping she d like it Well, I found myself reading it with her, just as anxious to find out what happened next in the book The characters are vibrant and endearing Names like Atticus Higgenbottom, Norbert, Mistress Jane, Mr Chu, still stand out in my mind Strange letters, complex riddles, and the new reality were all captivating Author James Dashner has a fabulous imagination and a very enjoyable writing style It s only a matter of time before it hits the bestseller lists My 13 year old son recently snatched it Looks like we ll need than one copy because my 8 year old is dying to read it too It s a hit at my house For adults and children alike, The 13th Reality is worth every minute From Kirkus Reviews THE JOURNAL OF CURIOUS LETTERS A boy a mysterious letter twelve clues a girl a dad two very strange strangers These are just the basic ingredients in this adventure served up by Dashner in what is the start of a series that will capture the imagination of young and old alike Atticus Higginbottom Tick to all who know him is smart, well adjusted and something of a loner at school, preferring his family, the library and the Internet to his classmates So he s surprised to receive a letter postmarked in Macadamia, Alaska, from someone he s never even heard of But he s intrigued and makes a commitment to join with his correspondent to save many lives Though there are chunks of text that are overwritten, the telling is generally laced with a strong sense of humor and a sure hand at plot the author is plainly in tune with today s fan base Let the adventure begin Science fiction 10 12

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    Reviewed by Voracious Reader for TeensReadToo.comCan you solve the mystery James Dashner s first story in his new THE 13TH REALITY series, THE JOURNAL OF CURIOUS LETTERS, revolves mainly around a young boy named Atticus or Tick as he likes to be called Tick s adventure begins when he arrives home to find a cryptic letter giving him riddles on something that is supposedly going to save the lives of people around him Intrigued, he begins his investigation, and, gaining a few friends along the way, tries to dismantle the riddles given to him in a series of thirteen letters With quirky characters and an engaging, humorous plot, Mr Dashner also manages to include a little about Quantum physics that will hopefully cause the reader to question further The best thing about the book is that although it is magic, it incorporates reality effectively, which makes it believable Which, in turn, makes it easier to lose yourself within the story.

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    My sister bought this on a whim and then asked if I wanted to borrow it because she knows I have nothing better to do than stay up late at night reading books Well, I m so glad she did I loved this book.Most of all I appreciated that Tick comes from a normal, functioning family So many books portray families as messed up or as single parents When Tick has a problem he actually TALKS to his dad Hallelujah I loved the relationship with his family and his father It was very refreshing.Tick himself lacks confidence and doesn t have any friends It was nice to see him learn his own strengths and to overcome that awkwardness He learned to trust himself and made friends by being who he is instead of changing to impress others.This book was also a lot of fun with many riddles to solve I enjoyed seeing if I could solve them faster than the other characters There s also a lot of action and drama and humor The characters felt very real They spoke like a real family would with lots of love and teasing They spoke like friends would real friends, not like the plastic ones that out of touch authors think exist You get a good feel for the author as well He seems like the kind of guy you d want to hang out with one who would keep you laughing but could have serious conversations too.I love strong boy books books I can give to my boys without them reading that boys are bad and dumb and unnecessary There is also a female character equally strong and smart so I m sure that most girls would enjoy this as well This is a book I would gladly have my kids read and one which will live on my shelves Strong morals, a real family, a kid with a great relationship with his father, action, adventure, danger, mystery, and so on and so forth.Highly recommended to any tween or teen, and almost any adult as well.

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    Very disappointing read It had some good ideas and a lot of potential, but the writing style was distractingly juvenile I was reminded of my writing style from middle school I would not have finished this book if a friend hadn t loaned it to me I felt obligated to finish it, and finally did today, but it felt like a chore I rarely dislike books this much and maybe it s just because I have recently finished some excellently written books I just discovered Ursula K Le Guin This book really did have some good stuff in it, but it just needs major polishing on the writing style.

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    I finished it last night after all of my family beat me to it and I started before all of them and it was a great book I feel like it got the best towards the last few chapters, and I can t wait for the next one to come out I love the fact that they re short chapters usually 5 6 pages long and it makes it seem like I m reading a whole lot quicker than I actually am Along with that, I love all of the twists and turns that the book brings in each chapter Each character is original in its own way my favorite being between Sofia and Mothball and the fact that the main character is a nerd definitely makes the book funnier, interesting, and I find very original.Tick Higginbottom, to me, is the geeky version of Harry Potter I feel that this series will only get better.

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    Story Tick, real name Atticus Higginbottom reminds me of Longbottom from Harry Potter , is a thirteen year old really smart boy, that one day gets a strange letter After he doesn t burn the letter he receives 12 clues and gets to see, meet and do crazy things It was quiet entertaining and I felt that it was a story I could read with my kids, because this is a story where the parents aren t dead or just ignored, they help and I think to work as a team is so important in a family So I really liked that Characters The characters in this story make you like or dislike them immediately The main character, Tick, is just a really funny boy with an awesome loving family Just a few examples Kayla had been caught several times at the living room fireplace, laughing with glee as she destroyed important objects in the flames Kayla is Ticks little sister And his dad is pretty cool, too Lets just say if something runs out at me, I m going to scream like a little girl and run to your mum And Tick is not like some of these hero kids He has a real sense of reality saying things like Im either really, really brave or really, really stupid World In this world there are 13 realities and there are people who can change between them Every reality is different and that makes this whole concept so interesting.Relationship The most important relationship is the one between Tick and his absolute cute father, who makes me wish I had a father and a family like this Writing style The writing style is so ridiculous and funny, that I had so much fun reading the book.

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    Upfront, I have to say that fantasy is not my genre of choice However, overall, I quite enjoyed this book The storyline kept my interest and I thought the characters were quite memorable I especially loved Mothball As I read, I kept thinking this could be made into an exciting movie Even though, as a parent, I appreciated Tick s relationship with his dad, I m not sure it is all that true to life for most 12 13 year old boys I m thinking that maybe a lot of middle schoolers might not identify too strongly with that, but I can t fault the author for wanting to have an uplifting theme For the most part, I found James s descriptions to be well written, but there were times when I felt that he over used similes which often seemed a little bulky His descriptive battle scene at the end was particularly captivating and really drew me in Ok, one constructive criticism for my dear nephew, James Dashner, I live in Deer Park, Washington, and I kept wanting to read about the real Deer Park I wanted Tick to run through a town that matched the description of our Deer Park That would have been so great However, most people will never know the real Deer Park, so it only matters to a few of us

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    I picked this up the other day and read it in just a day or two I thought it was pretty fun, and there were a couple of things I did really like about it Specifically, I liked it that the kid having this exciting secret adventure decided that he needed to talk to his dad about it I think too often kids books portray parents as dull people who squelch fun So I was happy as the kid s secret adventure turned into the kid s adventure with his dad That said, the author used too many silly similes I m as confused as the Easter bunny on Christmas is fine for one goofy character to say, but not every single person in the book , and sometimes he used the wrong verb when trying too hard to make a point about a character the villain drops her cup of tea while talking to someone, continues a normal conversation, notices her shattered cup of tea later, and shrieks absentmindedly at her servant to clean it up Can you shriek absentmindedly All in all, it was not bad, but the writing could take some polishing.

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