Making Waves (Perfect Kisses, #3.5)

Making Waves (Perfect Kisses, #3.5) 4 starsI love Ophelia London s writing and Making Waves is another entertaining and enjoyable read.Making Waves is part of the A Perfect Kisses series but can be read as a standalone.I love second chance love stories and seeing Justine and Will reconnect and finding their way back to each other made my heart very happy Making Waves was a quick and heartwarming read, I would recommend this novella and anything written by this talented author Thank you Netgalley and to Entangled Bliss for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts. 3 1 2 stars.Sigh Sun kissed Hawaiian beaches and reconnecting with a long lost love who just happens to be an ultra hot professional surfer Sign me up Actually, sign me up for all of Ophelia London s books because I can t get enough.The summary for this is pretty spot on I loved this storyline and this scene I really liked Will and liked Justine okay And I loved seeing Ellie and Charlie so blissfully happy and snuggly here This story was fast paced and left a smile on my face You really can t go wrong with Ophelia London, and I can t wait to see where she takes us next For reviews and bookish talk, visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool Visiting Her Friends Ellie And Charlie In Hawaii Was Supposed To Be A Much Needed Vacation For Journalist Justine Simms But When She Learns The Notoriously Reclusive Pro Surfer Chase Ryder Is Coming Out Of Retirement For A Competition, She Knows She S Found The Perfect Exclusive To Save Her Career Of Course, Then She Learns He S The Gorgeous, Secretly Nerdy Guy Who Broke Her Heart A Year AgoWill Davenport Aka Chase Ryder Doesn T Do Interviews He Keeps His Real Name Out Of The Papers And Doesn T Mix His Public Life With His Private That Is, Until The Still Heartbroken Justine Blackmails Him Into Giving Her An Exclusive Seeing Justine, Stunningly Beautiful As Ever, Brings Back All The Feelings He Had Before But Despite Their Smoldering Attraction, Nothing Has Changed Since He Had To Leave Her The First TimeEach Book In The Perfect Kisses Series Is A Standalone, Full Length Story That Can Be Enjoyed Out Of OrderBook Playing At Love Book Speaking Of Love Book Falling For Her SoldierBook Making Waves Oh, Entangled Bliss, it was been too long since I ve picked one of you up How I ve missed you and your sweet romances that leave me swooning and smiling simultaneously And though Falling For Her Soldier is the only Perfect Kisses novel I ve read until now, I quickly realized that I ve missed this series To have the opportunity to revisit Charlie and Ellie, now living in Hawaii, was a treat Basically, Making Waves is the perfect summer beach read You have the gorgeous Hawaiian setting, a surfer hero with a secret, and a second chance love story Justine sister to Mac from Speaking of Love is visiting Charlie and Ellie from Falling For Her Soldier , who ve been relocated to Hawaii, on a much needed vacation The past year has been rough on Justine, who lost her best friend in a tragic accident, and her boyfriend Will the next day When a big story on pro surfer Chase Ryder nearly falls in her lap, Justine decides to go for it When she approaches Chase for an interview, the past collides with her present Justine has questions, and Chase wants another chance.Despite my efforts to connect the dots between this and previous installments, Making Waves can definitely be read as a standalone I will admit though, that revisiting Charlie and Ellie made me smile a lot, and if I hadn t read their book before, I would most definitely be making it a priority And honestly, it makes me want to go back and read Playing at Love and Speaking of Love, as well Everything I ve said about the series as a whole aside, I enjoyed Making Waves for the fun and romantic love story it was Chase was deliciously complicated, and Justine was intriguing in her own right I was pulled in by the twistiness of their past relationship, and finding out why Chase left Justine like he did London gave the two a fantastic sense of chemistry, and wow, did she give good visual for Chase s surfer physique fans self Making Waves was such a fast, fun read I cared about and believed in Justine and Chase I smiled, I swooned, and I left the story feeling happy and satisfied and ready for the beach. Who doesn t like a second chance love story Making Waves was short, sweet and just a hint of spicy I admit that this was my first Ophelia London book and it won t be my last Yes, my first, so you may notice I ve missed a few books in between Even though I jumped into this series out of order, I didn t feel as though I was lost If anything, it s made me want to go back and read the other books in the series Justine heads to Hawaii for a little RR and to visit friends Ellie and Charlie When she gets there, she learns that there will be a surf competition and surfer, Chase Ryder, is coming out of retirement just to compete Since Justine is a journalist, she takes the opportunity to try and get the scoop on this guy When they meet, her heart stops Chase is the same as the guy, Will, who break her heart Justine makes Will a deal She wants his story and he wants a chance to win her heart again Seems like a good deal for both of them The thing is, neither of them trust one another Justine still doesn t understand his reasons for walking out and fears that he could do it again Will needs to keep his personal life separate from his public life Here s where the conflict comes in Trust is broken I leave you to see what happens with that What I loved the most about this novella is that even though they didn t trust each other in some ways, they really used each other to overcome some of their own fears Justine lost a friend in a drowning accident and since then fears the water Will helps Justine break through that fear and go back to something she lovesbeing in the water And for Will, combining his personal and professional life was scary He had some issues early in his career that caused him to become the recluse he was known to be Once Justine s article hits, he realizes that things have changed and he has control over life So, I felt they both grew and they played a part in that for each other Overall, I really liked both Will and Justine They were sweet together I also liked getting a glimpse of Ellie and Charlie I m anxious to read the first three books in the series now, so I can get to know all the characters Making Waves was the perfect summer read and ideal for a hot beach day If you want something short and sweet, this is a perfect pick for you Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewWhat I really loved about Making Waves by Ophelia London was it made me ask the question, What would I do Seriously if you came across a guy you dated, a guy you really liked, a guy who left you naked in his apartment without an explanation of how you got there, and you found out that the guy was really a famous person and using a completely different name while with you how would you handle it For Justine Simms there s no question a journalist whose job in on the line she plans on getting a story from the media shy surfer Chase Ryder aka Will Davenport because if he doesn t give it to her she ll expose him and his two identities Ms London is one of those writers who always manages to snare me early on in her books and this one was no different completely engaging, enjoyable characters, and blazing sexual tension throughout made it impossible to put this book down.In Hawaii for a long weekend get away Justine jumps at the chance to get a career saving interview with the elusive surfer Chase Ryder, a celebrity who have never granted interviews When she realizes that Chase is really Will, she knows she s going to get exactly what she wants but what she doesn t plan on is getting so much.I really admired Justine s tenacity and the way she handled Chase Will She was still raw over the way he ended things and she had holes in her memory from that night that she knows only he can fill in but she is determined to save her job than she is to play nice with Chase Will I liked Justine and I felt like she was probably a lot profession with him than most people would have been but then again it was pretty obvious that she felt something towards him and it was than just simple lust.Chase Will seems like this really laid back guy when in reality there s so much to him hence the two very distinct personalities and this isn t a split personality thing, it s the way he manages his life While shocked to see Justine, from the minute he sees her the reader just knows there s a lot to the way he feels than he lets on and the heat between them, even a dip in the ocean wouldn t cool most people off.These two have history and not all of it s pretty yet you just get the feeling that had their last night together not played out the way it did, they would have still been together It just felt right when they were in each other s company They had this remarkable easy way of being with each other and despite everything there was trust between them because they both shared so much of themselves with the other That s not to say they didn t have some pitfalls but luckily they had family and friends to slap them upside the head so I didn t have to.Fun and flirty yet sexy and smoldering, this book will heat up and have you wanting to jump in and make some waves of your own Don t miss this spectacular offering from Ophelia London This is the perfect beachside or poolside read It s a quick fun, flirty novella that will you will not put down till you have finished Ophelia London has delivered another fantastic story, with the added bonus of catching up with Charlie and Ellie from Falling for her Soldier, which is one of my favourite books Justine and Will were a lot of fun to read, I loved the fact they were together then apart only for fate to bring them back together Plus watching Will help Justine face her well deserved fear of the water was heartwarming This novella shows why I have Ophelia London as an auto buy author I am already looking forward to I received a copy of this book from netgalley. Received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was the first time I d read any of Ophelia London s work and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it She packed this quick read full of fun What could be better than two charming characters you just had to root for Throw in a some drama and a dash of heat and you re definitely in for a treat Took this thing down in 2 hours Perfect for an afternoon in the sun with a cold drink in hand.Now I m off to go buy out her collection Definitely left wanting 3.5 I was a bigger douchebag than Justin Beaver Stars Ophelia London has given us a really enjoyable little addition to the Perfect Kisses Series.He was pretty sure sex on the beach the action, not the cocktail was a big no no.It was great to catch up with Ellie Charlie Falling For Her Soldier, Book 3 , and I really liked Chase Will and Justine Both were characters with a few insecurities and secrets, and I liked that the time they spent together was used to try and work through those issues and move forwardShe was a fighterThe strongest woman he knew Although there is a little drama, I love that Ophelia s Perfect Kisses series concentrates on the couple and their story, rather than dragging out the lows, she really enhances the highs of the story This is a quick, cute, sweet read, and I hope it isn t the end of the series.ARC supplied via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review. Making Waves a fabulous addition to Ophelia London s Perfect Kisses series Everything she brought us in her full length novels has been condensed into a wonderful novella that is sweet, sexy and leaves you with a smile on your face I loved it and Will and Justine were completely endearing Surfers have now entered the realms of my literary lovesit s the fresh from the ocean look that does it Pro Surfer Chase Ryder is Will Davenport Or should that be Will Davenport is Chase Ryder Either way, behind the names is a sexy gent who won me over straight away When Justine Simms arrives in Hawaii to visit Ellie and Charlie our couple from Falling for her Soldier and possibly interview Chase Ryder, she is greeted with the same man who created waves in her life and left herWith fun and humour combined with heartfelt and touching, I devoured it Granted it had said of predictability, but that is minor when the romance is so good Whether you re reading as a standalone, or as an addition to the series, it s a book I recommend I received a copy of this courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion

USA Today bestselling author Ophelia London was born and raised among the redwood trees in beautiful northern California Once she was fully educated, she decided to settle in Florida, but her car broke down in Texas and she s lived in Dallas ever since A cupcake and treadmill aficionado obviously those things are connected , she spends her time watching arthouse movies and impossibly trashy TV,

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