The First Madonna

The First MadonnaYvonne Crowe s books have a little bit of everything in them, she is not confined by artificial constructs like genre The First Madonna is serious romp thru all kinds of subjects It is a travel book as the main character Nicolina moves across the Mideast to various ancient dig sites with David, the lead male character They dug for artifacts, while I dug the story Nice references to music, with little tidbits sprinkled in it that made me stop and Google a couple of things The same thing happened with the historical tidbits The book flowed, entertained, educated in short it made for a most pleasant read I love the spirited character, the mystery gets you hooked right away I hope these two characters continue their adventures together They have great chemistry and make you want to see of them. Review of The First Madonna by Yvonne CroweNICOLINA FABIANI SERIES Book 25 5 stars for story3 5 flames for heatBy R.L BAILEYThe First Madonna, book No 2 in the Nicolina Fabiani series by author Yvonne Crowe had me at the title I love books that have some kind of historical backstory to them, and this one does The book centers on Nicolina Fabiani, a reporter for a major television network She is sent on an assignment in the Middle East, and on the plane going to Syria, she meets David Baron, an Archaeologist on his way back to recover some artifacts he discovered While there, Nicolina catches something on film she wasn t meant to see, and the people doing it don t want the world to see Running for her life, she and her camera man come back into contact with David, who helps them escape David is than a simple archaeologist though he is also a trained member of Mossad and works for them Once she is safely back in Berlin, they run into each other again, and at a dinner, David tells Lina of his family and what they went through during World War II But he also tells her of an artifact he found while on a dig, and once she is completely enthralled with the story, she asks to go along, the reporter in her wanting to know everything They work out a disguise for her since she is so well known, and off they go Thus begins the adventure This is a very well plotted out, well written book There is enough adventure, mystery, history, and thrills to keep the reader interested Lina is a smart, independent woman, and in my opinion, David is just the perfect man Strong, sure, brave, all the things a hero should be There were some minor issues, the biblical references mixed with the historical sometimes gave me the feeling I was reading another book, but that was so minor that I easily overcame it I like strong women Too many times authors make them hopeless romantics who rely on the man to save them Lina is so not this way at all Overall, I loved this book, and I am now a fan of the author and will be looking out for from her. Who Is The Immortal Madonna And What Is The Mystery Surrounding Her To Unlock This Secret, Nicolina Fabiani, The Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Teams Up With David Baron, A Professor Of Ancient Languages, Whom She Suspects Is Than He Appears To Be On The Surface, To Search In Ancient Temples Sites Throughout The Middle East What Is The Knights Of Malta S Connection To The Templar Knights And Why Do They Covet The First Madonna And Her Secret As Nicolina And David Stay One Step Ahead Of Her Old Nemesis, The Knights Of Malta, They Uncover A Revelation About The Origins Of Mankind And The Power That Men Are Willing To Kill ForThis Eagerly Awaited Sequel In The Nicolina Fabiani Series, Is A Fast Paced, Well Researched Thriller, Reaching A Shattering Climax In An Archaeological Dig In Anatolia, Which Is Rewriting Mankind S History And Where The Immortal Madonna Reveals Her Power And What It Will Mean For A World Poised The Brink Of Disaster I have started reading books where from the very beginning, I lost interest.This book was not one of those.The I read, the intrigued I was and I couldn t put it down.I don t want to give the story away so I ll just say that it has a little bit of everything, action, politics, war, Archaeology, Journalism, far off lands, and a little religion thrown into the mix.Although all the characters were very strong, my favorite was Lina, a Journalist who takes her job a little too much to the extreme With all the twists and turns within the book, I had to chuckle when nearing the end of it Lina mentions maybe writing a book about the whole adventure and remarked that It had worked for Dan Brown I felt as though I was right there in the middle of all the action A great read.The author is very talented, she has considerable imagination and a well executed plot You can t ask for much than that Very enjoyable, and I will definitely be buying from her in the near future. Lina, an Italian American journalist, has two enemies the Knights of Malta a Catholic group she discredited in a previous novel in the series and a Syrian faction which she filmed murdering civilians in that country s civil war During a hasty getaway from Damascus, she teams with David, an Israeli Mossad agent working undercover as a university professor in Beirut.Lina joins David s quest for the origins of the ancient Mesopotamian deity NIN TI, getting a crash course in ancient alphabets and Middle East culture As the two unearth clues at archeological digs and historical sites in conflict areas Syria, Iran, Iraq the notion grows that NIN TI and the Bible s Eve could be the same Besides Lina s enemies and war zone dangers, the duo also face a coalition of global heavyweights also seeking NIN TI, in the belief that solving the mystery of the deity will bring great power The result is a complicated mix of history, religion, social commentary, and relationships.Appealing to fans of archeological thrillers, the ambitious story is anchored by exceptionally strong research and local descriptions A few stylistic distractions exist throughout the book, however, including nonstandard punctuation, convoluted sentence structure, and roaming points of view The pace is measured, with a number of Lina David conversations demonstrating their growing relationship, yet with enough plot devices to hold reader interest. Okay I was taken aback by Yvonne book The First Madonna, when I first started reading it, I didn t know what to expect The characters were brought to life as if I was there at that moment with Nicolina the journalist and David, the Professor Lina was also a great character I could relate to The depth of this book took me on a history lesson to uncover a secret as the journey led me on a ride with the Knights of Malta, and the Muslim militants I could tell by reading that the author did a tremendous amount of research building her craft.The characters were well developed and I was very intrigued by them and their quest to dig for artifacts I think this book covered everything from great descriptions, the music, religion, and the depths of the land in ancient time Middle East, Syria, Iraq ect There were plenty of action going from one place to the next as the quest the find The First Madonna making your imagination run wild as the Knights were on their trail as Nicolina and David was full force ahead of them As I turned each page it was brought upon twist and turns, things that happened that didn t suppose to happen or better yet this was made for a good plot My history belief may have been questioned a little with the fact of the religion myth thrown into the mix I have never read a historical fiction book nor will I make this my last I need to go back and read Yvonne first book that follows up to The First Madonna, as it will give me sense of what I just read, although I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge just from this one book.This was a great read to me as I never thought I could get into Historical Fiction, yet Yvonne proved me wrong I could not stop reading giving the urge of finding out what was going to happen on the next page If you are looking for an action, intense, history lesson please consider this book This is an excellent book that is very well researched about secret societies and mysticism While the story is fiction it rings of deeper truths Along the way, I learned new things that challenged previously existing beliefs about the history of humanity From this point of view, history is no longer the boring, unmystical one that most of us belief, it is interesting, and there is so much that we don t know Powers beyond our understanding.All throughout the book I experienced a mixture of strong emotions, excitement, wonder, and a constant sense of discovery It s action packed And each turn of the page I don t know what new thing I will discover After reading this book, I want to read the other books in the series too.Overall I was very satisfied with the twists and turns and the ending Though not to spoil anything I would recommend anyone interested in Dan Brown s books to also read this one. These type of books aren t what I normally like, but when I was given the chance to read a copy of Crowe s Nicolina Fabiani series I found myself not able to put this book down for a long while It has a broad reach covering a lot of hard topics I never felt offended by the material, and was constantly pulled into the historical aspects of the material history being one of my favorite subjects Of course too, the writing is smooth and easy to read I ve felt in the past some authors that cover the same type of subjects tend to be too wordy and tend to over explain every tiny detail of information that goes into the narrative story without really creating a truly engaging world This book does a fantastic job and having a female heroine at the lead is a major plus for me This is what I really love about Kindle the ability to discover new and very talented authors that big name publishers continue to overlook Now we just have to wait for the movie This is an exciting story with amazing research about archaeology and ancient languages I hope the author won t mind my saying that there are all the ingredients of a Dan Brown novel, secret organisations, conspiracy, romance, religion, origins of mankind and all set in a turbulent Middle East There are two great central characters, the female american reporter and an archaeologist who is also a Mossad agent Romance inevitably flourishes as they follow the trail for The Immortal Madonna and deal with various attempts on their lives I enjoyed all the story but especially the uplifting ending I look forward to reading books featuring these intrepid adventurers. I continue to be impressed by the sheer erudition and intellectual curiosity of Yvonne Crowe and with her protagonist, Nicolina Fabiani, the author has created the perfect character to explore her many interests, no matter how esoteric Pairing Lina with the impressive Professor David Baron, a trained Mossad agent and expert on ancient languages the two travel to the middle East in search of an ancient relic, The Immortal Madonna, rumoured to possess great powers and formerly though to be in the possession of The Knights Templars.Lina in disguise with a new bob haircut and David must face what can only be termed impossible odds, powerful global cabals, religious fanatics and vengeful political factions all vying for Lina s blood, or that damn journalist as the Knights of Malta call her But someone they do survive, pressing on no matter what the danger, driven by a shared obsessive curiosity.The novel is a heady mix of danger, romance, intrigue, detective work and cat and mouse action Personally I find nothing as fascinating as re interpretations of ancient myth and history and this one deals with one of the most important of all, the Garden of Eden itself It s hard of course not to make comparisons with Dan Brown but Crowe has a style very much her own and puts her own romantic, high adventure stamp on a tale that in the wrong hands could become overly academic and dry All it would take would be Ron Howard to notice this one and well, who knows

I am the author of 16 published novels The Nicolina Fabiani Series includes THE MAGDALENE CONSPIRACY a religious mystery thriller in the style of Dan Brown and made 8 on the Movers shakers List and held the 1 and 2 positions in Religious Fiction for 3 months This has been followed by five books in the Nicolina Fabiani series ST PETER S KEYS, dark doings in the Vatican ST MARY S S

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