The Haunted Abbot

The Haunted Abbot In December Of AD Fidelma Of Cashel And Her Companion Brother Eadulf, Having Completed Their Business With The Archbishop Of Canterbury, Make One Final Journey Before Returning To Ireland At The Insistence Of Brother Botulf, A Childhood Friend Of Eadulf, They Detour From Their Trip To Eadulf S Home Village And Make Their Way To Aldred S Abbey Arriving At Midnight On The Night Of The Old Pagan Festival Of Yule, As Requested, They Find Botulf S Dead Body His Head Caved In By A Blunt Instrument As Fidelma And Eadulf Soon Learn, However, Murder Isn T The Only Danger Which Faces Those In The Abbey The Ghost Of A Young Woman Haunts The Cloister Shadows, A Ghost Which Closely Resembles The Abbot S Dead Wife Now It Will Require All Of Fidelma S Skill As An Advocate Of The Brehon Courts To Unravel The Mystery And Uncover The Truth Behind These Events Before Those Secrets Take Yet Another Life

Peter Berresford Ellis born 10 March 1943 is a historian, literary biographer, and novelist who has published over 90 books to date either under his own name or his pseudonyms Peter Tremayne and

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  • The Haunted Abbot
  • Peter Tremayne
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  • 07 January 2018
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    In the last novel, while Sister Fidelma and her companion, Brother Eadulf, are on their way to Canterbury where Brother Eadulf had messages to deliver to the Archbishop, their ship was caught in a storm and they ended up in what is now Wales There, they solved a mystery before continuing onward.In this novel, they are about to embark on a trip to Eadulf s home of Seaxmund s Ham in the land of the South Folk modern Saxmundham, Suffolk in the kingdom of the East Angles East Anglia in what was to become England It is December, AD 666 and they are essentially traveling in hostile territory East Anglia and the kingdom of the East Saxons Essex to the south had only been converted to Christianity a few decades before.Many of the population of this time were uneducated and warlike people, so during the course of many skirmishes and battles for supremacy, pockets of the old pagan culture surfaced and found a new battle to fight killing off and or driving out any Christians they could find These were uneasy times and the borderlands were often taken back and forth by the various warring factions Plots and conspiracies were thick and a constant force that added to the population s hardships.When Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadulf arrive in the land of the South Folk, it is during one of the worst winters of recent memory Brother Eadulf s boyhood friend, Botulf, had sent a message to Brother Eadulf at Canterbury, asking him to arrive at the monastery where he served as Steward on a specific date and prior to midnight However, Aldred s Abbey is a closed house one where women are not allowed at all The travelers also discover a tragedy when they arrive a few hours before midnight Brother Botulf has been murdered.And so begins this intriguing story of conspiracy, hatred, outlaws, in laws, murder, and ghosts Ghosts Sister Fidelma believes that all mysteries on earth are only waiting for logic to resolve them, but back in his homeland, surrounded by the language and customs of his native peoples, Brother Eadulf confronts a challenge belief in his faith Or, belief in the ghouls and vengeance of the gods of his childhood As always, I found this story fascinating My heart was always near my throat as Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadulf have no authority in this geography they find themselves in Not only is the weather hostile, but so, too, are the various factions of people they become involved with including those who are supposedly of their own faith.Once again, the action is non stop as the story moves from one faction of people to another Meanwhile, Peter Tremayne cleverly stirs in generous helpings of historical fact to blend this fictional novel into a stunning finished dish at the end I loved it, and look forward to next month s offering than ever.

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    I ve read four of the Sister Fidelma mysteries now I don t read serial novels very much, and when i do I like to be able to read them out of order I read this one after the first one because it was the Christmas offering in the series No 11 in the series, it turned out to be spookier, grittier, and into tho common folk of Sister Fidelma s era 7th century Britain than was the first entry Perhaps the winter atmosphere made it so, but it was much effective, I felt The Christmas attitude was tempered by the fact that it was also the season of the Celtic pagan Yuletide and the reader truly felt the grimness of winter in this bleak story Also, Sister Fidelma and her companion, the monk doctor Eadulf, were this time sidetracked and snowbound in what might be a haunted monastary where a spooky murder has been committed Not exactly your usual Christmas fareWritten by Peter Beresford Ellis, under a pseudonym, a scholar of Celtic historical culture, these novels have a realism that pervades the text, even within the fantastic circumstances.I ll probably take a long break before reading any others of the series, but the fact that I read four, pretty much in a row, speaks to how well I thought of this set of mysteries.

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    A terrific story with incredible historical accuracy As good as the story was, the writing was even better Tremayne has become one of my favorite authors of all time.

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    How can anyone not like Sister Fidelma

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    I am just addicted to this series

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    In 666 AD, Sister Fidelma is in what will become Great Britain with her Saxon husband Brother Eudolf They travel to Aldred s Abbey to meet Eudolf s childhood friend, Brother Botulf, who begged them to come to the abby for a midnight meeting They travel in a blinding snowstorm and arrive to find Brother Botulf murdered Fidelma becomes ill and the Abbot Cild doesn t want a female in residence When Cild sees the ghost of his dead wife, he locks up Fidelma because he thinks she s a witch When she recovers, she has to escape in order to be able to prove her innocense and to bring the guilty party to justice This is an excellent, exciting story that I could not put down I highly recommend it and will read the rest of this series.

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    Always of interest, another chronicle in the life of Sister Fidelma She is back with her friend, and together they are in Saxon England visiting his homeland There it doesn t go well Sister Fidelam is very sick, Eadwulf discovers that the friend he had meant to visit has died just that morning, and then Sister Fidelma is accused of witchcraft The story is full of who is fighting against whom, but it all makes sense Typically the books are set in Ireland during the 600 s, so it was a real treat to read a book set in England It was amazing to read by comparison how much advanced the Irish society was Lots less violence Much equality.

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    Sister Fidelma does it again Even after a brief illness, she puts together the clues and testimonies Brother Eadulf has collected and makes sense of the chaos Another great mystery by Tremayne, and this Signet paperback includes a pronunciation guide to the Old Irish language used in names in these books Also includes a historical note regarding the theme of this story These are very educational mystery novels and give insight to the great system of laws the Irish had while the rest of Europe languished in ignorance and warfare.

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    Our duo have gone to Canterbury since we left them and are now off to visit Eadulf s homeland planning to stop and see his old friend who sent a mysterious note at a nearby abbey Upon arrival they find that friend murdered Fidelma has taken ill from a storm and being in Saxon lands her gender does her no favors Consequently, Eadulf takes the lead for much of the story which was a nice change The abbot is a nasty man with a dead wife who appears to be haunting him Outlaws are in the woods As usual all is right in the end.

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    Me reconozco fan incondicional de Sor Fidelma y su compa ero Eadulf Me parece una saga sumamente interesante, bien ambientada en la que la resoluci n de los misterios que se presentan se basan en la deducci n l gica de los hechos previamente expuestos.En esta nueva novela se mezclan fen menos supuestamente paranormales que resolver Sor Fidelma ayudada, como no, por su compa ero.Ficci n hist rica y thriller polic aco, hacen de esta saga todo referente.

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