Shunned Shunned Widow Rebecca Beiler Receives An Invitation To Visit Her Amish Community To Discuss A Possible Permanent Return That Leads To An Intense Reunion With A Childhood Friend That Swiftly Turns Physical Would Caleb Be Enough To Make Her Give Up Her New Life And Its Sexual Freedoms Warning ADULTS ONLY This Story Was Written For Adults And Over And Includes Very Hot, Very Explicit Sex ScenesThis Short Novel Is Just Under Words In Length

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Alexis Adaire spends too much time indoors, cuddling under blankets, emerging from the bedroom periodically to refill her coffee mug and write stories.Alexis likes to take her readers to those secret, unspeakable corners of their fantasies they barely even knew existed.

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  • ebook
  • Shunned
  • Alexis Adaire
  • 02 March 2017

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