Night Fury (Night Fury, #2)

Night Fury (Night Fury, #2) My Name Is Catarina Or, That S Who I Was Christened To Be, Anyways I Live In A Convent I Am A Nun In Training A Postulant I Am Eighteen Years Old I Am A Predator No One Is Safe From Me I Am Protected No One Can Get To Me By Day One Way, By Night Another They Call On Me My Name Is Catarina Codename Night Fury No One Is Safe From Me I Will Come For You

Belle Aurora is thirty something year old and was born in the land down under At an early age she fell in love with reading Boredom one summer had her scouring the bookshelves at home She stumbled across Sandra Brown s Breath of Scandal and fell in love with romance.Having been brought up in a loud and boisterous family of Croatian descent, she developed a natural love for dramatics and laughte

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  • 116 pages
  • Night Fury (Night Fury, #2)
  • Belle Aurora
  • English
  • 02 April 2019

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    SPOILERS I don t know if i m annoyed or impressed with Cat. She is emotionally mixed up and has chameleon personality and she jumps from man to man i mean i understand the guys she falls are not good but if one actually like or love a person, one has to look deeper In the first book, Cat does not love Clark, she does not feel a zing with Clark but with James so she ends up with James We know in this book that James was a criminal who trick women into prostitution so it was understandable However, then she thought she loves Clark and gets jealous of him then she is not in love with him She turns to Macho whom she feel the zing with she gives him her virginity then Maco turns up to be a cop and suddenly her feeling seems betrayed understandable but should she at least find out the truth of why Macho was there Macho left and she goes on to fall maybe for Xavier since when Macho kiss her later, Xavier pop up in her mind Hell girls, r u sure u are ready for love I swears if she end up with Xavier and another guy pop in again, i m done with this series.and Bob WTF Putting on his poker face, he adopts a distant tone I don t want children Frankie should have known better We re a church, not a brothel Nuns don t just get pregnant, Cat People would know We can t risk it We can t risk our reputation People trust us They trust the church Erm. pot call kettle black if Bob has cared about reputation, he should has stopped from the first step of not fucking Frankie in the first place This is totally hypocrisy Nuns don t just get pregnant DUH Priest should not have sex with nun too, especially someone a lot younger than he is and what Bob came to love Cat in the end but he is not willing to give his chance to love his own CHILD this is ridiculous this second book is a roller coaster of emotion for me again the plot is good but it is all mixed up.

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    it s a 4 but it was like a 5 This book didn t have the same excitement like the 1st like the kick ass but Night Fury was still a kick ass Anynway, my likes for this book were I got to read the second book my suspicions were so wrong unexpected intriguing immersion, couldn t read this one slooowwwly the characters the new characters yeah I was expected so much actions and also major cliffhanger adding with the wait for third act boo me oh as for Night Fury, I could have hate the characters because she was like I like him I don t like him and I like this new one but I remembered that she was still young, naive and lack of experience contact she is not stupid bang my head, just a girl with only a fake family filled with love, only a kind.

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    I m going to have to think about this one In the first book, Cat did seemed to jump from man to man I was a little afraid she d get worst I read the reviews and it seems she now has feelings for a third man Get out of here.

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    3.5 stars So much happens And yet I still have so many questions That s the bad thing about novellas Hopefully the next one is out soon

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    3.5 stars.Oh dear A lot happens in this one, a lot.Cat seems all over the place in this one, but I can t say it bothered me, I mean, this is a teenager raised among assassins posing as nuns and a priest What girl has it together in this environment LOL.Not so much action in this one, but certainly a lot of questions answered, and even arising.Can t wait for the next one to come, cause I really wanna know what s the deal with Bob, this organization, what will happen with Xander

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    Cat annoys me Why must she fall for whichever new guy arrives on the scene and discard the previous one s like yesterdays panties I really hoped for there to be about Marco in this book, that s what captured my interest at the end of the previous book Will I read the next instalment Yes I need to know what will become of this story, unfortunately with less enthusiasm than I would like.

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    Wow what an ending I cant wait to see what Belle Aurora does with these characters..

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    THIS IS LIVE Awesome

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    . , So fucking stupid You sure know how to pick em, Cat You re upset about something I get that But I don t know why He eyes search me while his voice softens, Tell me what s wrong, honey My back arches like a rabid dog preparing to attack My body trembles, fighting to hold back the anger that threatens to overcome I speak through gritted teeth, Don t you call me that You shut your fucking mouth Blood slowly drips down his neck He put his hands up slowly in a placating gesture I m okay You broke my nose but we re cool I m not angry So why don t we take this back to my room and we can talk about it there Okay I m just about ready to attack for a third time when he utters softly, Baby, if I did something to offend you I spit, Your being alive offends me Shut the fuck up Marco s a cop , , Oh, sweetie I swipe furiously at my face and sniff Something deep inside of me refuses to believe Bob would do something so callous, especially to me I try to think, be emotionless What would I have done Finding courage and dignity, I steel my voice and jerk a nod If you say you know what you re doing, I trust you You re right You ve never given me reason to doubt you before I m not going to start now If my virginity was a cost to keep us safe I start to walk away When my back is to him, I firm my voice, Then so be it , , Bob pulls out his.357 magnum from behind him, aims it a hair s breadth away from James s forehead and pulls the trigger The shot echoes throughout the distance Something warm splatters my face I gasp in shock as James falls to the ground, motionless My mind blank, eyes tearing, body trembling, I whisper, No Bob stands there, looking down at James, huffing and puffing from adrenaline This is just a dream I ll wake up any moment and see this was all just a dream No I look up at Bob and wail, No No, no, no, no I drop to the ground and kneel by James There s a hole in his forehead and his eyes are open He bites his tongue His head lolls He s very much dead Not able to stand it, I let out a keening cry so pained I think that God himself hears me I cry in hurt and heartache I cry til I m numb I feel Bob behind me His hand touches my shoulder but I shrug him off I hate you I fucking hate you Bob stands back, allowing me distance He stays quiet a long time, listening to me cry, before he tells me something I didn t know He wasn t just a drug dealer, Cat He was selling women Not just women but teenagers, close to your age You know what his position was But I don t answer I don t want to know Still kneeling, head dipped, my body shakes in silent sobs He would break them in , , Great job today Soon you won t even need sessions I couldn t tell you why, but as he says that, my chest pangs Rather than show any emotion, I lie back on the ground, chest heaving and cover my eyes with a forearm I don t want my sessions to end If my sessions end, what time will I have with Bob Just me and Bob I suppose I sound like a whiny little brat, but Bob is all I know He is my protector My guardian My role model Sure, he could have been a better role model, but I say he did good with what he had That he does good, still , , , , ,

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    I read the second act in the hope that the story would get better It did I don t think I ll read the third act though as it hasn t really grabbed me Cat seems to get the hots for any red blooded male, and Father Bob is a contradiction unto himself I did love Tomas and Xaviers characters though.

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