FrostbiteJust finished reading it yesterday.I don t know why It just made me cry It was one one of the books that you just look back and see how much a character has grown, how much she has learnt.Her giving up Dimitri and saying she wants him to be happy was very touching that I just cried.Rose at book 1 was really looking for trouble She was a risk taker, and she pretty much broke the rules In book 2, Rose was selfish, and she sort of used Mason In the end, she decided that she didn t love him, and realized doing that was only going to hurt themShe realized that love could not be forced Which pretty much said that she understood what love is, showing her growth from book 1.Ironically, Rose was the one who scolded her classmates for breaking the rules, while on book 1, she broke the rules herself.She was a very quick learner, and she understood that she couldn t take on the Strigoi easily, not like she has previously assumed In the end, she killed two.What I love about Vampire Academy books is that they are deep It shows a person a lot how you could find the strength in weakness, courage in fear, surviving in suffering, love from misunderstanding, and truth in lies. Finishing a book in general is exciting Now, finishing a Vampire Academy book is scary.Perhaps this does not apply to all Vampire Academy books I have yet to be able to decide that but what do the first two books in the series have in common They both have wonderful beginnings Everything is beautiful, everything is just fine But then something bad happens that brings all the characters down to earth from the clouds they were sleeping on.And slowly, but surely, that unfortunate event bringsunfortunate events that eventually become a nightmare But even if now I know to expect blood and death in the last chapters, I still don t think I ll ever be fully prepared for the emotional attack This is good, by the way It might not seem like it, seeing that I m still reeling from the shocking death at the end of this book, but truly this is how it should always be It s boring to have a huge event at the beginning or middle of the book and then nothing for the rest of it.Richelle Mead builds up anticipation and apprehension And the climax is hard to digest but oh so worth it Wow, that was some real sexual innuendo right there You ll have to forgive me, I only just watched the clip for the third Fifty Shades movie Hahaha Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin You can t force love, I realized It s there or it isn t If it s not there, you ve got to be able to admit it If it is there, you ve got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you loveGod I love this book It was amazing This isn t the first time I read this series, and I still love it I love Dimitri I love Adrian I love ChristianGood God Men everywhere1 I will start with Mason I really liked Mason, he was so good He was so in love with Rose but I think Rose did a terrible mistake to start dating with Mason since she is in love with Dimitri She loved Mason as a friend though I felt bad for him because he didn t have a clue about her true feelings and he died not knowing them Oh my god I cried so hard when I read it He died to protect Rose 2 Ohh, Dimitri Finally, he admits his feelings but still they are not together That breaks my heart I loved that she became jealous of Tasha Ozera who was in love with Dimitri and she asked him to be her Guardian but Dimitri refusedShe was, you know, into you The ghost of a smile flickered on his face Yes, she was Is And that s why I had to say no I couldn t return thatcouldn t give her what she wanted Not whenHe took a few steps toward me Not when my heart is somewhere elseAnd I also loved that Dimitri was jealous of Adrian, even though she was dating Mason WTF 3Hey, little dhampirFINALLY ADRIAN IVASHKOV Even though I love Dimitri and I think he is the best match for Rose Adrian is my book boyfriend I love him He is gorgeous and a little bit crazy What can I say I like crazy guysRose only hangs out with guys and psychopaths, said Mia Well, he said cheerfully, since I m both a psychopath and a guy, that would explain why we re such good friendsFrom the beggining, Adrian shows his interest about Rose but she had a boyfriend Even Adrian understood that she loved Dimitri but Mason and Lissa didn t have a clue He was acting crazy all the time and the reason was so obvious He is SPIRIT USER like Lissa He is also buy her at least thirty bottles of perfume into a box Who does that He is amazing 4 I loved the relationship between Christian and Lissa Even though Rose didn t love it because she was forced to see them making out I laughed so hard in that scene 5 I loved Janine Hathaway She is like Rose I understand the reasons that Rose felt angry about her mother but I understand and her mother I loved that they build their relationship 6 After the death of Mia s mother, I finally liked her Even though, she and Mason became obsessed with hunting Strigoi I loved when Mia helped Rose with her magic to kill Isaiah and Elena 7 I also loved when Christian and Rose helped her with the plan to escape They are really great team Together they are unstoppable 8 My poor Eddie Mia and Mason convinced him to sneak out of the ski lodge to Spokane to hunt Strigoi They drunk from him and he lost his best friend 9 I will admit that I really liked Tasha in that book I liked her character and I liked her opinions about Moroi could fight with their magic beside dhampirs Because I have read the series, when I read this time about Tasha I was like not that bitch again 10I wished the kiss could have gone on forever Breaking the embrace, he ran a few fingers through my hair and down my cheek He stepped back toward the door I ll see you later, Roza At our next practice I asked We are starting those up again, right I mean, you still have things to teach me Yes Lots of thingsPromises Promises I love it when he calls her Roza. I enjoyed this a lotthan I thought I would This books picks up shortly after the first book in the series Rose is still in training with Dimitri and feelings run strong between the two but cannot be acted upon, with both of them being Lissa s a Moroi princess and Rose s best friend future guardians There are some attacks on the Moroi royal families This sends fear of what should be done to stop the Strigoi Some feel it is time for the Moroi to fight beside their guardians and learn offensive magic, whilst others believe its not their place to fight While the adults argue, some of the students sneak away to deal with the threat themselves The thought process of Rose is easy to be sympathetic with and believable The characters are great and very individual to themselves It was interesting to start to see a different side to Mia and also to finally meet Rose s mother I continue to enjoy the vampire hierarchy in this book, combined with the differences of Strigoi, vdampir, and Moroi I like how Rose handles some tragedies that occur in this I am excited to continue with this series It has definitely exceeded expectations. Oh dear I seem to be ever so slightly hooked How did this happen I was proceeding with caution, I swear I was but my god, this book was good I liked it even better than the first one in this series, I honestly have nothing but praise for this book I shall of course have to accept my fate when they start to go downhill, but there s always a chance that by then my obsession will have ran so deep that I won t even care in my lust to find out what happens to Rose and Lissa and Dimitri.I loved loved loved the relationship between Rose and her mother in this novel The similarities between them that they are both too stubborn to see and the wonderful mutual understanding between them at the end Also, Dimitri was so much better in this book I thought he was a bit of a douche in the last one but I m now starting to see the attraction just wish he would have dropped his moral values earlier on, hehe On that subject, I really do love how Richelle Mead manages to make a young adult novel incredibly steamy with lots of hot make out sessions and dirty thoughts Young adult romantic relationships are often so tame but not here By the way, Rose is now officially one of my favourite heroines ever She kicks ass and gets it on with hot men woo Book 3 reserved at the library I love this series so much That is all 3 The first book in this series left me feeling a big Meh It s confusing, nonsensical premise was distracting, though I felt in some ways it managed to distract from what was essentially a weak plot and simple story.The same can not be said for Frostbite The lore of Vampire Academy hasn t changed but the complexities and further insight, or perhaps just familiarity have lessoned the ache of it It s also dealt with differently and in arealistic way which is in direct ascension with the growth of the main character, Rose.She did grow up a little in this book, though only slightly She remains a unique, alluring and interesting narrator, even if she is painfully slow to catch on to the things going on around her I swear I knew everything that was going to happen long before she did and I literally felt like screaming at her to put two and two together and FIGURE IT THE HELL OUT I felt the romance between her and Dimitri was MARKEDLY improved It was realistic,heartfelt and real He manages to avert the otherwise extreme squickiness of a twenty four and seventeen year old in a romance by behaving and acting mostly appropriately despite the impulses The mother in me wants to scold him for not working harder, the young woman in me is begging him to go for it.The story in this instance, and the plot, is much improved It s fargripping, intense and pushes the reader into a shared sense of dread and elation toward the end.Over all I thought it was a much better read. Rose Loves Dimitri, Dimitri Might Love Tasha, And Mason Would Die To Be With RoseIt S Winter Break At St Vladimir S, But Rose Is Feeling Anything But Festive A Massive Strigoi Attack Has Put The School On High Alert, And Now The Academy S Crawling With Guardians Including Rose S Hard Hitting Mother, Janine Hathaway And If Hand To Hand Combat With Her Mom Wasn T Bad Enough, Rose S Tutor Dimitri Has His Eye On Someone Else, Her Friend Mason S Got A Huge Crush On Her, And Rose Keeps Getting Stuck In Lissa S Head While She S Making Out With Her Boyfriend, Christian The Strigoi Are Closing In, And The Academy S Not Taking Any Risks This Year, St Vlad S Annual Holiday Ski Trip Is MandatoryBut The Glittering Winter Landscape And The Posh Idaho Resort Only Create The Illusion Of Safety When Three Friends Run Away In An Offensive Move Against The Deadly Strigoi, Rose Must Join Forces With Christian To Rescue Them But Heroism Rarely Comes Without A Price Something is happening to me.Something bad.I don t know myself any.The me I know would never enjoy a book with a love triangle AND a love square Let alone giving three well, two and a half stars to said book, which also includes vampires, high school drama, and something that veers precariously close to girl hate.But here we are.I like the Vampire Academy books.Book one was good And guess what So is this one kind of Although definitely worse I, as I ashamedly admitted in my Vampire Academy review, love Rose, the sassy, badass, maybe anti feminist protagonist I also, evenashamedly, admitted to loving Dimitri, the Russian trainer love interest who is a decade her senior and even worse literally always wearing the dumbest coat in the world Most ashamedly of all, I confessed to gag shipping them together.Rose was in this book and Dimitri was in this book and they were together in terms of proximity, not in DTRing their relationship sometimes in this book, so It had to be at least kind of fun.But wow, the love triangle Dimitri Rose Tasha love square Rose Dimitri Adrian Mason combination was really just the worst thing ever.Bottom line Maybe those of you who ever made the misguided choice to listen to me should stop now Because something is clearly wrong. 4 Life Lessons Stars Spoilers This isn t really a review Per se butof a run down of what happen in this book.Frostbite picked up right after book one Rose and Dimitri were fighting their feelings for each other and tried to move on with other people Which I didn t like at all Rose kinda started dating Mason where they shared a few kisses I really loved Mason I didn t want him to get used as a stand in and that was pretty much what happens Dimitri got friendly with Tasha who offered Dimitri to be her guardian and the chance of having children with her Every time Dimitri smiled or laughed with Tasha it felt like a knife to my heart and I wanted to end her Both Rose and Dimitri failed at getting over their feelings The sexual tension between Rose and Dimitri just kept building in this book At the end they kissed and I believe it was a tipping point for them Lissa was dealing with her spirit magic and the meds she took to keep her from getting depressed and hurting herself The meds block her magic and it hurts her to not be able to use it Lissa and Christian made love for the first time We readers met Janine Rose s mom in this book There was a lot of mama drama, as Janine wasn t a very good mother, but she does love Rose We also got introduced to Adrian in this book He was another spirit magic user and I really liked him For the most part Rose did some real growing up in this book and tried to stay out of trouble Mason, Eddie, Mia on the other hand ran off half cocked trying to kill Strigoi Rose and Christian went after them and Mason ended up getting killed I loved Mason and was so sad when poor Mason got killed It really bugged me that he loved Rose and she just liked him as a friend and tried to use him to get over her real love Not that I don t understand that Rose was trying to give him a chance because he was a great guy and really liked her but I felt he got the short end of the stick Rose ended up losing her shit seeing Mason killed and ended up killing the two Strigoi that held them captive I loved that Rose s mom was really there for her after she made her first kill and lost her friend Overall a good read but I want Rose and Dimitri together already dammit

Scorpio Richelle Mead is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens Originally from Michigan, Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington where she works on her three series full time Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan, and Vampire Academy.A life long reader, Richelle has always loved mythology and folklore When she can actually tear he

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