The Last Time They Met

The Last Time They MetFrom The Last Time Linda And Thomas Meet, At A Charmless Hotel In A Distant City, To The Moment, Thirty Five Years Earlier, When A Chance Encounter On A Rocky Beach Binds Them Fatefully Together, This Hypnotically Compelling Novel Unfolds A Tale Of Intense Passion, Drama, And Suspense The Last Time They Met Is A Singularly Ambitious And Accomplished Work By One Of Today S Most Widely Celebrated Novelists

Anita Shreve was an American writer, chiefly known for her novels Shreve s novels have sold millions of copies worldwide She attended Tufts University and began writing while working as a high school teacher One of her first published stories, Past the Island, Drifting, published in 1975 was awarded an O Henry Prize in 1976 Among other jobs, Shreve spent three years working as a journalist

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  • Paperback
  • 313 pages
  • The Last Time They Met
  • Anita Shreve
  • English
  • 28 October 2019
  • 9780316781268

10 thoughts on “The Last Time They Met

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    Fuck this book.First of all, it s broken into three sections the characters at 52, 28 and 17 It goes backwards, which might work in some stories, but it s utterly annoying here You end up not knowing the characters at all Plus, it was like a wanna be Out of Africa I m so annoyed with this book Anita Shrew I mean Shreve is all about the depressing love stories, but this was ridiculous I liked the other one about this character much better and THAT one wasn t even that good Jesus.

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    Such extraordinary emotions in the space of paragraphs Thoughts on The Last Time They Met by Anita ShreveI hate you, Anita Shreve.I hate you for writing The Last Time They Met For making me fall in love and breaking my heart, all at once, on the same last page I hate how you pretty much destroyed my hope in finding love as perfect and enduring and dangerous as that of Linda and Thomas I will now probably end up an old maid with delusions of love so grand, there is no possibility whatsoever that I will find it All thanks to you.I hate you for creating a character like Thomas a man who has his faults, but who loves with such a passion that all faults are forgotten You just made me go against my personal standard of not falling for men who smoke, all for someone who unfortunately exists only on paper and in your words.Thomas, oh Thomas Who aged so beautifully backwards, whose poetry I was never able to read yes, women who are reading this, this lovely character writes poetry but for which I am willing to bet a limb on is beautiful prose Thomas, whose love never waned from boyhood to manhood to old age, despite all the sad in betweens and heart wrenching subplots to the story I caught myself asking nay, praying if the good Lord will permit him to come alive, so that I may look for him, find him and fall in love with him, in the hopes that he will love me in return But then I realized this cannot be nay, this shouldn t be because I am no Linda I am not the woman he was meant to be with.And Linda, whom I envied with such conviction because she was capable of love so enduring that it survived personal tragedies, subsequent relationships, distance and time Linda, compared over and over to Magdalene a fallen woman And yet despite that she had the luck of the draw she, whose soulmate was a man equally, if not , madly in love with her as she is with him.I hate you for writing The Last Time They Met the way it s written backwards, like reading a book from the last page forward And yet, it never read like a flashback or a memory or a reminiscent Oddly, Thomas and Linda seemed to have grown as they aged younger, from fifty two, to twenty six, to seventeen, yet at the same time they also seemed bare as the story progressed like watching an artist paint on tape and in rewind a complete portrait, fully painted, worked in reverse until all that remained were the sketches, skeletal But aren t skeletons the basic means of support I hate you for giving them writing professions, for making Thomas a poet, and for letting him tell Linda that she s cut out for novels than poems Did you become a poet because of me I hate you for including an exchange of letters, for allowing a peek intimate than any narration could ever hope to achieve words written by the characters themselves, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, overall inadequate As Linda first wrote to Thomas I think that words corrupt and oxidize love That it is better not to write of it And to which Thomas promptly replied Write me For God s sake, keep writing I am running out of words as to how your book has ruined me, Anita Shreve And so I will resort to quoting from their brief exchange of love letters a adequate show of the agony you have put me through So much has been left unsaid Ugh, Anita Shreve Your book has turned me into a blabbering lovestruck buffoon.PS The ending was the death of me I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.Orinigally posted here.

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    This had a solid spot on my mediocre books I ll never remember shelf until I read the last two pages where an appallingly bad ending forced me to violently throw it into the books so bad they make me angry trash While still fuming about one of the lamest and most manipulative endings ever written, I had to remind myself that I believe there is a purpose to occasionally reading a bad book As a reading hobbyist, my main motivation to read is for joy For the euphoria that comes when I immerse myself in a really spectacular story, essay, fable or parable for a few hours or days and come away a better informed, empathic person for reading it In order to recognize the good stuff, I believe you have to have some experience with the bad It s the law of opposition for literature Now, I m not advocating anyone seek out the tawdry or the trashy I m not even sure that kind of stuff counts as literature But, the I read, the comfortable I am with my opinions If I say or write, That was incredible or, Meh or even I hated it I m using all the books I ve read before as a sort of gauge Of course, preference about style, genre or prose is so subjective that it would be impossible to universally call anything Good or Bad but throughout your own experience as a reader, your own tastes become clear This, an attempt to dramatize one of life s great questions what if is bad, in my opinion, because it seems Anita Shreve couldn t pass up a chance to write a book full of gimmicks over one whose plot could stand on its own two feet From it s reverse chronology format to it s pointless foreshadowing of things that never happened, The Last Time They Met only serves to remind me that there are better books out there no books were actually harmed in the writing of this review

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    Read for my book club it has been a while since I read this author It tells the story of a consuming love between a man and woman or does it Recounted in reverse order in three parts beginning with the present tense Part one was slow going, using as one of my friends pointed out, overwrought phrases like the small trapezoidal carton of nachos and later a day without you seems a day un lived, bearable only because I summon memory, mine subject to the merest oxidation, a faint rust blowing in the breezes At other times her descriptions of what can actually be going through our minds was spot on Part two is interesting as we learn of their history trying to figure out what caused them to part Part three was my favorite as we learn about the beginning of their relationship in all its sweet youth, innocence, and discovery But then comes the reveal I feel like saying any might be a spoiler of sorts so will wait and discuss this at our meeting If you re not in the mood for a depressing surprise ending, which I admit, I did not see coming, you might want to put this one on the back burner I and my BC friends do not casually swear so perhaps it will be enlightening if I tell you that upon finishing our book, my friend texted me one word to sum up how she felt It begins with an F Depending on your POV, that could be a positive or negative.

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    I see a lot of people did not like this book I understand why, but there are certainly parts or rather a sentence that I HATED but I loved this book I read it a few years ago and it still haunts me I would recommend reading it with a friend or group, because you WILL want to discuss this with someone in the know when you finish This is a book that I will re read I think what I like so much about it, besides the wonderful writing, is that it is very different from anything I have ever read.

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    This book was an ok read until the endif everything from the car crash forward is invented by Thomas and not real after all, this is a sick delusion and not a love story I felt cheated at the end It is something like the time when Cheech and Chong released an otherwise empty record album, with the words You have just been ripped off at the end If you enjoyed that album, you will enjoy this book as well.

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    Anything Anita Shreve Anita Shreve has ever written has moved me I am thrown into the storyline because of her writing skills No other writer has ever been able to make me see what is being written I can picture each character, house, town, etc as though there are photos on the side There s just something about her writing I get involved in the story and the characters When there s a new Anita Shreve book, I get ready for a sleepless night because I can t put the book down.

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    You know, I ve read other stuff by this author, and liked it Liked it a lot This is actually the fifth book if hers I ve read.Absolute dreck.The characters are wooden and unbelievable, like something out of a Russian novel of the last century They give undue weight to their actions should I or shouldn t I have this glass of wine and are clunky.Not one of them is memorable.Really, really disappointed.

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    I m a big Anita Shreve fanand eagerly await each new book she writes That said, however, this one is truly terrible Was this really written by the author of the incredible The Weight of Water She forces the comparison, since this book is a vastly inferior sequel Both books had a gimmick at their core, but the gimmick is all this sequel is about This isn t the first book of hers that s poorly plotted, but usually her moving prose and intricately drawn characters than compensate for any weaknesses of story But this time, even her prose fails her The writing is, at times, excruciatingly bad and laughably self conscious If that wasn t bad enough, she tacks on a so called twist ending that s infuriating in it s absurdity More than that, the contrived twist ending is basically a big screw you to the readers who ve slogged through this embarrassing gimmick masquerading as a novel Don t bother with this one, folks and cross your fingers that Shreve returns to her excellent form in her next book.

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    The Last Time They Met is a haunting, compelling and beautiful story about a love that is timeless A love found, lost and then found again through the reliving of memories A love that is renewed and where future possibilities are inevitably created and visited through the imagination An imagination that is impossible or improbable without a certain bias and influence of the past, of memories, both weighted with actions and consequences leading us to question the whys, what ifs and the could have beens. Thomas Janes and Linda Fallon s love story is not characterized with a distinct beginning and end Rather, the significance of their love is credited on the moments of their love The moment, their sums of moments dedicated to the living in and the loving for the moment Parallel to their love is the element of time, a seamless flow of moments spent together This love is not a static foundation, like a house that absorb, contain, and perhaps even restrain love to a place and time Thomas and Linda share a love that is like a river, like water, not solid but liquid Their love flow from places to between spaces, sometimes emerging on foreign shores, sometimes tumultuous or calm but never static The constant is the echoes of the past, which continue to haunt their present and future Theirs is a love not strengthened through the length of time accumulated, but in the episodes of their lives that the story divides into They are connections that speak of a love discovered, a love affirmed and then longed for.Finality is a noted absence in the story, not unlike life or the imagination but it allow for a realistic element Even the imagination can face contraint with reality The answer to why didn t Thomas and Linda s love succeed in earlier moments, specifically in the second phase when they have found it again and affirmed it, is found in the final phase of their story the beginning of their love A phase where reality dictates and even the imagination, the human mind cannot reject it.A story that tell of a life unfulfilled, a love fulfilled, though not finitely, but in the moments in which memories are derived.

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