ResonanceInitial Impressions 5 5 15 4.5 stars, I thinkErica O Rourke is a beautiful writer I ve been so impressed with Dissonance and Resonance for so many reasons and wow Those finales are just beautiful The musicality of the whole book is just phenomenal both the inclusion of musical aspects and the way the prose naturally flows I loved the story from start to finish I did get a teensy bit lost in the middle of this book simply because there was a little switch up which was GREAT but it took me a while to adjust to the idea Must go back and read her first series Dying for anything else I can read from Erica O Rourke Full review as originally posted HERE on The Book Addict s Guide 6 24 15 DISSONANCE really took me by surprise last year and ended up being one of my many favorite reads of 2014 so naturally, I couldn t hold out too long when I was approved for a review copy of RESONANCE I was anxious to dive back in to the main plot of the story and figure out what the ending of DISSONANCE really meant for Del and Simon and I was once again impressed with Erica O Rourke s crafty plotting and lovely writing.What I really enjoyed about the beginning of RESONANCE is that the book doesn t take too long to get back into the action and the possiblility of what happened to Simon but I also wasn t dropped straight into action without a little refresher There were also some nice allusions to the pieces of Addie s story in HARMONIC which isn t necessary to read before RESONANCE but I highly recommend it it s helpful for the plot and characters and also because it was just really, really good The action stays steady throughout the whole book too RESONANCE is a fast paced, exciting adventure but also has some really great tender moments between characters and I really got to know each of them.I think I was impressed with the world building in DISSONANCE but don t get me wrong RESONANCE is pretty awesome and twisty There s just a different side to be revealed in this book DISSONANCE really gets the reader into how Walking works and what the general Consort rules are but RESONANCE is all about digging deeper into why those rules are in place and of course, we get information about the Free Walkers too There s one HUGE plot point that really blew my mind and I loved it BUT it also affects the relationship of a couple characters no spoiler what huge plot point wouldn t, right and I wasn t sure how I felt about where those two were left It was actually kind of a good thing in a way I didn t feel as strong about the link between those two characters but it also opened my eyes to how other people perceived what was going on too It was a really interesting turn of events, especially assessing my own feelings towards what happened Cryptic, I know, but when you read it, let me know because I think it s a really neat thing to discuss I was kind of all over the place with my feelings for Del and Simon I do love them but there were just so many things going on in this book And then I was reminded that they ve only really known each other for a few months When you say it like that, it sounds like insta love a bit but looking back on my relationship with my husband and when we first started dating, we fell pretty hard pretty fast so that s really not an illogical connection, especially when things are so high stakes I actually didn t even think about the shortness of their relationship until it was brought up in the book oops but it made me stop and think about it for a minute Of course, though, I still love these two I really adore how their relationship has serious highs and lows and they really do have to fight for each other I guess really looking back on the book, I like that there were so many obstacles both physically and mentally that they had to face because once the book was over, I felt even secure about their feelings for each other.I just loved these two books from Erica O Rourke and novella and I m so, so happy I got to read them They were just so up my alley with the parallel universes, the musical elements, and the Chicago setting If any or all of these things appeal to you, I highly recommend this series These were just so well done Erica O Rourke s writing is just beautiful. A copy of this novel was provided by Simon Schuster for review via Edelweisss.Oh boy OH BOY.If you remember or not, that s okay too , I loved Dissonance I loved the multiverse theory that it presented, and the unique way the love interest was presented and the fact that it wasn t the 1 priority of this book I don t know if I mentioned it in my review, but I also really liked the pace I was never bored.Let s just say that everything changed in Resonance The multiverse theory took a back seat That s not to say that it doesn t take a central role in the book, because it does, but there weren t as many cool times in the multiverse It was about how it operates, and how that operation can be improved Which was, to say the least, a little bit boring.This book is pretty long, and it only has two objectives TWO For 450 pages That s approximately 225 pages for each objective No wonder I was bored out of my brain.The romance becomes one of the two objectives of this book Del is grieving over Simon until she realises that Simon isn t, in fact, lost or dead but alive and healthy Quite a bit of this novel is her making a deal with the Free Walkers to see him again, because they saved him at the last minute when all the shit went down at the end of Dissonance.The second objective is to challenge the Consort, and how they cleave all the multiverses to give energy back to the original our world This happens very slowly, with a lot of talking about it and realising how they ve been killing these echoes of people and blah blah blah I couldn t believe how boring it was.Del becomes a case of the special snowflake syndrome in Resonance, which disappointed me I find it incredibly unrealistic when teenagers continuously play the role of saviour and hero in society when they haven t even graduated high school That s not to say that teenagers don t have potential, but I really don t believe they d play a huge role in a revolution if one came around They re still kids, no matter what they think So when Del is doing all this super special and dangerous stuff I was a little exhausted by it.I also felt like the ending was the epitome of anti climactic Absolutely nothing is resolved, and Del decides to do this thing that is in no way her decision, and the whole shebang just had me rolling my eyes It felt like a cop out of an ending, to be honest, and I felt like nothing had been achieved in the 450 pages that I had read except for a few minor details.Overall, I was very disappointed in Resonance, because I had been looking forward to it so much after loving Dissonance This is the second time the final book in a duology has let me down, so I m starting to think they might not be for me 2015, Chiara Books for a Delicate Eternity All rights reserved. As A Walker Between Worlds, Del Is Responsible For The Love Of Her Life And The Fate Of Millions In This Thrilling Sequel To DissonanceDel Risked Everything To Save Simon, And Now He S Gone, Off In Another World With No Way For Del To Find HimShe S Back At The Consort Training To Be A Walker Like Everyone In Her Family But The Free Walkers Have Other Plans For Her This Rebel Group Is Trying To Convince Del That The Consort Is Evil, And That Her Parents Are Unwittingly Helping The Consort Kill Millions Of People The Free Walkers Make Del The Ultimate Promise If Del Joins Their Fight, She Will Be Reunited With SimonIn Agreeing, Del Might Be Endangering Her Family But If She Doesn T, Innocent People Will Die, And Simon Will Be Lost To Her Forever The Fate Of The Multiverse Depends On Her Choice I am really wishing I knew how to play a musical instrument after reading this duology I really liked how it ended I m not sure I could ever be as resilient as the heroine She s such a strong person Love her My favorite scene was the train scene Such a vivid chase scene I can totally see that one happening in the movies. Tensions are high in this action packed sequel to Dissonance Erica O Rourke is back with Resonance, which continues Del s story and unlocks so many new bit of information that are crucial to the story going forward Resonance is a high adrenaline book from start to finish as the free walkers and the consort are on the brink of confrontation Del doesn t have an easy choice to make as the book kicks off When she is faced with the idea of rebellion, there is only one thing that could possibly sway her But she doesn t know what to believe until she knows for sure that the free walkers will truly help her get what she wants There are some major story developments in Resonance which make it very hard to discuss without giving away spoilers, but I am going to do my best to try and sum some things up Del has grown a lot since we first met her in Dissonance, granted she has been through hell and back to try and correct things she went through in the past In Resonance she is faced with even tough choices, and she meets new characters that she never thought she would meet All of this cumulates into a book that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat Secrets will be explained, new characters will come to light, and the risk of confrontation between the free walkers and the consort is as real as ever How will things play out You will have to read the book and see for yourself The ending was incredible It just felt so right So much happens in this book, and readers are left with so much new information that it is hard to process it all Even with all of the major events taking place, there was one question that kept coming up for me and that is What happens next it s such a simple question, but the way Erica decided to end Resonance opens up so many possibilities for expansion that it s really hard to know exactly where things are going to go Many readers will still be mesmerized and reeling over the events that take place in Resonance to really put a whole lot of focus as to where things might go from here, but I am curious to see where Erica takes the story now I would have loved to go deeper into the story in my review, but as I mentioned, there is just so much unveiled in this book that if I tried to focus to much on one specific portion of the book there would undoubtedly be spoilers I can assure you though, that you are in for a treat when you continue the series with Resonance A lot of things will be answered, but you will also be left with a few new questions If you haven t read Dissonance, I would highly suggest that you go do so before Resonance releases towards the end of July This is an amazing series, once you figure out the best way for you to keep track of the unique world and concepts going on in the books, you will be hooked Erica is a masterful storyteller and she was able to pull me in again with Resonance She set the groundwork for the story to be continued, I am just curious as to where she might take it Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Dissonance and be ready for the release of this amazing sequel to Dissonance. COYER Scavenger Hunt item 39 Read a book with no living thing on the cover 3 points I received a free ARC of Resonance from Simon Schuster via Edelweiss in exchange of an honest and unbiased review So complex, so beautiful, and Del has grown so much since the beginning of the series She also evolved through the story of Resonance. Received a copy from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Erica O Rourke has done it again RESONANCE is a truly fantastic finish to the Dissonance series I absolutely loved everything about it The complex characters, the swoon worthy romance, the intense way the story immediately picked up and continued to build, and of course, it was rounded out with an impressive emotional ending.O Rourke is a truly gifted storyteller Her writing is suspenseful, complex, and flows beautifully I am sad this series is ended, but I am definitely looking forward to reading from her Cannot recommend enough I ve given this 4 stars but it s really like the 3.5 4 end of 4 stars rounded up This is a fantastic story, complicated and thoroughly entertaining I d recommend it.I just had a few problems There are some predictable tropes here that annoyed me Seems like every YA urban fantasy repeats them and it s just a shame However, I will say that this particular plot and premise had so much going for it that they were forgivable.There was one thing that would have made me give the book the high side of four stars The main character was great until about the last 20% of the story Then she went all Tris from Divergent on us and starting doing dumb things, thinking she was saving everyone when actually she was just putting herself and others in danger and making a huge mess of things And she kept doing it, and everyone kept forgiving her that really ruined her character for me.The romance is great, the idea is great, the pacing was great and I liked every secondary character It s just the main one that irritated me This book isn t available on audio, but that s a shame I hope it and the first book, Dissonance, are grabbed up by an audio publisher and produced With the right narrators they d be fantastic. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Resonance by Erica O RourkeBook Two of the Dissonance seriesPublisher Simon Schuster Books For Young ReadersPublication Date July 21, 2015Rating 4 starsSource eARC from EdelweissSummary from Goodreads As a Walker between worlds, Del is responsible for the love of her life and the fate of millions in this thrilling sequel to Dissonance.Del risked everything to save Simon, and now he s gone, off in another world with no way for Del to find him.She s back at the Consort training to be a Walker like everyone in her family But the Free Walkers have other plans for her This rebel group is trying to convince Del that the Consort is evil, and that her parents are unwittingly helping the Consort kill millions of people The Free Walkers make Del the ultimate promise if Del joins their fight, she will be reunited with Simon.In agreeing, Del might be endangering her family But if she doesn t, innocent people will die, and Simon will be lost to her forever The fate of the multiverse depends on her choiceWhat I Liked It s been a year since I read Dissonance That book was one of my favorite books of 2014, with a gorgeous cover to match Since then, the covers have been redesigned I LOVE the original cover of Dissonance, but I definitely think these new covers are unique Del s stars are great symbolism to place on the covers, and the light dark contrast of the background throughout the series Interesting And I m pleased to say that this book did not disappoint at all Be warned, there may will be spoilers for BOOK ONE Dissonance As always, I will do my best not to spoil anything occurring in this book Keep in mind, what I consider a spoiler or not spoiler depends on perspective Given that I ve read this book, I ll have a good feel for what I m revealing or not revealing So you re pretty much safe from spoilers for Resonance But not necessarily for Dissonance If that makes sense.Del is still grieving from Simon s departure into a different world, but she refuses to believe that he is gone forever When the Free Walkers reach out to Del and tell her that Simon might be safe, Del wants proof Help the Free Walkers and see Simon or work for the Consort With Monty in an oubliette and Lattimer forcing Del to interrogate Monty about the weapon the Free Walkers have, Del knows what she will do Worlds are at stake, lives are at stake, Del s life is at stake, but nothing will stop her from righting wrongs and stopping the destruction of the multiverse.Ahh, it feels like just yesterday, my heart was broken over Dissonance s ending It didn t take long, once I started reading Resonance, for O Rourke to piece my heart back together Del finds out that there is a chance that Simon is alive and unharmed, and she fights to know , to find him, to bring him back So many secrets are revealed in this book, and many surround Simon.There were so many twists in this book, so many secrets It felt like bombshell after bombshell was dropped, but in a good way not overwhelming A lot of things started to come together and make sense, which was really nice to see I don t think readers are left with many questions by the end of the book if any at all I certainly didn t have any I was too busy hugging my Kindle and squealing with giddiness.Del continues to grow in this book, and becomes headstrong She s impulsive and reckless, but by the end of the book, it s clear that she has matured throughout the series, though she remains impulsive and temperamental I liked Del in Dissonance, and I liked her in this book She might be impulsive, but she s a determined and strong young lady who knows how to make up her mind.I thought this was going to be one of those books where the male protagonist is absent for like, the entire book but no so Simon is very much present throughout the book, in one way or another It s pretty interesting to see how O Rourke brings him back into the story, and this occurs fairly quickly So, fear not Simon returns, and is a huge part of the story not just in terms of the romance Simon is his usual hilarious, cocky self, and I loooooove him The romance ooo, so swoony Seriously, this OTP is probably one of my favorites, to be honest Del and Simon are magical together And quite steamy, too Simon is very laid back and a bit cocky, and Del is a rule breaker and impulsive the combination is really good Both of them move worlds to find each other literally though , and both of them love with their whole hearts and not just each other their family, friends, etc This series romance is one of my favorites the relationship is developed, no love triangle, and sizzling chemistry The conflict in this book is so much complex than the synopsis and my own brief summary leads on, and this is very well written, in my opinion As this series is only a duology, a lot of conflict and high stakes action occurs in this book My heart was pounding in many places, and I couldn t finish fast enough The scenes are engrossing and riveting and I was both hooked and terrified terrified of what would happened if this happened who might die what if they got caught, etc O Rourke did a great job with constructing the plot of this book The ending is very satisfying, though it is not a happy go lucky ending Everyone suffers somehow, most of all Del But the ending is a good one, people Trust me, it s a very satisfying ending there s no way you can close this book and feel disappointed This is definitely a series I ll want to reread in the future if not immediately What I Did Not Like Not much that I didn t like, which always surprises me, when I can t think of something Every book isn t perfect, but this one was quite amazing Would I Recommend It I highly recommend this duology For one, it s only a duology and there is a novella, Harmonic , so no waiting Two, the story is very intriguing and exciting Three, the romance is beautiful and steamy at times Four, the concept is super unique The terminology I ve not seen used in YA novels before, nor the musical basis to the parallel world theory parallel worlds are not new to YA I love how unique this series is Rating 4 stars A lovely conclusion to a fabulous duology I m so glad I decided to give Dissonance a shot I don t usually like parallel worlds alternate universes types of novels This duology is definitely one of my favorites I ll be pushing the series on everyone, just you wait and see. Resonance was even better than Dissonance It was, overall, a wonderful, fascinating story, with a take on an other world situation that I haven t seen before I enjoyed all its characters and their struggles and I think it s ended now Resonance had a conclusion that had a finality about it, although I think Erica O Rourke could write another one in this series if she wanted to However, I was satisfied with this conclusion and its tragedies and triumphs, although there is a slight uncertainty to it, which is what makes me think that might appear eventually And while I can live without a third book, I still wouldn t mind knowing what Delancey does next.The only criticism I have about Resonance is that there were times towards the end of it that there seemed to be unnecessary introspection that caused the pace to drop There wasn t a huge amount of that, though, so it didn t spoil it for me A great book, highly recommended.

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