Manual de Pintura e Caligrafia

Manual de Pintura e CaligrafiaManuale Di Pittura E Calligrafia Il Romanzo Di Una Crisi, Della Presa Di Coscienza Di Un Artista Che Si Definisce Solo Con L Iniziale H E Si Conclude Nello Stesso Giorno In Cui Crolla Il Regime Fascista Portoghese, IlAprileH Narra Di S , Pittore Mediocre Che Vivacchia Grazie Ai Ritratti Di Gente Altolocata, E Della Sua Ribellione Alla Finzione Del Mondo Mentre Lavora Al Ritratto Di S Amministratore Delegato Della SPQR, Decide Di Dipingere Un Secondo Quadro Che Sveli Il Vero Volto Del Vacuo S Fallito Questo Tentativo, Decider Di Scrivere Un Diario Stravolgendo La Propria Vita Perch L Arte Esige Sincerit 300 Manual of Painting and Calligraphy is a philosophical book and, as its title may hint at, it is a novel about epistemology.Cognition is the act of knowing this is the simplest definition, with which I must be satisfied, for it is essential that I should be able to simplify everything in order to proceed It was never exactly a question of knowing in the portraits I have painted.The main character is a portrait painter and he earns his fees by painting people not as they are but as they vaingloriously imagine themselves to be It amuses me to think that I am pursuing an extinct art, thanks to which, because of my fallibility, people believe they can capture a somewhat pleasing image of themselves, organized in terms of certainty, of an eternity which does not only begin when the portrait is finished but was there before, forever, like something that has always existed simply because it exists now, an eternity counted back to zero.One day the protagonist disliked his new client so much that he decided to paint secretly his second true to life portrait in client s absence.That is how it turned out The first picture was a complete failure and I could not give up If S eluded me, or I failed to capture him and he realized it, then the only solution would be a second portrait painted in his absence I tried this The sitter became the first portrait and the invisible one I was pursuing I could never be satisfied with a mere likeness, nor even with the psychological probing within the grasp of any apprentice, based on precepts as banal as those which give form to the most naturalistic and superficial of portraits The moment S entered my studio I realized I had to know everything if I wanted to dissect that self assurance, that impassiveness, that smug expression of being handsome and healthy, that insolence cultivated day by day so that it might strike where it hurt most.But the second portrait was also a failure so the painter settled on portraying his client in words and gradually the narration began to turn into his self portrait.Our civilization is the sum of knowledge and skills so contemplating paintings, reading books, practicing arts and writing is a part of gnoseology as well.I am back at my writing, but had broken off to place the chair on which I was sitting beside the saint Now I am on the floor with my legs crossed like the Egyptian scribe in the Louvre I raise my eyes and look at the saint, I lower them, look at the chair, two manmade objects, two reasons for living, and I ask myself which is theperfect, theapt for its purpose, theuseful And after much debate I withhold the prize from both the saint and the chair.In order to see things as they are and to find one s true self one must lose all conformity and hypocrisy. . . .. La mia vita un impostura organizzata discretamente non mi lascio tentare dalle esagerazioni e, quindi, mi resta sempre un margine sicuro per fare marcia indietro, una zona di indeterminazione dove facile che io sembri distratto, disattento e, soprattutto, tutt altro che calcolatore.H dipinge, ma non un pittore Lo sa L apparenza maschera la realt , la menzogna veste i panni della verit Tutto rimane invariato fino a che l ingranaggio s inceppavivere nella menzogna, usarla come verit e giustificarla col nome irreprensibile di arte pu divenire, in certi momenti, insopportabile.Inizia cos , la ribellione Col rifiuto di vivere nella menzogna Si apre alla lotta per riscattare il proprio io, per essere ci che e non ci che pare H prende carta e penna, scrive quello che non riesce a riportare sulla tela E scrive per un bisogno profondo di spiegare cos come preme la necessit di comprendere Una lotta difficile spiegare ci che ancora non s capito Tutto si svela in modo profondo e, spesso, doloroso.Scava Scava nel profondo, in quel tratto, fra i due estremi di ogni essere vivente la nascita e la morte Ed l , fra questi due estremi, che scorre una linfa preziosa, Troppo preziosa perch possa vestirsi di eterna menzogna.Rinascer nell istante in cui i libri di storia si appresteranno a narrare una grande caduta. Se me informei bem, foi o primeiro livro de Saramago a ser publicado e quem leu mais da sua obra vai reconhecer nele as sementes do que estaria para vir A mim apanhou me logo na segunda p gina, com esta frase enquanto a vertigem de um desafio nos faz apertar a polpa viva dos dedos contra a certeza do corte um livro que tende a perder se em si mesmo, para depois voltar a encontrar nos em momentos de absoluta claridade e beleza, a come ar pelo inesperado roteiro de It lia a It lia devia ser o pr mio de termos vindo a este mundo Um dos poucos de Saramago a que sinto que vou ter de voltar mais tarde. if you can even find a copy let alone without spending hundreds of dollars , let thee hold on to it like the sacred relic it shall undoubtedly become it truly is a herald of all that was to follow all, of course, being a malevolently gross understatement i think there were only, like, six copies printed in english, and i own a third of them it is fun, however, to walk into a bookstore, in seeking said relic, and try to explain to confused bookseller that no, it s not an art book and thus have to begin the unjustified and irrelevant explanation of why an author of fine literature would choose to entitle a book so. I just found an unusual literary object by discovering the second novel of the Nobel Prize for Portuguese literature,Jos Saramago, published in 1977.Roman in parenthesis, because it is neither really a novel, nor totally an autobiography although written in the first person and incontestably impregnated with the life of its author Moreover, the author ends up showing it in scattered fragmentsmixture of equal parts of artifice and truth , these pages do not constitute a novel , it is anattempt to autobiography in the form of travel stories and chapters.Unclassifiable therefore, this story focuses on the adventures of a not very talented painter, conscious of his own mediocrity and tries to writing obviously with the talent of Saramago and fortunately also with a good dose of humor and self mockery, all along with the realization of a portrait that does not give him any satisfaction.This book is full of beautiful reflections on artistic creation through painting and writing andbroadly on the meaning of life, its title is also slightly misleading, no way to use these disciplines, and it is so much better the main attraction of this manual is that painting and calligraphy are vectors for self awareness, they reveal the artist to the world and especially to himself.The writing isthan pleasant, clear, an authentic reading pleasure I would just say one thing the structure of the beginning of the story alternates between the main story and travel stories supposed to illustrate the literary talents of the painter left me an impression of unfinished, short tests a little tacked in the middle a broader reflection But that does not call into question the undeniable interest of this work that I even left reluctantly almost initiatory quest of these artists, the painter and his double to the author, is beautifully done and captivatingThis story is going to end, it s been a while since one man finishes and another begins, it was important to fix the face that he is still and to note the first features of what is being born This writing was a challenge Orice scriitor, chiar daca este el laureat al Nobel ului, are si carti proaste, sau cel putin neinteresante si plictisitoare Pentru Saramago, din punctul meu de vedere, acest roman care este prima carte publicata de dansul este un esec literar Plictisitoare, fara cap si fara coada, o actiune pe care o intelegi citind printre randuri Ii dau 2 stele si nu o stea, pentru ca la inceput au existat cateva pasaje care mi au placut In rest, fara bla bla ul fara rost si fara sens, cartea asta din 280 de pagini ar fi putut avea f bine 10 Chiar daca ii dau 2 stele, Saramago ramane unul dintre scriitorii mei preferati cu o literatura nemaipomenita de 5 stele i am citit aproape toate romanele.

Jos Saramago Foundation is currently based in Casa dos Bicos, a Portuguese landmark building in Lisbon Saramago s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public.Jos Saramago, together with his wife Pilar, were the subject of the award winning documentary

[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Manual de Pintura e Caligrafia ✈ José Saramago –
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Manual de Pintura e Caligrafia
  • José Saramago
  • Portuguese
  • 18 December 2019

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