Foreshadowed (The Near Deaths #1)

Foreshadowed (The Near Deaths #1) Haven t we all secretly wished we had the ability to read minds back when we were in high school What could go wrong Holly Campbell s Foreshadowed is a young adult thriller based on that very ability The characters were consistent and superb I felt like I knew some of them in high school The story was meticulous and a thriller slow burn that starts easy enough but slowly built until I couldn t put it down I feel like I read the last twenty pages in seconds I like Stephen King, Cujo, and Thinner, for the same reason Holly M Campbell is a master storyteller and now one of my new favorite writers. I loved this book Hope was born dead and the doctors brought her back Lance was broght backafter a car accident which killed his parents After these events Hope can read minds and Lance cansee death Together they are trying to stop Hope s death among others Loved it Can t wait for the next one to pick up where this one left off A gripping debut.I have been excited to read Holly Campbell s debut novel since I had the privilege of designing the cover It was such an intriguing concept and premise for a novel I was plunged into a well plotted story of suspense and potential murder, hinging on the unique and endearing relationship of two darkly gifted teens I admittedly stayed up WAY too late to finish this in one reading, and am eager for Left me guessing until the endand still has me speculating Excited for the next in the series This book has it all Sweet romance, teen angst, thrilling suspense, and even a touch of paranormal, with Hope and Lance s abilities that are of a curse than a gift.Campbell has created characters who are fun and sassy, but also tortured They re relatable and I really enjoyed every second in their company So often, teen characters grate on my nerves because they re quite obnoxious, but Hope and her friends were all really great characters Well rounded, grounded for the most part individuals, and it was nice to have parents who were genuinely interested in their children s lives L ance being the only exception.Hope s ability to read minds was interesting and I liked the spin that was put on her gift, with the fact that it took quite a bit of practice to discern whose thoughts belonged to whom As for Lance s gift, no wonder the poor guy was in so much turmoil all the time I m not sure if I could have lived with seeing how people die, and it must have been torture for him to have to witness the deaths of those he was closest to.This story was well developed, flowing right off the pages in an exciting race to stop a murderer, as well as trying to save others in the process The biggest mystery was where and when would Hope s life come to an end The terror that overwhelmed her also fueled her need to live, at times making her reckless The thing I really love about this type of story is that I get to play detective I m always looking for clues, no matter how small, but with Hope s death I was kept in the dark no pun intended for most of the story, until the moment when everything clicked into place and I had an a ha moment As she fought to stay alive, to prevent the vision she d seen in Lance s mind, so my pulse raced It was thrilling She may have changed her fate, but clearly it wasn t going to be as easy as stopping her death this one time around The final moments of the book proved just that, and I cannot wait to jump right into the next book to see if Hope will be able to escape death s clutches once again. Couldn t put this one down Well done by my friend Holly It s fore sale on Awesome I was really intrigued by the description of the book Then once I started it, I couldn t put it down Can t wait for the next one Hope Murdoch Was Born Dead The Doctor Brought Her Back, And Now She S An Almost Normal Sixteen Year Old Normal A Hopeless Crush On The Boy Next Door, A Negative Body Image, And A Mis Diagnosis Of ADHD Not So Normal An Exhausting And Distracting Ability To Read Minds And High School Is Hard Enough Without Hearing What Everyone Really Thinks Of YouLance Hampton Used To Be Normal Until A Car Accident Killed Him And His Parents Paramedics Brought Him Back To A Life He Doesn T Want Orphaned, Uprooted And Living With His Uncle, And Suddenly Able To See How People Die At His New School, He Tries To Keep To Himself Seeing How Complete Strangers Die Is Torture Enough, Let Alone FriendsAt First Glance, Hope Doesn T Think Much Of Lance Though A Lot Of The Other Girls Do He Looks Like The Typical Bad Boy No Thank You But Then She Meets His Eyes And Everything Goes Dark She Hears Labored Breathing Rapid Footsteps And Then A Thud As Someone Falls To The Ground Inside Lance S Head, Hope Just Witnessed A Vision Of Murder Her OwnTogether Hope And Lance Try To Catch A Killer Before He S Red Handed A Killer Who Could Be Anywhere Anyone Sure Hope Can Read Minds And Lance Can See Death, But They Still Can T See In The Dark Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review It s hard to concentrate on homework when you can read minds and see deathHope can hear everyone s thoughts At first, she couldn t decipher other s thoughts from her own, which led to confusion and Hope earning an unfortunate reputation for being the weird girl The one person who opened up to her was her neighbor, Bryce, but even he avoided her when his friends were near So Hope did her best to stay out of everyone s way.Things change for her when a new student shows up at school But it isn t his bad boy image that makes Hope take notice It s the vision she receives the first time she looks into his eyes The image of her own death One which happens to be murderLance is still recovering from an accident that killed his parents and left him with an unwanted ability to visualize a person s death just by making eye contact with them He can t control it and he can t stop the deaths from happening But when he sees Hope s destined ending, he feels an urge to try to save her, despite the odds being entirely against them.The new knowledge of her future leaves Hope terrified and desperate to stop it from happening With Lance s help, the two begin to piece the puzzle together of her eminent demise Their closeness could become if Hope could just convince herself to abandon her pursuit for Bryce s affection.This is a young adult novel, set in high school, so of course there is a fair amount of teenage drama and angst between all of the characters I expected this and didn t find it any bothersome than usual Hope s crush on her neighbor ruled her mind most of the time but I was glad to see a bit of growth from her throughout the story And once upon a time, I had a teenage infatuation with a boy, myself, so I can certainly relate.As for the paranormal angle of the book, I found it to be fascinating The mind reading and death foretelling elements were interesting and the mystery of the murders kept me turning the pages even when the romantic portion stalled I liked Hope and rooted for Lance Bryce became a bit of a nuisance but I did pull for him by the end In closingI m ready for the next book and anxious to find out who the elusive murderer might be Four suns Full review on blog Quite The Novel Idea Words from the Clouds2.5 starsWell then I m not entirely sure what to say right now This book had a lot of potential, honestly The whole premise is interesting and pretty cool and not something I ve seen that much in YA so far But unfortunately it focused too much on the wrong things, which stopped me from enjoying it fully And that always makes me sad Because it could have been so great But it just wasn t.I ll start on a positive note though As I said, the premise is really cool I liked the whole idea of the gifts and the murder mysteries tied into the plot I also liked Lance and kind of wished the story was written from his POV Which brings me to the not so positives The writing was fairly simple and there wasn t anything really wrong it with it, but it just didn t really grab me That wasn t helped with the story, which ultimately failed for me because it focused too much on the love triangle instead of the interesting parts That kind of sucked the good out of it a bit for the most part And while, yes the ending amped it up a bit, ultimately I didn t really care any by that point.What also didn t help was that I failed to care for most of the characters Well all of them except Lance, really I wished the story had been from his POV instead It would ve been so much interesting Because while Hope had her moments and I did feel bad for how she was treated at school, ultimately I didn t care about her The love triangle absolutely didn t do her any favors That brings me to Bryce, the third person in the triangle Honestly, I don t get why Hope liked him He was a shallow asshole most of the book and he didn t really change at all by the end of it Nobody did except Lance Which is very frustrating for me because characters to me are the most important part of any story And these just didn t do anything for me.In the end Foreshadowed doesn t quite live up to its potential for me Though now that the love triangle seems to be out of the way, I might consider picking up the sequel, just to see if it s better than this book But we shall see if I ever manage to get to that. I m a teen services librarian and I run a teen book group Foreshadowed is the book the kids voted to read for June I was glad they chose it, because I have to read the books too, and I do not favor the months when they choose boring things Spoilers after this point Foreshadowed is not boring It is quite the opposite From the start, I am amused by Hope and mean girl Tina I love the dodge ball scene and how she s able to achieve victory by cheating Mind readers are awesome I had fun than I should have reading about Hope and her interactions with Bryce the Turd There s actually a boy in book club who shares the name, and of course, his younger sister is also part of the club and so loved saying Bryce the Turd And I love when Hope finally realizes that Bryce IS a turd, but I was sad that Lance had to tell her that for her to see it The way he judged her was awful, but then again, he never said anything aloud He might have tried to censor his thoughts if he knew she could hear him Human beings are naturally nasty, we just don t always show it on the outside Okay, some people are sweet as pie in and out, but for the rest of us we all know we have our choice opinions about certain people that we keep to ourselves D Claire was sweet, and I liked that she genuinely wanted to be Hope s friend, because Hope really needed one The author kept this book true to human nature I love how Bryce didn t really want to date Hope, but he sure didn t like her wanting to date other people His jealously was fabulous as was his protectiveness Fabulous and hilarious And I love Claire s slight jealousy and insecurity even though she still wanted Hope as a bestie Lance s trauma and phobia was well written I love that he s far from perfect and that he s not even a reluctant hero He couldn t care less He just wants to save Hope, because he knows her And that s real to me Not everybody wants to put on a cape I mean, Hope does, and she s going to force Lance into some tights and Kevlar, but him dragging his feet adds an extra layer to the story.The mystery of the killer remains unsolved We don t know who it is, but we know he s coming bak for round 2 I will definitely be reading the sequel.Oh and the teens in book group loved the novel too

Holly M Campbell started writing at a young age She majored in English at Brigham Young University Idaho She s married with two kids, and lives in Washington state.Foreshadowed is her first published novel.

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