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Wolf by WolfExtraordinary Prepare to hear me gushing about this book closer to release But if it s not on your radar GET IT THERE. You are special You can live You are going to change things. 3 1 2 stars.Adolf Hitler won World War II He is one of the most powerful men on earth Experiments on human beings to make them pure blue eyes and blond hair are conducted on death camp prisoners To honour the Great Victory, every year a motorcycle race is held for teenagers from the Hitler Youth and the Great Japan Sincerity Association.Yael, a victim of the experiments, decides to impersonate last year s victor, Adele Wolfe, and kill Adolf Hitler in hope of sparking a revolution from the population You see, Yael is no ordinary girl she is a shapeshifter Her mission is simple, but she is facing many complications that make her racing arduous I seldom read historical fiction In fact, I can probably count on my fingers the amount of historical novels that I have read in 2015 and 2016 It s not that the genre doesn t appeal to me, but I m constantly attracted to premises from fantasy books But when I read this book s description, I knew that I had to give it a chance, especially since my last read by this author The Walled City was a winner for me.Many have already stated how original this story is I agree I ve never read anything quite like it The race to the end aspect definitely held my attention However, its length comes with scheduled stalling and repetitiveness I m grateful for the sporadic jumps in time though, because it takes the reader away from the race to introduce new information about Yael just enough for him to miss the competition when he is brought back to it I like when characters have a goal and go through with it or are doing everything in their power to achieve it The word faltering is not part of Yael s vocabulary She is all in Killing Adolf Hitler is all she s thinking about, making the world a better place is all she s thinking about or so.Come in Luka and Felix, the two boys who are putting her plan to risk She thought she knew everything about Adele, but impersonating her made her realize how they are many layers to Adele and people in her life that she failed to discover Felix is doing everything in his power to bring her home and Luka to win her over Could they be allies or new enemies There s a slight amount of romance in this book, which completely took me by surprise and, frankly, I wish there weren t any I didn t like the love saves the day element at the end This is an imperfect book, but makes for an enjoyable and pertinent read for all fans of alternative history Babushka the one who gave her purpose.Mama the one who gave her life.Miriam the one who gave her freedom.Aaron Klaus the one who gave her a mission.Vlad the one who gave her pain.These were the names she whispered in the dark.These were the pieces she brought back into place.These were the wolves she rode to war. Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google This book, even though at times difficult to read due to the subject matter of the holocaust and it continuing , was an exceptional read Highly recommend, truly unique She wolf An interesting choice I didn t choose it, she told him It chose meIn the 1940 s Yael was living in a Nazi death camp where she was selected for an experiment She starts receiving injection that are suppose to help erase her Jewish traits They wanted to turn her into the perfect Aryan specimen What they didn t expect was that it would turn her into something Yael is now someone she doesn t even recognize A girl who can t even remember her own face She goes from living in the camp to living on the streets Pick pocketing to survive, until she is recused by the resistance Once she s with them she is 100% committed to the cause She starts studying, training, and preparing All of this so she can join a motorcycle race, in hopes that she ll win, so she can get in the presences of Hitler, and kill him Yael is one of the most unique females I ve ever read She is the perfect balance of all things She is vulnerable but strong She is smart but has moments of doubt She is wild but knows when to be tamed You ll feel like you know her without ever really knowing her at all It s wonderful She is as unique as the storyline She is a character that has known true torture, has been willing to be patience, and is now ready to seek revenge We get to go on the journey from her from start to finish The side characters in this book do a good job of adding angst without overshadowing the true message of this story Felix is the kind of brother most wish for and Luka is the mysterious hooded bad boy that we all love to read about.This is what leads me to what was truly amazing about this book A plot that is unlike any other It was so unique I usually hate stories that bounce back and forth from the past to the present I always feel like they never flow well This wasn t a problem for Wolf by Wolf It flows back and forth seamlessly and always transitioned at the right time I also thought that I was going to love the action packed race moments I really enjoyed those moments , but I found myself looking forward reading about Yael s youth Those moments were so heart wrecking and real Truly heart punching We get a look into how could have continued and would be if Hitler would have stayed in powerNot everything was gray ashfall, yellowing weeds, withered blue hands, crimson rivers of blood.There was still beauty in this world And it was worth fighting forWolf by Wolf surprised me This was a slow burn of a book with so many twist and turns With the ultimate betrayal that will come out of nowhere It was suspenseful, gritty, and intriguing All these things combined together bring for on a powerhouse jaw dropping ending that I did not see coming Wolf by Wolf has a writing style all it s own Soul gripping metaphors A tale like nothing I ve read before And brings something new and original with it s characters I don t know where this story is headed, but I m very excited to find out READ THIS REVIEW AND OTHERS OVER ON OUR BLOG SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR there is a book calledif the allies had fallen sixty alternate scenarios of world war IIthats sixty different ways hitler could have won, sixty different ways life would have been different i couldnt tell you how someone had enough time to come up with sixty various scenarios, but i can definitely tell you this story is not one of them this book is in a league all on its own.yes, some aspects are a little cheesy and worth a good eye roll and yes, the sci fi element is really out of place but man, i would be lying if i said i wasnt entertained from page one i think the concept is sooo interesting and the writing is a definite asset to the way it is told the pacing is great and i enjoyed pretty much all of the characters my main complaint is the story references events that happen in a prior race, but never explain what actually occurred so the reader is left with a massive gap where some important stuff happened it doesnt necessarily affect the readers comprehension of this race story, but it would have been nice to have, rather than being teased about being left in the dark but overall, this is a wildly imaginative and exciting story it does end on a cliffhanger, so i guess that just means i have to pick up the next book 3.5 stars According to the stories, when the f hrer first announced his vision of an occupied Africa and Europe to his generals, some of them had laughed Impossible, they d said It can t be done But the word impossible held no sway over a man like Hitler. What if World War II had gone differently What if the Axis powers had actually won And what if that awful human experimentation done at concentration camps had actually amounted to the creation of something Set in an alternate history our story is with Yael, a seventeen year old with the remarkable ability to change her appearance As a child at Auschwitz she was experimented on in an attempt to alter her genes transforming her into the ideal Aryan race It doesn t exactly go as planned instead leaving Yael with the capability of changing her appearance at will She can now skinshift the only things she cannot alter are gender, wounds, and tattoo ink leaving everything from weight, hair color, race, sound of voice, height, etc all up to Yael Yael had many faces Many names Many sets of papers Because the chemicals the Angel of Death had crammed into Yael s veins had changed her. Ten years after her great escape Yael is planning to use her ability to end Hitler s reign of terror He rarely makes appearances in public any after so many assassination attempts Teamed up with the resistance, a plan has been concocted.Every year since the end of the war, there has been a motorcycle race across continents through the land both Hitler and Hirohito claim called the Axis Tour Twenty contestants race to win glory for their country s leader The riders are a mix of German and Japanese Yael s mission To become Adele Wolfe in order to ride Win the Axis Tour in order to earn invitation to Victor s Ball While there..kill Hitler.The premise is so fantastic, I cannot rave enough And THIS BOOK does the deed I could not get enough of the pages I was reading Yael is such a strong character with determination and intelligence I respected her And enjoyed seeing her transform from that frightened young girl into the young woman she was becoming I really love how the past was told through Yael s wolves It helped us to understand who she is and where that desire to avenge comes from Her heartbreaking backstory is mixed well with the present day keeping up with the book s fast pace.There are so many excellent, well developed, complex characters within this story I look forward to seeing several of them again There is a small bit of romance that doesn t overwhelm The writing style manages to be poetic without overdoing it in the way that The Star Touched Queen did The plot remains exciting the entire book leaving us with a cliffhanger that shocks Overall, I d say this is one of those books everyone will end up loving whether you re interested in historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, or just plain young adult Ryan Graudin manages to blend some of these genres within this alternate history world.To take it home, the author provides an author s note clarifying the book s theme of identity and just what makes us who we are And that we should never forget the history our world once faced Scary to think about, yet beyond true. Once upon a different time, there was a girl who lived in a kingdom of death Wolves howled up her arm A whole pack of them made of tattoo ink and pain, memory and loss It was the only thing about her that ever stayed the same Her story begins on a trainIf you haven t read this book, then I m tell you right now DROP what you re doing or what you re reading and pick this book up As soon as I read the synopsis for a Wolf by Wolf, I just had to read this story Although I did pick up some Hunger Game vibes, the plot was completely unique How many YA books, or just books in general, have motorcycle races Or better yet, plots to assassinate the infamous Adolf Hitler Not too many Just when I thought I had this book figured out, I fall into series of traps and plot twists I honestly haven t been fooled by a plot twist that bad since I read Red Queen and oh man, the ending to Wolf by Wolf got me badAt first, I was a little worried that a story about a motorcycle race would bore me to death since interests in motorcycles and automobiles weren t really at the top of my list, but this book just had me at the edge of my seat from beginning to end Although it took me a little longer than usual to get through Wolf by Wolf, I never found myself bored or anything of that sort In fact, I was kept on my toes anticipating the main character s next move and what obstacle she must prevail Wolf by Wolf just got BETTER AND BETTER up until the very last page and I loved every single second of it.This was definitely my favorite read of 2016 so far and it took me completely by surprise I can t wait to get my hands on the next book She wolf An interesting choice I didn t choose it, she told him It chose meI can already tell this is going to be a long one, I have so much to say about this book Let me just start off by saying that I am no stranger to World War II historical fiction I have an entire bookshelf devoted to the topic both fiction and nonfiction and have read my share something about that entire era just intrigues me This one is definitely right up there with my favorites it surprised me and exceeded all of my expectations and I ve seen nothing but five star reviews among my gr friends so my expectations were high But while I ve read so many books about WW2, this one is so different because it s alternate historical fiction what if Hitler had won the war When I think about it, it s terrifying How long would the death camps have continued How many countries would Hitler come to control How many people would have died And the picture that Ryan Graudin paints for us is provocative and horrifying The year is 1956 and the death camps continue, Hitler has conquered Europe, Russia, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and into Asia, and he s powerful than ever.This is the story of Yael, a young Jewish girl who is sent to a camp when she s about six years old She s chosen by the doctor as a test subject for one of his experiments, and he injects melanin into her veins regularly in an attempt to lighten her hair, eyes, skin ect to make her look like the ideal Aryan After weeks of sickness, infection, pain,it actually works but with a side effect Yael can now skinshift and make herself look like any person She uses this ability to escape the camp, and is conveniently found by the resistance movement Forward ten years later, and the resistance movement has a mission for Yael The mission The ghost girl whispered to a smokeless sky, I m Yael I m alive The heavens full of the dead s eyes and stars whispered back You are special You can live You are going to change thingsEvery year there is a cross continent motorcycle race, beginning in Germany and ending in Japan The participants are exemplary models of Hitler s youth young National Socialists, perfectly Aryan, steadfastly devoted to Hitler s cause There are Japanese participants as well Hitler and Hirohito are still tentatively allied , and the winner of the race is thought to demonstrate the strength, talent, and superiority of their country The winner is honored by their country s leader at a ball and is considered a national hero for the rest of their life Last year, a girl won the race for the first time ever Girls were previously not allowed to race at all, but Adele Wolfe had impersonated her twin brother to get into the race But even surprising, Hitler actually danced with Adele at the victor s ball Hitler rarely makes public appearances any after too many assassination attempts, and he certainly doesn t let anyone close to him outside his trusted circle But Adele s perfectly blonde hair and blue eyes, and her strength and pride in winning the race, captivate even Hitler himself.Yael s mission kidnap and hide Adele, skinshift to take Adele s place in this year s race, win the race, dance with Hitler, assassinate Hitler Easy enough, right It was a cruel irony that this was the message she had been chosen to deliver She, the loneliest of all The girl without a people Without a face The girl who was no one Who could be everyoneThe interesting and unique story alone is enough to make you want to read this book And the story certainly delivers I could NOT put this book down and wanted to avoid all real life responsibility until I was finished The last 50 pages nearly gave me a heart attack I thought something was wrong with me until I reminded myself to breatheBut besides the amazing story, this book is beautifully written and delivers on amazing characters and themes At its heart, this is a book about identity Yael s past haunts her, she feels literally stripped of who she is, the same way her skin sloughed off after so many injections Yael can t even remember what she actually looked like before the experiments She becomes prisoner 121358X and she doesn t know how to be than that The other prisoners call her a monster as she gets sick and her appearance changes, and Yael continues through life unable to shake the feeling that she is a monsterYael was a bare bones blank slate A hanger that held a cloth of pretty skin Who are you On the inside The answer to this question was something Yael had to fight for Her self reflection was no reflection at all It was a shattered mirror, something she had to piece together over and over again Memory by memory Loss by lossBesides the cruelty done to Yael herself, we learn about the people Yael has loved and lost during her time in the death camp and even after she escapes There are no bounds to the tragedy she experiences in her life, and at times she feels completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of all she has lost no one to love, no one to love her, no memories of who she is or where she came from To make the pain manageable, she hides her prisoner number tattoo with five wolves, each representing a different person These wolves remind her of what she s lost and why she continues to fightFive wolves Four memories and a reminder Her loss was larger than that But four one was a number she could remember A number she could handle without letting the vastness of it pick her to pieces like a crab s ragged clawsI loved the role that skin shifting plays in this book Yael is able to take on the role of anyone, but inside she is always the same person, always pretending to be someone else She has studied everything there is to know about Adele Wolfe read countless files, watched the way she walks and the way she plays with her hair, she knows what foods she likes and dislikes But when it comes to actually being Adele, Yael strugglesThe truth was inside Always inside And it made Yael wonder, if she unfolded herself, what she would find The monster of Dr Geyer s making Or the Valkyrie of her own design She did not know.She did not know How could she forget her own selfThrough the race, Yael learns about who she really is as she pretends to be Adele And we learn that there may be than meets the eye about the real Adele Wolfe I neeeeed the next book ASAP What s the deal with Adele and Luka, and, importantly, what s the deal with Yael and Luka The ending I just didn t see coming view spoiler I even thought to myself at one point that Yael can t be the only skin shifter if the experiment worked on her, wouldn t it work on others But I still didn t see it coming hide spoiler 4.5, really enjoyed it Her Story Begins On A TrainThe Year Is , And The Axis Powers Of The Third Reich And Imperial Japan Rule To Commemorate Their Great Victory, Hitler And Emperor Hirohito Host The Axis Tour An Annual Motorcycle Race Across Their Conjoined Continents The Victor Is Awarded An Audience With The Highly Reclusive Adolf Hitler At The Victor S Ball In TokyoYael, A Former Death Camp Prisoner, Has Witnessed Too Much Suffering, And The Five Wolves Tattooed On Her Arm Are A Constant Reminder Of The Loved Ones She Lost The Resistance Has Given Yael One Goal Win The Race And Kill Hitler A Survivor Of Painful Human Experimentation, Yael Has The Power To Skinshift And Must Complete Her Mission By Impersonating Last Year S Only Female Racer, Adele Wolfe This Deception Becomes Difficult When Felix, Adele Twin S Brother, And Luka, Her Former Love Interest, Enter The Race And Watch Yael S Every MoveBut As Yael Grows Closer To The Other Competitors, Can She Bring Herself To Be As Ruthless As She Needs To Be To Avoid Discovery And Complete Her Mission From The Author Of The Walled City Comes A Fast Paced And Innovative Novel That Will Leave You Breathless

Ryan Graudin was born in Charleston, South Carolina, with a severe case of wanderlust When she s not traveling, she s busy writing and spending time with her husband and wolf dog She is the author of Invictus, the Wolf By Wolf duology, The Walled City, and the All That Glows Series.

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