Trace - Part Three (Trace, #3)

Trace - Part Three (Trace, #3) The Final Part Of TRACE, A Three Part Series From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author, Deborah Bladon Vanessa Meyer Has Overcome The Struggles Of Her Past To Build A Life That She Can Be Proud Of She S A Nurse In The ER And Her Relationship With Attorney Garrett Ryan Fulfills Her In A Way That Nothing Else Can She Has Accepted The Fact That Her Mother Held Damaging Secrets But She S Ready To Move On And Start A New Life Everything Changes When A Letter Reveals A Painful Truth It Sets A Series Of Events In Motion That Challenges Vanessa S Connection To Everyone In Her Life When Garrett Confesses His Own Surprising Role In Her Past, Vanessa Has To Decide If Tracing Her Family History Is Worth The Risk Of Losing The Life She S Built For Herself Now She Wants Answers, Garrett Wants Her, But Can They Both Truly Have The Happy Ending They Desire

Deborah Bladon has never read a romance hero she didn t like Her love for romance novels began when she was old enough to board the bus, library card in hand to check out the newest Harlequin paperbacks She s a Canadian by heart, and by passport, but you can often spot her in New York City sipping a latte and looking for inspiration for her next story Manhattan is definitely her second home.She

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  • Trace - Part Three (Trace, #3)
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  • 03 March 2019

10 thoughts on “Trace - Part Three (Trace, #3)

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    3 STARS I don t know what to do I just don t know who I am any You are Vanessa Meyer That s who you are You re the woman I can t stop thinking about Just when I finally started thinking THAT S IT I VE HAD ENOUGH DAMMIT , Deborah Bladon puts a twist I didn t see coming Vanessa is HIS sister WHUUUUUT and changes my mind about quitting her books, yet again.Everyone, and when I say that I actually mean EVERYONE, in this author s books are related, and one of her upcoming books will feature someone I ve been rather curious about since I ve read about her in GONE The Complete Series Which means I am yet again stuck with my unhealthy obsession with the world Mrs Bladon has created. My biggest issue with the book The fact that Vanessa, a NURSE, doesn t know what Post partum Depression means C mon dude The idiocy in that is almost painful OVERALL Meh But Garrett was kinda cute.

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    Like so many others I thought the letter was a fake as well My only issue is how fucking self centered Garrett is hear me out He bitched because Van never told him who she was Yet, he never once recalled shutting her down when Van tried to tell him about the crime her mom committed On a positive note I love the twist at the end that ties Van to the rest of Bladon s serials.I would hope that when Bladon s finished with this world she releases the as one collection in order of sequence of occurrences with the characters I for one would love to it this way.A side note I hope Bladon s not done I want so much .

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    For a series that started off really strong, I started to lose interest somewhere with book 2, to the point that I couldn t care less about what I was reading in book 3 Yes, I know, this is a series and no one forced me to read it I read it because, to be honest, I wanted to see how the story would end, and it was less than 100 pages Like many other readers, I m not a fan of books that are split up turning it into a series, or novellas if you will, when it could ve been just one complete book But like I said earlier, I knew what I was getting into That being said, I have to say that book 3 turned out to be a complete and utter bore The characters couldn t hold my attention as they were all flat, and so uninteresting And the story By the time got around to book 3, I couldn t care less about Vanessa s discovery of her birth mother, or her relationship with Garrett Speaking of which, I never felt their connection, the heat or passion Sure they had a lot of sex but that soon became monotonous taking up pages of an already short novel novella I think what bothered me the most was how the entire story read like a soap opera That and how neat and tidy the story came to an end, with an epilogue that was a little too perfect In the end, let s just say I m very glad this series is over.

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    4.25I love everything that Deborah Bladon writes Trace was no different I know that each series can be read without knowing the previous characters, but once you dive into Bladon s world you really do want to get to know everyone The way she connects all of their lives is one of my favorites parts of her series I enjoyed the stronger focus on plot and story with Trace But I have to say, Garrett jumped up on my list of Bladon Boys Just his introduction in book one made me love him, but bringing the story around full circle Well, it cemented his place at the top Bladon is an automatic download for me, and this series just adds to why.

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    4 stars I gotta say off the bat, that this is not my favorite book of the series.It felt like the main characters weren t that in love with each other.It had a bit drama than I felt this book warranted.Still..This book had a beautiful conclusion.It had an awesome twist.And I loved it

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    Don t run away from me, Vanessa I m not letting you go yet More secrets revealed on this last part, and Vanessa still annoyed me at some part I know her dilemma, but keeping what happened to Garrett really make me suck.On the contrary, I like Garrett even .What had surprise me was, the fact that this story related to another previous series.And I become curious about him

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    This one wasn t my favorite out of the three parts I felt like it wrapped up to abruptly, for me personally it should have been longer Its like one minute she find out this huge secret about her past and then the solution that shes been looking for is there and then the book is over Im not saying i didnt like this part i just wish it had been longer.

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    I m seriously addicted to Deborah Bladon s serials I devour them like they are my last meal I love how she continues to weave the web of characters into each other It makes me love the new story that much .

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    what can I say I loved the ending and how everything worked out for Van an Garrett

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    I really can t get enough of Deborah Bladon s books When a new one comes out I seem to drop everything and go to her stories as I know they will never ever disappoint Trace is my favorite series so far I loved both characters and I felt so much for both I think that Garrett is an absolute dream and Vanessa s story broke my heart over and over again There were so many twists and turns and of course some super steamy scenes I love the way it endedcouldn t have asked for a better love story Can t wait for the next one

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