Linemates Life Is Going Pretty Well For Derek LaVigne He S Playing Professional Hockey In Los Angeles Where Hockey Is Barely On The Radar, And This Allows Him To Live In Relative Anonymity Derek S World Is Tilted On Its Axis When He S Traded To The Detroit Wheels Not Only Is This One Of The Top Teams In The National Hockey League, He Ll Also Be Playing In A City That Lives And Breathes Hockey It Sounds Like A Dream Come True, But Soon Enough It Becomes Clear It Isn TThe Reason For Derek S Change Of Heart Is Trevor Ladouceur Five Years Ago Derek And Trevor Were Linemates On Team Canada At The World Junior Championship They Were Inseparable Both On And Off The Ice And Became Known As The Wonder Twins After Winning The Gold Medal, They Slept Together Trevor Was Gone The Next Morning, And They Haven T Spoken Since Now They Re Together Again, And The Expectation Is For The Wonder Twins To Help Detroit Win The Stanley Cup Much To Derek S Dismay, He Realizes He S Falling In Love With Trevor All Over Again

D K Dunn has enjoyed writing since childhood She penned her first story, which was a Snoopy Star Wars mash up at the tender age of 8 Several years later her imagination is still running wild Her best ideas come to her while she s either stuck in traffic or in the shower.She s a proud fangirl, who loves Supernatural, Star Wars, and the Detroit Red Wings Reality TV is one of her guilty ple

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    Unfortunately, this is a double whammy review for me First time author and the first review for the book listed here at GoodReads And I didn t like the book.I love when new authors write and publish M M romance fiction The the merrier And while I did not like this book, the author did a nice job of writing it It had little to no typos, there was no annoying jumping around from POV to POV and the description of events was easy to decipher.The problem here is the content.MC Derek Veens LaVigne is a young hockey player in the NHL 5 years ago he played on the Canadian hockey team that won a gold medal at Junior Worlds with close teammate and lineman Trever Laddie Ladouceur The men enjoyed a great connection that spilled over on the ice that soon had their coach and fans calling them The Wonder Twins.On the night of their final win at Junior Worlds, after some cocktails for liquid courage, Derek and Trevor fall into bed together When Derek wakes the next morning, he finds Trevor long gone and doesn t hear from him until 5 years later when Derek is traded to the Detroit Wheels, which is the team Trevor plays for Here is where things get rough Trevor treats Derek like a leper or, appropriately, like a third grade girl with the mad case of the cooties He avoids Derek at every turn and even refuses to pass the puck and play like teammates during their games The book is written from Derek s POV, so we get to see the constant conflicting emotions in his head From one minute to the next, Derek goes from lusting after Trevor, hating Trevor for being an asshole and loving Trevor and the connection they once shared.Now, during this time Trevor has told Derek that their night in bed was a colossal mistake and that he isn t actually gay He even has an evil, blonde bimbo girlfriend who treats Derek like dirt every chance she gets It should be noted that there are only 3 woman in this book Ashley, Trevor s girlfriend, Melanie, a PR rep for the team and Derek s mom With the exception of Derek s mom, who we only briefly see twice, the women in this book are portrayed as evil and conniving Trevor even refers to Melanie as the wicked witch at one point The author doesn t give women any place in this book and even goes so far as to berate them via the MCs. Example from Derek s inner monologue I swear, the longer I was in Detroit, the I acted like a chick Someone must have stolen my dick and replaced it with a vagina I d been extra concerned about my appearance, pining over Trevor, practically analyzing his every word and action, and overly emotional at times And if you think the women are being disrespected, it is nothing compared to what gay men get Derek is in the closet and had no plans to come out, so he plays along with the team s homo phobic chatter Common chatter includes I ll take the Chateau Latour, Spillie mimicked Duffy in his best aristocratic voice He snorted Dude, you are so gay Duffy folded his hands on the table and shot Spillie a pointed look If you don t shut your trap right now, I ll shove a wine bottle so far up your ass that we ll see who is really gay You think you re such a badass, Spillie smirked, completely unfazed I know I am Duffy slyly grinned Just like I know that you d love nothing than to share a tent up on Brokeback Mountain with Mo Hey, leave me out of your homoerotic fantasies Mo threw his hands up in protest I ll even autograph it for you with hugs and kisses Clint stopped laughing, his face suddenly serious I really miss you, he confessed It hasn t been the same Miss you too Clint set down his burger and wiped his hands Okay It s starting to get really gay here We need to man up this conversation, pronto It should be noted that the boys never do come out to their friends and teammates The book ends and we don t get to see any of the love and support for each another during the coming out phase.Now, to get to Derek and Trevor s relationship Even though the two share a room while on the road, they wasn t ANY sex until the last 5% of the book This might have made for some seriously fun sexual tension, but it was merely awkward and rather uncomfortable to read about Derek even goes out one night and fucks a stranger in the back room of a gay club When he gets back, he admits it to Trevor with a, So what and Trevor seems to not give any fucks During the final 5% of the book, Derek gets his bell rung on the ice during the playoffs and it causes Trevor to finally man up and admit how much he LOVES Derek He says it with absolutely no passion and it left me wondering, Huh When did THIS happen I must have missed that chapter Of course we already know Derek is in love with Trevor because of his inner monologue At least we think so because, as I mentioned above, his mood swings are the thing of legends when it comes to Trevor.There was absolutely NOTHING romantic in this book There was one sex scene at the 95% mark that I actually skimmed because I was so disgusted with Trevor being a douche nozzle for years and years and them suddenly declaring his undying love to Derek, for which Derek immediately rolls over and swoons with mutual love Yep Derek the Doormat.There is not one thing I can recommend to anyone wanting to read this book I do hope the author will try again, but this was just a huge fail for me.CANNOT RECOMMEND.

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    While I quite enjoyed it despite knowing very little about ice hockey, I was disappointed by the lack of romance and the abrupt ending It screams for a sequel, because the MCs have very little hope of a HEA based on this.

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    Derek is gay and plays for the NHL team in LA He gets traded to Detroit for a chance at the Stanley cup He should be psyched but he s absolutely not because this will pit him head to head with the hit and run lover he had 5 years ago who left him all alone after a night of drunken sex.Trevor, who is now 24, can t be gay and play professional hockey or so he tells himself He continually pushes Derek away and claims that the night they spent together was a mistake.As they Wonder Twins begin to work with one another to win the cup, they begin to form a somewhat stable friendship, or at least not openly hostile.Trevor s hot girl friend who is a total bitch finally tires of playing second or third fiddle to hockey, the dogs and even Derek and drops him Trevor is forced to re evaluate his life and realizes Derek has been right for him all along So I wanted to like this I like the idea of GFY OFY, hot hockey players oh yeah coming out stories you bet enemies to lovers awesome This sounded like it had a bit of all that Yeah, no.It had a guy with his head in his a the ENTIRE time, constant back and forth between the two MCs over the SAME ISSUE and only pne count it one sex scene at the very end of the book It also had a long list of things that bugged me making most of the women in their lives act like b tches, making fun of being gay, no coming out for either character and a totally unbelievable I love you declaration that came from out in left field.When we get to the end I have absolutely no belief that this relationship will work out and really I didn t even care by that point I sort of liked Derek, but never cared for Trevor at all There was a LOT of hockey, a smidge of sexual tension, and very little romance.AudioMichael Pauley did a good job with this book He tried to give all the various hockey guys a unique voice and even tried a little Canadian accent now and then eh At times he sounded almost out of breath and I can t tell if it was because Trevor always was angry but his narration make him always sound that way.I can t really recommend this book, it didn t do it for me on any level, but the narration wasn t the problem So for the narration I give it a 2 of 5 stars.Review here

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    A good read if you are a Hockey fanwhich I am It s good for a new writer to stick with a subject they are personally familiar with and it appears this author does know hockey I got a giggle out of how the author got so creative in renaming the NHL teams I d imagine that was not an easy feat to pull off, since they are so many levels teams in the sport of hockey.The story kept me interestedperhaps it was the hockey angle onlyIDK This book could be rated PG 13definitely not erotica and couldn t really fit into the romance slot either A bit disappointing that we had to wait until the very end of the book for the MC to finally get together Yes, it s somewhat implied that it s a HEA, but we don t get to see how that comes to be because of the book s abrupt ending Too many questions left unanswered for me Would I buy a book 2 of this story Yes IF there is one, but I m not privy to that info.

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    This book was underwhelming on the romance side of things Nothing really pop off till near the end of the book It definitely needs a sequel.

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    Good on the sport action, poor on the romanceI love reading books with a sports theme, and this one was great in the parts that related to the hockey games and training but the romance part of this book let it down.Derek and Trevor meet 5 years ago playing on the same team at the Junior Championship They became inseparable and their closeness transferred to the ice giving them the moniker of the wonder twins Neither of them knew if the other one was gay or not, and after a night out celebrating their championship win they got together Trevor disappears during the night and they have not seen each other since 5 years later they are both playing for different NHL teams Derek is transferred to Trevor s team in the hopes that they can reproduce the magic of the wonder twins The story starts with Derek s transfer and Trevor s cold reception to Derek and progresses through them trying to navigate through past hurts It takes along time for the guys to finally get together.My problems with this one came from the two MCs, Derek and Trevor Both characters seem like they have bipolar as the moods changed rapidly throughout the book One minute they have a slight friendship then back to arguing or not talking to each other I really didn t feel any connection between them other than the fist love aspect I can t understand with the way Trevor treated Derek he kept trying to be friendly with him Trevor s about face came out of nowhere.I also had a problem with Derek and this part is going to be hard to articulate Derek spent a lot of the book pushing Trevor to admit he was gay Now in a lot of other books in this genre where the characters were hooking up continually and one character was refusing to admit he was gay, I would be totally on Derek s side wanting Trevor to admit it But in this book, there was no hooking up They got together for one night 5 years ago, and as far as Derek knew, Trevor had a girlfriend and was continually saying he was straight Who s to say that he wasn t bi, experimenting all those years ago or just living behind his own wall of denial So be it, that s his choice Without the hookups Derek s continual argument about it felt to me really pushy and kind of forcing him to admit it I wanted Derek to leave Trevor alone and let him work it out for himself If Trevor didn t want him, which it felt like that for 90% of the book, Derek should have just moved on and given up on his first love.The women in this book were portrayed appallingly With the exception of Derek s mother, who was hardly seen, all of the women were written as the ball breaking she wolves Surely there could have been at least I female character that had page time written as a normal human being.I gave this one 2.5 stars and that was due only to the hockey parts

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    A few years ago, I would have hated this book The romance quota was low, the awkward conversation quota was high Since the situation was awkward to begin with, I felt that was fitting Most of the action took place on the ice In most m m books, we get a detailed sex scene or three In this one, we get very detailed information about hockey games Right down to who took what shot from the point and who blocked it I would have tried to skim that in the past and it would have been impossible Somehow, in the last few years, I ve turned into a fan and as a fan I was very content to read hockey since I don t have any to watch at the moment The downside was the homophobia I didn t like it But that was kind of the point and unfortunately, realistic The ending was a big fail for me It was so rushed I don t like epilogues and I don t need the hearts and flowers but I don t like endings that feel like falling off a cliff either That said, it appears that this was Dunn s first published book I can t wait to read

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    Too much hockey talk in this one and too little romance The MCs don t get together until the 90% mark, there s one sex scene in total and we don t even get to know if the MC s are coming out Disappointing ending.

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    3.5 stars

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    This one didn t work for meNo review will post

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