Warriors of the Storm

Warriors of the Storm The New Novel In Bernard Cornwell S Number One Bestselling Series The Saxon Tales, On The Making Of England And The Fate Of His Great Hero, Uhtred Of BebbanburgA Fragile Peace Governs The Kingdoms Of Wessex, East Anglia, Under The Rule Of The Late King Alfred S Son, King Edward, And Mercia, Under His Daughter AethelflaedUhtred, Her Formidable Champion And Greatest Warrior, Controls The Northern Parts From The Strongly Fortified City Of Chester But No One Can Prepare Them For The Storm That Is About To Descend The Northmen, Allied To The Irish, Come In Force Under The Cover Of Night, Up The Mersey, Perhaps To Attack Chester, Perhaps To Rage And Pillage Through Mercia, Perhaps To Take The Troubled Kingdom Of Northumbria They Are Led By The Terrifying Viking Warrior, Ragnall Iverson, A Fierce Fighter And Ruthless LeaderHe And His Army Are Formidable Enough But Worse Still, His Brother Is Married To Uhtred S Daughter With His Passionate Determination, Uhtred Will Stop At Nothing To Take Back His Corner Of Northumbria And Secure The Future Of Bebbanburg But For Aethelflaed And The Mercians, Doubt Must Arise To Where His Loyalty LiesIn The Struggle Between Family And Loyalty, Between Oaths Given And Political Demands, There Is No Easy Solution And The Clash Between The Vikings And The Saxons Will Resound Across The Land

Cornwell was born in London in 1944 His father was a Canadian airman, and his mother, who was English, a member of the Women s Auxiliary Air Force He was adopted and brought up in Essex by the Wiggins family, who were members of the Peculiar People, a strict Protestant sect who banned frivolity of all kinds and even medicine After he left them, he changed his name to his birth mother s maiden n

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Warriors of the Storm
  • Bernard Cornwell
  • English
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9780007504077

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    The sun smiled upon my weary soul the day i picked this glorious series, in my book Uthred can do no wrong , It found me in a time when i read the best there is in fantasy and fiction and i had begun despairing and losing hope, some garbage out there i shudder to think of it Our hero in this novel faces a new threat,surprisingly the brother of his son in law his daughter and his first grandchild are besieged in their fortress and they re close to defeat and death so naturally Uthred disobeys all orders and reason and sail to Ireland to the rescue This novel has been a grand journey that ended with Uthred making queen and king of his daughter and her husband , a first love that turned sour , and a most fantastic unusual war cry M ussMan how hard i laughed, it brought cherished memories of my first

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    It s been two years since I last read a volume in this series I just started to grow tired of it and the formulaic approach to novel writing Although a series, each story is quite self contained and follows a similar pattern of development So I definitely needed a break from Uhtred of Bebbanburg for a short while And I m glad I took it because I found myself enjoying this one than many of the others and, even better, I m actually quite excited to read the rest of the series Though I do really think it needs to start drawing to a conclusion very soon before all life is beaten out of the characters and plot I don t want to see fifteen books in this series Ending it around book thirteen would be perfect for me, any and it will start to loose it s edge So what s good about Warriors of the Storm That is why battles of the shield wall are slow to start Men have to nerve themselves for the horror The tittle for one For me it was all about the desperation and the great action We ve all seen Uhtred in tight scrapes before, but this time I felt like he might actually die because the odds seemed so powerfully against him It took some real cunning to survive them and turn the tide of battle in his favour And that s why he does so well His experience allows him to predict the actions of his enemies and he can lead them exactly where he wants them He is a true lord of war even if his age means he has to withdraw slightly from the front lines He still leads the charge, though he is cautions than his former reckless self For once, Cornwell actually wrote about a priest who is not a complete buffoon All the religious types seems to fit into a stereotyped role of piety that shields their gaze and prevents them from perceiving the realities of a nation at war in this series For once, Cornwell wrote about a practical priest who understood that he knew nothing about war And he was a genuinely likable character, and genuine in his faith rather than using it for personal gain Even Uhtred liked him, and Uhtred hated almost everybody who wore Christian robes Uhtred is starting to get oldOf further note, the historical basis of this series is becoming looser and looser it never claimed to be accurate or anything though it began by recounting some battles and political turmoil between actual historical figures, but now the battles are purely fictious as are all the foes that Uhtred faces Whereas before it was a mixture of history and fiction It s an interesting turn of events, to make it all fiction, and it says to me that Cornwell is willing to adapt his style to keep this series going I suppose there was only so much source material he could play with and once Alfred died he had to get quite creative This is a good instalment into the series, and it tops the previous two, though I am really hoping that the series will start to slowly draw to a conclusion before Uhtred s story starts to run dry and he can no longer stand in a shield wall.

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    Dashingly handsome Uthred of Bebbanburg s life story vikings along in Warriors of the Storm, the ninth book in the Saxon series First off, Uthred is never described as being handsome in the books That is a tv fabrication Okay, I just needed to get that out of the way.Anywho, this is a serviceable book that continues the saga admirably It s not anything special No major historically related events take place It s personal In fact, at one point Uthred has to rescue his daughter and son in law It does feel like maybe Bernard Cornwell is wrapping things up A prominent character from earlier books bites the dust, and when that begins to happen the end is often nigh However, we re talking about an author who s learned his lesson about rushing a good thing along just to get to the end With his Sharpe series, Cornwell ended up going back and writing prequels because a tv show had developed and fans clad for I wouldn t be surprised to see the Saxon series double in size before he s done with it However, it probably should ve already ended I mean, at this point it feels like he s having to pull out of his ass new ways to get Uthred into hot water Having said that, if he does keep putting out and of these, I will keep reading them It s enjoyable stuff and I m fully invested in the characters Please sir, may I have some

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    Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros Essa resenha cont m spoilers dos livros anteriores.Como j de praxe, no momento em que o autor Bernard Cornwell lan a um livro novo das Cr nicas Sax nicas Saxon Stories eu j vou correndo atr s e tento ler o mais cedo poss vel, j que essa minha s rie favorita e Uhtred de Bebbanburg o personagem que mais gosto O nico problema depois disso tudo ter que esperar mais um ano pela sequ ncia, mas faz parte hahahaDepois de defender a fortaleza de Ceaster contra os ataques dos noruegueses liderados por Sigtryggr no final do volume anterior O Trono Vazio , Uhtred e seus guerreiros t m uma nova amea a frente o irm o de Sigtryggr, Ragnall Ivarson, um viking poderoso e que comanda nica e simplesmente pelo medo Kjartan 2 , pronto para saquear as terras da M rcia e atrapalhar o sonho do j falecido Alfredo de juntar os reinos existentes e formar a Inglaterra que ele tanto queria Ragnall Ivarson Eu nunca me encontrei com ele, mas eu o conhecia Sabia de sua reputa o Nenhum homem navegava melhor um navio, nenhum homem lutava mais ferozmente, nenhum homem causava mais terror Ele era um selvagem, um pirata, um rei de lugar nenhum Velhos conhecidos aparecem e temos alguns dos seus destinos selados Pessoas que eu nem lembrava direito onde estavam e o que faziam, mas que entraram no caminho de Uhtred por bem ou por mal e o nosso sax o ter neg cios para resolver Neg cios sangrentos, digamos assim.As descri es das paredes de escudos est o fenomenais, como sempre, e foi exatamente nesse quesito t o importante que o autor apostou para retomar a excelente narrativa do 7 livro, O Guerreiro Pag o Narrativa essa que acabou se perdendo um pouquinho no seguinte, que acabou n o sendo um dos melhores volumes da s rie Warriors of the Storm n o tem esse problema e os leitores podem ficar tranquilos quanto a isso, j que a carnificina rola solta e desenfreada por aqui Trinta passos, vinte, e voc pode ver os olhos dos homens que tentar o te matar, e ver as pontas das lan as, e o instinto te diz para parar, apertar os escudos N s nos contra mos durante a batalha, o medo enterra suas garras em n s, o tempo parece parar, h sil ncio mesmo que milhares de homens gritem, e naquele momento, quando o terror ataca o cora o como uma besta enjaulada, n s devemos nos jogar para dentro daquele horror Porque o inimigo sente o mesmo E voc veio mat lo Voc o dem nio dos seus pesadelos Tive algumas sensa es nost lgicas durante a leitura, relembrando bastante do Uhtred l dos 2 3 primeiros livros, que desobedecia todo mundo e fazia o que bem entendia Dessa vez, novas ordens n o s o cumpridas e elas acabam trazendo algumas consequ ncias Tudo pela fam lia, diga se de passagem S que dessa vez Uhtred um senhor da guerra, experiente, com reputa o a mente, com pessoas a seu servi o e que dependem da sua palavra, e qualquer amea a sua fam lia, por menor que seja, considerada um ultraje sem precedentes e n o deve jamais ser ignorada Eu o faria gritar e assistiria enquanto sangrava, cortaria sua carne fresca em peda os antes de me preocupar com thelflaed Isso era pela fam lia Isso era por vingan a Outro que sempre bom ver por perto Finan, que Uhtred conheceu h muito tempo no per odo em que era escravo O irland s um lutador ex mio e deixar sua marca em combates singulares.Um dos pontos importantes a se destacar a grande evolu o de Uhtred ao longo de toda a s rie Agora mais velho, com quase 60 anos, ele n o tem o mesmo f sico de antes e n o tem como ser o primeiro cara a pular uma muralha, mais lento que muitos dos seus advers rios, mas compensa os seus defeitos com a sua experi ncia de anos na primeira linha das paredes de escudos dos sax es.Muitos por a dizem que ele apenas um personagem com a profundidade de uma po a d gua, mas enganam se ao n o notar que as suas preocupa es ao longo dos livros mudam constantemente, al m de ter sempre aquela quest o de gostar mais dos dinamarqueses do que dos pr prios sax es.As piadinhas com os padres continuam e s o sempre hil rias, disso o leitor jamais poder reclamar Voc crist o Mas claro Voc acredita em milagres eu perguntei, e ele concordou Ent o melhor voc pegar os seus cinco p es e dois peixes, continuei, e rezar para que o seu deus miser vel providencie o resto Repleto daquele humor irreverente e das batalhas que tanto amamos ver nos livros de Bernard Cornwell, Warriors of the Storm leitura obrigat ria para todos os f s das Cr nicas Sax nicas e deve ser feita o quanto antes O destino inexor vel, diriam alguns, e Uhtred parece estar se aproximando cada vez mais de Bebbanburg, a fortaleza na Nort mbria que sua por direito.A edi o brasileira do nono livro da s rie s deve chegar ao Brasil no 2 semestre de 2016, mas at l temos o seriado baseado na s rie e que a BBC est produzindo Intitulado The Last Kingdom, iniciou se em 10 de outubro Recomendo fortemente que todos voc s assistam o quanto antes

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    A much interesting book than The Empty Throne, the wonderfully titled Warriors of the Storm only took me a bunch of hours on a plane to read.After securing the future of Mercia, Uhtred and his allies turn their eyes northward, towards his old homeland of Northumbria The Saxon kingdoms are in their strongest position yet, with both Mercia and East Anglia on the verge of liberation from the invading northmen Awaiting him in the north, however, is a grand convergence of enemies both new and old And a man who dreams of uniting Britain under Norse banners.This ninth book of the Saxon Stories brings back a lot of the good things from the earliest instalments of the series, from characters and locations to the style of presentation It s very encouraging to see that Cornwell still has his entire repertoire of skills as we move inevitably towards a final conclusion.

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    Price drop 1.99 in the Kindle Store today This is I think the 9th book in the Saxon Stories series I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite of Uhtred s tales This one is probably in the top three.It was a little different from his usual stories My one gripe with Uhtred has always been that he has always answered to someone He has never been truly free to do as he pleased Sometimes he has worked outside the rules to the displeasure of his rulers, but he s never just done as he pleased In this book, Uhtred did exactly what Uhtred wanted to do and knew needed to be done It was SO refreshing The book ends with Uhtred s retirement to take care of his business in the North While I can t wait to see his triumphant return to Bebbanburg, I m also a little sad to know it s coming to an end He is easily one of my all time favorite fictional characters.

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    It has been a long time between drinks for me and, after a couple years since the last time I had read a book in this series, boy, it sure was good to be back drinking from the well of Bernard Cornwell s Uhtred I ve missed the big guy, with all his scorching, sardonic quips and his unabashed mocking of just about anybody, he is a big personality to endure, and I endure him with such delight and immense gratitude Rarely does a character, consistently, make me smile and laugh out loud as much as Uhtred Uhtredsson of Bebbanburg He is a character to be enjoyed and can carry these books and their stories on his back alone No other character can compete and, thankfully, Bernard Cornwell never lets them His Uhtred takes centre stage at all times And most especially so in this book Number nine in the series.These books are stand alone Cornwell always reiterates important back history so that people who are reading them as a stand alone, or who read the series but need a refresher, can follow along fairly seamlessly If you do read the series, however, this book has a lot of closing chapters in it With characters you have known for many, many years, leaving the series for good I will not tell you who they are, so as not to spoil things, but like or loathe them, it is always a little sad to see characters that we have gotten to know over many years, finally become no .We even learned a thing or two about Finan in this book His storyline was fascinating to follow and it felt like another loose end tied up But, Uhtred is on to new chapters in his life, including, in maybe only a few books, the end of his own story and the passing of an era, so it is expected to see some loose ends come together It makes no sense to weave them to their conclusions in the last two books That would be rushing it.Warriors of the Storm turned out to be one of my favourites of the series I loved it from start to finish It could be because the leave taking of a few lingering characters from earlier books left me feeling sentimental It could be because I did have a break for a couple of years and completely forgot how much I enjoy these books Or, it could simply be because the book was a bloody good read I am thinking it is all three, but in saying that, without the first two, I would still regard it highly and recommend to others based on nothing than it being that good read The former two matter little when it comes to me thinking of recommending it.With battles and strategies, twists and turns that you may or may not see coming , short journeys, some seafaring, some nostalgia, Christians who were tolerable for a change and Danes like we love them, brutal, blustery and bombastic, this was an entertaining, well paced read, that made me want to read it all over again as soon as I d finished it.

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    Edit April 2016 Just finished listening to this one, cannot wait for the next book May 2015 Eagerly awaiting this book, I was in two minds about its potential, book 9 in a series, it s a hard task to keep to your story and maintain the thread of characters but I had nothing to fear England is full of rich history, and I m glad to be reading it through this series Another winner for the Saxon Stories Bernard Cornwell has delivered a for me a 6 star read about one of my favourite characters, and I m a happy little vegemite today

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    Riders on the Storm Hey, I d bethought that clever maxim all by myself, he he Utred is on the roll again and as before he wishes to uphold the Christian realm of Alfred whilst praising Odin and Thor, bemoaning the evils of the Nailed God Maybe all these testosterone fueled animosities towards Cornwells strict Episcopal upbringing seems a bit silly at times, but it is truly an enjoyable read I can t believe that I ve made it through book nine already You see I have a great weakness for all things medieval and dark It s a childhood passion I ve had since I d lived in Sicily and Denmark in my boyhood America is just a baby when it comes to holy wars and bloodshed We ve not drank from the bitter cup of war often, and it amazes me how bloodthirsty this new administration is gearing up This is a book review, so I ll behead my political Cornwell fed moralizing Book ten looks enticing The story of England s making is blood drenched Eventually the Northmen Danes and Norse will intermarry with the Saxons, but so long as the two sides compete for ownership of the land, then war will continue Uhtred has marched from Wessex in the south to the northern borders of Mercia He has farther to go, so he will march again Peace, and please take some time to spread love around, Murf

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    Crashed through it in 2 days was a great ride thoroughly cleansed my mind s eye of the sad whimp of a boy that portrays Uthred in that appalling BBC show The Last Kingdom Uthred is now older although an age not given enjoyed the new characters immensely, as well as some old ones, which really did catch me unawares A really quick read as your drawn into this page turner truly back to the form of the first few books in the series for me.What s to say 5 stars as it delivered.

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