Captured by the Alien Lord (Warriors of the Lathar #1.1)

Captured by the Alien Lord (Warriors of the Lathar #1.1) He S Big, Sexy And Even His Muscles Have Muscles Any Other Day, She D Climb Him Like A Tree If He Hadn T Captured Her, And Her Entire Base That IsSergeant Cat Moore Has A Little Problem Well, Actually A Big Problem A Big Alien War Group Sized Problem When Her Base Is Attacked And Boarded By A Lathar War Group, She Finds Herself In The Sights Of Their Leader, Tarrick K VassThe Strong, Not So Silent And Ruthless Type, Tarrick S Duty As A War Commander Means Little Time For Himself With No Women Of Their Own, A Base Full Of Human Women Is A Bounty He Can T Ignore Nor Can He Ignore The Little Human Whose Voice Called Out To Him Across The Galaxy, A Woman He Ll Stop At Nothing To Make His Own Even If It Means A Little Blackmail Please Be Aware That This Is A Romance SHORT In The Warriors Of The Lathar Series And Contains Situations That May Be Objectionable To Some Readers

Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth otherwise known as the Midlands, England and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword with varying degrees of efficiency she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitabl

➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Captured by the Alien Lord (Warriors of the Lathar #1.1)  By Mina Carter ➦ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 41 pages
  • Captured by the Alien Lord (Warriors of the Lathar #1.1)
  • Mina Carter
  • English
  • 17 October 2018

10 thoughts on “Captured by the Alien Lord (Warriors of the Lathar #1.1)

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    Mina Carter is usually hit or miss for me She s an excellent author, I love sci fi, but this book was a huge miss for me Perhaps if it had been longer, there was a change in the alien s thinking But the alien s treatment was much too similar to the horrible treatment of women girls currently being kidnapped forced into marriages or used as sex slaves around the world today, I was left feeling nauseous They don t even free the women deemed too old to use for sex back into their own lives, instead they ll become maids servants I know it said some objectionable content but I didn t realize just how objectionable it would be too me I was left not even sure she was really as attracted to him as she thought since she s drugged He says she wouldn t have had those reactions unless there was something to build on, but I ve found tons of men mildly attractive, but not enough to want to give up my freedom way of life for them Its also not addressed that some of these women may already have husbands or wives What happens to them I know, I know, I m putting far too much thought into an erotic short, but these were all my hang ups there may be someone out there who appreciates this review And she never stands up to the alien men, or tells them that the other women s freedom isn t hers to bargain away to begin with Even if it seems like, at first glance, she s doing a noble thing I would want my own say she essentially takes that away by even agreeing to bargain I was also stuck with the images of mass rapes of these poor women in my head by the end as well Either by the aliens or in the whore houses they intend to sell them to it was something I couldn t move past This is clearly not a genre for me Ok, I m done, not with Mina Carter, cuz she s got some serious good books, but with this series unless she makes some big changes.

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    Book Facts Warriors of Lathar series reviewGenre SciFi RomancePart of a Series Installment SeriesStandalone Cliffhanger view spoiler Cliffhangers but entire series is complete hide spoiler

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    This was really short only 41 pages basically nothing really happened No depth at all No details on these aliens etc he had a huge dick she had a couple orgasms the end if this is a series i won t continue it because it was just lacking in too many ways nothing original

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    Three words Too Freakin Short.I love Mina Carter, this was actually a great storyfor what there was of it It could have been an great introduction to a wonderful series It was 39 pages long, so what was the point I m getting REALLY TIRED of authors writing little nothing stories oh, and let s not forget the recent rash of installment books, for which we re charged an arm and leg for each piece of a book Sorry, Mina, but I m getting a little sick of it I don t know if it s the publishing companies pushing this or the authors themselves Either give me a full novel or don t bother Very disappointed.

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    Very interesting take on big bad alien warrior needs itty bitty human gal to perpetuate his species.However, it has a very abrupt ending, so I m hoping the next one in the series is out soon.

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    That was quick Lathar warriors conquer a base in space full of human women who will be used for mating or in sex slavery if they are too resilient Cat finds herself belonging to war commander Tarrick Not much resistance there She will end up in his bed Not a bad story It should be a bit longer.

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    Problem with doing a review for a book right after reading it your thoughts can change in a day or 2 and thats what happened with me That is why I feel I should change my review to be fair I gave a negative reviewnot mean or anything just a negative opinion After thinking about it and getting a response to my review I agreed with her for the most part I read Mina s work all the time and love it She writes sci fi and I have loved it This book was different than I am used to It involves a subject that is sensitive to me and I let that alter my perception a little Although its not my favorite of her books there were some good aspects in it We need to remember these are aliens and they arent going to understand human emotions or how humans act or do things Yes, she wasn t given a choice but she chose to say yes to save her fellow female inmates Cat comes off really headstrong and tough at first Then later I felt she kinda gave up in a way She did it for a good reason though to save her friends She didn t want them to end up as slaves whores essentially Does Tarrick care for Cat In a way because I mean he s searched for her by a voice he heard Because of who he is he s pretty gruff and expects certain things because thats just his species He doesnt consider her feelings at the time and as far as he s concerned that matter is closed and she is his Does he care for her Yes, in a way He s not necessarily soft to her but I think given time that will happen and even love I have to admit his character was hot and definitely a sexy alpha male lol I do hope we read about these specific aliens and Mina opens that world up to us I did learn something from reading this book about my reviews If I have mixed feelings give it a day or 2 and then do my review.

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    That was quick Basically, it s like you re being captured by an enemy and he wanted you only after hearing your captivating voice, said things he will protect you and you believed him, assured he s a good guy Then he got into your knickers Luckily, it s a hot alien If it s weird alien, I bet she wouldn t let him touch her Sadly, no chemistry between them What a bummer.

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    Serial novel with a cliffie Mars needs women trope.Aliens species kidnap women on an army base taking the younger ones for themselves Bad news is the older ones will be sold as servants and the younger women that refuse to be an alien s mate will be sent to pleasure houses H intends to break the h in to be his.But h is a Sergeant and seems kickass, plus the sex scenes were hot so it looks promising.

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    Drug rapey blackmailers not really my thingThis was a weirdly bad plot choice for Ms Carter Realise you have to shake things up occasionally, but the hero resorting to drugging and then blackmailing the heroine is not really what I m into Maybe trying to write so many little short stories is starting to kill the creative juices No longer a must get

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