Held Hostage (Sin City Uniforms, #4)

Held Hostage (Sin City Uniforms, #4) Brett was introduced in book 2 of this series when he and Parker were casually sleeping together Well, it was casual on Parker s part, but Brett ended up with his heart broken I had felt bad for how he was treated in Parker s book, so I was super happy that Held Hostage gave him a sweet and sexy HEA.Cole is a Vegas cop and has a comfortable relationship with his best friend The have sex and remain besties, with no strings attached Just how Cole likes it No commitment, nothing serious When a hostage situation arises at a clothing store, Cole is on the scene and this is where he meets Brett Brett is the manager of the store and has to handle the hostage from inside until the police are able come in After it s over, Cole sees that Brett is pretty shaken up about the whole thing and encourages him to take care of himself.Their attraction was pretty insta, but it felt genuine I never found myself questioning why they were falling so fast because the connection was there Cole knew what Brett needed, even if Brett didn t He helped Brett make decisions for himself and not what would make everyone else happy It s was Brett s time and Cole was going to make sure he took advantage of it.Cole is bossy Bossy in a hot as hell, sexy way They had a BDSM type relationship, without the roles and titles Cole was bossy and told his good boy what to do And then Brett did it He did it oh so well I loved them together, in and out of the bedroom.The problem was Cole didn t want a relationship blinks C mon For me, it s one of the most frustrating plot devices out there No matter how true to life it may be, it really bugs me when this is used as an excuse Especially when you are already in a relationship, even if that s not what you re calling it But I d like to give Brett a high five for how he dealt with Cole Looks like all of Cole s encouragement for Brett to do things for himself backfired Ha Held Hostage is very enjoyable addition to the series All of the books can be easily read as a standalone. I received a copy of this book via Goodreads Don t Buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review This is a series book, but easily enjoyed as a standalone.Brett is manager of an upscale men s clothing store in Las Vegas This is a step down from his regional manager position He made this career move to have time with a man he thought he loved, Officer Parker from a previous book in the series Parker didn t return his strength of affection, but Brett had already set his mind on settling down, so he can find a long term lover His former high travel lifestyle precluded this.He s on the job one week when a psychotic man takes his salesforce hostage and a SWAT shootout results in casualties Brett had tried to intercede, and he s wracked by guilt over those who died in the crossfire.SWAT Officer Cole Silva was on the scene and fired the shot that brought the crisis to an end Recognizing Brett from the gay club scene, Cole found him extremely attractive before, but he expects Brett will suffer emotionally from the aftermath of the hostage situation so Cole tries to comfort Brett Their mutual attraction grows into quickly Their chemistry and sexytimes, with a teeny bit of kink, is incendiary.I really liked the story There are some solid feelings developed in a short span of time, but both are much raw and vulnerability due to the hostage crisis Brett is hesitant to embark on anything with Cole mostly because Cole doesn t DO relationships He s too afraid something bad will happen while he s on duty and he ll leave someone mourning him But, Brett doesn t do CASUAL any He got burned with Parker, and he wants a man who wants him.Expect a break up to make up Expect some intense police actions Expect to like Cole and Brett they are both good guys I breezed through this one with a bit of tension and big ole smile. 2.5 starsMaybe I m just not into f ck buddy plot I don t feel anything about it The only thing I liked is when Brett come to his senses and confront Cole That s what I liked the most. Copy of the book was kindly provided by the author for fair and honest review.First of my bad Not only did this my first timer reading Morticia Knight piece, I had picked the latest of an ongoing series Having skipped previous books, there were some details mentioned here that had me muttered, dang, that was on book whichever and I haven t read themBut as a standalone, I quite enjoyed this story.As could be guessed by the title and Cole s occupation as a member of LVMPD SWAT team yes, highly trained hot man in uniform the story picked up when a hostage situation happened I don t usually like insta whatever in contemporary setting But after such intense incident, I d allow Brett the connection, instant attachment and attraction he felt to Cole The other s interest seemed superficial at first, though I approved how both MCs being candid upfront and progressed from there Of course, before things became complicated, feelings started to get involved and talking seemed difficult.The smutty scenes were somewhat too much for me you could find one right in the early pages on first chapter even It was graphic with some spankings and bounded I m not much fan of too many exposure as those here However, Cole s use of endearment for his lover amused me he sometimes referred to Brett ashis little shitwith fondness Well, I guess that worked for me, too What I felt a bit left out were Cole s relationship with his so called best friend and Brett s with his ex They each had their own history which, especially for Brett, I m sure was told in Copping an Attitude I just wish there s a short narration to give reader meaning me an illustration of their connection to each other The ending was rather rushed, yet I still applauded the plot for trying to be as real as possible in depicting the hazardous world and the risks everyone were in As introduction to the author s work and jumping in the middle of a series, I considered this a bit of success And by that meaning I m keen on reading of her books. A bright and breezy tale of Brett who has decided to settle down, and recently moved to manage a fashion store in Las Vegas He meets hunky Cole, a police officer and SWAT team member who is a native of the city There is chemistry between both guys, but Cole is not looking for love.The story is told in third person and from both main characters points of view There are some mild elements of BDSM as Cole introduces Brett to a walk on the wild side, but mostly this is a gentle love story Brett figures out if he can settle for less than a full relationship, and Cole contemplates whether Brett is actually worth risking his heart for.Held Hostage is part of a series, but it works well enough as a stand alone story Their friends provide interesting distraction and perhaps if I had read other books in the series this would have been an opportunity to catch up with them.I enjoyed the story, but it never entirely captivated me I found myself dipping in and out and reading several other novels in between I think perhaps this is a case of It s not you, it s me, I prefer my books to be a little on the darker side With themes of a hostage situation Brett s store is taken over by a crazed gunman, and Cole is part of the SWAT rescue team sent to the scene I was hoping for something a bit grittier an instead found a light romance I liked both Cole and Brett I wasn t particularly engaged with either of them but glad they found a happy ending If you are looking for some boy on boy romance, this may be the book for you For those looking for a darker read this is not it.A complimentary copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review as part of the Male Male Romance group s Don t Buy My Love event Maybe 3.5 stars Like eating book candy. I received this book from the author through the m m romance group s Don t Buy Me Love Program in exchange for a fair and honest review 3.5 Stars I was really looking forward to this book and I wasn t disappointed despite the fact that it started with a couple of my personal dislikes I just couldn t help but like these kind, sweet men I enjoyed getting to know former Army ranger, Las Vegas SWAT Team officer Cole Silva and retail store manager grant writer Brett Langevin I really dislike seeing my MCs hook up with anyone else besides the other MC and it did continue to bother me seeing him with 3 different men in the space of 5 days However, watching this honest, caring man s reactions to our other MC, Brett, made up for my dislike of the beginning hook ups What made Cole so unique was that despite him being a tough cop he was also very self aware and than willing to analyze himself That was a very refreshing change from the norm As for Brettwell he was just such a sweet, lonely guy that I couldn t help but like him from the very beginning How could I not enjoy seeing him get to his HEA with his knight in shining armor One last thing that I would like to make note of is that though this is book four in the series it s not confusing if you haven t read the others I had no problem and this is the first one that I ve read Though now I m adding the others to my TBR list since I enjoyed this one so much I would most definitely recommend this to my friends. I was given this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review I really enjoyed this It s the fourth in a series, but I haven t read the others and had no trouble following, so it s definitely a stand alone I m curious about Books 1 3, though, because of the mention of previous characters, which I usually enjoy re encountering because of the continuity and closure that brings.This is a warm relationship between Brett, store manager, and Cole, SWAT team member They meet when there is a situation at the store Brett manages Well, actually, they saw each other in a bar the night before but didn t get a chance to exchange words BUT THE CHEMISTRY WAS THERE So, after the incident, Cole and Brett get together under the guise of Cole needing to comfort Brett Yeah, right They start out on the same page both enjoying a steamy relationship with no commitment, which they both swear they wanted until a near disaster The warmth and tenderness between these guys was great Insta lust was there but I enjoyed it And talk about HAWT and sexy Recommended for sure SWAT Officer, Cole, Can Handle Just About Anything, Until He Rescues Brett A Man Who Makes Him Question All He S Ever Believed About LoveAs A Member Of The Las Vegas Police Department S SWAT Team, Cole Has Seen His Fair Share Of Danger, But He S Never Taken A Chance On Love He S Willing To Have Some Fun When The Mood Strikes Him, But He S Married To The Job Called In On A Hostage Situation, Cole Is Prepared For Anything And Everything Except For The Brave And Beautiful BrettBrett Has Been Burned Before, Most Recently By Officer Parker McLean He S Hoping To Settle Down In Vegas, Perhaps Find Someone He Can Build A Life With The Last Thing Brett S Looking For Is Another Man In Uniform But When He Meets Cole, There S An Attraction That Can T Be Denied Still, He Hadn T Expected To Fall For The Chiseled AlphaWhat Begins As Nothing Than Two People Experiencing A Great Night Together Spirals Into Something Far Deeper But Will Brett Be Able To Handle The Stress That Comes With Having A Lover Who Constantly Puts His Life In Jeopardy And Can Cole Risk His Heart On An Everyday Hero, Or Will The Job He Knows So Well Remain His Top Priority Reader Advisory This Book Contains Scenes Of Mild BDSMPublisher S Note This Book Is Best Read As Part Of A Series But Can Be Read As A Standalone I was given this book free by the author in exchange tor an unbiased review.I am loving this series Although a series, each book could be read as a stand alone Previous MCs do pop in and out which is nice.Cole needs Brett after he is called in with Swat whilst Brett is held hostages Brett is not long out of a relationship and Cole doesn t do relationship.One offers comfort to the other and slowly they seem to be heading for a relationship.There is some angst at the end and it takes Cole being shot to actually bring the guys to their senses.Overall an enjoyable read.

M M Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys hot stories of men loving men forever after They can be men in uniform, Doms and subs, rock stars or bikers but they re all searching for the one or two who was meant only for them.When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West

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