Without Curtains

Without Curtains Against Her Better Judgment, Eighteen Year Old Rebecca Douglas Returns Home To Clayton Creek To The House Where Her Mother Was Murdered Where The Shadow A Monster With Gleaming Red Eyes Haunted Her Dreams Every Night All For The Funeral Of A Man She Stopped Calling Dad A Long Time Ago To Rebecca S Surprise, Her Father Left Her A Box Of Personal Items At First Glance, It S Filled With Old Journals, Family Photos, And A Dozen Letters Addressed To Her That Her Father Never Sent But Things Aren T Always What They Seem Rebecca Has Just Inherited A Few Family Secrets And One Murder Mystery As Rebecca Seeks Answers, She Confides In An Old Friend The Handsome, Complicated, Unattainable, And Handsome Troy Adams As The Two Grow Closer To Uncovering The Truth, They Also Grow Closer To One Another, Making The Trip To Clayton Creek Almost Worth It Almost The Shadow Has Been Waiting For Rebecca S Return And He S Haunting Than Her Dreams

Holly M Campbell started writing at a young age She majored in English at Brigham Young University Idaho She s married with two kids, and lives in Washington state.Foreshadowed is her first published novel.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 374 pages
  • Without Curtains
  • Holly M. Campbell
  • English
  • 11 July 2019

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    This book really intrigued me when I read the synopsis I really enjoyed the characters especially Rebecca she was indeed my favorite along with Jackson her brother My favorite part of the book was when she has that determination to find her mother s killer and won t leave Clayton Creek until he is caught I like how the author also had those Short chapters which were Rebecca s memories from when she was little of the Shadow and I really liked that I also got the chills in this book and I just couldn t stop guessing who was her mother s killer, for a second I even guessed her brother Jackson killed her mother I really did not want to put this book down and I read it as soon as I got out of school since I had the eBook copy and couldn t read it in school Once I got towards the end and we get to the part where she goes to Caleb house to ask him about her mother I had a feeling it was him all along but I didn t make my final decision until she talked to Bill The Lullaby was the key to everything So once Bill said it definitely wasn t him I automatically knew it was Caleb for the fact he was just down right creepy as well with the truck incident earlier in the book Then we get to the end and we find out Caleb was indeed her mother s murderer all along When I found out she was there when her mother was murdered I was just, I can t explain it Then when I found out that then reason the Lullaby was the key because the murderer sang it to her after he killed her mom that night I got chills I can t get over the fact when after her and Caleb are outside and he was planning on doing something to her she was awesome when she was all like I may look like my mother but I m not her and then knees him in his area and then grabs his gun and points it at him and then says, I m like my father and then pulls the trigger I was just shocked I was blown away I was not expecting that to happen Now I m just going to skip to the ending which I absolutely loved how it ended with her at her dad s funeral and talking about memories that everyone shared with her dad and she has now realized her dad was trying to protect her all along and really loved her She shows her love for her dad and even shares one of her own memory of her dad and mom and I was crying a waterfall It was so heartfelt and I just absolutely loved it and I loved this book I can t wait to read from Holly Campbell

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    This is my a book published this year book for my reading challenge, because it was in fact published this year It s the second book by Holly M Campbell that I ve read and I must admit that I liked Foreshadowed This one was fine and entertaining and I got caught up in the story and terror, etc But it was also kind of predictable and there were a few things that frustrated me about the writing style In general I liked it, but I m not going to run around recommending this book to everyone I met I am still excited about the next book in her Near Deaths series though

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    I picked up this book as it was from a local author In particular one who is starting her career I am always happy to support and see what new authors are all about I really enjoyed this book As each chapter passes you really get to know the characters and certain aspects of them you can relate to which makes it a good book It s not predictable which is always refreshing She is a good writer and I think will go far

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    The characters were well written I loved how strong Rebecca was She and her brother seemed to be both determined and both strong willed The book was filled with shocking twists and some sad turns The book was a bit intense in some parts and heartfelt in others The plot was strong and made you feel very emotional.

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