Shifters Gone Alpha

Shifters Gone Alpha I received this book from Boxed Set Authors in return for a fair and honest review.This compilation of novellas and full length stories contains something to whet the appetite of any Paranormal Romance lover Every tale is different but the one thing that is constant is the well written and in depth stories and characters All of these stories are well thought out with no plot holes There are some that are either the precursors or novellas that come after the main book but they are all able to be read as standalones This boxed set has given me new stories from old favourites and new authors alike I ve certainly added some to my favourites list and will be looking for from these.Highly recommended for all fans of anthologies and paranormal romance. Fantastic Shifter Box Set You get everything you could ask for in this anthology of Shifter romances Wolves, Bears, Witches, lions, dragons, even Gargoyles Each one is great and you get a huge selection of all types of heroes and heroines, even one that can chance from a small black cat, to a large black cat, to a cat with wings, to a man with wings to one hot as heck man I was given a copy of this book for an honest review. What a plethora of stories When it comes to love and passion, it doesn t take long for shifters to go alpha This boxed set of NEW stories from bestselling authors shows how there s nothing a shifter won t do for their mate s pleasure.These stories are all wonderful in their own right and will keep you on the edge of your seat., some will have you panting for breath.These alphas are so yummy, I want one Get this box set, you won t be sorry, I promise Wonderful mind blowing passion and so many hunks I was gifted this box set for an honest review. Shifters Gone Alpha Boxed set 12 books multiple authorsI was only planning on reading a few of the stories in this boxed set, but I couldn t stop reading once I got started.This boxed set has unique short stories the will pull you in and keep you reading Though they are all paranormal, the world in which they take place in and the lifestyles all differ and are very intriguing Some stories were by favorite authors of mine, and others were new authors to me and will be added to my list of authors to read from now on ARC given for an honest review I ll be reviewing this set by book that I read.Her Alpha Mate by Michele Bardsley was an interesting twist and a short story Fire Pack wolf pack has a lot of pride and strength so when Jonah the new alpha chooses Alice as a mateconsidering she s seen as the weakest link she thinks hes nuts choosing her as a mate They fall in love and are happy until they try for pups She s barren and she is afraid he ll be seen as weak and be overthrown because he can t produce an heir So.she leaves him and summons this fire spirit so she will die and be sacrificed so Jonah can find another mate to CAN give him what he desires Jonah loves her and doesnt care she cant give him pups He finds her and defends her and almost dies until this spirit finds out why she called him He heals her and now can have pups It was a sweet story but a little strange lol Not bad The Bear Witch Project by Renee George wasdifferent It was ok but needed a lot development for the story to make sense I got the gist of it but would have liked I also think Sol forgave and let Ty off the hook a little too quickly She accepted things quickly but I dont know the story was just missing stuff Her Destiny by Brandy Walker was a good story Sweet and cute A mix of shifter romance and paranormal Malcolm has been following Selena around for awhile as a small kitty cat He s a strange sort of shifter who can morph into a bird of some kind, a big cat, and a small one He is her protector but she thinks he s a little kitty cat who follows her home some nights She finds out different when shes attacked by a crazed ex of hers She s in lust with him because he s a good looking guyand hes in love with her They make love and he tells her everything about himself and her destiny which shes confused at first but accepts Its a neat story Knight Force 1 by Sydney Addae was a little weird and off the wall when I started reading it I was really confused like I missed something Lots of characters and have no idea who they are or what the real story was I tried looking it up and it seems its part of a seriesgood to know So, if its part of a series it should be known otherwise it confuses the heck out of people which it did Darkness Rising by Lisa Carlisle I did not readHer Dragon s Soul by Julia Mills was great Its the continuing story in the Dragon Guard series which I ve read them all and love them I DO wish this was longer Seemed a little rushed to me or maybe its because it was too short compared to the others so I expected Its about Hannah who was in book 8 as best friend to Melanie Mel s Grandfather put an evil being inside her without her knowledge and slowly turning her evil and its controlling her Liam sweet Liam isnt having it and is heartbroken that its being done to his mate He fights like hell to get her help but gets kidnapped himself Thankfully the bond is strong and his fellow Dragon Guard finds him along with spitfire Kyrastill love her Takes some doing but along with Hannah s family and Kyra and Melanie they cast it out of her and this sweet couple can mate I loved it just wished it was longer Series isn t over yet though because good ol Grandfather is still on the loose.The Gathering Homecoming by Ellis Leigh was sweet This is a continuation of Blasius, Dante, and Moira She is overwhelmed and kinda freaked out Blaze is the President and its a bit much for her to deal with She s in this lavish white house place and she just doesnt feel like she belongs She keeps this mainly to herself but Blaze figures it out and tells her he has many homes and is than welcome to move things there LOLits funny cause she is surprise by this If she would have just told them her feelingsuh yeah Dingy I ve read this series as well and its a great series Wolves At The Door by Skye Jones was not for me but I read it Brooke is a scientist and is studying this area shes been staying in until all these wolves come to her door She s scared but Drew an alpha explains things to her and he is watching out for her She s got a weird attitude about it I really didnt like her much because she ends up being so selfish and hurts Drew after she AGREES to mate with him He tells her everything before they even mate and she goes along with it Then she thinks to change her mind which really hurts him and he s basically rejected Then once she gets in trouble shes like Drew oh Drew I do want you Seriously LOLsorry just didnt like it much Domlen s Way by Solease M Barner was different and sorta all over the place Its a prequel obviously which I didnt really realize til the end LOL Basically, Dom is a dragon shifter but no pun intended hes a Dom as in dominant He s a real jerk and has Givers which are women he used for sexso like a prostitute but they dont get paid Its in the realm of Kings and Queens so I guess it would be like a harem kinda His mother the Queen wants to force him to marry his Giver Tika and he doesnt care for her just as a sex partner Then one of his brohters informs him his mother is doing this because he supposedly falls in love with a wolf and she wants to prevent that Wolves arent thought of well in this world obviously Then it kinda ends there I am familiar with book 1 about Draken Which I enjoyed Dom comes of really callous and unfeeling LOL Maybe when it comes out I might read but not sure Rescued By the Wolf by Cristina Rayne was ok Not bad Lots of things going on but she meets Nolan who kinda saves her butt in a pinch even though didnt really want to til she SAVES his butt LOLsee how that works Cute read Spring Mates by Lynn Tyler didnt readBreaking the Storm by Sedona Venez didnt readAnyways, out of the 3 I enjoyed the set It was a very good set of short stories Enjoyed them. SPINE TINGLING, HAIR RAISING, DANGEROUS, TANTALIZING Ten amazing authors and ten unique and enthralling stories Journey with the authors into the spell binding world of Shifters Gone Alpha HER ALPHA MATE by Michele Bardsley Jonas, Alpha leader to the Fire Pack is beside himself His beautiful, loving mate left their home to sacrifice herself to the Kunda spirit protector of the Fire Pack Alice loves her mate with all her heart, but not being able to give the alpha pups in her eyes is a fate worse than death Michele vividly describes commitment, passion, anguish, a life threatening incident and, sizzling love scenes the kind your mom knew about but dared not speak of, and two powerful stubborn characters that will touch your heart A memorable love story that will keep you in suspense till the last page THE BEAR WITCH PROJECT by Renee George Solange Tremaine nickname Sol is a stressed out mess Since turning 21 eerie things have been happening to her and to make matters worse her mom is nagging her to leave Texas and come home to Missouri immediately To alleviate her stress issue she stops at the Sun Casino in Oklahoma Ty Wasape, an Osage Clan Bear Shifter has been asked to find and kill a rogue witch who is mutilating and murdering shapeshifters Sol hits a jackpot on the slots and her excitement at winning draws Ty s attention He recognizes her as a witch but his bear is elated look at what we found Witches are bear shifters sworn enemies aren t they Intriguing story, filled with banter, danger, hot passionate romance, powerful and engaging characters, spiritual magic, and shocking reveal of the murderer FabulousHER DESTINY by Brandy Walker Selena Perry a golden haired, blue eyed, kind, loving beauty is destined to have extreme power of which she is unaware..Selena has a night job working at the morgue with Dr Hammond Of late the morgue has been very busy with strange abnormal deaths A black stray cat befriends Selena who escorts her home in the evenings after work Felix has become her friend, she feeds him, tells him about her evenings at work she adores him Felix is than meets the eye aka Malcolm Turner hot sexy shapeshifter who is Selena s familiar, protector, and much A beautifully written story that encompasses all the necessities, danger, hot passion seduction humor, two fascinating characters, emotions and trust Discover how Selena learns of her DESTINY TerrificKNIGHTFORCE 1 by Sydney Addae Silas Knight La Patron Master Alpha to the 50 Alphas on the North American continent is putting together a task force called KNIGHTFORCE wolves that will be highly trained fierce warriors to protect the Wolf Nation A number of incidents are taking place in this story rebels are out to annihilate half bloods half wolf half human , there are suicide bombers blowing up stores in different cities murdering wolves and humans, Silas brother is kidnapped by two humans who want to prove that werewolves exist, and there is an insane assassin who is supposed to be dead on the loose The author has developed a phenomenal cast of characters both the female and males are charismatic, powerful, intelligent, passionate, humorous, and dedicated to protecting and keeping the wolf society a secret from humans An incredible unique story and the beginning of what promises to be an astounding seriesDARKNESS RISING by Lisa Carlisle Antoine Chevalier a sculptor and gargoyle shifter protector of humans was viciously attacked by Vampires while taking a stroll in Paris These Vampires wanted to use him for his gargoyle powers as their protector, not realizing that he would never succumb to their wants Devastated that he could never see friends or family again the gorgeous immortal wanted to kill himself Lisa vividly describes Antoine s torment, sadness, intelligence, kindness, power, courage and what he does to rise above the darkness to find contentment I found this to be an inspiring story and a fabulous beginning for a new series.HER DRAGON S SOUL by Julia Mills Liam the Purple Dragon are warriors representing devotion and royalty He stands at 6 6, dreamy hazel eyes surrounded by gold flecks and is one hell of a sexy dragon shifter and finds himself needing help to protect his mate Using black magic Cleland the Grand Draoio puts a demon inside Hannah a white witch but when he learns Liam is her mate, he kidnaps him as he believes the Dragon Guard is better suited to hold the demon Not knowing where he was, trapped in silver chains unable to shift and protect his mate who is only a few feet from him, he attempts to mind speak to his brethren no luck Julia transports her readers into a world of magic using vivid descriptions of banter between her unique and engaging characters, danger, passion, and seduction at its best A fascinating story in every aspect I only hope Julia doesn t run out of Dragons or colors she loves as I truly do not want this series to end no cliffhanger THE GATHERING Blasius, Dante and Moira The Homecoming by Ellis Leigh Moira who sports a dominant charismatic personality is now mated to Blasius Blaze and Dante completing the all powerful triad of the North American wolf shifters When Moira arrived at the mansion her new home the feeling of being a peon consumed her The mammoth size chandelier in the foyer stressed her so much she was losing her identity Dante and Blaze couldn t understand her 360 change in personality and she refused to tell them what the problem was Discover what triggers Moira to go back to her dominant ways Great story and BLAZING HOT WOLVES AT THE DOOR by Skye Jones Brooke had the most powerful love making night of her life with Drew, alpha werewolf who is next in line to lead his pack While embracing her, he informs her that she is his forever mate She knew he was a shifter, desperately wanted him, he told her he was going to mate her, she said yes, however, she neglected to ask what exactly that meant She blatantly explains to him she would definitely see him again but as a mate NO Drew being the gentleman that he is states NO it was mate or nothing, and leaves her with sadness in his heart Does she feel bad yes, does she want him absolutely, does she go after him when he leaves NO She packs a bag, takes her dog, and bolts Fabulous, story has humor, engaging characters, passion, with an awesome outcome.SPRING MATES by Lynn Tyler Cullen Stark beta to the Alpha Declan has been Adam Tulloch s lover for the past 6 years Cullen has told Adam many times that he loves him but has never heard those words from Adam, and he aches to hear them Spring mating season is here and Cullen is so downhearted his concentration level is way past minus zero Though the lovers are living together Adam refuses to mate Cullen because his parent s mating failed drastically Cullen believes Adam doesn t love him enough to mate him and decides he can t live like this any He confronts Adam telling him that if their issues can t be resolved he will transfer to another pack with the help of the Alpha A beautifully described and well written story Discover who Adam talks to to jump start his not so working brainIncredible read BREAKING THE STORM by Sedona Venez Storm Credence is an audacious, sexy, intelligent, curvy, beautiful, Fae witch burdened with the Credence curse all true HUMAN loves of the Credence women die Rock star Knox Gunner is a gorgeous sexy astute DOM , he has an alpha controlling personality with one thing on his mind CLAIM WHAT IS HIS Knox is Storm s only weakness but Storm is definitely Knox s weakness too This is a multifaceted story with a huge cast of unique characters Sedona vividly describes banter, sizzling sex scenes that my mom neglected to tell me about, passion, and some very interesting tasks Knox requests Storm to do Fantastic beginning for a seriesHOTI absolutely loved and enjoyed every story in this box set there was only one author in the set that I knew and I left a hint in my review These talented authors wrote imaginative and memorable stories that will not disappoint I am glad I had the opportunity to read their stories I am certainly HOOKED ON ALPHAS and highly recommend this box set I received an ARC for an honest review Given to me for an honest review Her Alpha Mate by Michele Bardsley This is very short story, but enjoyable in spite of that Alice was the runt of her litter and she stayed relatively small as she grew The new Alpha looked at the single females presented to him and chose Alice There is a problem with their love and problem.The Bear Witch Project by Renee George Sol was enjoying life until she turned 21 Now she has headaches and sees strange things She called her mother and was told to return home immediately Instead she decided to make a stop in Oklahoma at one of the Native American casinos.Ty is looking for a witch who has killed Native Americans Will Sol be murderer Or are his instincts right and he can act on the attraction he has for Sol Her Destiny by Brandy Walker Selena lives close to work so she walks home and is accompanied by a small black cat that she has named Felix He won t let her pick him up but he enjoys the warm milk she gives him One night on the way home she was thinking about the odd killings that have been happening This gives her attacker a chance to grab her Will she be able to get away from him Will Felix be OK KnightForce 1 by Sydney Addae This is the first book of the KnightForce 1 series It seems that everyone had adventures before this book This book kept me entertained and I want to read the books that introduced these characters It took me some time to feel comfortable with the names and the hints of previous actions behaviors KnightForce is being established to assimilate the half breeds and the full bloods together into the Wolf Nation Silas, La Patron, has decided that half breeds need the same support of pack and the Goddess that the full bloods do Now, in addition to teaching the half breeds all they need to know about being half werewolf, Silas has rebels running around who want to kill all the half breeds and don t care about collateral damage.Darkness Rising by Lisa Carlisle Introduces Antoine and Savannah s story which continues in Dark Velvet Dark Velvet is their story from Savannah s point of view POV This story and Dark Velvet is part of the Chateau Seductions series Ms Carlisle writes erotic fiction but this particular story has practically no sex scenes It is a nice little story.Her Dragon s Soul by Julia Mills Dragon Guard series 9 tells you that while Ms Mills says these books are stand alone, she also says that it is better to read them in order So here we are in the middle of an unknown world and rules, for me at least Liam and Hannah are mates but neither one has said that to the other Liam is is very concerned about Hannah He is almost completely positive that she is being controlled by a dark force She sits there like a doll with no expression, no sparkle in her eyes, and doesn t answer Liam He is afraid that the dark wizard is plotting something bad again and it involves Hannah Is it the same dark wizard Can the white witches restore Hannah back to herself The Gathering Homecoming by Ellis Leigh Moira has lived in a very small pack and they joined the National Association of Lycan Brotherhood to find mates She mates with the leader of the brotherhood and his mate The house she will live in is a large mansion with slippery marble floors She is intimidated by the long hallways and a very large chandelier that makes her think it has teeth Her mates want to know why she is so shy when she was strong and commanding at the brotherhood s social which is used to meet possible mates Will she tell about her fears or continue to hide out Wolves at the Door by Skye Jones A woman goes to an area in the Scottish Highlands to study plants and animals A neighbor comes by to bring scones and warn her to not be outside when it is dark There are dangerous things in the woods Brooke and her dog hear noises at night for several nights Then one night she wakes and sees a man sitting in her bedroom He tells her that he has been keeping her safe from the things Who is he and how will she stay safe to carry out her studies Spring Mates by Lynn Tyler Cullen loves Adam, but after 6 years he wants to be officially mated Adam is afraid because his parents although they hated each other Cullen needs the mating bite Will Adam be able to ignore his parents behavior and mate with Cullen Breaking the Storm by Sedona Venez Storm has too many men in her life She needs closure with Knox She said some nasty things and left him years ago Now she has an ironclad contract as an escort that his friend made for him If she doesn t fulfill it, the friend will tarnish her business name When she goes to a charity gala, her ex boyfriend keeps telling her that she is still his A nosy reporter, who knows what her company does, and a police detective, who is investigating a breakin, doesn t help her. Shifters Gone Alpha By Michele Bardsley Goodreads Shifters Gone Alpha Collection Of Paranormal Stories Of Strong Alpha Characters Her Alpha Mate By Michele Bardsley Unable To Have Children Alice Mason Is Willing To Give Her Life To The Guardian So Her Pack And Mate Can Survive Shifters Gone Alpha Brandy Walker OTHER STORIES INCLUDED IN THE BOX SET Her Alpha Mate By Michele Bardsley As The Fire Pack Alpha S Wife Alice Mason Will Do Anything Ensure The Future Of Her Wolf Pack And The Ancient Bloodline Of Christy Gissendaner Shifters Gone Alpha When It Comes To Love, It Doesn T Take Long For Shifters To Go Alpha This Boxed Set Of NEW Stories From Bestselling Authors Shows How There S Nothing A Shifter Won T Do For Their Mate S Pleasure In My Humble Opinion Shifters Gone Alpha When It Comes To Love, It Doesn T Take Long For Shifters To Go Alpha This Boxed Set Of NEW Stories From Bestselling Authors Shows How There S Nothing A Shifter Won T Do For Their Mate S Pleasure Billionaire Shifters Gone Wild Paranormal M M Alpha OmegaAchetez Et Tlchargez Ebook Billionaire Shifters Gone Wild Paranormal M M Alpha Omega Shifter Romance Collection English Edition Boutique Kindle Genre FictionGay Shifters Gone Wild Shifter Romance Collections, Shifter Romance Collections Gay Shifters Gone Wild, Taylor Lake, Taylor Lake Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Shifters Gone Alpha READ ONLINE FREE Book By Shifters Gone Alpha About Book I Do So Love It When You Say That, Moira Dante Dropped My Suitcase On The Marble Floor, The Sound Echoing Through The Vast Hallway I received an ARC of this boxed set in exchange for my honest reviewHer Alpha Mate Michele BardsleyDifferent, well written, short and sweet, and a great way to start this boxed set The author has taken shifters and given them a new dimension The plot is unique, yet still has enough of the normal entities of a paranormal story The characters are solid, stubborn and very much in love Great story A quick read, but a definite recommend.The Bear Witch Project Renee GeorgeI liked this A bit different from other paranormal, but very well written Enjoyed watching Sol come into her gift, with the help of a little push from Ty, and Red Sun Great plot, good strong characters Not much to not like with this one Well done.Her Destiny Brandy WalkerYet another great story I like the idea of a new witch coming into her power at a later age I love the fact that Selena has an unusual career and is not totally freaked out when she meets the real Malcolm These two are perfectly paired The plot is fresh and the book well written Would like to read from this author.KnightForce 1 Sydney AddaeThis book is the beginning of a series, and is an indication that it will be a great one to read There doesn t see to have any particular couple to concentrate on, but an entire group of characters forming the pack , giving us many to sort through Once you get the gist of who belongs to who, it leaves you in awe as to how the author has intertwined them all together, giving you an awesome read This gives me the feel of a series you might find on TV, with a group of main characters, but different episodes weekly covering many different situations I guess we will find out soon enough Loved this book and am looking forward to reading from this author.Darkness Rising Lisa CarlisleUghhhh A real cliffhanger, but what a wonderful story This is extremely well written, and has a plot like no other that I have read I love how the main character, Antoine, has evolved over time He leaves you feeling compassion and frustration for his situation, yet love for who he has become My only wish was that we would have had a bit on Savannah, but I guess that is why it is such a cliffhanger to keep us in suspense until the next episode Can t wait for the next part Her Dragon s Soul Julia MillsOh my What a great book I can definitely see this as a series, even though, with the exception of the last few pages, it could be considered a standalone Of course, the last few pages hint at further episodes, which would make me a very happy reader This is an easy read, with just a bit of mild violence and lots of love and a bit of steamy sex thrown in for good measure The characters are wonderful, giving you insight to a new dimension The plot is different from others and keeps your interest Loved it.The Gathering Blasius, Dante, and Moira The Homecoming Ellis LeighWow Love this This book has meat that you can dig your teeth into, grab onto and run with it The plot is new and fresh The characters are strong, yet have many quirks that give them colour Love the fact that this was about an established, mated pair, who after centuries, have found their third, completing their triad Great story, not too long, but complete Well done.Wolves at the Door Skye JonesGreat short bedtime story, complete with the big bad wolves The plot has borrowed a fanciful flair, giving the impression of a little red riding hood , adult version, yet with many twists and turns that are truly unexpected Love the characters, especially Drew and Brooke Great read.Spring Mates Lynn TylerAwww Make sure you have your tissues handy This is a wonderful love story Short, but complete It tells the whole tale and does not feel rushed The characters are strong, yet have enough softness to be real This is the first I have had the pleasure of reading from this author, and hope to read from her in the future.Breaking the Storm Sedona VenezOMG Serious cliffhanger here Awesome book, and I am truly hoping there is another instalment to the story The plot is a wonderful fresh idea, mixing all of the bad boys in one book Between the rock stars, shifters, witches, and humans, male and female, we ve got enough hotness to burn into a bonfire The characters are HOT and sexy They portray many traits, including confidence and insecurity, lust and love, and lots of heat between each other The sparks are truly flying This is a great way to finish the boxed set. ARC given for an honest review This book has great stories in it I ve read quite a few of these authors before so it was nice to read into their series.Her Alpha Mate by Michele Bardsley I ve read some of the Pack Rules Series and loved reading it so this was just a nice treat The story line was great and showed you true love really works out Running from her mate to give him a chance and having cubs Giving herself to their god to get favor for the pack She doesn t realize that she can t get rid of him that easily The Bear Witch Project by Renee George Witches and Bear shifters What can be any better Good plot and if you like shifter stories this one is a good one to read A witch killing bears A new witch who doesn t know what she is or why things keep happening He thinks he is going crazy or that things are just wrong cause he wants a witch A bad guy, a good guy, and a witchy momma.Her Destiny by Brandy Walker This is a first book by this author I have to say it was a good story and will be looking for in this story line A powerful witch who is in the dark and a shifter for her to love and keep her safe She works in the morgue and is hiding from a crazy ex He s a kitty watching over her, He saves her from the crazy ex then shows her real love.Knight Force 1 by Sydney Addae I ve read the first four in the La Patron series so I wasn t completely lost with this story It would have been confusing to someone who hadn t read any of it I love read this author and need to catch up on the rest of the series and the spin off for Asia Rebels going after half breeds and crazies with flesh bombs Love between mates and children and of course, there s Angus Can t go wrong with this book.Darkness Rising by Lisa Carlisle I ve got the first book in the series and haven t even started it so this is my first for the Chateau Seductions series which is good sine it is 0.5 in the series I m happy to get the chance to meet the character s before getting into the series Antoine Shifter turned Vamp Savannah Poet Something between the two of them and can t figure out what This story tells how Antoine gets turned and how he met and started to want things he didn t think he deserved.Her Dragon s Soul by Julia Mills First book I have read in the Dragon Guard Series Have to say I will be looking into the rest of the series as soon as possible I loved this book, but was lost when I first started reading and had to try to figure out what was happening in the story line Crazy old wizard and a demon being put into the body of a dragon s mate A dragon knowing what he wants and gets it after some messed up situations Good book.The Gathering Homecoming by Ellis Leigh I had to quit reading the Shifters Gone Alpha book just to read this book before this one I loved how this one shows after the mating of Blasius, Dante, and Moira Moira is not ready for the crazy rich mansion she moves into to be with her mates while they go back to working the way they always have Now she has to find her place in their world.Wolves at the Door by Skye Jones This is the first book I have read by this author, but have to say I will be looking into reading some Brooke is in the middle of nowhere for her job with her dog Sandy She gets than she bargained for when she meets her mate There s a crazy shifter who takes her then she realizes what she really wants is her new mate.Spring Mates by Lynn Tyler M M book Not really into that type of book, but have to say that it was a pretty sweet story Two men that have been together for 6 years and one can t commit like the other wants An ultimatum is given and that results are the best part.Breaking the Storm by Sedona Venez First book by this author I had to buy the book after I read this part of the full length I loved this book The Credence curse is the worst thing ever Can t fall in love with a human Storm starts to fall for Knox before he even makes it big, but there are people who want to keep them apart Four years later they are throw back together and Storm decides she doesn t care what happens as long as gets to keep her man Secrets come out and thing get put into perspective for both of them.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Michele Bardsley writes humorous paranormal romances and funny paranormal mysteries Michele likes to write, read, crochet hats, drink wine, and eat chocolate

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