The Spook's Curse

The Spook's CurseNow It S The Dark S Turn To Be Afraid The Spook And His Apprentice, Thomas Ward, Deal With The Dark Together They Rid The County Of Witches, Ghosts, And Boggarts But Now There S Some Unfinished Business To Attend To In Priestown Deep In The Catacombs Of The Cathedral Lurks A Creature The Spook Has Never Been Able To Defeat A Force So Evil That The Whole County Is In Danger Of Being Corrupted By Its Powers The Bane As Thomas And The Spook Prepare For The Battle Of Their Lives, It Becomes Clear That The Bane Isn T Their Only Enemy The Quisitor Has Arrived, Searching For Those Who Meddle With The Dark So He Can Imprison Them Or Worse Can Thomas Defeat The Bane On His Own Is His Friend Alice Guilty Of Witchcraft And Will The Spook Be Able To Escape The Quisitor S Clutches

The Spook s Apprentice,

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  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • The Spook's Curse
  • Joseph Delaney
  • English
  • 01 May 2018
  • 9780060766214

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    Tom Ward is a Spook s apprentice The Spooks are the people who deal with malevolent supernatural forces using mundane means their physical strength, their wits, and their knowledge This profession is somewhat similar to this The book starts with Tom s first independent assignment of containing a highly dangerous boggart He succeeded, but not before the local priest was killed The priest happens to be a brother of Tom s mentor who wants to give the last respect to his late brother.The problem is all the priests are buried in the city called Priestown Think local Vatican Priests hate Spooks and their Quisitor think Grand Inquisitor burns them in a bonfire without any trail most of the time Unfortunately our heroes have no choice but to go as they have another even important business in Priestown something very big and very bad lurking in the local catacombs, something which almost killed the Spook when he was younger and at his physical prime This book is as fast and easy read as the first one it is also as spooky I complained about some of the characters being undeveloped before, now we finally have some development happening We learn about the background of the Spook and Tom s parents with some very unexpected facts coming out The story also raises a very difficult question can you fight evil with greater evil If you do, what does it make you If you managed to achieve highly noble goals, does it make the means were justifiable I was really pondering about these while reading In conclusion this rates with 4 very solid stars If you liked the first book, you will like this one If you are looking for a horror series written with young adults in mind but which can be read by anybody even past that age, look no further than this.

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    Curse of the Bane The Last Apprentice, 2 , 2005, Joseph DelaneyAbstract The Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward, deal with the dark Together they rid the county of witches, ghosts, and boggarts But now there s some unfinished business to attend to in Priestown Deep in the catacombs of the cathedral lurks a creature the Spook has never been able to defeat a force so evil that the whole county is in danger of being corrupted by its powers The Bane As Thomas and the Spook prepare for the battle of their lives, it becomes clear that the Bane isn t their only enemy The Quisitor has arrived, searching for those who meddle with the dark so he can imprison them or worse.Can Thomas defeat the Bane on his own Is his friend Alice guilty of witchcraft And will the Spook be able to escape the Quisitor s clutches Characters Mr Gregory, Thomas J Ward, Alice Deane 2013 2 1391 416 95 9789643698058 20

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    Let me open this with a caveat or two.First always be sure that your children youths are mature enough to read any YA novel, this one included Be sure that when reading a fantasy novel especially one with a horror context that they have a good reality concept.Second and for this novel be aware of the attitude in these books The Wardstone Chronicles in the UK or The Spook s Apprentice books in the US toward the church I m not Roman Catholic, but am a Christian Were my kids small, I d have let them read thee books they were both able to read young plus I read to them from a very early age While the author never says Catholic here, we have priests, brothers, making the sign of the cross , and later it s mentioned that the only thing Spooks and Priests have in common is celibacy There is asomewhat negative view of the church while the main character expresses a view that he believes in God, he apparently has little use for the church I kept remembering a line from the movie Men in Black, when Tommy Lee Jones was explaining how bad it was that the alien was a bug Will Smith s character answers you were stung as a child weren t you I wonder if maybe the writer had a bad experience with someone in the Catholic church Well whatever, this will be a non issue for some and big issue for others I d say read the books first then use your judgement you do something that s extremely unusual in this day and age, act like a parent.Okay, all that aside, these are so far well written books and I as an over the hill old curmudgeon enjoy them this one Again we are with Tom Ward the apprentice Spook who seems constitutionally unable to do what he s told by his master or be honest with him for that matter and therefore ends up in the soup Of course, the Spook himself isn t perfect and sets up his own fall into the soup pot situations Here we must deal with a threat from the Spook s younger days He has to go back to the Priest town and face a threat that almost killed him beforea threat of terrible proportions Of course he must also faceThe Quisitor read Inquisitor.It s bound to get sticky.While there are flaws this is a good book, the second in what looks like it might be a pretty good YA series I plan to follow it up I ve run across a lot of youth books I felt weren tall that great, lately It s good to find one that s fairly well told and based on an interesting idea I d say, try it See what you think Some spoilers below Tom also has to go on dealing with Alice whom we met in the fist volume She just can t seem to keep out trouble and is apparently never going to be able to stay away from the dark The Spook has a sure remedy for that howeverthe witch pit, and Tom just can t bear the thought He uses something from the Spook s past however, something he s not supposed to know about to keep her from it.But is that for the best I find myself wondering about the Spook s witch remedy is being trapped and starved in a pit better than burning It s a tricky question and one reason I advise parents to be aware I also wonder if in the end Alice may not be Tom s weakness Oh well, like I said a pretty good series, so far.

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    A disappointing follow up to Delaney s excellent first novel The heavy handed anti clericalism and anti ecclesiasticism certainly didn t help, but the overall narrative also felt remarkably flat despite a gripping opening , the characters seemed unengaging and unengaged in one another, and the big bad felt like an inappropriate villain for the second story in a long running series The Bane would have been a better fit for a later perhaps even final volume, or as a recurring villain Instead we hear how horrifying and powerful he is, but rarely get than a glimpse of that power, and he appears startlingly easy to defeat The horror of this volume is also lacking We see a couple creepy things and two genuinely gruesome deaths a cat and an old man, though the latter is fairly lackluster , but the overall sense of menace and terror is missing The story is flat, the characters are flat, and the Bane is actually a rather pathetic villain I suspect this is, in part, because the author really just wanted to use this volume as a platform to rail against his vision of medieval priests and British churches far text and time is spent dwelling on how eeeeeeeeeeevil those two elements are than on the Bane itself.Whereas the first volume took me about 2 days, this one took me well over a month I found myself drifting and slogging through this book, forcing myself to keep reading simply so i could put it back on the shelf And once I d finished, I felt little than relief that I didn t have to keep reading it Not a good sign.I ll read the next book, but this volume makes me glad I only bought the first three If things don t pick up in the next entry, I won t be continuing with the series.EDIT Also, the author asserts that Christians believed women did not have souls, which is A not true, and B anachronistic This book is set in what appears to be the Dark Ages, but the aforementioned claim was an urban legend invented during the Reformation period due to a misunderstanding A young scholar in the 1500s published what he thought was a hilarious satirical pamphlet in which he pretended to make that claim based on the ambiguity of the word homo it means both human and adult male in the Latin Vulgate of the Bible unfortunately for him, a Lutheran preacher didn t get the joke and begin an angry campaign against the preacher So not only was this never a claim actually made by any Christians, but it was intended to be self evidently preposterous Delaney s antipathy towards medieval Catholicism wound up turning him into a modern day version of that Lutheran preacher.

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    This one was so irritating to read I hated Tom Ward in this one He was such a wussy who kept refusing to see the bigger picture, who kept disobeying his master, who kept whining about Poor Alice even if she was responsible for so many bad things due to what she did It pissed me off how he kept justifying her actions, and how he was so willing to risk so many innocent lives due to POOR FUCKING ALICE arghhhhhhhhh

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    I started this series years ago, and I was impressed that this is genuinely scary horror fiction for younger readers Finally, I was able to pick this series up with the second book I actually own this in Kindle and Paperback, but I wanted a scary book to listen to on audio for Halloween Needless to say, I didn t finish it until November So I guess I should talk about my thoughts on the book Frankly, I didn t like this as much as Book One I guess I liked the evil witch villain than I liked the Bane and the weak humans he manipulated and used to do his evil.The storyline touches in uncomfortable ways how the church may have done harm than good in the fight against evil Witches are being persecuted and burned and many aren t even witches in the name of God Yeah, that can definitely lead to trouble when you use God as an excuse to hurt others or to manipulate things to your advantage over others That doesn t speak to God s character at all, but many who don t know God can sometimes believe in the evil acts of people than they believe in who God really is The truth is that God is represented through a believer s actions than anything else.The book shows that sometimes the worse evil is human evil That s not to say that there is not an obvious supernatural component to this book But frankly, if the Bane was not able to find humans to use and manipulate, he probably wouldn t have done as much harm in this book as he did.One thing I can say about Delaney is that he taps into the complexity of human nature Alice is a young woman who is on the edge She tiptoes into the dark in the name of doing what is right, and young Thomas feels sympathy and loyalty for her that conflicts with his loyalty to his master, the Spook, John Gregory Even though he knows and fears the worst about Alice, he can t abandon her without trying to help her Ultimately, it turns out that his instincts are right in many ways, and he has to stand by them even when things look most dire.I really liked the backstory on Thomas parents That was very, very cool Another look at the complexity of good and evil in this context of this story But Delaney also stresses that it involves the choices that we make If you re going to be a good person, you have to choose to do what is right, and if you take the step in the other direction, it s because of choices you make Even in the contest of Christian belief, while we believe in salvation through faith, a person still has to choose to believe and to live a life that reflects that belief with the help of God s spirit living in them The Bane was a scary bad guy, and the story has some genuine chills and thrills However, I didn t find it as magnetic as the first book I think the Bane was too one dimensional as a villain Having said that, I still enjoy this series and I m eager to see what the next book has to offer this reader.I definitely wouldn t recommend this to any readers younger than a mature twelve It s scary and it shows some really dark aspects of human nature As far as parental oversight, reading this book would have some very important discussion points about what faith really represents and how the church has a responsibility to the community and others This book does not show the church in a positive light at all Overall rating 3.5 5.0 stars.

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    4.5 porque hubiese querido un final del problema m s rimbombante aunque la explicaci n de por qu no lo fue, me dej muy satisfecha Se agradece que las brujas coman bebes o c mo se disfruta una novela de fantasmas, espantos y otras varias edificantes compa as No s por qu no se habla m s de esta saga de libros, cuando es tan sabrosa Intuyo que tal vez es porque s lo est n traducidos los tres primeros al espa ol y como sabemos, a muchos les da pereza leer en un idioma que no es el suyo o simplemente, no saben que existe De cualquiera manera, es una pena, porque son realmente buenos.Tom es el s ptimo hijo del s ptimo hijo y como tal, tiene la facilidad de see dead people entre otras muchas cosas buc licas y pastoriles, como los boggarts y amigos varios de ese tipo Salvo por eso, Tom es como cualquier hijo de vecino quien, al ser el menor de una familia numerosa, debe buscarse un oficio para vivir es eso o morir de hambre o ser vilipendiado por tu familia Por esta cualidad y gracias a la diligencia de su peculiar madre, termina de aprendiz de Espectro , un viejo cascarrabias, a medida camino entre un cham n y un exorcista, quien se dedica a limpiar el condado de alima as sobrenaturales A parte de eso, un trabajo honrado algo peculiar, no hay ninguna otra elemento t pico de las historias de elegidos adolescentes ni una gran maldici n ni una profec a ni haber matado a Valdemort, nada, s lo son las peripecias de un chico aprendiendo un oficio, tratando de no morir en el intento y de no meter a la ni a que le interesa en una fosa y taparla con una piedra por la eternidad Por eso amo esta historia, porque es una que ya conocemos, pero a la vez no.La primera novela va de c mo Tom se acostumbra al Espectro Spook en ingl s , la denominaci n que se le da al que ejerce el trabajo de lidiar con lo sobrenatural fuera de la iglesia establecida y de c mo traba amistar con Alice, una chica de su edad, sobrina de una bruja, quien le ocasionar m s de un problema y mucho inter s El libro cuya rese a leen, trata de sus avances como aprendiz, de c mo vuelve a encontrarse cona Alice en medio de un peligro terrible para el Espectro y para l mismo y como luchan contra un terrible y malvado ser gargolesco, llamado La Pesadilla C mo ven, son tramas sencillas, lo suficientemente interesantes para picar tu curiosidad, ideales para pasear un buen rato y sobre todo, muy bien escritas e hiladas El autor tiene un oficio excelente y realmente cuenta la historia de una manera entretenida y muchas veces, creepy Creo podr a decir que cada novela es como un cap tulo de los X Files, te presenta un monstruo de la semana y te invita a ver c mo los personajes se las arreglan con l Lo que si me gustar a se alar, es que creo que est s novelas deber an ser m s largas, con m s desarrollo y finales m s complejos Pero, como dije en la rese a del primer libro, algunas veces menos es m s y lo prefiero as que con hojas extras sin sentido En todo caso, espero que se explaye m s en los que siguen.De Verdad, me encantar a que tuvieran 100 o 200 hojas m s.Una de las cosas que m s me gustan de estas historias, es que en esta realidad, el mal es realmente mal, nada de malvados sexys cuya maldad radica principalmente en una sexualidad oscura y tentadora si, te miro a ti Darkling de Sombra y hueso Ac , las brujas de comen a los ni os, hacen pasteles de sangre y en cualquier momento puede venir un boggart en medio de la noche a chupar el tuetano de tus huesos Adem s a los sospechosos de brujer a se les clavan agujas y se les arroja al agua para que se ahoguen, a las lamias se les clavan las manos a rocas para que mueran quemadas por el sol y cualquiera puede morir aplastado por un ser monstruoso Insisto, en estas trama la maldad no esta estereotipada ni es rom ntica con un aire de oscuridad y condena byroniana cualidad por la cual estoy un poco harta de que lo nico que puedan hacer los malos es tratar de seducir y as atraer a la oscuridad a las pobres doncellas de las novelas, como si no hubiera otras cosas peores que eso , no hay nada de maldad idealiza y eso es maravilloso Est es una de las principales razones de por qu la novela tiene escenas muy creepys y algo repugnantes, cosa que celebro De hecho, en una de mis actualizaciones, coment que la lectura me hab a hecho tener pesadillas con la caza y quema de brujas, as que h ganse una idea de las interesantes escenas que nos pinta el autor Ojo, tampoco es Gore o desagradable tipo peli de terror de serie b, pero para ser una novela middle grade es bastante intensa como alguien se al por ah , idea que comparto plenamente Desde un tiempo a esta parte, me he dado cuenta que disfruto mucho las novelas que tienen como punto de vista principal, el de un protagonista masculino, de ah mi shelf Bart Simpson point of view No quiero parecer sexista, pero estoy aburrida de la hero na kickass, quien anda repartiendo desastres porque ella lo vale , alegando contra las responsabilidades que las coharta en su libertad insertar Let it go de Frozen, en cualquier versi n y enamor ndose por ah , como si no hubiese nada mejor que hacer Quiero que me entiendan bien, no tengo ning n problema con una de este tipo que sea inteligente coherente, tampoco con las del tipo fr gil que necesita ser salvada , porque hasta esas chicas pueden ser interesantes, si son bien retatradas Creo que lo problem tico, no es el punto de vista femenino, sino como l s autor s lo tratan en sus tramas No es que el POV de un hombre sea m s interesante de por s , sino que ltimamente, en los libros que leo, la chica aburre o exaspera En t rminos Disney, ahora hay muchas Elsas dando vueltas y pocas Mul n o Bellas.Pero ac , aunque la historia est tratada desde la perspectiva de Tom, la protagonista, Alice es un personaje s per interesante Ella siempre est transitando entre el bien y el mal, a punto de desviarse, recurriendo a malos medios para obtener buenos fines Es inteligente y muy lista, osada, pero no al punto de armar un lio s lo porque se le ocurri que algo ten a que ser como a ella le sale de donde sea que tiene el cerebro Alice es un muy buen personaje y la enigm tica mam de Tom, tambi n Ambas son una muestra de que no es necesario andar pateando culos para ser un buen personaje femenino En fin, recomiendo mucho est s novelas Son livianitas, bien escritas, entretenidas y sabrosas No hay grandes sorpresas, pero la trama es lo suficientemente interesantes y bien construida, como para hacerte pasar un excelente momento mientras las lees.Tambi n debo mencionar, como punto a favor, que carecen por completo ese humor tipo gag de serie gringa que tanto odio y que me hizo desagradable los libros de Rick Riordan Otra cosa favorable y que facilita mucho la lectura, es que, debido a c mo est narrada la historia, te encari as f cilmente con los personajes Personalmente, cuando acabe con el tercer libro, leer resto de la saga en ingl s

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    Perhaps the silliest title I ve seen If you don t know what I mean, I suggest you look bane up in the dictionary It comes straight from the Department of Redundancy Department.Nonetheless, I liked the book and thought it was a very good sequel to Revenge of the Witch In most series I ve encountered, the second book will expand the world and the cast of characters Here, while we do get to see a bit of the County, the characters remain largely the same Tom, the Spook, and Alice are again central Mam and Tom s family are on the periphery We do get introduced to the Spook s brother, who may play a role later in the series But otherwise, the new characters tend to be antagonists, and antagonists who are unlikely to reappear in the series I don t think that s a bad thing, but the book felt much like a standalone book as a result, and less like the blossoming of a bigger series.From what I can see, the main tension in this series will be whether it s OK to use dark magic to accomplish good As a result, even though Tom and the Spook are the main focus of the stories, I think the most interesting characters are the women Alice and Mam Delaney hasn t actually revealed it yet, but it s pretty clear that Mam has a dark past Tom hasn t guessed and it will be interesting to see how he deals with his blindness on the topic , but it seems clear that Mam is a lamia witch with a bad past, and she is a powerful one at that I m surprised that Delaney has managed to hold this in suspense for the first two books.After two books, I think this series has a lot of promise The ending here spoiler coming share s much with the ending of Harry Potter, but I think Delaney nails the idea of sacrifice much better than Rowling did, and he notably did this a year and a half before Deathly Hollows came out.

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    Third time through with this audiobook I can t believe I originally gave it 5 stars Hmm I had recently given birth when I first rated it, so maybe I was on some kind of high I don t know The second time through was because my audiobook options were really limited This time around it was to listen to it with my boys My 10 year old gave it 5 stars, my 16 year old gave it 4 I d say 3.5, rounded down because the narrator was not easy to listen to Most of his voices were purposefully shaky, and it was really annoying The plot on this one just didn t interest me as much as the other books.

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    O carte de la care am am avut a tept ri foarte mari i care nu m a dezam git Delaney se pricepe de minune la pove tile alerte i, pe alocuri, nsp im nt toare, f r s fac vreun deserviciu personajelor str lucite pe care le am nt lnit n primul volum.

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