The Perfumer's Secret

The Perfumer's SecretFiona s books can be a bit hit or miss, and weirdly enough this was a little of both for me I was really enjoying it until about 2 3rds through where she fell in love in a day and everything just started getting real fast For a book whose beginning was quite slow the end was quite a quick and sudden affair leaving me thinking, oh is that it Is it over I liked the setting, I loved Fleurette, I liked hearing about the perfume industry and the smells that go into it Really, there were a lot of things I liked about this book The end just rushed by me so fast, too fast for me to really enjoy But on the scale on things this is one of Fiona s better works. . I have read and absolutely enjoyed several of this author s books, so I was really looking forward to getting into this one It is set on the eve of World War 1 and Fleurette only daughter of the Delacroix family is being made to marry Aimery De Lasset The problem is she can t stand him but when it comes to duty and the family name it appears she has no choice War intervenes before the marriage is consummated Aimery as well as Fleurette s twin Felix, and their older brother Henri head off to war Meanwhile along with wedding presents, Fleurette receives a strange letter from Aimery s brother Sebastien, from whom he has spent his life estranged So this is a book about secrets Although I have to admit I thought the initial secret was pretty easy to guess As the background to this book is making perfume, something I adore, this should have been a book I would adore Some of the information about perfume making was interesting but it became too much in the end There will be plenty of people who will love this story but I was a bit disappointed It was an okay read but not as good as I was expecting from this author I thought it could have been much shorter I found some of the story repetitive and the plot predictable The love story didn t convince me at all and I was never that engaged with the characters It won t stop me reading this author s newest book though as others I have read by her have been consistently good. I ve read and enjoyed several other Fiona McIntosh books, and thought this would be similar to her others The cover is gorgeous, as is the setting, in Grasse, the perfume capital of France, however these were the best parts of the book My library listed this as historical fiction, but I think it would be accurate to call it historical romance with emphasis on the romance rather than the historical.It was eye rollingly sentimental and soppy much of the time It was also quite repetitive, with the same concept being harped on about, over and over.Being about the 2 major perfume families of Grasse, there was quite a bit of discussion about fragrance and top notes, base notes and heart notes and considerations regarding oriental or floral or other scents and other things that are peculiar to perfumery Some of it was interesting, but at times, it felt contrived and overdone.Perhaps I am so especially disappointed in this because I have found all the Fiona McIntosh books that I ve read before this to be great reads, and so the fact that this was quite average was disappointing than if I hadn t been expecting something at a higher level. This is a glorious tale of love, family and loss Set in the outset of World War 1, this is a stunningly beautiful portrayal of a woman striving to be herself, of brothers trying to prove themselves and of love.I thoroughly enjoyed this glorious book and would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially to this who enjoy historical romance. While I liked the story overall, I found Ms McIntosh s style of writing frustrating She takes so long to get to the point in any scene and goes over things again and again Now, I don t mind internal monologue usually, but not on this scale For example the first chapter is a woman in a carriage going to marry a man she doesn t love and conversing with her brother, who s forcing her into it, and it s 20 pages of going over and over her objections and his reasons for making her do it It was too much She also regularly inserts flashback segments to other conversations in the middle of tense scenes, effectively killing the pace of the scene with something that is usually not overly exciting, even if it might be relevant to the scene in question.The ending also tried my patience, as again, it took so long to get to the point And then, when the end did come, it seemed overly abrupt The resolution was far too quick considering the build up and the constant raising of tension.The general plot and characters I enjoyed immensely and I would have rated this book far higher if I hadn t found the ponderous pace so frustrating. The Perfumer s Secret is Fiona McIntosh s seventh historical tale of romance Set in the Provence region of France during World War 1, it s a story of duty, secrets, love, family and perfume.Dramatic and romantic, the plot of The Perfumer s Secret centers around Fleurette Delacroix To secure the futures of Grasse s eminent perfumery dynasties, Fleurette is forced to wed Aimery De Lasset by her eldest brother, Henri Though resigned to her fate, it s a relief when war is declared before the marriage is consummated and De Lasset rides off to join the French troops marching against the invasion of Germany With the men, including Fleurette s brother away at war, it is left to her to ensure that both family business continue to flourish, a challenge she is than capable of, for Fleurette has the nose , a rare ability to distinguish over 3000 scents But when Fleurette s husband s estranged brother, Sebastien De Lasset, appears in Grasse, he carries a secret that could destroy everything both families have built, and break Fleurette s heart Fleurette is a lovely character, from the first pages she demonstrates spirit, courage and patience, and continues to mature over the course of the novel Given the era she has few options when Henri insists she marries Aimery, but she doesn t let it dampen her hopes that she will find a place in the family business, and she copes admirably with the scandal and tragedy that befalls her Aimery is an uncomplicated villain, arrogant, boorish and misogynistic, while Sebastien is a traditional heroic character The romance that develops between Fleurette and Sebastien is easy to root for.McIntosh s deftly weaves historical fact into her fiction The story is meticulously researched, in terms of location, period and the specifics of the perfumery industry McIntosh describes the study she undertook in the back of the book, spending time in Grasse, interviewing perfumers, visiting museums, and creating a signature scent I don t wear perfume my husband is allergic but I still found learning about its production and scents interesting.An easy, engaging and pleasant read, The Perfumer s Secret is a grand historical love story ideal for francophiles and romantics. 1 her love interest reminds her repeatedly of her brother Ewwww2 her love interest may be her brother3 she falls in love in a day4 her brother losing his sense of smell is said to be worse then the grief of both her parents dying WHAT5 the first HALF of the book explains repeatedly about the various wafts of jasmine that float through the town grasse6 HER LOVE INTEREST REMINDS HER OF HER BROTHER She even says they could pass as the same person when standing side by side, and in a book where the main plot is of inbred children that is a disturbing claim to make And even disturbing she was turned on in the very next sentence.We didn t meet her love interest until 2 3 through 7 unbelievable and predictable Fleurette Delacroix is being forced to marry a man she despises, Aimery De Lasset Both Fleurette and Amiery come from families that run successful perfume businesses and it is expected that the two of them marry even though Fleurette has no desire to be Aimery s wife World War I was looming which meant Aimery would have to leave Fleurette, but neither of them were expecting it to be on their wedding night Fleurette was pleased to see Amiery leave as her feelings had not shifted toward him, but it also meant saying goodbye to her brothers who must also leave for war Fleurette is a little disturbed one day after getting a letter from Aimery s brother warning her not to marry his brother With no explanation for this warning even though it has come too late, Fleurette is puzzled as to why she has received this warning In time Fleurette will learn of the deep dark secret that has been hidden for years and could potentially destroy both families.For those who love to read historical fiction this one is a must read Aussie author Fiona McIntosh has written a fabulous book which I thoroughly enjoyed Highly recommended. On The Eve Of The First World War, Fleurette, The Only Daughter Of The Wealthy Delacroix Perfume House, Is Being Forced To Marry A Man She Loathes, Aimery De Lasset, Head Of The Pre Eminent Perfume Manufacturer In France It Is Only The Cathedral Bells Tolling The Rally To The Frontlines On Her Wedding Night That Save Her From Sharing His BedWhen She Receives A Letter From Aimery S Estranged Brother Warning Against Their Union, Fleurette Is Left With The Burden Of A Terrible Secret It Is One That Has The Power To Shatter The Two Families And Their Perfume Empires Once And For AllThe Highly Anticipated New Blockbuster From The Bestselling Author Of The Lavender Keeper And The Last Dance

Fiona writes best selling historical adventure romance alongside the heroic romantic, often brutal, fantasy she built her career upon She lives in Australia but frequently roams the world meticulously researching the locations and gathering material for her historical novels that have international settings Her books are published worldwide and in various languages Her most recent historical fi

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