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Hadrian's WallA Fusion Of Steven Pressfield S Gates Of Fire And The Movie Braveheart A Novel Of Ancient Warfare, Lethal Politics, And The Final Great Clash Of Roman And Celtic CultureFor Three Centuries, The Stone Barrier We Know As Hadrian S Wall Shielded Roman Britain From The Unconquered Barbarians Of The Island S Northern Highlands But When Valeria, A Senator S Daughter, Is Sent To The Wall For An Arranged Marriage To An Aristocratic Officer In AD, Her Journey Unleashes Jealousy, Passion And Epic War Valeria S New Husband, Marcus, Has Supplanted The Brutally Efficient Veteran Soldier Galba As Commander Of The Famed Petriana Cavalry Yet Galba Insists On Escorting The Bride To Be On Her Journey To The Wall Is He Submitting To Duty Or Plotting Revenge And What Is The Mysterious Past Of The Handsome Barbarian Chieftain Arden Caratacus, Who Springs From Ambush And Who Seems To Know So Much Of Hated Rome As Sharp As The Edge Of A Spatha Sword And As Piercing As A Celtic Arrow, Hadrian S Wall Evokes A Lost World Of Roman Ideals And Barbaric Romanticism

William Dietrich is a NY Times bestelling author of the Ethan Gage series of eight books which have sold into 28 languages He is also the author of six other adventure novels, several nonfiction works on the environmental history of the Pacific Northwest, and a contributor to several books.Bill was a career journalist, sharing a Pulitzer for national reporting at the Seattle Times for coverage of

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    I love this historical period but this book fell way short of my expectations To be honest, I didn t like rating this Roman book lower than most others I ve rated but I felt there was enough justification Inspector Agens in Rebus Draco from Rome is tasked to find out the circumstances of the disappearance of a Senator s daughter who has married the praefectus legate of the Petrianis cavalry fortress and also why a horde of barbarians have attacked Hadrian s Wall recently The latter is the author s explanation for the Barbarian Conspiracy The whole story consists of Draco s interviews with various players in the story, interspersed with his musings on what he is told, his speculations, and the actual plot I best liked the presentation of the Celtic culture and culture clash between the Celts and the Romans free and open versus regimented and inflexible Valeria, the senator s daughter, makes her way from Rome with an escort and marries Marcus, the awkward, shy, indecisive aristocratic commander he s of a scholar than a warrior and much, much older than she I didn t take him as unloving He was not a bad man, but just ignorant of women s feelings and how to act with women, which he admits He s fixated on his legion and his Duty, as he sees it his attitudes represent typically those of his class This political marriage and the influence gained from the senator are what keep Marcus in his high position The feisty tomboyish Valeria is taught to ride a horse the regular way considered unladylike and with her maidservant goes to explore north of the Wall They are captured by a band of Celts and taken to the chieftain s fortress Then of course, what I guess was predictable and inevitable happens, but I just rolled my eyes and kept mumbling to myself the chieftain, Arden, and the Roman girl fall in love The romance and so heavy an emphasis on it spoiled the novel for me She escapes and re enters the fortress to warn of an impending attack from the northern tribes The Epilogue led smoothly and directly into the subject of Eagle in the Snow, one of my favorite novels ever The characters were too stereotypical and two dimensional for me I was especially angry at Marcus reaction towards Valeria on her return The villain really put on a different face from his real one his motivations for his actions were well explained although I still disliked him The Celts did have some personality the Romans were colorless except in extremes I did not like the italicization of Draco s sections his interviews of the principals those hurt my eyes and gave me a headache Dietrich did write well the book was a page turner, but the romance cheapened a good story 2.5 5 but I rounded it up because of writing style and details of the daily life of the Celts As far as the cover art if it means to portray the period in which the Wall was built, it was accurate, but wrong if means to show the soldiers in the Late Empire they looked completely different.

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    First time reading a book by this author Really enjoyed his writing He did a great job on portraying what Roman Britain, and the Roman Empire might have been like and brought it alive for me His descriptions of the surroundings, the character s motivations, and the battles were very vivid and not rambling I also loved the device of using a Roman inspector to ferret out the story The novel s strongest points for me was the portrayal of the lives of Roman centurions commanders and their motivations, I also liked how he talked about some of their customs and beliefs The weakest part was probably the idealism of the underlying love story but it read like it would make a good movie because of it.SPOILERIdealistic because the heroine just didn t seem to focus enough on what she d be losing by eventually going barbaric Sure doing your own housework might seem novel initially, but I can t see someone from that background not missing the benefits of having someone pour a nice hot bath for her etc Nevermind the fact she d never get to talk to or see her parents or family ever again either Anyhow I will definitely check out by this author.

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    This is a quick, fun read for those who like historical fiction especially readers who appreciate novels that deftly combine romance, mystery and action packed battle scenes Based on the Great Barbarian Uprising in A.D 367 between the Celts of Scotland and Roman Britannia, the story takes place along the approximately 80 mile Hadrian s Wall that marked the northern most boundary of the mighty Roman Empire It foreshadows the ultimate demise of Imperial Rome that would rock the world a century later The contrast of ancient Celtic magic and nature worship, compared to Roman discipline and pragmatism is fascinating Having just walked the entire Hadrian s Wall Path now a World Heritage Site from the Irish to the North Sea myself, I can vouch for the author s accurate and picturesque descriptions of this beautiful and fanciful part of the world.

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    El muro se construy con sillares de piedra, porque no ten an ladrillos en esos tiempos Ahora s que los tenemos G nero Novela hist rica.Lo que nos cuenta Algo m s de 260 a os despu s de su construcci n, el muro de Adriano sigue dividiendo las realidades de un imperio en decadencia y de unos celtas cada vez m s activos y organizados La llegada de Valeria, hija de un senador, para casarse con el prefecto, coincide con otros cambios en la rutina de la zona que parecen indicar que algo se est tramando Quiere saber m s del libro, sin spoilers Visite

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    This book really helped Hadrian s Wall come alive for me I d heard of the wall and seen picture of the ruins, but never really thought about the people who lived by the wall Dietrich does a good job of describing the characters and their motivations I really enjoyed that the Inspector never met the main character, Valeria, and that he had to piece together what happened from people s biased memories and views The negative points are that plot is easily guessed at some parts and the characters are a bit predictable That said, I really enjoyed the setting and cultural insights both Roman and Celtic I ll definitely be reading by Dietrich.

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    Hadrian s Wall has long fascinated me, especially after I found out that it was an inspiration for the Wall in George Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire It seemed to me a majestic wall, the thought of which gave me shivers of excitement and a bit of fear That is why I decided to pick up this book as soon as I saw it I really liked the way the story is told from the points of view of several people interviewed by an inspector and i really liked the endig the idea of receiving the freedom one longs for I found the descriptions of the Roman life and its contrast to the Celtic one interesting However, what prevented me from rating this book higher was mostly the woman marries a man she does not love and falls in love with someone completely different cliche Given that the book is named Hadrian s Wall, I expected it to have of a focus on it Here the wall served just as a background to this love story, I did not feel the majesty and awe and fear that I wanted to feel simply because it was just a backdrop I expected focus on it and on what it means to the soldiers around it and their commanders, and also to all of Rome I did not feel that here due to the big focus on the love story.

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    I was interested in this novel because I have always found Hadrian s Wall in England very intriguing He was the same Roman emperor that built Hadrian s Villa outside Rome that I visited when I was 17 He was a very ambitious emperor and builder This book gives insight into England in the first century There is discussion of Christianity, Paganism, and other religious influences Politics are also a huge part of the book Understanding of the culture, particularly of Calendonia now Scotland is very useful There are ficticious characters that are Roman and Celt to help in understanding the era This book does have sexuality than I would like to read or recommend to someone else For that reason, I probably wouldn t reread it.PLOT SPOILER ALERT The Roman aristocrat Valeria is brought to the wall to marry the Roman aristocratic military leader Marcus Theirs is a short and unloving relationship She is kidnapped by the Celts, with Arden Caraticus as their leader Galba is the villain, as is Marcus in a way The approach to telling the story is also interesting, a Roman investigator is trying to unravel the mystery of the missing woman and the attack on the wall.

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    This is a book of historical fiction and I love to get my history this way This is about the wall the Roman Emperor Hadrian about 150 AD had built to separate the part of the British Isles he had conquered from the wild Celts Scotland The Celts were relentlessly fierce and independent and their land not worth bothering with, but the Romans needed to protect themselves from them and their sporatic raids into Roman territory This is also a story about a young Roman wife that gets taken by the Celts and becomes aquainted with their culture and their dynamic and, of course, attractive leader.

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    Historical fiction of 300 AD concerning the confrontations that occur when a border separates two totally contrasting societies that of Ancient Rome and the Celtric region of Britain It predates King Arthur legends and in a way sets the stage for this well loved lore.I am hesitant to pick up a historical fiction book of these early eras, but this one proved to be captivating Don t be afraid to venture into this one.

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    I finished re reading this book, and was astounded to discover that it was exactly as I remembered it a mix of good historical fiction set in Roman Britain and highly speculative junk lit Interestingly enough, the Romans are not really the heroes nor villains of the piece, but on the whole their portrayal is negative than positive.

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