Tuesday Nights in 1980

Tuesday Nights in 1980 A Transcendent Debut Novel That Follows A Critic, An Artist, And A Desirous, Determined Young Woman As They Find Their Way And Ultimately Collide Amid The Ever Evolving New York City Art Scene Of The SWelcome To SoHo At The Onset Of The Eighties A Gritty, Not Yet Gentrified Playground For Artists And Writers Looking To Make It In The Big City Among Them James Bennett, A Synaesthetic Art Critic For The New York Times Whose Unlikely Condition Enables Him To Describe Art In Profound, Magical Ways, And Raul Engales, An Exiled Argentinian Painter Running From His Past And The Dirty War That Has Enveloped His Country As The Two Men Ascend In The Downtown Arts Scene, Dual Tragedies Strike, And Each Is Faced With A Loss That Acutely Affects His Relationship To Life And To Art It Is Not Until They Are Inadvertently Brought Together By Lucy Olliason A Small Town Beauty And Raul S Muse And A Young Orphan Boy Sent Mysteriously From Buenos Aires, That James And Raul Are Able To Rediscover Some Semblance Of What They Ve LostAs Inventive As Jennifer Egan S A Visit From The Goon Squad And As Sweeping As Meg Wolitzer S The Interestings, Tuesday Nights In Boldly Renders A Complex Moment When The Meaning And Nature Of Art Is Being All But Upended, And New York City As A Whole Is Reinventing Itself In Risk Taking Prose That Is As Powerful As It Is Playful, Molly Prentiss Deftly Explores The Need For Beauty, Community, Creation, And Love In An Ever Changing Urban Landscape

Molly Prentiss has been a Writer in Residence at The Blue Mountain Center, Vermont Studio Center and at the Workspace program the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and received the Emerging Writer Fellowship from the Aspen Institute She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the California College of the Arts Tuesday Nights in 1980 is her first novel She currently lives, writes and walks around

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  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Tuesday Nights in 1980
  • Molly Prentiss
  • English
  • 10 March 2018
  • 9781501121043

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    The story of three people from different backgrounds whose paths cross in New York City in the course of a year Well, in truth, it s than that much, much than that.Raul Engales is an Argentinian who left Buenos Aires in his twenties leaving his sister, Franca, and her new husband behind He planned to forge a new life in America He d always painted and he dreamt of finding fame and fortune in the Big Apple He d been lucky enough to inherit an American passport by benefit of the fact he d been born in the country, having been delivered prematurely to his free spirited and much travelled parents His parents died when he and Franca were still young, leaving them to fend for themselves in the large house they inhabited Raul and Franca were close, very close, perhaps even telepathically close But she d met a man and had recently married Suddenly, this big house felt far too small for three people.Lucy Marie Olliason loved NYC Of course, she d never been there in fact she hadn t been anywhere She was stuck in Ketchum, Idaho but she d seen pictures of New York in a library book she borrowed so much she practically owned it She d go there and she d meet an artist that was her dream.James Bennett is an art critic, whose differentiating gift is to suffer from synthesia, a rare neurological condition in which two or of the senses entwine This enables him to pepper his reviews with a rich tapestry of colours and smells that he associates with the pieces he views He s becoming a significant player in the New York art world.As the book begins, a select gathering of artists and collectors is waiting for the New Year to be chimed in We start to meet some of the players and get a sense of how art is central to their lives Art is everywhere here, but really this is a story of love and abandonment abandonment most of all The writing is superb, portraying scenes of elation, despair and deep reflection The characterisations are rich and enticing The atmosphere is one of excitement and promise but with undertones of darkness and threat This is going to be some ride.We initially follow Raul and learn something of his past There is a section early on where he reflects on his early life in Buenos Aires and the loss of his parents It conveys the mystery of dark rooms and a litter ridden back lane Without actually saying it you know it s sweaty hot and there s city noise in the background loud enough to hear it but far enough away for it to be unobtrusive I can t recall whole sentences but the atmosphere of it stays with me It s a place I d like to go to Then we meet Lucy and there s a description of her transition from her sleepy Idaho home to the bouncing big city The account of her first day in New York is brilliant the street sounds, the people and the impact this all has on her And Lucy herself, all big dreams and zest Bring it on I ll have as much of this as the author can deliver Then James enters the picture actually, he was there from the start but we didn t really take notice of him The story picks up pace It s emotional and sometimes shocking Words string together in such a way that several pages have passed before I ve drawn a breath There s aching sadness but there s humour too There are sections that had me shaking my head at the pure rightness of the prose Yes, I loved it Is hard to believe that this a debut novel from Molly Prentiss, it feels way too accomplished for that You really don t want to miss this one My thanks to Penguin Books UK and NetGalley for providing an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    A wonderfully satisfying novel Molly Prentiss knows how to craft a story Her prose has energy alternating delightful and hilarious and deeply affecting Lives collide between an art critic, a painter, and a girl from small town Idaho Relationships love, betrayal, forgiveness, and art, Emotionally and intellectually charged , changed lives forever in Manhattan in 1980 TERRIFIC novel

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    New York, on the cusp of 1980, the changing art scene of Soho before it became officially known as Soho Following the lives of three individuals for the next year Lucy in her early twenties coming from Idaho to experience life in a big city, James who after college has no clue what to do and whose unique ability enables him to see colors and paintings in a unique way will find himself the reigning critic of the art world and Raul, escaping the post Peron Dirty War in Argentina as well as his sisters new husband whom he despises, will find himself the art worlds new favorite These three will find their lives entwined in many ways.New York in all its rawness, street artists squats, art galleries, new relationships, grittiness, the many ways to create art, unfaithfulness, a young boy missing and a new young boy arriving A tragic accident that will change all these characters and others close to them Loved the way these characters change within one short year, realistic maybe not but possible, a year can seem short but much can happen This book was structured in such a unique and original way Combining the disappeared in Argentina and a young boy missing in New York, tragic for those involved regardless of where or how many, one is than enough James ability an added dimension to the book, the way he sees colors around things made this so interesting Not a clich d happy ending but an ending that shows the characters still have decisions to make, work to do, they still have to change Julian, the young boy who will make them see what they have lost but also what they have gained.Will everyone fall in love with this novel, these characters, maybe not, but I did Wonderful book that I wasn t ready to end and one that I will definitely think about.ARC from publisher.

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    I really enjoyed this book and was not ready for it to end I also loved reading about this time period in New York I was however hoping to find out about the three main characters in the end we are left to wonder

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    I loved this book Oh to be in NYC in the 80 s during the time when art was hip and powerful The book tells the story of three souls just trying to make it in New York in the early 80 s The author captures so beautifully the gritty, raw, bohemian lifestyle of this time in history The story is about three different people Lucy, James, and Raul and how their lives converge The book rotates between these characters during one year of their lives and after tragic circumstances how much their lives change Lucy, from a small town in Idaho, coming to New York to find an artist James, a quirky man with a condition that makes him see colors You can say he s a bit obsessed with art and works for quite a while as an art critic Raul, the artist, who is struggling with his past, guilt, and what is to come for him It s quite sad at times, quite funny, and totally engaging.I listened to this one via audio At first, I was not sure about the narrator But the that I listened to it, the I enjoyed the narration He did a great job with this one I look forward to reading this one again in the future I loved it that much.

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    An impressive debut novel, Molly Prentiss brings you right into the Soho art scene, circa 1980 Written in a unique prose, the story mainly focuses on three interesting main characters and their intersecting lives James, an oddball art critic with synesthesia, Raul, a talented artist from Argentina and Lucy, a young, small town girl trying to find her way in NYC I really enjoyed reading about the changing art scene during this time, and the 1980 s references that the author brought into the story pay phones, etc There are quite a few colorful side characters in the book that are introduced but we are never told what happened to them This contributed to my feelings in the end that made me feel I wanted a bit from the story Overall, an enjoyable read especially if you have an interest in the Soho art world.

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    This is one of the most emotionally satisfying books I ve read in a long time The character development is deep almost to the point of being excessive, but this is the kind of book I love most I want to know every little thing The characters in this book are fully drawn they feel like real people with real fears and real failures and real hopes and real love.Tuesday Nights in 1980 is about three people in the New York City arts scene whose lives will become inextricably linked, three people who will have to lose everything before they can discover what really matters There s James, the peculiar art critic Raul, the talented young painter and Lucy, the small town girl new to the big city.Prentiss weaves the three storylines together seamlessly, which is not an easy task, especially for a debut writer Novels like this one can often feel disconnected, but this one is fluid and purposeful.And yet, strangely enough, this sense of purpose was also one of its only downfalls for me Fate is a huge theme throughout, and I can appreciate that, but the serendipitous nature of many of the characters interactions was the one thing that grated on me It s the one thing that edged a little too close to the ledge of sentimentality.But don t get me wrong the good far far, far outweighed the bad.I imagine some may find Prentiss s prose the repetition of words and sentences, the stylized excerpts, the poetic cadence bordering on pretentious others, like me, will soak up every single beautiful, carefully curated word.Hell, even as someone who grown tired of books that take place in NYC, I was intoxicated by the portrait Prentiss painted of the art scene in 1980.This is the kind of book that will make you want to set aside an entire afternoon, because it demands and deserves your undivided attention I m so glad I allowed myself to get lost in these beautiful, flawed characters.

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    By page 25, I was already in love with Tuesday Nights in 1980 It has everything I crave in a book beautiful, smart writing, characters I want to know and a fascinating setting the art world in 1980 New York City Amazingly, it did not disappoint me as I read on It engaged me emotionally and intellectually and kept surprising me I loved, loved this novel

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    She woke up the next morning to see the still wet picture of herself, knowing forever had started, if forever were what forever felt like, which was a year in New York City when you were in love Do you dream of New York For those of us that don t live there and perhaps even for those of us that do, I think we all dream of New York to some extent It s that place on earth that we imagine everything to be vibrant, real somehow New York is my fantasy book setting It s my million words away Its charms are almost akin to something from another mystical and magical realm Tuesday Nights in 1980 is the second book in recent weeks that I have read about New York and the people who live there Whereas the first book Modern Lovers disappointed me and left me feeling hollow, this book was so much and then some It was full of life and living with art, sex, pain, love, loss, guilt and characters that were utterly messed up but beautifully human It was colourful and vibrant, somehow both butterfly inducing and stomach churning, gritty and grime ridden, hopeful and apathetic, and it gave me the New York of my dreams Everything I want to believe that New York is, is right in the pages of this book Even the number 8 of 1980 felt glossy and airy and shiny in his mind, like an unpoppable balloon, nothing like its bony predecessor, 7 The year ahead would either ooze with brightness or deflate with emptiness, put perhaps both Only time would tell This New York took place over the course of one year, 1980 and the city took no prisoners It took an interesting mix of multilayered characters and then roughed them up and spat them out at the end but their lives were somehow richer for it I truly hope this New York is real and not someone else s dream too because this is the city that I want to someday visit, to some day experience for myself But if it s not, if it s all just a fictionit was a wonderful place to escape to for a little while four stars This is a girl on her first night in New York A girl in someone else s clothes A girl who can feel the slice of her stomach showing, between someone else s shirt and someone else s jeans A girl who is being handed a drink involving gin, that tastes like poison and sunshine at once A girl in a room full of other girls just like her, who have come here to tunnel down into their own dark parts and find the light A girl who is being swept out into the middle of a crash of dancing bodies, who lets her own body writhe among them, who lets the fire of the gin heat her already hot stomach, who begins to wiggle her extremities, who lets two beautiful boys who are dancing together pull her between them, who laughs while they gyrate against her, who lets the beauty red and purple lights spin around and inside of her, thinking This is it, this is it, this is it

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    A debut well worth looking forward to people being able to read next year Some of the most vibrant and expressive writing about art and the art scene I ve ever read.

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